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Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

That’s true when it comes to your car. If the outer beauty is for the onlooker to appreciate and admire, the vehicle’s interior appeal is only witnessed by the driver and his/her passengers from time to time. Dirt, grime and stains can wreak havoc on the car interior. Most importantly, a dirty car interior is the breeding ground for various pathogens that cause respiratory issues, allergies, diarrhea, skin irritations and the latest COVID-19. Nobody wants to ride a dirty car, especially if the interior has deep-seated stains and smells awful. Want to know how to get back an interior that looks and smells fresh? By engaging an expert interior car cleaning Calgary service. The professionals can clean the car’s interior and make it shine like brand new.

Anyone can clean a car’s interior, even you. But can you remove the stubborn stains, unsightly spills and caked dirt? Or do you have the time? It surely does require expert skills and professional tools to take them off effectively.

So, what should you expect from a professional interior car cleaning service? Let’s find out!

Interior Car Cleaning Calgary

What to Expect from an Interior Car Cleaning Service

  1. Vacuum and clean the surfaces: Loose dirt and grime commonly cover the floors, carpets, upholstery and other areas inside a car. The professionals will vacuum these surfaces using different attachments to trap the dirt and dust. 

Dust from the seat corners, armrests, switches, buttons and air vents is also removed.

Vacuuming is followed by cleaning of the interior surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner. Steam cleaning is also performed to dissolve the stubborn stains from the upholstery, car seats, carpets and more.

  1. Carpet cleaning: Dirty carpets harbour millions of germs, mold and mildew that can lead to harmful diseases and infections as mentioned earlier. A professional interior car cleaning Calgary service involves steam cleaning, the best way to nip the growth of mold, mildew and pathogens in the bud. The carpet is completely dried before putting back inside the car.
  1. Windshield and windows: Can you see clearly if the windows are stained and foggy? No, for sure. Cleaning the windshield and windows is crucial as it enhances your safety while driving. Interior car cleaning professionals use premium-quality window cleaners to give back shiny, streak-free windows.
  1. Dashboard, wheel and console cleaning: The dashboard and console are the most neglected places if you’re cleaning the car interior yourself. But that’s not the case if you’re opting for an expert interior car cleaning service. Dust shrouding the vinyl surfaces is removed with a brush. Finally, these surfaces are wiped with a multi-purpose interior detailer. This not only cleans but also prevents premature cracking. Great!
  1. Door panels and jambs: Did you think we’ll leave out these important interior spaces? A professional car interior cleaning service is detailed cleaning of every nook and corner inside your vehicle. From the handles and door panels to the storage pockets and door frames, your car’s interior won’t be as clean as you would expect it to be without this step!
  1. Deodorize: So, now your car interior looks spic and span but still smells strange. It’s because deodorization is still left, dear friend. Professionals eliminate unpleasant smells from a car interior with the help of various odour removal products and by changing the cabin filter. Now, inhale the pleasant smelling interior and enjoy your daily commute!

Wrapping up: With COVID-19 creating serious health risks, interior car cleaning facilities have also added sanitization to their service. Only removing dirt and grime is not enough; germs and viruses can still lurk in the unreachable areas of your car interior. Steam cleaning or utilizing disinfectant solutions is how professionals equip your car’s interior with the best protection against coronavirus infection. If you’re looking for the best interior car cleaning Calgary service that follows all the above-mentioned steps, you won’t regret choosing Calgary Car Detailing. We also specialize in performing hand car wash in Calgary.

full service car wash to keep car well

It takes years of hard work to purchase a car and just a few days (or months) to ruin your car’s condition. How? If you neglect to maintain your car for a prolonged number of days, your car will go beyond being just externally dirty, with damaged interior parts and dysfunctional mechanism and overall, your car will be in an inebriated state.

Hence, if you own a car, maintaining your vehicle automatically becomes obligatory. Proper car maintenance primarily involves going for a full service car wash in Calgary where the professional detailers thoroughly clean your car exterior and interior, restoring your car’s lost beauty and glamor. Besides giving your car a professional exterior car wash every month, there are other ways by which you can easily enhance the appearance of your vehicle every week.

Let us look at the most common ways that you can practice to amplify your car’s looks every week.

full service car wash to keep car well

Appropriate Washing Technique : You may think that washing only the car exterior is adequate enough to label your car ‘clean and well-maintained’. Ironically, that is never the case. You need to wash and clean the exterior and interior of your car in a step-wise manner. Make sure you use only quality car washing products if you really love your car. For exterior detailing, wash the exterior with a fresh jet of water to remove loose dirt and soil; then begin applying the soap and cleaning solution using a cloth or a sponge; wash everything off after keeping it for a while and then wipe the car exterior. Cleaning the car interior is a detailed procedure that involves washing the floor mats, cleaning the dashboard, windows and seats, vacuuming and so on. If you are unable to perform all the steps yourself, you can always go for car interior detailing in Calgary and get it done by the professionals.

Polishing : Polishing your car at the end is a necessary step to restore your car’s shine and glow. It is important to always use a reputed car polish brand for the desired effects. Applying car polish requires expertise since a single wrong step can ruin your cleaning efforts. To get your car shining its best, you can always go for professional car polishing in Calgary.

Getting Rid of all The Clutter : Having a super shiny exterior and a cluttered interior will give a wrong impression about your car and yourself to others who get in your car. Any kind of clutter inside the car like food packets, wrappers, leftover food crumbs, plastic cups and others, makes the car interiors look dirty and unattractive. Hence, just like you de-clutter your home every week, it is equally important to keep your car free of junk to promote a clean interior.

Doing The Important Repairs : Maintaining your car also includes performing all the necessary repair jobs. Along with a dirty car interior, any broken parts inside or outside will also contribute to tainting your car’s image. Thus, if you find any cracks in the windshield, broken steering cover or lose hinges, repair it as soon as possible.

Conclusion : Besides the above-mentioned points, don’t forget to keep a few car essential items like battery, jumper cables, coolant and car freshener as these can be required any time. Maintaining your car becomes easy only if you know the right ways. Only taking your car for a hand car wash in Calgary is not enough to have a well-maintained car; you must also know the other big and small ways to keep your car in good condition.

Car cleaning Calgary

A classic car is like an eternal beauty; if you want to preserve it for a lifetime, you have got to put that extra effort for it. The extra effort comes in the form of visiting a facility providing car wash and car detailing services on a weekly basis. With the regular exposure to dirt, dust and pollution, your much loved car can end up with deposits sticking to its surface and lending it an unattractive look. Surely, you don’t want to flaunt a classic beauty that has a shabby appearance, right?

Hence, you should take your car for a mechanical or hand car wash in Calgary and leave it under the care of experts. A classic car requires special care and attention since the usage of wrong tools and materials can have an adverse impact. It is vital to entrust the responsibility of washing your classic car to trained car cleaners only who are aware of the right cleaning method. Let us look at the right way to wash a classic car:

The Right Cleaning Method for Every Classic Car Owners-min

1. Begin from the top- When it comes to cleaning, it must be done from the top; be it in the case of cleaning your room or car. Starting from the top avoids the chances of making the already cleaned portions of the car dirty. On the other hand, if you begin from the lower portion, the dirt and oil can get scattered all over the body of the car. A big advantage of starting the cleaning process from the top is that majority of the dirt content is washed away and there is no possibility of scattering the grime here and there that may cause the paint to come off.

2. Working with the correct soap- Many classic car owners follow the wrong practice of cleaning their car with a dish soap that is suitable for scrubbing off grease from the utensils in the kitchen. Remember, the dish soap is a harsh cleaning agent for your car due to its chemical composition. It can cause your car paint to come off thus giving it a dull appearance. Going for a professional car cleaning in Calgary NW will allow your car to be cleaned with the right car wash soap. This will help to retain the lustre of your car as well as preserve its paint.

3. Leave the wheels for the last- When it comes to cleaning the wheels and tires, it should be done at the end when you have finished cleaning the painted surfaces. Needless to say, these are the dirtiest and the most begrimed areas of your car as most of the depositions containing grease, thick mud and soil occur here.

4. The finishing stroke- After washing the entire car, don’t forget to wash it with clean and free-flowing water. This will lead to the ultimate clean up of your car ensuring all the areas are soap-free thus rendering it squeaky clean!

Conclusion- For the perfect clean up of your classic car, opting for a full service car wash in Calgary is the best deal that you can get. Not only will you get an expert cleaning of the exterior but the interiors will also breathe a new life again.

Top Trends Car Wash Industry

Gone are the days when people would consider car washing and detailing services a luxury. There is a significant drop in the number of people washing their cars at home. The competition in the car wash industry is increasing. The car wash and detailing services are making market surveys to find out the issues which are annoying the customers. The latest trends in the industry could solve the issues and here, we are describing the top 7 trends, capable of solving them.


Top Trends Car Wash Industry


1. The Future Looks Bright: Let us focus on the following points:

  • Based on the Canadian car wash industry statistics, during 2010-2011, the annual revenue was $5.8 billion. The figures stand at $48 billion when the cost price of gas was included.
  • Acid rain is not only dangerous to the marble structures but also to the car exterior. When the moisture evaporates, the acid corrodes the paint.
  • With the aid of 1 or 2 car washing sessions per month, the vehicles could keep intact their original sheen.
  • In the period of 2010-2011, there were 9,000 full-service car washes.
  • The number of external conveyor washes was 10,500.
  • The statistics shows that still now, the number of untapped customers is too big.


2. Increased Demand for Car Detailing: The advancement of technology is prompting people to see the significance of an excellent car wash. Hence, people want to be served by the supreme quality services for auto detailing in Calgary and rest of other parts of Canada.


3. The Rise of Small Car Wash Companies: The times have changed since when the bigwig service providers used to rule the industry. Survey reports have put down the facts simple and clear- the big services rapidly grew after acquiring the smaller organizations.
The bigwig services are no longer running a virtual oligopoly. The shift in the trend puts forward the fact that small and mid-level services are standing better chances.


4. The Rise of Competition: The competition of the industry is rapidly increasing. Staying ahead of the competitors is not that easy anymore. People have different reasons to visit a full service car wash in the regions like Calgary. They do have different expectations from the service providers. The things to consider are as follows:

  • optimizing the pricing strategy
  • implementing better training programs
  • preparing your service for a rapid growth
  • the tools and techniques ensuring consistent efficiency, round the year


5. The Price of Oil is Indirectly Proportional to the Industry Growth: When the gas price reduces, more people travel by cars. The long-distance drivers would often find their vehicles dirtier than others. Hence, they would visit the car detailing services more often. Since the increasing price of vehicles, people prefer to possess a car for a longer period. The factors sound impressive for the growth of the small and mid-level car detailing services.


6. Introduction of New Payment Options: The survey reports have concluded the fact that even the services for hand car wash in Calgary have reported a rise in the number of times people are making payment through their credit cards. In addition, the website-based payment service providers like PayPal, Autorize.Net or Apple Pay are encouraging customers to use their services.


7. The Industry of Professional Car Washing is Growing: The car wash industry had witnessed growth after suffering a setback during the period of 2006-2011. Things are looking good after a long time.


The trends help us understand the changing demand of the customers in Canada. The sooner the service providers realize them, the better.

car detailers calgary

Let’s face it, our cars often find a place on the list of our most prized possessions. But no matter how cautious we are while handling our cars, damage is inevitable. Commuting to places and having to drive through mud and snow and grime, we subject the exterior of our cars to unparalleled misuse, albeit, unconsciously. A simple car wash using shampoo and a hosepipe just don’t cut it at times. Think beyond the traditional ways of cleaning and go for a deeper cleansing for the car that ensures that your car retains its shine and does not succumb to contaminants.

Waxing ticks all the right boxes when it comes to shielding your car from the harmful ultra violet rays, rainwater and even water that gets sprayed when you drive through a particularly muddy terrain. Waxing acts as a barrier between the coating of paint and the pollutants found in muddy water resulting in the water to slide off the exteriors quickly without damaging the paint. Wax essentially makes the body of the car a great repellent of water.

car detailers calgary


When Can You Wax The Car?

Car Detailers and experts are always asked about the frequency of waxing and how it should be applied. It is important to wax only after washing the car with shampoo and coating it with polish. Waxing it before applying a coat of polish can strip the wax off.
Ideally, the car should be given a waxing treatment three or four times a year or more depending on the manner your car is used. Waxing seals the polish and protects the outer coating and the quality of the wax used must be of a high quality for longer lasting results.

Benefits of Wax

  • Easier To Wash

Waxing makes sure that your car is washed easily. The external elements that harm the exterior of the car can be prevented or removed simply with a car wash when a liberal coating of wax has been applied. Wax protects the car paint and leaves it as good as new after every wash.

  • Protection From Pollution

Your car can run the risk of potential damage if it is left exposed to the sun. Even more so when a coat of sealant or wax is missing. Pollutants and other corrosive materials tend to cause damage when it comes in direct contact with the paint. With a protective layer of wax, however, these contaminants that get stuck onto the wax is removed easily and do not require additional repairs.

  • Retains The Shine

A wax coating enhances the shine of the car and also elevates the effects of the polish lending the car a glossy sheen. It also greatly reduces the possibilities of scratches and chips that are difficult to avoid. The wax thus acts as a barrier which results in lesser incidences of scratches and keeps your car from losing its shine.

If you are stationed anywhere near Calgary, you can always make use of the various hand car wash services in Calgary that guarantee extensive cleaning and polishing of the entire car.

Pamper your car every now and then and get rewarded with a satisfyingly prolonged experience that is economical yet gives a sense of royalty.

hand car wash Calgary

In the past, car detailing was just an add-on service to the broader aspect of car servicing. Once mechanics had attended to a car it was sent to an adjoining bay for washing in concurrence with the owner. Today, things have changed with the advent of the concept of car detailing. It no longer exists as an adjunct to car servicing but has branched off as an independent service in itself. The car detailing services of today encompass a thorough cleaning of the vehicle in terms of its exterior, interior, and undercarriage. At many a places these services include automatic washing with robotic arm as well where instructions are given from a console without the need for any human interaction.

hand car wash Calgary

The services are even customised to cater to specific washing requirements of a car. For example, if only the upholstery and seats are needed to be cleaned, instead of paying for the entire range of services, owners can pay for washing the specific parts only. Car detailing services also possess the facility of providing hand car wash Calgary, for some people are of the view that manual wash can be more effective. A typical car detailing service would have the following:

  • Scrubbing the car to remove pollutants, stains, dust, grime, oily blotches, peeled off paint and rust by using a soap or shampoo
  • Washing the residue of soap or shampoo by using a hose dispensing water
  • Drying the surface with a dry cloth
  • Applying paint to the area where it had peeled off
  • Polishing the surface to bring about shine
  • Putting wax on the surface to prevent elements like rain, snow, hail, and sun from impacting the paint underneath through oxidation

It is important that during the washing process smudged or clouded headlights / fog lights are cleaned, for constant exposure to the elements as well as pollutants can reduce the intensity of light. Moreover, the wheels, tyres, and suspension should undergo cleaning as well, for driving comfort depends a lot on the upkeep of these parts. The interior needs special attention as dirt build up, even though not apparent to the naked eye, can render important instruments such as steering, paddle shifters, instrument console, gear, air conditioner, and others, ineffective.

For cleaning the interior, hand car wash Calgary would be better suited as it can reach every corner of the cabin. The carpets and rugs receive dust from the footwear, and can have crumbs of eatables and stains from spilt drinks spread all over. Vacuum cleaning of the area would ensure such unwanted particles are removed and an air of freshness restored.

Car detailing should be carried out irrespective of seasons as every season has its impact on adding to the overall deterioration of the condition of a car.

Car Detailers In Calgary

Regular maintenance remains the key in prolonging the life of things that form part of our lives. For otherwise, in the absence of regular maintenance contaminants deposited over a period of time can bring about wear and tear or worse, letting it fall into disuse. The car is an important contrivance in your life that helps a great deal in keeping your personal and professional life on a roll. Be it traveling to the countryside during vacations or weekend trips, or the regular commute to your workplace, the need of a car is inescapable. However, with increased usage your car is subjected to mechanical wear and tear, not to mention occurrences such as peeling off paint from the surface, deposition of contaminants, or the formation of dents.

Car Detailers In Calgary

If taking the car to a mechanic is an absolute must to ensure its mechanical parts such as engine, transmission or other areas are kept up and running, involving car detailers in sprucing up your car cannot be ignored either. Your car can be seen as an extension of your personality, that is, the more stylized and clean it appears more are the brownie points you receive from people around you. Whereas, should you travel in a rundown car that looks untidy with blotches around, chances of you inviting unwelcome glances from onlookers cannot be ruled out. Thus, the importance of cleaning your car by engaging hand car wash Calgary services cannot be understated.

Hand wash vs. Mechanised wash

Car detailers in Calgary employ both hand as well as mechanized washing to restore your car to its original condition. A hand car wash Calgary service would include scrubbing and cleaning the surface of your car with soap, shampoo or cleaning agents followed by wiping the same with a dry cloth. Besides, wax is applied on the surface to not only bring the shine back but prevent contaminants from ruining the spruced up area any further.

Mechanised wash on the other hand does the entire routine of washing, scrubbing and drying by employing the use of robotic arms. This is supposedly better than hand wash as every nook and corner of the surface is cleaned evenly. However, given its automatic process and usage of robotic arms, mechanised washing is costly when compared to hand wash.

Exterior and Interior detailing

The visible surface area of your car on the exterior that includes bonnet, chrome work, tires, fenders, windows, ORVMs, boot, headlamps etc., is treated with alkaline cleansing agents besides applying a coat of paint or wax. Similarly, the interior area comprising of carpet, seats, seatbelts, door knobs, dashboard with accessories, steering, and the rear view mirror is spruced up in great detail.

Thus, it goes without saying that the job of cleaning your car should be left to professional hands in order to enhance its overall looks and life.

hand car wash Calgary

The rigours of travel can take a toll on your car in terms of exposure to contaminants, peeling of body paint, receiving dents and scratches, or the clouding of headlamps. The way you do housekeeping for your home to keep it in a good shape, your much loved car too needs maintenance from time to time. Here ‘maintenance’ can mean looking after the technical aspects of your car or ensuring its cleanliness. The latter job can either be done at home or by using the Hand car wash Calgary services found dime a dozen in the city.
hand car wash Calgary

Even though cleaning your car at home can be an enriching experience besides not costing you much, it can leave the job half done depending upon your skill or the absence of it. Moreover, a mere scrubbing of your car’s surface with a soap or shampoo might give you a false sense of cleaning. Importantly, the residual cleaning agents can remain on the surface making them look like ugly blotches or worse, as oxidizing agents that accelerate the rusting process. In view of the pitfalls of using hand car wash at home, it is advisable to engage professionals who can uphold quality – in terms of materials and workmanship. And instead of looking at options that may or may not yield results, it would be convenient to use Calgary car Detailing service. The detailing job involves a slew of services such as:

Sprucing Up the Exterior

As the presence of dust and grime yanks the shine off your car, the first step in the sprucing process would involve scrubbing the entire surface with a brush and cleaning agent. The cleaning agent with a correct pH balance would remove dust and grime in no time. Once every nook and corner of the surface are meticulously scrubbed and washed, they are wiped dry by using a soft cloth.

The second step employed by the Car detailing Calgary NW service is mechanical polishing wherein stubborn contaminants, fine nicks, rust, and other imperfections are taken care of. Furthermore, a wax coating is applied to ensure the exterior especially the body paint, is protected from the vagaries of nature.

Taking Care of the Remaining Areas

The state of interior plays an important role in ensuring travel comfort, and thus, Calgary car detailing services would include a thorough cleaning up of areas such as the dashboard, seat upholstery, vents, carpets, doors and windows. Furthermore, clouded headlamps mean lesser availability of light at night – a potentially dangerous situation. Thus, headlamps are meticulously cleaned such that adequate quantum of the light beam illuminates the road at night or during foggy conditions. The tyres and fenders are cleaned as well for they are important in establishing proper gripping on the road.

To maintain your car in perfect condition it is better to avail of professional car detailing services in the city of Calgary a la Car detailing Calgary NW.

Hand car wash Calgary

As the mercury dips and the city engulfed by the thick blanket of fog, car owners should pay more attention to taking care of their classic four-wheels. The car care industry of the city is mushrooming by leaps and bounds. But the truth is, maximum owners end up remaining absolutely unconcerned when it comes to classic car care. Such indifference causes a host of miseries to the vehicle owners, especially in the cold months. However, taking the right steps now you can prevent untold miseries in the winter. A bunch of effective tips are queued up here in this blog. Abide by the winter lay-up guide to keep your classic automobile in tip-top condition –

Hand car wash Calgary

Look what pros’ talking

Leaving a classic vehicle unused can cause more harm than running it through the cold months – even on snowy and salty roads. According to the experts, all machinery can work well when they are used. Even a motorbike suffers in storage and four-wheels can be a nightmare. It is not just the corrosion you need to concern about; the perished rubber and leather, flat-spotted tyres, sticking brakes or clutches and vanished fuel injectors can be equally vexing. Before taking your classic cars away, the pros recommend

Wash it properly

Make sure to clean the coachwork, spray-clean the underside and leave your four-wheel to dry in the open air. The best way to dry it thoroughly is by taking your car for a drive. The subsequent step will be to wax-polish the exterior part and leave the wax on to stop paintwork deterioration. Pump the tyres to 50 psi to keep flat-spotting at bay. Often , washing your car on your own is difficult. You can rely on full-service car wash Calgary to wash your dirty automobile.

Proper care for battery

Squeeze adequate time out of your busy schedule to charge your car’s battery. Coat the terminals with petroleum jelly and leave it attached to a trickle charger. If you are leaving your four-wheel for more than four months, make sure to remove the battery. This way, you can boost your car’s performance to a great extent.

Change filter, oil and coolant

When taking care of your classic automobile, ensure that you change its oil, coolant and filter with time. Test the coolant with a hydrometer. Corrosion inhibitors tend to give out before the rest of the coolant. Use the right products to prevent the sludge build-ups, thus keeping the waterways rust-free.

The best way to leave a four-wheel is dry and airy barn. Brick or wood garages are preferable to pre-cast the concrete units that tend to sweat out in cold months. Using an inflatable plastic tent, with fans to keep air moving inside is the proper way to stay away from damp problems.

You must start the vehicle at least once a month and take it for a short drive to bring its engine to a complete operating temperature. If you don’t pay heed to this step, your car will be stored for a long period of time. Remove the spark plugs and pour a tablespoon into each cylinder. Then turn the engine over to ensure everything is coated and put the plugs back. After doing this, you must turn the engine over occasionally to prevent the friction plate from sticking to the flywheel.

Modern fuel generally tends to go off very quickly. In the past, the owners would have had to drain the fuel and substitute it with paraffin to keep rust in the tank at bay. Now, there is an array of fuel prevention methods to ward off oxidation, corrosion and keep the fuel in grade. Besides a top performance, a great car should also have an impeccable shine. Take it to professional wax and hand car wash services is Calgary to restore its luster.

hand car wash Calgary

It’s the upcoming event of New Year, and for many, the culmination of a lot of plannings and preparations. But, no matter how hard we try, on the much-awaited New Year week, we find ourselves running around like dumbstruck bunnies who have absolutely no clue about festive car care! While the festive season is synonymous with fun, it also brings along with it loads of woes, car care being the major one. Here are a few New Year vehicle care hacks to tell you how to make it just that little bit less daunting.

hand car wash Calgary

Get the polishing done

It’s always exciting to rev up your garage with a brand-new, swanky four-wheel. But, over the course of time, the luster starts fading, making your car look dull and ragged. And, it’s wacky to drive a colorless and dull car, when the entire city is jazzing up for New Year celebration. So, it’s advisable to get the polishing done from a reliable company. If you want to polish it yourself at home, then you must learn the process properly. The polish should be worked into the paint in straight lines ensuring a complete coverage of the entire area. If you are doing it yourself, leave your car for the instructed time-span before removing and buffing with a clean, microfiber cloth. Using the proper amount also ensures nooks and crannies don’t get clogged up with excess polish which then dries and turns out to be powdery in every area you least want it to. If you find it pretty difficult to do it your own, opt for the professionals.

Wash the dirty four-wheel

A regular wash can help in keeping your car shining and in a good health. If you are planning to save your moolah, you can wash your four-wheel on your own. Make sure to use all high-brand car cleaning products to take the dust off your automobile. Unsure about your car wash skills? Well, today the internet is flooded with tons of tutorial videos, explaining the process of properly washing a vehicle. However, DIY car wash can be a bit daunting, as it may drain your time and energy. The smart and wise step would be to narrow down professional full service car wash to sparkle clean your prized possession. You can also swear by hand car wash for some experimentations.

Check the oil

It is probably the oldest piece of advice in the book, but that does not mean it’s not worth following. If your car’s oil is sludgy, or its level is a bit low, your car’s engine won’t function efficiently. Make sure to top it up and replace it as necessary, and you will definitely reap the benefits all festive season long.

Clear out the interior

With the upcoming New Year Eve around the corner, make sure to rev up the old interior of your car. Delve into the process by clearing out litter, wiping down door sills, cleaning the inside of windows, and polishing the dashboard at least once a week. Replace the old cushions, carpet and seat covers with new ones. With the frequent rides and over the course of time, a car begins to smell odd. If not paid a heed, your car may start stinking terribly. To avoid this, opt for a weekly cleaning of your automobile.

Maintain the exterior

People have a tendency to judge a book by its cover – strange but very true, and it’s applicable for your four-wheel as well. If your car’s exterior fails to stun the passersby, you should vest both your time and money to rev it up. The only way to prevent grit and general wintry muck from infiltrating nooks and crannies is a deep cleaning.

So, stop, slow down, detail your car and make it feel alive this New Year!

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