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Top Car Detailing in Calgary - Calgary Car Detailing

Since opening, Calgary Car Detailing has changed the auto spa game and redefined the local car detailing industry - for good!

At Calgary Car Detailing, we set the standards for excellence! Our clients are consistently delighted by our unparalleled service quality and rely on us time after time. We strive to provide an outstanding experience on every single visit.

Bringing years of experience and expertise, our car detailers are certified to carry out all manner of detailing services on your vehicle.
We commit to providing you with a car detailing service that is second to none in terms of quality and craftsmanship. We take great pride in being the car detailer of choice for many people in the Calgary area.

And what's the secret to our success?

An unbeatable service that surpasses all others - we're simply the cream of the crop!

Don't take our word for it! Check out what some of our customers have to say about Calgary Car Detailing on our reviews page.


  • Preferred detailer of the University of Calgary
  • Environment friendly as we use pH balanced chemicals only
  • Member of the International Detailing Association
  • Trained technicians from industry leaders

Preferred detailer of the University of Calgary


Baby & Pet Safe Upholstery
Cleaning Enzyme


Steam cleaning kills bacteria without leaving harmful residue




BBB Accredition
With A+ Rating

At Calgary Car Detailing, We only use the highest quality brands.

meguiars 3m ceramic-pro chemical-guys

Calgary Car Detailing -The Ultimate Facility for Car Detailing in Calgary

With more then 15 years of experience, we are well equipped to handle even the most challenging detailing project. Our technicians are certified and trained to provide the highest quality detailing services, and they will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure you get the results you expect. Our state-of-the-art facility has top-of-the-line equipment, super bright lighting, and a temperature-controlled environment for optimal results. We understand you busy schedule and prioritize providing you with the highest quality car detailing services you can trust in the most convenient way. We are open 7 days a week until 8 PM.We offer online booking so that you can book your appointment anytime and anywhere.

Your Final Destination for Premier Auto Detailing Calgary Services

Are you looking for the best-quality auto detailing Calgary services? Want to hire highly qualified and certified professionals to detail your car? Then you’re at the right place! Calgary Car Detailing prides itself for offering convenience and a wide range of car detailing services. We are well-equipped with state of the art technology, tools and top-quality products to perform interior and exterior detailing, headlights restoration, vehicle buffing, polishing and waxing, paint protection and much more.

At Calgary Car Detailing, we go above and beyond to ensure your auto detailing Calgary experience is a pleasant and satisfying one. Actions speak louder than words. Hence, we let the outcomes of our car detailing services speak for us. We haven’t encountered any situation that we couldn’t resolve. We are equipped with the latest detailing techniques and procedures in the industry to make sure your vehicle looks as new as possible.

Who are we?

Who are we Calgary Car Detailing
  • The Calgary Car Detailing team consists of highly motivated and seasoned professionals, all dedicated to providing the best service possible.
  • As passionate, enthusiastic professionals, our mission is to stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques and to ensure that we provide car owners with exemplary car detailing services.
  • We love our cars more than our mom's cooking (Sorry, moms!) and strive to go above and beyond to guarantee that your experience with us exceeds expectations.
  • Every. Single. Time.

Exterior - Cleaning, Polishing & Waxing

One of the services offered by auto detailing Calgary involves cleaning the exterior of the automobile to increase its resilience against exposure to sunlight coupled with environmental hazards such as smoke, dirt and dust.

Cleaning or washing- Our comprehensive exterior car detailing in Calgary involves cleaning various particles like dust and grime from the surface of a car. Generally, a car shampoo is used along with soft cloth to remove the dust and dirt. The product used here is high quality so that your car paint is not harmed in any way. After that a clay bar is used so that things like tar, bugs, paint overspray, sap, etc which cannot be removed by simple washing can be removed.

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Car Interior Detailing

Apart from the exterior, car interior cleaning should also be given proper care. Hygienic and clean interiors provide the perfect driving environment so that you can concentrate properly. The automobile’s trunk, passenger compartment, dashboard area, windows, carpet, seats and panels are cleaned thoroughly. Handling leather especially requires some special attention as otherwise it might dry up and crack. To ensure that the deterioration rate is lower, and it lasts longer, our personnel in Calgary car detailing use not only the best products but the finest methods as well. For premium car interior detailing services contact us today!

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Wheels & Engine

Our car wash Calgary extends under the hood too. For reliable and smooth functioning of mechanisms, the area has to be kept clean. Our car detailing Calgary professionals use special lubricants for parts such as rubber hoses. A non silicone base dressing is applied to safely dress & shine the engine. Alloys and tyres are cleaned as well with attention to the varying finishes of the alloy so that better care and service can be offered.

We are proud to say that majority of our clients come to our facility for auto detailing in Calgary out of recommendation and we already have a vast customer base in all four quadrants of Calgary NW , NE , SE & SW. Our customers include individuals, car dealerships and corporate businesses. We are always looking for more customers to experience our professional service.


XPEL Ceramic Coating Authorized Installer

The Detailed Cars

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Car Detailing FAQ


How long does car detailing take?


Detailing can take as little as two hours up to seven hours, depending on the size and condition of the car.


Can car detailing remove smoke smell?


Yes, car detailing can significantly reduce smoke smell. Carpets, seats and headliners absorb smoke smells, so the interior cleaning should include shampooing and steaming of those areas. Additionally, the cabin air filter should be replaced.


Can car detailing remove vomit smell?


Yes! Car detailing gets rid of vomit smells and disinfects the interior, so germs don't spread.


Can car detailing remove mold?


Also yes, mold can be removed with a thorough car interior cleaning with professional equipment and chemicals. Using our multi-step interior detailing method, we make sure there's no cross contamination & complete mold removal.


Can car detailing remove scratches?


Yes, car detailing can remove surface scratches if they haven't passed through the clear coat. At our car detailing Calgary facility, we specialize in removing scratches. Calgary Car Detailing is proud to offer a one-of-a-kind scratch removal technique that breathes new life into your car's paint - behold, the magic of restoration at work.


Can car detailing fix paint chips?


Yes, car detailing can fix paint chips with touch up paint. Using matching paint from the dealership, we apply it professionally. It's important to fix rock chips as soon as possible to prevent rust.


Is there any scent, stain or blemish that you can't remove?


NO! Well, maybe. But we've yet to find a car we can't restore to its former glory.


Is car detailing worth it?


Yes, car detailing is worth it. Car detailing should be part of your regular maintenance. Don't settle for simply wiping down the interior & exterior every now and then - give your wheels some love they truly deserve!

When a car's exterior hasn't been detailed, and its upholstery has spills, stains, and salt, car detailing can prevent long-term damage. Your car's surfaces will stay protected if you keep them clean, conditioned, and waxed.


What is car detailing?


Car detailing is the process of restoring a car's interior and exterior to their best possible condition. When a simple clean won't do and the car has lost its shine, a professional detailer can fix minor scratches on the exterior. In addition, technicians can remove stains and odors with interior cleaning and much more.

Professional car detailing in Calgary uses high-quality products to clean and protect every inch of your car's interior, including the dashboard, seats, floor mats, and carpets.


How much does car detailing in Calgary cost?


The cost of detailing a car varies from $129 for a basic clean to $349 for a deep clean at Calgary Car Detailing. You can customize car detailing packages with add-ons too. It'll also depend on whether you want your upholstery deep cleaned, your engine cleaned, and paint correction done.

Count On Us For All Your Car
Detailing Calgary Services

Whether you're looking for a hand car wash, car interior cleaning, car polish, detail car wash, or car detailing, we have plenty of solutions to meet your needs.

We've worked hard to establish ourselves as a reliable and professional auto detailing business and have built a strong reputation for excellence in the local Calgary car detailing industry.

Our experienced and highly trained team of detailers use only the highest quality products and techniques to ensure the best possible results for your vehicle. And with a long history of satisfied customers, you can count on us to deliver careful attention to detail, commitment to customer service, and competitive rates.

No more stress over the cost of car detailing services; we've got your back!

We're confident that we'll provide you with the highest level of affordable car detailing services in Calgary for the best price on the local market.

Car Detailing Calgary Services

A full-service Calgary car wash like no other!

Auto detailing in Calgary
Auto detailing in Calgary
Car Cleaning
  • Is your car looking more gray than off-white?
  • What you need is a full-service car wash, and our hand car wash is the perfect solution!
  • In-shop car detailing services are an incredible way to give your vehicle some luxurious TLC.
  • Make it feel like a day at the spa for your ride!
  • When you bring your car to our shop, our detailers will give it the time and care it deserves as though it's their own. This service includes a thorough wash and rinse, followed by a hand-applied wax that will leave your car with a glossy finish. Not only will you get expertly polished and waxed, but other benefits come with choosing a professional car detailing service.
  • Each service takes place in a clean and controlled environment, where we have full access to the Big Guns.
  • We're talking quality equipment, consistent water pressure, workable temperature and commercial grade steaming and shampooing facilities.
  • We guarantee a stellar clean for your vehicle with our car detailing in Calgary services - think of it like the supercharged version of a regular car wash!
  • Sometimes, you just need that extra oomph that only a big, fancy machine can provide.
  • It's safe to say our cutting-edge tools and equipment will have your ride looking brand new in no time!

Choose In-Shop Shine Over Mobile
Car Detailing in Calgary

Here's the thing about mobile car detailing.

Car washing laws in Calgary are all about being mindful of water usage and the environment, which means that in terms of mobile car detailing, Calgary car detailing services are limited in what they're able to achieve for your vehicle.

You just won't get the same level of service from a mobile detailer. Mobile services work with what they have, and van space can be limited.

They only sometimes have quality equipment, consistent water pressure or a workable temperature like a professional shop would; making it difficult to clean heavily soiled mats or upholstery effectively.


The Ultimate
Car Detailing Experience

If you are looking for the best car detailing in Calgary, you have come to the right place. Calgary Car Detailing is proud to provide exceptional car detailing shop that will make your vehicle look new again. We specialize in hand washes, waxing, polishing, and much more to ensure your vehicle looks its best. Our team of certified professionals have years of experience under their belt and use the highest quality products that make your car shine.

If you are looking for the highest quality car detailing service in Calgary. Been searching 'Car Detailing near me' and still need to figure out where to begin?

Look no further than Calgary Car Detailing!

Stop searching and start shining today with Calgary Car Detailing. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the results. Contact us today for more information or to book an appointment! We look forward to exceeding your expectations with our top-notch car detailing in Calgary.

Allow us to free your mind of worry about the health and
well-being of your car with our tailored services, including:

Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Revive your ride and restore its original magnificence with a scratch removal procedure. Our multi-step paint correction process ensures that vehicle looks its best.

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Window Tinting

Headlights Restoration

Get your headlights restored and protected with a tailered car detailing and PPF service. Don't let foggy headlights ruin your car's look. You can restore and protect that lost clarity of your headlights.

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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

Calgary Car Detailing is an authorized installer of 3M PPF film and XPEL PPF in Calgary. We exclusively work with 3M Scotchgard Pro Series & Xpel Ultimate Plus paint protection film. Preserve you car's original finish and shiny appearance with the 3M Paint Protection Film.

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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Unlike traditional waxes, ceramic coating Calgary provide a harder, longer-lasting level of protection for your vehicle. We use top-quality ceramic coating that offer unbeatable durability and protection.

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