27May, 2017

Avail Customised Car Detailing Services that Involve all Aspects of Cleaning

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In the past, car detailing was just an add-on service to the broader aspect of car servicing. Once mechanics had attended to a car it was sent to an adjoining bay for washing in concurrence with the owner. Today, things have changed with the advent of the concept of car detailing. It no longer exists as an adjunct to car servicing but has branched off as an independent service in itself. The car detailing services of today encompass a thorough cleaning of the vehicle in terms of its exterior, interior, and undercarriage. At many a places these services include automatic washing with robotic arm as well where instructions are given from a console without the need for any human interaction.

hand car wash Calgary

The services are even customised to cater to specific washing requirements of a car. For example, if only the upholstery and seats are needed to be cleaned, instead of paying for the entire range of services, owners can pay for washing the specific parts only. Car detailing services also possess the facility of providing hand car wash Calgary, for some people are of the view that manual wash can be more effective. A typical car detailing service would have the following:

  • Scrubbing the car to remove pollutants, stains, dust, grime, oily blotches, peeled off paint and rust by using a soap or shampoo
  • Washing the residue of soap or shampoo by using a hose dispensing water
  • Drying the surface with a dry cloth
  • Applying paint to the area where it had peeled off
  • Polishing the surface to bring about shine
  • Putting wax on the surface to prevent elements like rain, snow, hail, and sun from impacting the paint underneath through oxidation

It is important that during the washing process smudged or clouded headlights / fog lights are cleaned, for constant exposure to the elements as well as pollutants can reduce the intensity of light. Moreover, the wheels, tyres, and suspension should undergo cleaning as well, for driving comfort depends a lot on the upkeep of these parts. The interior needs special attention as dirt build up, even though not apparent to the naked eye, can render important instruments such as steering, paddle shifters, instrument console, gear, air conditioner, and others, ineffective.

For cleaning the interior, hand car wash Calgary would be better suited as it can reach every corner of the cabin. The carpets and rugs receive dust from the footwear, and can have crumbs of eatables and stains from spilt drinks spread all over. Vacuum cleaning of the area would ensure such unwanted particles are removed and an air of freshness restored.

Car detailing should be carried out irrespective of seasons as every season has its impact on adding to the overall deterioration of the condition of a car.