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full service car wash to keep car well

It takes years of hard work to purchase a car and just a few days (or months) to ruin your car’s condition. How? If you neglect to maintain your car for a prolonged number of days, your car will go beyond being just externally dirty, with damaged interior parts and dysfunctional mechanism and overall, your car will be in an inebriated state.

Hence, if you own a car, maintaining your vehicle automatically becomes obligatory. Proper car maintenance primarily involves going for a full service car wash in Calgary where the professional detailers thoroughly clean your car exterior and interior, restoring your car’s lost beauty and glamor. Besides giving your car a professional exterior car wash every month, there are other ways by which you can easily enhance the appearance of your vehicle every week.

Let us look at the most common ways that you can practice to amplify your car’s looks every week.

full service car wash to keep car well

Appropriate Washing Technique : You may think that washing only the car exterior is adequate enough to label your car ‘clean and well-maintained’. Ironically, that is never the case. You need to wash and clean the exterior and interior of your car in a step-wise manner. Make sure you use only quality car washing products if you really love your car. For exterior detailing, wash the exterior with a fresh jet of water to remove loose dirt and soil; then begin applying the soap and cleaning solution using a cloth or a sponge; wash everything off after keeping it for a while and then wipe the car exterior. Cleaning the car interior is a detailed procedure that involves washing the floor mats, cleaning the dashboard, windows and seats, vacuuming and so on. If you are unable to perform all the steps yourself, you can always go for car interior detailing in Calgary and get it done by the professionals.

Polishing : Polishing your car at the end is a necessary step to restore your car’s shine and glow. It is important to always use a reputed car polish brand for the desired effects. Applying car polish requires expertise since a single wrong step can ruin your cleaning efforts. To get your car shining its best, you can always go for professional car polishing in Calgary.

Getting Rid of all The Clutter : Having a super shiny exterior and a cluttered interior will give a wrong impression about your car and yourself to others who get in your car. Any kind of clutter inside the car like food packets, wrappers, leftover food crumbs, plastic cups and others, makes the car interiors look dirty and unattractive. Hence, just like you de-clutter your home every week, it is equally important to keep your car free of junk to promote a clean interior.

Doing The Important Repairs : Maintaining your car also includes performing all the necessary repair jobs. Along with a dirty car interior, any broken parts inside or outside will also contribute to tainting your car’s image. Thus, if you find any cracks in the windshield, broken steering cover or lose hinges, repair it as soon as possible.

Conclusion : Besides the above-mentioned points, don’t forget to keep a few car essential items like battery, jumper cables, coolant and car freshener as these can be required any time. Maintaining your car becomes easy only if you know the right ways. Only taking your car for a hand car wash in Calgary is not enough to have a well-maintained car; you must also know the other big and small ways to keep your car in good condition.

Automatic or hand car wash

With each passing day, new and innovative car models are coming into existence and fueling the desire of every car lover to own such vehicles. If you are passionate about cars and already own the latest car model, you must be knowing the importance of going for a hand car wash calgary. An expert detailing service includes an intense cleaning of the exterior as well as the interior. Ideally, you should endeavor for full car detailing session twice a month to retain your car’s glamor and state of newness.

Automatic or hand car wash

There are two kinds of car cleaning services available in calgary nw:

♦ Hand car wash

♦ Automatic car wash

In The Battle of Automatic and Hand Car Wash at Calgary, Let us Look at How Each Can Benefit You:

1. Automatic Car Wash : Machine and technology have occupied almost all the spheres of our lives; and so now, even cleaning your car using automatic tools and techniques has been made possible. Automatic car wash is the reverse of the hand car wash. A number of car owners opt for this car cleaning service type because:

No damage to your car’s body paint – The first thing that everyone will notice about your car is its color. Surely, you wouldn’t want your car’s body to have scratches and stains or discolored areas. Using hard brushes manually can cause scratches but automatic car wash cleans your car exterior in a more gentle way.

Comprehensive and accurate – Automatic car wash is performed with the help of machines, tools and in a step-wise manner. Hence, it is 100% accurate and also dismisses the chance of skipping any step.

Saves time & customizable- If you are looking for a quick car wash type, automatic car washing is your ideal choice as it is done with the help of machine and technology (instead of humans cleaning your car). This car wash type requires a minimum time of 15-40 minutes to make your car shine. Besides, you can also customize the steps that you require to get your car completely clean.

2. Hand Car Wash : This is considered to be a traditional method and before the machines came in, the only method used for a full service car wash at Calgary is car wash with hand. Many people think that hand car wash is very time-consuming. No doubt this is true but there are several pros of going for a hand car wash at Calgary.
The reasons are:

▶  Impeccable – It is said that ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and this is absolutely true if you opt for a hand car wash. Since this detailing service is performed by the experts, there is no chance of disappointment with the outcome. All the steps are performed with care and steadiness.

▶  Affordable – Hand car wash does not include the use of expensive machines. Only a bucket, sponge, cloth, brushes and the cleaning products are required. Thus overall, the cost of a hand car wash in Calgary automatically becomes affordable.

Cleaning of hard-to-reach areas – Washing your car by hand makes it possible to reach the hard-to-reach-areas where a machine cannot reach, cleaning your car more effectively.

Conclusion :  Whichever be your choice of car cleaning type, what remains constant is that you must take your car for a full service car wash, twice a month. If you are looking for an expert interior car wash in Calgary NW, either of these two car cleaning services shall suffice your requirement.

Car cleaning Calgary

A classic car is like an eternal beauty; if you want to preserve it for a lifetime, you have got to put that extra effort for it. The extra effort comes in the form of visiting a facility providing car wash and car detailing services on a weekly basis. With the regular exposure to dirt, dust and pollution, your much loved car can end up with deposits sticking to its surface and lending it an unattractive look. Surely, you don’t want to flaunt a classic beauty that has a shabby appearance, right?

Hence, you should take your car for a mechanical or hand car wash in Calgary and leave it under the care of experts. A classic car requires special care and attention since the usage of wrong tools and materials can have an adverse impact. It is vital to entrust the responsibility of washing your classic car to trained car cleaners only who are aware of the right cleaning method. Let us look at the right way to wash a classic car:

The Right Cleaning Method for Every Classic Car Owners-min

1. Begin from the top- When it comes to cleaning, it must be done from the top; be it in the case of cleaning your room or car. Starting from the top avoids the chances of making the already cleaned portions of the car dirty. On the other hand, if you begin from the lower portion, the dirt and oil can get scattered all over the body of the car. A big advantage of starting the cleaning process from the top is that majority of the dirt content is washed away and there is no possibility of scattering the grime here and there that may cause the paint to come off.

2. Working with the correct soap- Many classic car owners follow the wrong practice of cleaning their car with a dish soap that is suitable for scrubbing off grease from the utensils in the kitchen. Remember, the dish soap is a harsh cleaning agent for your car due to its chemical composition. It can cause your car paint to come off thus giving it a dull appearance. Going for a professional car cleaning in Calgary NW will allow your car to be cleaned with the right car wash soap. This will help to retain the lustre of your car as well as preserve its paint.

3. Leave the wheels for the last- When it comes to cleaning the wheels and tires, it should be done at the end when you have finished cleaning the painted surfaces. Needless to say, these are the dirtiest and the most begrimed areas of your car as most of the depositions containing grease, thick mud and soil occur here.

4. The finishing stroke- After washing the entire car, don’t forget to wash it with clean and free-flowing water. This will lead to the ultimate clean up of your car ensuring all the areas are soap-free thus rendering it squeaky clean!

Conclusion- For the perfect clean up of your classic car, opting for a full service car wash in Calgary is the best deal that you can get. Not only will you get an expert cleaning of the exterior but the interiors will also breathe a new life again.

interior car cleaning calgary

Cleaning cars is no cakewalk. Cleaning the interiors of the car is even more troublesome if the right products or methods are not employed to do so.

Cars have a tendency to get super dirty when you have kids and pets travelling with you and understandably so. From food stains, fur, loose food particles to even tiny toys, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to things that can be found wedged inside the crevices or spilled all over the car seats. At times, even regular scrubbing too does not seem to effectively remove the unwanted particles and this is when you must enlist the help of professionals. However, with a few cautionary steps and a bit of a research, a lot can be achieved with the tools that are readily available to spruce up your car.

interior car cleaning calgary

Cleaning the car exteriors is relatively simple when you compare it to the efforts that go into buffing up the interiors. The uniformity of the surface makes it easier to give the exteriors a thorough wash and polish it afterwards. This results in a superior shine within moments and ensures that the sleek surface remains so for quite a while, unaffected by pollutants. The interiors, however, take a considerable amount of time to clean and wash and even then, you are bound to found flecks of dirt embedded into the upholstery.

Enlist the services of renowned car cleaning service providers in Calgary to see to the complete interior cleaning of the cars and avoid the hassles that usually accompanies such a detailed process.

Here are some of the pointers that need to be heeded if and when you wish to take upon the task yourself:

  • The fabric of the car upholstery must be taken into consideration before applying the necessary products on to it. It is essential to know of the material that went into the making of the seats to avoid untoward mishaps that are often a result of careless use of corrosive detergents or other articles.
  • A small patch test must also be performed to ensure that the products that are about to be used do not react negatively with the fabric. Do so on an area that is not easily discoverable. This would ensure that an uncalled for consequence too can remain undetected and not come in the way of the aesthetics of the car.
  • Vacuuming the interiors is key before applying the cleaning agents on the insides. This enables the loose dirt and particles to be effectively and easily removed and not have them meddle with the cleaning process.
  • Though cleaning the interiors take up quite a while, the initial few steps that lead to preparing the car in order for it to be cleaned must be prioritised. Post-vacuuming, apply the product on the upholstery in a manner that has been instructed in the user manual and then make sure the residue is wiped off gently with a soft fabric. Let the upholstery dry naturally and you are good to go.
  • Use of conditioners is also advised as it act as a sealant and in order to replenish the lost shine. Conditioners ensure that the upholstery does not undergo severe damage.

With hectic schedules that barely allow us to take a breather, full car washing services are indeed a boon. Whether the seats are made of faux leather or fabric, customising the cleaning methods is necessary for the optimum results. Maintain the cleanliness of your car in the comforts of your home or drive it down to car detailing center, once every three months and enhance your beloved vehicle’s lifespan.

car washing service

Car waxing can prove extremely therapeutic. The gentle rubbing of the car’s surface to lend it an exquisite shine is surely worth the hours that need to be put in. Waxing and polishing are processes that need to be carried out meticulously. A rough handling of these products while using them on the exteriors of the car can lead to scratches, an uneven shine and an overall irregular finish.

More so than a thorough cleaning of the car using soap water and car detergent, it is the final step in the cleaning method that complements the entire car washing process. And that is the time spent in waxing. Not only does it make the car look as good as brand new but is an extremely cost-effective method to do so. However, care must be taken to not get carried away and use a lot of the wax at once. Also, waxing products of a high quality must be used to avoid causing unsightly spots and patches on the car.

car washing service

It doesn’t get better than waxing and polishing a car immediately after rinsing it. Once the grime, dust and dirt are scrubbed off, waxing adds the perfect lustre. However, it is not always necessary to wax right after a soap wash. Simply waxing instead of going through the entire washing process is also extremely effective. Following are some of the ways a proper car waxing method must be initiated to get the optimum results.

Get The Finest Quality Of Microfiber Towels

Cleaned microfiber towels must be used post waxing to lock the moisture in. The effectiveness of using these soft and fine quality towels are a plenty. One of them being it does not hinder the wax coatings and let it rest evenly. Full car washing services in Calgary are particular in using these towels to round off a productive waxing session.

Limit The Usage Of Wax

Waxing is extremely relaxing. However, it would not do your car any good if a liberal portion of wax is used to scrub an area over and over again. The trick is to first apply a thin layer of wax and then move along from there. A thin first coat ensures a sheen that is even all around. It should then be followed by another careful coat if the need arises and must be left to dry for a considerable amount of time.

Buff It

Buffing is the final method that ends the waxing process. The wax should never be allowed to turn stiff and to dry before subjecting it to buffing. In case it does turn dry, you can moisten it right back up with a further coating of wax. This allows the buffing or wax removal process to be effective and does not leave behind any stubborn residue.

Prep The Car Paint

The car’s surface is subjected to numerous impurities and contains stiff sealants that are residues of former wax jobs. Strip-off products are available in the market for this exact purpose and effectively remove the grime that has been accumulating for years. A paint cleaning product also pulls out the remaining dirt and makes certain that the recently painted car surface is not subject to further soot and smut.

Car washing, cleaning, polishing are fun to conduct yet they are extremely intricate. Avail the services of professional car detailers to reward yourself of a spruced up car, one that instigates you to keep admiring it from a distance.

full service car wash Calgary

Are you feeling troubled by foggy headlights?

If you are in the habit of night-driving, foggy headlights can become a problem for you as well as those who travel with you. It will reduce your visibility, thus increasing your chances of an accident. Hence, you should take care of your headlight lenses regularly, no matter how recent they are. But, if your headlights have already become less bright or yellowish, you can easily clean and restore them to their previous condition without much hassle. How? Let us get down to the details:

full service car wash Calgary

First of all, What are Foggy Headlights?

The headlights are those components of your car that get contaminated first as they are directly exposed to environmental dirt and dust. As a result, they become misty and yellowish after some time. Furthermore, if you drive regularly, this phenomenon will occur faster. The layer of dust that collects over your headlights turn them foggy. Generally, all headlights are composed of polycarbonate plastic. Sometimes, the UV rays of the Sun degrades the outer plastic covering, causing fogginess and affecting visibility.

How to Get Rid of This Fogginess?

In minor cases, that is, if the misty layer is thin, you can take care of your foggy headlights at home itself. All you need is some amount of baking soda or toothpaste, a clean towel, an old rug, a pair of latex gloves, a mild cleanser, a brush and some water. Once you have these things ready, follow the steps given below:

  • Clean your headlights – Spray the mild cleanser on the surface of your headlights and wipe it gently with the towel. This will get rid of any external contaminant like leaves, dirt, dead insects and etc.
  • Dry them with a clean towel – Use the old cloth to wipe the surface dry. Make sure that it is 100% free of moisture before going on to the next step.
  • Apply the headlight cleansing agent – You can either use toothpaste or baking soda depending on your specific preferences. However, a professional agency for car detailing in Calgary or elsewhere will use other high-quality cleansing agents instead of these regular products. Anyways, if you are using baking soda, dilute it with some amount of water to make a thick paste. Apply this paste over your headlights and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Remove the paste with a brush – Use a soft-bristled brush to remove the paste slowly from the surface of your headlights. Move the brush in a circular motion around the surface and gently make your way to the center. Remember, the cleansing material is abrasive, so do not use force to remove it. Gradually, you will notice the yellow fog disappear from the surface of the headlights.
  • Get rid of excess cleanser – Use the dry towel again and rub the surface of the headlights to remove any residue. Spray some clean water and rub it dry using the towel. Once you are done, notice the difference in the shine and brightness of your car headlights.

Although the process is quite simple, yet it takes time. Many people love to attend to their beloved car on weekends, cleaning them and taking care of all their needs. To them, this time is a thoughtful investment as they love the job. But to others, it feels like an additional work that takes up a lot of weekend leisure time. If you fall in the latter group, it is advisable to opt for a full service car wash in Calgary and hand over the job to the professionals. They will use effective procedures to remove the yellowish fogginess in no time and turn your headlights as clean as brand new.

Full service car wash Calgary

You remember the day when you were in rapture driving your newly bought car. Time has flown and your car looks and speaks a little weary now.

Don’t feel sad. There are plenty of auto detailing services operating in and around Calgary. Take your pick and give your car a new lease of life!

But before that, you cannot afford to depend on commercial services blindfolded! So you need to be well equipped with the knowledge of the ways of auto detailing, its best practices and price ranges.
Full service car wash Calgary

First be Sure What are the Services to Expect

Basic auto detailing entails thorough overhaul and renovation of the exterior and interior of a vehicle.
The services generally offer the following as an exterior detailing:

  • Hand Wash & Hand Dry, Hot Waxing
  • Tires & wheels cleaned & shined
  • Engine bay shampooed
  • Undercarriage washed
  • Carnauba wax paint protection
  • High gloss paint finish, Clay & decontaminate Paint
  • And more!For Interior detailing the below areas are generally taken care of:
  • Thorough Vacuuming
  • Vinyl Plastic & Trim cleaned & Dressed
  • Clean & Dress Dash & Center Console
  • Interior Deodorized
  • Crystal clear windows
  • Leather seats steam cleaned & conditioned
  • Floor Mats washed
  • Second application of conditioner to rejuvenate and protect leather
  • Buttons knobs gages & vents cleaned
    Complete Carpets
  • Seats & Upholstery Shampooed & steam cleaned
  • And much more

    Select Your Auto Detailing Services Carefully

    Keep the following in mind:

  • Research the credibility level of the service provider through web reviews, client feedbacks, affiliations etc. Check forums and talk to real people.
  • Match the offerings with your needs along with cost considerations. If you do not need all the services offered in a package seek a less costly alternative.
  • Check the equipment and methods used in the operation and their suitability for your car.
  • Have the knowledge of different kinds of car wash, paint and opt for the best fit. Your car may react badly to chemical cleaning and needs chemical free and eco-friendly cleaning. So each service details are to be judged for your car type and condition.
  • You need to make sure that the car detailing services are long lasting and be aware that when really your car will need a redo. If detailing is done before time it’s just a waste of money.
  • Though mobile detailing facilities are convenient try to opt for fixed location detailing. They are more credible for obvious reasons.
  • Make sure that the service providers offer a warranty as accidental damage or incompetent handling is not rare.
  • Armed with the basic awareness of vehicle maintenance, just sit back and enjoy your ride till the time comes for another auto detailing.
  • Last but not least keep on doing the regular basic care by yourself or someone you can trust with the job.

Car detailing Calgary

You are proud of your four-wheel and it’s your responsibility to restore the luster of your mean machine then, now and forever. If you are selling your vehicle, there are a few things you should abide by to increase the chances of it getting sold at the desired price. Most of the car owners opt for a professional car cleaning service before selling them. If you spend a bit extra time on paying attention to the intricate areas that are generally left overlooked, the chances are galore that you can draw more potential customers. Some of the effective tricks-and-tips are queued up here to help you achieve a showroom-worthy finish every time-

Car detailing Calgary

Thoroughly clean the wheels
Wheels are one of the most underrated parts of the four-wheels that almost all the owners overlook while cleaning their automobiles. If left uncleaned and unmaintained for a while, the car wheels may not be able to function smoothly. So, ensure that your wheel arches are thoroughly cleaned with a quality degreaser or all-purpose cleaner, appropriate brush and old wash mitt.

Clean the rears of wheels
Every time you buckle up to clean your prized possession, make sure to keep the rears of your wheels sparkling clean. Most people would just clean the front portion of their wheels. If you make an effort to clean the wheel rears with a quality cleaner and a long-reach wheel brush, you will automatically give your car the upper hand wash and can make it look like it’s not been profoundly used, even if it is.

Change rusty lug nuts
An automobile with a rusty nut lug looks extremely tatty and can mar its appearance in a blink of an eye. Hence, you should immediately remove the rusted nuts and paint them to give them a fresh new look. You don’t require allocating a lot of time for doing this. Just a few light coats of black spray paint or satin silver before refitting can help you improve the look and feel of your car’s exterior.

Clean the license plate
The license plates should be cleaned the dust often accumulate in the rear. Start by removing any frame on top and use brushes and appropriate cleaner to clean hard to reach areas and back of the plate. Carefully install the plate back on the vehicle. If the screws are rusted than replace them.

Clean the door shuts
The door shuts must be cleaned to eradicate the build-ups of dust and dirt from around the hinges. The door shuts are the common areas for rust to build up. So, if they are cleaned regularly, the sale value of your car will be increased to a great extent.

A thorough cleaning of engine bay
Your engine bay must be properly cleaned and dressed. A majority of people tend to overlook the car engines. So, if a prospective buyer comes across your vehicle after viewing one with an extremely dirty engine bay, will opt for your car undoubtedly.

The leather seat must be cleaned regularly
Since the leather seat makes up a large part of your car, you should squeeze ample time out of your busy schedule to care for them. Use the appropriate cleaning brush and products to remove dust from the grain. After cleaning, condition the leather in order to refrain it from drying out. This process will also help you restore the original luster and fragrance of the leather which should top your priority list while selling your vehicle.

If cleaning your car at home is a cumbersome chore for you, consider opting for full service car wash in Calgary. The professional car detailing service in Calgary ensures to give your vehicle the desired finish required to maximize its sell value.

Hand car wash Calgary

As the mercury dips and the city engulfed by the thick blanket of fog, car owners should pay more attention to taking care of their classic four-wheels. The car care industry of the city is mushrooming by leaps and bounds. But the truth is, maximum owners end up remaining absolutely unconcerned when it comes to classic car care. Such indifference causes a host of miseries to the vehicle owners, especially in the cold months. However, taking the right steps now you can prevent untold miseries in the winter. A bunch of effective tips are queued up here in this blog. Abide by the winter lay-up guide to keep your classic automobile in tip-top condition –

Hand car wash Calgary

Look what pros’ talking

Leaving a classic vehicle unused can cause more harm than running it through the cold months – even on snowy and salty roads. According to the experts, all machinery can work well when they are used. Even a motorbike suffers in storage and four-wheels can be a nightmare. It is not just the corrosion you need to concern about; the perished rubber and leather, flat-spotted tyres, sticking brakes or clutches and vanished fuel injectors can be equally vexing. Before taking your classic cars away, the pros recommend

Wash it properly

Make sure to clean the coachwork, spray-clean the underside and leave your four-wheel to dry in the open air. The best way to dry it thoroughly is by taking your car for a drive. The subsequent step will be to wax-polish the exterior part and leave the wax on to stop paintwork deterioration. Pump the tyres to 50 psi to keep flat-spotting at bay. Often , washing your car on your own is difficult. You can rely on full-service car wash Calgary to wash your dirty automobile.

Proper care for battery

Squeeze adequate time out of your busy schedule to charge your car’s battery. Coat the terminals with petroleum jelly and leave it attached to a trickle charger. If you are leaving your four-wheel for more than four months, make sure to remove the battery. This way, you can boost your car’s performance to a great extent.

Change filter, oil and coolant

When taking care of your classic automobile, ensure that you change its oil, coolant and filter with time. Test the coolant with a hydrometer. Corrosion inhibitors tend to give out before the rest of the coolant. Use the right products to prevent the sludge build-ups, thus keeping the waterways rust-free.

The best way to leave a four-wheel is dry and airy barn. Brick or wood garages are preferable to pre-cast the concrete units that tend to sweat out in cold months. Using an inflatable plastic tent, with fans to keep air moving inside is the proper way to stay away from damp problems.

You must start the vehicle at least once a month and take it for a short drive to bring its engine to a complete operating temperature. If you don’t pay heed to this step, your car will be stored for a long period of time. Remove the spark plugs and pour a tablespoon into each cylinder. Then turn the engine over to ensure everything is coated and put the plugs back. After doing this, you must turn the engine over occasionally to prevent the friction plate from sticking to the flywheel.

Modern fuel generally tends to go off very quickly. In the past, the owners would have had to drain the fuel and substitute it with paraffin to keep rust in the tank at bay. Now, there is an array of fuel prevention methods to ward off oxidation, corrosion and keep the fuel in grade. Besides a top performance, a great car should also have an impeccable shine. Take it to professional wax and hand car wash services is Calgary to restore its luster.

hand car wash Calgary

It’s the upcoming event of New Year, and for many, the culmination of a lot of plannings and preparations. But, no matter how hard we try, on the much-awaited New Year week, we find ourselves running around like dumbstruck bunnies who have absolutely no clue about festive car care! While the festive season is synonymous with fun, it also brings along with it loads of woes, car care being the major one. Here are a few New Year vehicle care hacks to tell you how to make it just that little bit less daunting.

hand car wash Calgary

Get the polishing done

It’s always exciting to rev up your garage with a brand-new, swanky four-wheel. But, over the course of time, the luster starts fading, making your car look dull and ragged. And, it’s wacky to drive a colorless and dull car, when the entire city is jazzing up for New Year celebration. So, it’s advisable to get the polishing done from a reliable company. If you want to polish it yourself at home, then you must learn the process properly. The polish should be worked into the paint in straight lines ensuring a complete coverage of the entire area. If you are doing it yourself, leave your car for the instructed time-span before removing and buffing with a clean, microfiber cloth. Using the proper amount also ensures nooks and crannies don’t get clogged up with excess polish which then dries and turns out to be powdery in every area you least want it to. If you find it pretty difficult to do it your own, opt for the professionals.

Wash the dirty four-wheel

A regular wash can help in keeping your car shining and in a good health. If you are planning to save your moolah, you can wash your four-wheel on your own. Make sure to use all high-brand car cleaning products to take the dust off your automobile. Unsure about your car wash skills? Well, today the internet is flooded with tons of tutorial videos, explaining the process of properly washing a vehicle. However, DIY car wash can be a bit daunting, as it may drain your time and energy. The smart and wise step would be to narrow down professional full service car wash to sparkle clean your prized possession. You can also swear by hand car wash for some experimentations.

Check the oil

It is probably the oldest piece of advice in the book, but that does not mean it’s not worth following. If your car’s oil is sludgy, or its level is a bit low, your car’s engine won’t function efficiently. Make sure to top it up and replace it as necessary, and you will definitely reap the benefits all festive season long.

Clear out the interior

With the upcoming New Year Eve around the corner, make sure to rev up the old interior of your car. Delve into the process by clearing out litter, wiping down door sills, cleaning the inside of windows, and polishing the dashboard at least once a week. Replace the old cushions, carpet and seat covers with new ones. With the frequent rides and over the course of time, a car begins to smell odd. If not paid a heed, your car may start stinking terribly. To avoid this, opt for a weekly cleaning of your automobile.

Maintain the exterior

People have a tendency to judge a book by its cover – strange but very true, and it’s applicable for your four-wheel as well. If your car’s exterior fails to stun the passersby, you should vest both your time and money to rev it up. The only way to prevent grit and general wintry muck from infiltrating nooks and crannies is a deep cleaning.

So, stop, slow down, detail your car and make it feel alive this New Year!

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