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Car Detailing Gift Card in Calgary

Is gifting not your strong suit? Every time a special occasion comes, do you start sweating trying to think of a perfect gift idea? With Calgary Car Detailing, you can now find the most perfect gifting solution for all car owners!

Surprise your loved one with an all-expenses-paid car detailing gift card in Calgary.

What’s not to love in gift cards? They are personal, thoughtful, redeemable, and give away free stuff!

When you buy a gift card from Calgary Car Detailing, you are gifting the joy of a clean and shiny car to someone. The gift card can be either for a specific detailing package or for a cash value limit.

For those who want to redeem their car detailing gift card in Calgary, we provide them with a wide range of auto detailing services to make their car look as new as a showroom model.

No time to shop for gift cards? No problem. We'll deliver it in Calgary the same day and you can pay at the door.

Terms: $270 Gift cards include free home delivery anywhere in Calgary. If the card is under $270, it can be picked up from our shop or delivered for $14. Same-day delivery must be requested by 11:00 AM Mountain Standard Time

*** Online delivery only comes with a service-specific e-gift voucher. Plastic cards with a dollar value are not issued for electronic delivery***

Complete Solutions for Car Detailing in Calgary

Calgary Car Detailing is your premier destination for all detailing, washing, and protection needs. Our team comprises of well-trained and certified professionals who cater to every need of your car with complete efficiency. From expert car washing to complete car detailing, from polishing and interior detailing to installing clear protective films, all our services are geared towards keeping your car clean and sparkling.

When you live in Calgary, some of these services become a necessity rather than an indulgence. Thanks to the harsh weather and the condition of the roads in this city, your car’s surface gets attacked by external elements daily. The smoke, dirt, and dust take away the sheen and polish of your car. The stone chips and gravel hit your car’s body and under carriage like bullets. This chips away the paint and leaves them vulnerable to oxidization or rust.

At Calgary Car Detailing, we use top-quality products, advanced tools, and state-of-the-art technology to provide our customers with interior and exterior detailing, headlights restoration, vehicle buffing, polishing, and waxing, paint protection and much more.

If you decide to buy a car detailing gift card in Calgary, it will allow the recipient to experience one of our services seamlessly without worrying about the cost.

Exterior Detailing

Your car’s exterior surface is the most vulnerable. The harsh sunlight and UV rays cause fading or discolouration of the paint. The body gets exposed to environmental hazards like dust, dirt, and smoke daily. There is also usual wear and tear which may comprise scratches and stains. All put together, your car loses its original shine. The exterior looks old and jaded.

With our exterior auto detailing services, we provide car washing including the wheels cleaning, waxing, polishing, and buffing. This gives your car a completely new shine and also takes care of any minor imperfections or scratches.

Choose any one of our exterior detailing packages for your car detailing gift card in Calgary.

Interior Detailing

To truly keep your car well-maintained, it must be clean and shiny from both the inside and outside. From vacuuming car seats, carpet, and floor to removing any kind of stubborn stains, from washing the glass windows to leather cleaning, our interior detailing services take care of every aspect.

Choose one of our interior detailing packages for your car detailing gift card in Calgary.

Paint Protection

When you take out your car into the road, it is bound to lose its original sheen. Exposure to direct sunlight leads to a mild fading or discoloration of your car paint. Additionally, the stones and gravel on the road attack your car’s body like bullets while driving at high speed. This causes minor scratches on the car’s surface and the paint to chip away at certain places, which could increase the chances of rust.

Calgary Car Detailing is the authorised installer of 3M Paint Protection Film and Xpel PPF. Give your car the best paint protection with our high-resolution clear film and ceramic coating.

Choose any of our 3M paint protection film packages for your car detailing gift card in Calgary. A gift of protection promises a new car look for years to come. Scotchguard Pro PPF in Calgary and Xpel Ultimate Fusion car protection film packages are great gifts for new car owners or people that just moved here.

Buy a Car Detailing Gift Card in Calgary

Are you still looking for the perfect gift idea? If the recipient is a car owner, then give them the joy of a clean and shiny car with a car detailing gift card in Calgary.

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