28November, 2018

What makes Car Detailing different from Car Washing?

All About Auto Detailing

Many people live with the wrong idea that car washing & car detailing in Calgary are the same things. But that is not so; car detailing refers to something more than an ordinary car wash that makes the vehicle look spotlessly clean, both internally & externally. Unlike car washing, car detailing doesn’t require using an automated system to perform the cleaning. In addition, it involves handwashing by only experienced car detailers in Calgary.


All About Auto Detailing


Car detailing in Calgary is categorized into two parts-


Exterior detailing-

This includes vacuuming & restoring the original condition of the exterior components of the vehicle, like tires, wheels & windows.


Interior detailing-

When it comes to cleaning the interior parts of the vehicle, it refers to interior detailing. The interior parts of the car that are cleaned are leather, plastics, vinyl, carbon fiber plastics & natural fibers.


Let us look into the details of these two types of car detailing.


1. Interior car detailing-

This detailing requires more effort & time than exterior detailing because let us admit that cleaning the interior parts of a vehicle is more time-consuming than cleaning the outer parts. Dirty interior results in bad odor & also spread allergens. Many other serious consequences also follow up due to dirty interiors. The important steps included under interior detailing are:


  • Vacuum the interior- Auto detailing in Calgary will start with this step when they begin cleaning the interior of your car. Vacuuming means removing the dry dust from the various parts of the car. This includes vacuuming the seats, headliners, rear cargo area, trunk & shelf. For the best results in interior detailing, the floor mats & the vacuum should be cleaned separately. An air compressor can be used to clean the more difficult areas.
  • Scrubbing & cleaning with steam- Nobody would like to get in a car with dirty carpets & mats. This step is for cleaning these parts; scrubbing is done to remove stubborn stains, blemishes & spots that have settled & stuck on the parts over the past years. In order to have a more effective interior cleaning, steam-cleaning is of great help.
  • Cleaning the glass- As the name suggests, this is dedicated to cleaning the glass so that the glass retains its sparkling effect which will aid in viewing objects for the driver while driving.
  • Leather cleaning- to clean the leather parts of the car, a leather cleaner, saddle & leather soaps are used. After drying the leather, leather conditioner is also applied for the best effect.
  • Refreshening the interior- You car detailing should end with this step. A car freshener is used in so that anyone who gets in your car, is welcomed with a sweet fragrance.


2. Exterior cleaning-

To make your car have a glamorous look, you should give that extra effort, that is, removing the scratches, a full car wash, repainting & shielding the paint & many more steps. The common steps included are:


  • Washing & drying- Car cleaning in Calgary NW will begin exterior detailing by hand. Then follows drying the car with a special blower, thoroughly handwashing the car rims, door jambs & other exterior parts.
  • Claying- A clay bar is used to remove any impurities, traces of overspray & other residues. It is applied on the headlights, rear lights & windows.
  • Polishing & sealing- By polishing, the original polished condition of the car is restored. & if you want your car to have a glossy shine, application of the sealant is the last step of exterior detailing.



Exterior detailing is a lengthy process as it includes more works like trim painting, engine detailing, engine pressure cleaning & many more. For the best results, it is advisable to take your car on a monthly basis for a full service car wash in Calgary if you want your car to stay hale & hearty!