21July, 2017

Why Should You Invest in A Car Waxing Regime

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Let’s face it, our cars often find a place on the list of our most prized possessions. But no matter how cautious we are while handling our cars, damage is inevitable. Commuting to places and having to drive through mud and snow and grime, we subject the exterior of our cars to unparalleled misuse, albeit, unconsciously. A simple car wash using shampoo and a hosepipe just don’t cut it at times. Think beyond the traditional ways of cleaning and go for a deeper cleansing for the car that ensures that your car retains its shine and does not succumb to contaminants.

Waxing ticks all the right boxes when it comes to shielding your car from the harmful ultra violet rays, rainwater and even water that gets sprayed when you drive through a particularly muddy terrain. Waxing acts as a barrier between the coating of paint and the pollutants found in muddy water resulting in the water to slide off the exteriors quickly without damaging the paint. Wax essentially makes the body of the car a great repellent of water.

car detailers calgary


When Can You Wax The Car?

Car Detailers and experts are always asked about the frequency of waxing and how it should be applied. It is important to wax only after washing the car with shampoo and coating it with polish. Waxing it before applying a coat of polish can strip the wax off.
Ideally, the car should be given a waxing treatment three or four times a year or more depending on the manner your car is used. Waxing seals the polish and protects the outer coating and the quality of the wax used must be of a high quality for longer lasting results.

Benefits of Wax

  • Easier To Wash

Waxing makes sure that your car is washed easily. The external elements that harm the exterior of the car can be prevented or removed simply with a car wash when a liberal coating of wax has been applied. Wax protects the car paint and leaves it as good as new after every wash.

  • Protection From Pollution

Your car can run the risk of potential damage if it is left exposed to the sun. Even more so when a coat of sealant or wax is missing. Pollutants and other corrosive materials tend to cause damage when it comes in direct contact with the paint. With a protective layer of wax, however, these contaminants that get stuck onto the wax is removed easily and do not require additional repairs.

  • Retains The Shine

A wax coating enhances the shine of the car and also elevates the effects of the polish lending the car a glossy sheen. It also greatly reduces the possibilities of scratches and chips that are difficult to avoid. The wax thus acts as a barrier which results in lesser incidences of scratches and keeps your car from losing its shine.

If you are stationed anywhere near Calgary, you can always make use of the various hand car wash services in Calgary that guarantee extensive cleaning and polishing of the entire car.

Pamper your car every now and then and get rewarded with a satisfyingly prolonged experience that is economical yet gives a sense of royalty.