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all about car detailing services

Driving a dirty car is will not really enhance your image as a car owner. You may be an individual with a flair for cleanliness but no sooner than you display your unkempt car, other starts to judge you wrong. Besides, a car that is not maintained properly is sure to have problems bothering you almost every day. As a result, you end up spending thousands of money in repairing and replacing the damaged parts of your car every month.


Car detailing is the secret behind owning a well-maintained car for many years. It is the best car caring method that ensures great looks and greater functions.


all about car detailing services


Related to car detailing services, let us look at some of the important questions:


1. What is a car detailing service?


Car detailing is the service that involves a top-to-bottom cleaning of your vehicle. It is done by professional detailers who use top quality car cleaning equipment and products. By availing car detailing services in Calgary from any agency, you will get a clean and reconditioned car exterior and interior. However, it does not include anybody repairs or additional paintwork. Instead, car detailing gives almost a brand new look by removing the scratches and swirl marks from the car’s body.


2. What do car detailers do?


Professional car detailers Calgary or elsewhere are trained to employ the best detailing practices to clean your car. They begin detailing by washing the exterior with normal water, then applies soap and wipes the surface with a soft cloth. After some time, the exterior is washed and allowed to dry. For interior detailing, they vacuum the seats, beneath the seats and floor mats, removes dust from the vents with a detailing brush, wash the floor mats, cleans the car windows, reconditions the seat and wipes the interior surface areas with an all-purpose cleaner. In the end, they wax, polish and apply ceramic pro coating to prevent your car paint from further damage.


3. What is needed for car detailing?


For the best car detailing results, you will require:


  • Wash mitts
  • Car wash soap
  • Buckets
  • Microfiber towel
  • Clay bar
  • Wax
  • Ceramic coating
  • Leather reconditioner (if you have leather seats)
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Detailing brush


4. What does it cost to detail a car?


The cost of car detailing in Calgary depends on your car model, its size and how dirty it is. The detailing prices vary from one company to the other. However, an average car detailing price starts from $50 and can go up till $249.


5. Will a car detail remove scratches?


Yes, car detailers in Calgary or elsewhere remove scratches from the surface of the car’s exterior. Polishing and waxing are the methods used to eliminate light scratches and swirl marks. It is done at the end after the interior and exterior cleaning. After waxing and polishing, your car will have back the glow that was absent previously. Besides, it also protects your vehicle from having further scratches.


6. What do you need to detail your car interior?


Professionals performing car interior detailing in Calgary, use the following things for a shining car interior:


  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Car cleaning chemicals
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Brushes
  • Multisurface cleaner
  • Vinyl dressing
  • Interior protectant


7. Where can you get your car detailed?


You can get your car detailed at any outlet offering auto detailing services in Calgary. Before you choose any outlet, make sure:


  • Their services meet your requirements
  • They use only top quality cleaning products
  • Detailing prices are reasonable
  • Have good client reviews




Had any doubts about car detailing? This guide explains everything that you wanted to know – the whats, whys, hows, and wheres of car detailing services in Calgary. To know more about our best detailing services, call us at Phone: 403-370-5050.

7 Secrets of Car Scratch Repair

Lots of investment and lots of emotion are associated with a car. Once bought, you cannot keep it in your garage, wrapped in a body cover all because you are afraid of car scratch marks. Cars are meant to be sped on the roads and not kept motionless. Expert care methods like car waxing can help you regain the branded look for your car. However, there are so many ways for the removal and repair of scratch marks.


7 Secrets of Car Scratch Repair


Here we share the top 7 secrets of car scratch repair:


1. Inspection of Car Scratch Marks: Do not wait for the moment your car would hit something filing you with apprehension that all is not well with it and that you must inspect it at once. It is nevertheless to say that you would automatically do it. What we are talking about is to grow the habit of regular inspection. Any signs of scratch marks noticed should be immediately brought under the consideration of expert car detailing services.


2. DIY rules to prepare the area for repair: The first thing is to clean the debris. A water spray and sanding operations would take care of the matter. Got enough time in hand and the right sets of equipment might lead you think in favour of applying DIY methods. But, if you do not have the expertise, sorry to say, you should think of visiting a cost-effective car detailing service in Calgary.


3. Rinse the affected part: The affected part should be properly rinsed and dried up. The car detailing services perform the action using supreme quality microfiber clothes in order to negate the chances of the formation of any further scratch marks. Wow! Such a detailed attention is given in order to hold the beauty of your car.


4. Fix the scratches: You need a buffer pad and industry best rubbing compound (that is used by the prominent car detailing services) ensuring its application on the affected part. It not only smoothen the surface but also repair the scratch marks.


5. Polishing of the scratched part: Probably this is the most difficult job among rest of the steps. On surface, polishing involves the application of rubbing compound on the scratched areas. In reality, it involves the accurate setting of the buffer and its application till the right time. The appropriate determination of time is extremely important. Otherwise, the compound would dry down before it being smoothed out. You need to make a call to the right services for car polishing in Calgary.


6. Waxing affair: The certified technicians of full-service car wash services in Calgary apply industry best carnauba wax on the scratched part and apply an orbital buffer.


7. Final washing: This step is performed to keep intact the shiny look of the repaired area(s).
Those who love their cars cannot ignore their regular upkeep. If not sure, better to approach a proficient service provider rather than applying DIY methods for removal and repair of car scratch marks.

Prolong the Longevity of Car

A car is not a mere mode of transport. For many, it is a realization of their lifetime dream and for others, it is no less than a passion. Hence, one should implement best maintenance mechanisms to extend the longevity of the car.

Prolong the Longevity of your Car

The Tips

1. Regular diagnosis of your car: The manual of the manufacturer makes your regular diagnosis process easier. ‘How’ and ‘when’ to perform these sorts of inspection, everything is mentioned here. These tips would help you in normal times. In emergency situations like in case of a broken headlight, one must visit a reputed and proficient service for headlight restoration in Calgary.

Headlight Restoration Calgary
2. Learn the meaning of warning light indicators: You may be passionate about your cars and take every possible care. However, something might be left out of your notice. The in-built warning systems and sensors make things simpler. Try learning the meaning of the warning light indicators.

3. Check the tire pressure: A poor tire pressure negatively impacts the fuel economy, the comfort level and the simple handling of the vehicle. Hence, smart people make a daily or weekly routine to check the tire pressure.

Tire Pressure
4. Check the tire’s alignment: One of the basic tenets of car maintenance is to have a near-to-perfect alignment of your car tires. Check the manufacturer’s manual and compare the mileage with the rotation, balance and alignment of the tire.

5. Check the tread depth: The modern tires can withstand any weather conditions. Better to add a new set of tread wear indicators to negate any guess play.

6. Replace the cabin air filter: You need to replace a cabin air filter if you want to save your family members from allergic reactions from the dust particles.

7. Do not let the brake dust accumulate: As we said earlier, keeping a brand new car is not a problem anymore. When you clean the brake dust, you can easily maintain prim and proper looking car tires.

8. Check the drive belts: If your car engine is the source of energy, the drive belt is the medium to transfer it from the source to the rest of the parts. You should inspect whether the rubber made drive belt has not gone through any wear or tear.

Car Drive Belts

9. Check the oil levels: Probably the reason for loud noises and knocking coming out of the car engine is because of a lower level of oil. Please ensure to check the oil levels on a regular basis.

10. Check the level of the engine coolant: An overheated car engine is something absolutely undesirable. Hence, make it a point to check the level of the coolant inside the radiator.

11. Visit the car detailing services: Do not wait for a complete was-hover of the car paint. Avail the benefits of car polishing in Calgary. If you pay a regular visit to the car detailing services in Calgary, it would help you keep a just-out-of-the-showroom vehicle.
Car Polishing Calgary

Enhance the longevity of your car. Try out the above-mentioned maintenance tips. Let your car make your neighbors green (with envy).

hand car wash Calgary

In the past, car detailing was just an add-on service to the broader aspect of car servicing. Once mechanics had attended to a car it was sent to an adjoining bay for washing in concurrence with the owner. Today, things have changed with the advent of the concept of car detailing. It no longer exists as an adjunct to car servicing but has branched off as an independent service in itself. The car detailing services of today encompass a thorough cleaning of the vehicle in terms of its exterior, interior, and undercarriage. At many a places these services include automatic washing with robotic arm as well where instructions are given from a console without the need for any human interaction.

hand car wash Calgary

The services are even customised to cater to specific washing requirements of a car. For example, if only the upholstery and seats are needed to be cleaned, instead of paying for the entire range of services, owners can pay for washing the specific parts only. Car detailing services also possess the facility of providing hand car wash Calgary, for some people are of the view that manual wash can be more effective. A typical car detailing service would have the following:

  • Scrubbing the car to remove pollutants, stains, dust, grime, oily blotches, peeled off paint and rust by using a soap or shampoo
  • Washing the residue of soap or shampoo by using a hose dispensing water
  • Drying the surface with a dry cloth
  • Applying paint to the area where it had peeled off
  • Polishing the surface to bring about shine
  • Putting wax on the surface to prevent elements like rain, snow, hail, and sun from impacting the paint underneath through oxidation

It is important that during the washing process smudged or clouded headlights / fog lights are cleaned, for constant exposure to the elements as well as pollutants can reduce the intensity of light. Moreover, the wheels, tyres, and suspension should undergo cleaning as well, for driving comfort depends a lot on the upkeep of these parts. The interior needs special attention as dirt build up, even though not apparent to the naked eye, can render important instruments such as steering, paddle shifters, instrument console, gear, air conditioner, and others, ineffective.

For cleaning the interior, hand car wash Calgary would be better suited as it can reach every corner of the cabin. The carpets and rugs receive dust from the footwear, and can have crumbs of eatables and stains from spilt drinks spread all over. Vacuum cleaning of the area would ensure such unwanted particles are removed and an air of freshness restored.

Car detailing should be carried out irrespective of seasons as every season has its impact on adding to the overall deterioration of the condition of a car.

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