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FAQs on Car Detailing

Many people think that car-detailing is just a luxury, but the reality is that it is a necessity. Both old and new cars are in need of this service for getting an enhanced life.


FAQs on Car Detailing


Importance of car-detailing:

  • Car-value can be increased.
  • Car-functionality can be restored.
  • Car-insurance premium can be reduced.
  • Increased rate can be received during car-sale.
  • Car can be protected against different damages, especially UV-rays, cracks, rusts and others.
  • Car-paint can be maintained intact for long.
  • Car-investment will remain secured.


Do new-cars need detailing?
Recently purchased cars are not that much in need of detailing, but after at least six-months the service is surely needed. You can contact your dealer for receiving detailed of your car at scheduled intervals.


Can detailing give a new car-appeal?
Absolute new appeal cannot be maintained, but the deterioration-rate can be definitely reduced to some extent. Exterior oxidation, clear-coat damaging, interior soiling and deterioration of cars can be efficiently prevented with car detailing in Calgary NE. Oxidation or stains can be removed for protecting car’s exterior coat.


Why waxing is needed?
Detailing is not all about waxing rather waxing is just a part. Waxing is a cost-effective solution for making small repairs like covering scratches, wear or tears. The Vehicle-paint stays intact years after years with waxing. Paint can be saved from direct sun-exposure with waxing.

What services are included within car-detailing?

  • Cleaning or washing.
  • Re-painting.
  • Waxing.
  • Repairing.
  • Replacement of damaged car-parts.
  • Inspection of car-parts.
  • Car-polishing.
  • Car-glazing.


What is the need of car-washing?
Though Hand car wash Calgary can clean dirt, stains or dust easily from vehicle-surface, but full service car wash Calgary is the best option. This is because full-car wash includes both exterior and interior cleaning of your vehicle. Washing is just a part of car-detailing.


How to get best car-detailing?
Best car-detailing can be acquired from the dealer from where you have purchased the car. You can also visit your nearest reputed garage for receiving a customized car-detailing service.


Can car-coats be protected with detailing?
Paint-surfaces can be now easily protected for long with special car-coats. Therefore, you should make the coats renewed at every scheduled interval.


Does detailing include glazing?
Surface imperfections, swirl marks, spider webbing and minor scratches can be easily hidden by means of car-detailing.

Paint-sealant vs. waxing:
Car appeal and finishing can be maintained by paint-sealant. Protection and deep shining of the car can be preserved by waxing. Damaged paints can be now easily corrected with paint-sealants. Waxing provides a smooth texture as a result of which paint-coats remain protected.


Polishing vs. waxing:
Waxing is needed for protection while polishing is required for enhancing car-surface gloss.


How to pay for detailing?

  • Online payment.
  • Cash payment.
  • Card payment.


You have to choose the right car detailing package for making the payment done. Mobile auto detailing Calgary is currently gaining the highest popularity, especially due to the implementation of advanced detailing methods.

7 Secrets of Car Scratch Repair

Lots of investment and lots of emotion are associated with a car. Once bought, you cannot keep it in your garage, wrapped in a body cover all because you are afraid of car scratch marks. Cars are meant to be sped on the roads and not kept motionless. Expert care methods like car waxing can help you regain the branded look for your car. However, there are so many ways for the removal and repair of scratch marks.


7 Secrets of Car Scratch Repair


Here we share the top 7 secrets of car scratch repair:


1. Inspection of Car Scratch Marks: Do not wait for the moment your car would hit something filing you with apprehension that all is not well with it and that you must inspect it at once. It is nevertheless to say that you would automatically do it. What we are talking about is to grow the habit of regular inspection. Any signs of scratch marks noticed should be immediately brought under the consideration of expert car detailing services.


2. DIY rules to prepare the area for repair: The first thing is to clean the debris. A water spray and sanding operations would take care of the matter. Got enough time in hand and the right sets of equipment might lead you think in favour of applying DIY methods. But, if you do not have the expertise, sorry to say, you should think of visiting a cost-effective car detailing service in Calgary.


3. Rinse the affected part: The affected part should be properly rinsed and dried up. The car detailing services perform the action using supreme quality microfiber clothes in order to negate the chances of the formation of any further scratch marks. Wow! Such a detailed attention is given in order to hold the beauty of your car.


4. Fix the scratches: You need a buffer pad and industry best rubbing compound (that is used by the prominent car detailing services) ensuring its application on the affected part. It not only smoothen the surface but also repair the scratch marks.


5. Polishing of the scratched part: Probably this is the most difficult job among rest of the steps. On surface, polishing involves the application of rubbing compound on the scratched areas. In reality, it involves the accurate setting of the buffer and its application till the right time. The appropriate determination of time is extremely important. Otherwise, the compound would dry down before it being smoothed out. You need to make a call to the right services for car polishing in Calgary.


6. Waxing affair: The certified technicians of full-service car wash services in Calgary apply industry best carnauba wax on the scratched part and apply an orbital buffer.


7. Final washing: This step is performed to keep intact the shiny look of the repaired area(s).
Those who love their cars cannot ignore their regular upkeep. If not sure, better to approach a proficient service provider rather than applying DIY methods for removal and repair of car scratch marks.

Top Trends Car Wash Industry

Gone are the days when people would consider car washing and detailing services a luxury. There is a significant drop in the number of people washing their cars at home. The competition in the car wash industry is increasing. The car wash and detailing services are making market surveys to find out the issues which are annoying the customers. The latest trends in the industry could solve the issues and here, we are describing the top 7 trends, capable of solving them.


Top Trends Car Wash Industry


1. The Future Looks Bright: Let us focus on the following points:

  • Based on the Canadian car wash industry statistics, during 2010-2011, the annual revenue was $5.8 billion. The figures stand at $48 billion when the cost price of gas was included.
  • Acid rain is not only dangerous to the marble structures but also to the car exterior. When the moisture evaporates, the acid corrodes the paint.
  • With the aid of 1 or 2 car washing sessions per month, the vehicles could keep intact their original sheen.
  • In the period of 2010-2011, there were 9,000 full-service car washes.
  • The number of external conveyor washes was 10,500.
  • The statistics shows that still now, the number of untapped customers is too big.


2. Increased Demand for Car Detailing: The advancement of technology is prompting people to see the significance of an excellent car wash. Hence, people want to be served by the supreme quality services for auto detailing in Calgary and rest of other parts of Canada.


3. The Rise of Small Car Wash Companies: The times have changed since when the bigwig service providers used to rule the industry. Survey reports have put down the facts simple and clear- the big services rapidly grew after acquiring the smaller organizations.
The bigwig services are no longer running a virtual oligopoly. The shift in the trend puts forward the fact that small and mid-level services are standing better chances.


4. The Rise of Competition: The competition of the industry is rapidly increasing. Staying ahead of the competitors is not that easy anymore. People have different reasons to visit a full service car wash in the regions like Calgary. They do have different expectations from the service providers. The things to consider are as follows:

  • optimizing the pricing strategy
  • implementing better training programs
  • preparing your service for a rapid growth
  • the tools and techniques ensuring consistent efficiency, round the year


5. The Price of Oil is Indirectly Proportional to the Industry Growth: When the gas price reduces, more people travel by cars. The long-distance drivers would often find their vehicles dirtier than others. Hence, they would visit the car detailing services more often. Since the increasing price of vehicles, people prefer to possess a car for a longer period. The factors sound impressive for the growth of the small and mid-level car detailing services.


6. Introduction of New Payment Options: The survey reports have concluded the fact that even the services for hand car wash in Calgary have reported a rise in the number of times people are making payment through their credit cards. In addition, the website-based payment service providers like PayPal, Autorize.Net or Apple Pay are encouraging customers to use their services.


7. The Industry of Professional Car Washing is Growing: The car wash industry had witnessed growth after suffering a setback during the period of 2006-2011. Things are looking good after a long time.


The trends help us understand the changing demand of the customers in Canada. The sooner the service providers realize them, the better.

Car Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Car cleaning methods need not always be followed through using expensive products, hard-to-get equipments and services that make a dent in the wallet. Cleaning cars require a certain level of perseverance and one must ensure that the vehicles are subjected to frequent cleaning routines for them to retain the shine. The resale value too gets increased with the proper detailing and ensures a longevity for the cars. Rain soaked exteriors to mud and snow streaks, food stains and other debris that constantly get stuck in the crevices of the car need to be frequently cleaned to have the cars smell and look good. However, time restraints and the sheer lack of motivation to actually get down and dirty during the cleaning ritual can be a severe deterrent when it comes to looking after your car.


Car Cleaning Tips And Tricks


Following are a few tips and hacks for you to incorporate in the cleaning schedule and reward your car with the treatment it deserves:


Running out of cleaning liquid? All you need to do is fill your windshield washing liquid tank with water, vodka and a few drops of dishwashing soap to get yourself a homemade cleaning solution. This aids in keeping the glass spotless, enhancing visibility.

Baking Soda

Foul smells and odour can lead to uncomfortable situations, bordering on embarrassment if they persist. These too can be easily curbed using baking soda. Sprinkling baking soda over the floor mats and the upholstery, letting it stay overnight can get rid of the stench. Make sure you vacuum the insides to clean the residue and have your car smelling fresh and clean.


Conditioners can work wonders on the exteriors of the car unlike the harsh dish washing detergents that are often corrosive. Hair conditioners act as a wax on the body of the car leaving behind a smooth shine after every rinse. Try using this DIY wax instead of investing in the expensive tubs. Conditioners in no way should be a permanent alternative to the actual wax but can definitely do the job if you need to fix the look of the car at a short notice.
Soft Drinks/Soda

Fizzy drinks can be used as an alternative to clean both the exteriors and the interiors. These are extremely effective while getting rid of those stubborn patches and stains that lend the body of the car an unkempt and unclean look. The fizz from the drinks act as an effective cleaner but care must be taken to ensure that the liquid does not seep into the hood or the crevices. The sticky residue would result in further complications and that must be avoided at all cost.

Full car wash services in Calgary make sure that your cars are optimally treated and that the exteriors and interiors look as good as new. Calgary Car Detailing is one such service centre whose help can be enlisted if you are looking for an effective car cleaning treatment, one that caters to the needs of the vehicle as well as provide a cost-effective solution. Look them up NOW!

car detailers Calgary

Owning a car is definitely a matter of pride proclaiming that you have arrived in life. It not only helps you to commute to your workplace on a daily basis but more importantly, gives your family the means to utilize their much needed weekend break. However, your favourite car is in need of a washing routine or in automobile parlance, car detailing, in order to keep it in good shape for a long time. The reason for following a car detailing routine is to prolong its life, keep its looks and lustre intact, and to ensure the interior remains cosy and clean for travel. The owners who do not give adequate attention to their cars due to the paucity of time or simple indifference often end up damaging it in the shortest possible time.

car detailers Calgary

Why Car Detailing in the First Place?

As your car winds its way – in the sweltering sun, pouring rain or freezing temperatures, it gathers contaminants that get embedded into the exterior making it lose its shine and colour. Moreover, since our cities have become polluted there is no escaping from getting your car exposed to pollutants like sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide and hosts of industrial discharges swarming in the air. Besides, not to forget the impact of muddied waters on the undercarriage when your car runs over puddles of water, especially during the rainy season. The cumulative effect of all the above mentioned pollutants in addition to dew, bird droppings, pollens, rust and leaves, can mean bad news for your car.

To get rid of the impact as mentioned above, the only way is to wash your car periodically – either at home or at a professionally run car detailing service such as car detailers in Calgary. Washing your car at home, even though can turn into a fun activity involving every member of your household, may not be enough to get rid of stubborn stains or hidden contaminants. In fact, professionally run car wash services are best suited to keep your car in good shape as they have the mechanism, washing solutions with perfect pH balance, and the requisite technical expertise.

Frequency of Car Wash

Depending on the frequency of your car venturing outside, the terrain of travel, or the prevailing weather, your car should be subjected to wash, preferably from places which offer full service car wash. The more your car travels outside the more it gets exposed to contaminants or weather induced damages vis-a-vis say, if it sits cosily inside the garage.

What Does Washing Involve?

A professionally run washing service would involve the following activities:

  • Scrubbing the surface followed by applying car shampoo or a cleaning solution
  • Washing the residues of shampoo and chemicals by shooting pressurised water
  • Applying a coat of paint where the same has worn off
  • Applying a coat of wax to prevent the impact of elements
  • Vacuum cleaning of the interior and scrubbing of the same

Needless to say, car detailing services are a must should you want to prolong the life of your car.

Full Service Car Wash

Your car helps you for performing various tasks on time and supports your leisure drives as well. It is obvious that constant usage of the vehicle results in wear and tear. However, as a car owner, you are unable to figure out those minute damages that have been incurred till date. You think that by performing a traditional cleaning treatment with water and soap, will keep the vehicle in good conditions. This kind of treatment may not keep away the grit that has accumulated on the surface. What about the dirt that has accumulated in the interior? Can you experience bad odor that emits due to mold growth? Keeping the car in unhygienic condition will not provide you comfortable drive. In order to keep your car in well-maintained condition, you need to hire full service car wash in Calgary. However, you should know how the system works, so that you can make decisions for getting best outcomes.

Full Service Car Wash

Learn About the Procedure in Detail

A full service car wash in Calgary deploys an automatic wash system, which is coupled with other procedures to attain the detailing goals. This comprehensive service takes care of both interior and exterior detailings.

When a customer visits a service station, he or she exits from the car and waits in the guest area. The servicing in-charge will receive the customer and listen to the issues. After listening to the case history, such professional will suggest a suitable car wash package and will instruct the staff to initiate the car wash procedure.

Thorough Inspection

Before the staff sends the car to the car wash system, he inspects the vehicle thoroughly to spot dirt and grits. Then those grits are removed with spraying and brushing techniques. During this process, the car wash professional applies cleaner to rims and wheels to eliminate excessive dirt. Then, the staff uses vacuum cleaning system for removing trash from the interior of the vehicle. During the initial stage, the windows and sunroofs are closed tightly to prevent water seepage.

Automatic Wash Cycle

After the initial cleaning of exterior and interior is over, the car becomes ready for automatic wash treatment. The detailing staff will drive the vehicle into the system and park it in neutral position. The automatic car wash system will move the car through series of washing stations.

Drying Treatment

When the vehicle makes exit from the tunnel car wash system, an attendant will drive the car to the drying station. In this area, the car wash staff provides number of services, which depends on the package chosen by the customer. Services include cleaning and polishing of rims, tires and hubcaps, mirror adjustment, hand drying, washing windows with glass cleaner and applying air freshener into the interior.

A complete car wash service ensures that customers do not feel bored while waiting. While customers are waiting for the process to be completed, during that period, they are served with snacks, drinks and other leisure gears.

This is how a full service car wash company in Calgary works to keep the car in well-maintained condition. Therefore, do not make late decisions and prevent your car from incurring further damages.

Car Wash Calgary

Professional auto wash facility can be easily available through which you can get the exterior and interior of our car thoroughly cleaned. There are a lot of categories in the auto detailing service. Self serve facility allows users to wash their vehicles themselves. You can also hire a professional to do this for you.
Mostly, car owners prefer the option of getting their car washed by someone else. And why would your bother doing it yourself when there are a range of advanced of facilities readily available at every car wash bay.

Car Wash Calgary

Self-Service Cleaning

In fact, there are certain self-service car wash facilities where you simply have to insert a coin in the machine and then access their kit and wash your vehicle yourself. So, for vehicle owners who don’t want to go for professional car washing services can simply do it for themselves with such easy to access facility. You no longer need to store the entire auto washing kit in your home now. Again, if you are not interested in doing it yourself, there are a number of full service car wash facilities available at affordable prices.

Hand Wash

If you really want to get your vehicle washed by hand, there are lots of garages where the staff themselves will wash your car. Thus, you can easily fulfil your wish of getting your car washed by hand, rather than by automated machines. Then, there is what we term the In-Bay automatics. In this type of car washing technique, there is an instrument with rollers that move forth and back while spraying foam and water. You just need to drive through it and when your automobile comes out from the other end it not only shines clean, but is also completely dried. This is probably one of the fastest car wash services available in Calgary and elsewhere in the world.

Tunnel Wash

For auto cleaning, there is also a tunnel wash service available. This way vehicle washing is also performed by using automated machines. There is a conveyor belt that slowly moves and the vehicle is placed on it. After that, it is passed through a sequence of steps that are involved in the auto detailing process. By the time the car gets off the conveyor belt it is absolutely clean. In this car wash procedure, water along with a foamy liquid is used. However, there is a notion that using water for car wash can ruin the polish of the vehicle over time.

Chemical Cleaning

There is another category of auto wash facility in which no water is applied at all. It applies some chemicals that make the body of the vehicle dirt free whilst polishing its surface. Hence, once the wash is finished, not only is all grime removed, but also offers a shiny look as the surface of the vehicle gets a wonderful polish.

Steam Cleaning

Finally, we have the steam car wash. In this process, a strong jet of steam is applied for car washing together with special towels made out of microfibre. For those people who are truly concerned about the paint and polish of their car, this car wash technique is ideal. Moreover, no chemicals are used and since the amount of water used in this process is extremely less, it is quite eco-friendly as well.

Now, it’s entirely up to you which facility you want to avail to wash your car and get your ride good as new.

Full Service Car Wash

You can enjoy the summer at its best, but at the same you should think about winter preparations because you may find it hard to address some essential issues related to your car. Getting under the sun in the winter may offer you pleasure, but you should prepare well to face the cold weather and the same thing applies for your car also. Thus, you have to prepare some plans to get rid of those unwanted situation related to your car.

Here, you will learn about a few vital tips on how to take care of your car in winter apart from ensuring full service car wash by an expert in Calgary.

1. Take Care of Painting

You should protect all exposed items from winter oxidation, because most of the exposed items tend to catch moisture from snowfall or deep fog. Thus, you should check the painting of your car and make sure no area has been left exposed for the upcoming weather.

Full Service Car Wash

2. Checkout Trough Insulation

Many operators do not value the fact of replacing insulation after a hose that simply reduces its freeze protection ability. Thus, take time and look at the entire trough and never hesitate to replace any damaged insulation if found.

3. Proper Roof Condition

You can checkout the roof of your car in the summer to find out any leak or possible weak areas. If you have a steel roof in your car then you have to give it a coat of sealer. Apart from this, if the roof of the car is shingled and you have found it damage or torn, then replacing it with a new one will be the best choice.

4. Set the Lighting Perfectly

Taking care of lighting is one of the most important parts for winter car maintenance and you should ask the operator to take the issue seriously. Many agencies do not wash or clean glass lenses properly that can offer you 25% less light. Thus, try to contact an efficient car-washing agency that can offer you the best car washing service in your locality.

5. Floor and Heat System

To keep your recirculation pumps safe, you should jog it throughout the summer so that you can keep impellers and seals lubricated. If you find that the trough system has been integrated into the floor hear system, then do not forget to cycle it and then check for any kind of leaks or suspect lines.

6. Check Out Car Wash Pits

To have fully washed car, you should check out pits debris level if you find it unclear. You should remember that you could easily clean them out if it has not been filled with it completely. Thus, contact some professionals to get full service car wash.

Full Service Car Wash

Being a car owner, you must be aware that car washes are necessary to keep the vehicle in good running condition. Car washes do not merely clean the exterior surface of a vehicle but also ensures that the engine as well as the interior is cleaned thoroughly. While some people opt for doing the cleaning job all by themselves, some others opt for professional car wash services to get quality result. Professional car wash services are better since experienced professionals take care of this process and use advanced as well as exclusive machinery that renders the vehicle cleaned thoroughly.

Full Service Car Wash

There are certain facilities available in Calgary, where you can head for an automatic machine for getting your car washed in lieu of a coin. This is ideal for those who are short of time or in a hurry. It may not appeal to all people some of whom are of the opinion that automated machines do not produce cent percent satisfactory results.

In such cases, where people are not keen to do the cleaning job themselves or avail automated cleaning services, full service car wash in Calgary acts as the perfect choice.

Ideally Full Service Car Wash facilities combine an automatic system much similar to that of a Tunnel Wash. The automated system is further teamed with employees for providing the owners with a thorough cleaning service comprising the exterior, engine and the interior of a vehicle.

In this system, you need to exit the vehicle before the actual wash. You may wait in the waiting area where you will be assisted by an attendant in selecting the appropriate wash package to initiate the multi-step wash cycle.

Before a car enters the wash system, it is usual for the service provider to get excessive dirt cleaned from the surface of the vehicle by an attendant with either a brush or a spray. The attendant then applies a cleaner to the wheels and rims as well as the vacuum. He then removes the apparent trash from the car’s interior and makes sure that all windows and moon/sun roofs are closed tightly with mirrors turned in.

This makes the vehicle ready for entering the automated wash system. It is driven by an attendant to the system where he places it in neutral mode before exiting the vehicle to assist another customer in the same. The automated tunnel wash system then takes this process forward by moving the vehicle through each of the washing stations.

After tunnel cleaning is over and the vehicle reaches the end of the tunnel wash, another attendant drives it to a cleaning and drying zone. It is here that the attendant provides the vehicle with numerous services depending on the wash package purchased. These services include hand drying the vehicle, washing the windows inside and outside with a quality glass cleaner, cleaning, polishing of the tires hubcaps and, rims, readjustment of the mirrors, application of air freshener, etc.

As an owner you get immense satisfaction by opting for a full service car wash in Calgary. Therefore, you should go for booking a full service car wash the next time you wish to get your vehicle thoroughly cleaned as they use scientific techniques and quality products for cleaning the vehicle.

Car Wash

If you are a car owner, then you should know that there are many categories of car caring. Many people try to do the job on their own while many choose to hire others to wash their automobile. However, washing your car on your own may not give you the best result, because there are exclusive facilities that one can only avail through a professional car detailing service provider.

Car Wash

There are some available facilities even in your locality, where you can run your car through an automatic car washing machine for the exchange of a coin. Although, the process takes a very short time, but it is not that everyone wants to avail this automated car-washing service, because many believe that such automated machines do not offer 100 percent satisfactory service.

However, if you are interested in washing your car neither in automated machine nor by doing it yourself, you can simply opt for a good service provider that will take care of your car by providing full service car washes in Calgary.

Avail a Hand Wash Experience for Your Car

If you really do not like automated washing machines for your car, then you can get a complete hand-like wash service that will provide your car better cleaning. Opt for automated rollers that move back and forth and most importantly, these rollers will give your car a smooth touch while spraying water and foam. This will also ensure that no harsh treatment has been conducted on your car while the cleaning process was on.

Tunnel Wash for Automobile

Choose the service providers that offer better car washing facilities than others. How about choosing a full car wash service that provides tunnel wash? In this process, they put cars gently on a conveyor belt and you car will go through a series of steps. The process also includes water and foam liquid to make your car clean and fresh.

Safe and Mild Chemicals for Washing

For those people who do not like their cars to be washed by water, they can opt for chemical car washing service. However, make sure that the chemicals offer better cleanliness without damaging the materials in any way. The process will not only remove dirt, it will also polish your car and provide it a glossy look.

Steam Automated Wash

Steam automated wash is another choice for cleaning your car. In this process, strong jet of stream on the car is used and then washed with special towels made of micro fiber. Once the process is over, it will give your car a feather-like touch experience. Those who are concerned about the polish and shine of their car, this automated steam wash will definitely attract them. In addition, it will keep the color of your car in safe condition even after several washes.

So, the next time you plan to ensure proper service to your car, you should opt for a full service car wash in Calgary that can clean your car using safe and scientifically proven techniques.

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