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Car Care Checklist

Possessing a well-maintained car is a matter of pride for every car owner. To label a car ‘well-maintained’, both the inside and the outside matters. When it comes to car care, mere washing and cleaning the interiors is not enough; you need to have a checklist to ensure your car runs smoothly on the road and gives an outstanding performance. You need to be aware of what needs to be done and how often, to have a perfectly maintained car.


Car Care Checklist

If your car is in top-class condition, you will also fetch a good price when you decide to sell it. Moreover, a proper car care routine is essential so that you don’t have to run to repair shops and spend a huge amount of money.

To help you out, here is a car maintenance checklist that you should follow:

1. Air filter


Just like any other air filter, a car air filter also keeps the air purified by trapping particulate matters. Check if your air filter is doing its job at calgary car detailing so that you can reduce emissions, improve the efficiency of fuel and also extend the life of your car’s engine. You can consult any reputed detailer to know how often it needs to be one for your car model.


2. Oil & coolant levels


Did you know? Low levels of oil and coolant levels can cause problems in your engine. Check these two levels every month or every time you refill gas/fuel to avoid any occurrence of engine problems.


car engine check

3. Oil & filter


The motor oil that is used in a car, perform various functions- prevents corrosion of engine, acts as an adhesive against debris, keeps the engine cool and even reduces wear and tear. You need to change both the oil and oil filter every 3 months or after using it for 3000 miles. Consult a professional at auto detailing in Calgary to know how often you should check the oil and filter in your car.

4. Transmission fluid


The main function of transmission fluid is to ensure the movement of all the parts inside the transmission area of the car. To avoid expensive transmission replacement or damage, it is important to check the transmission fluid and change it if required.

5. Exchange of coolant fluid


regular inspection of the coolant system will help in eliminating the pollutants that accumulate in the interiors. Also the radiator in your car aids in keeping the engine stable, helping it to function properly. Checking the coolant regularly will also ensure if the radiator is filled to the correct level. Visit any renowned car detailers in calgary to know more about how frequently should you exchange the coolant.

6. Serpentine belt


To make sure that your car is running smoothly with the help of peripheral devices like air conditioner compressor and alternator, checking your car’s serpentine belt is very important, although it might look like a simple piece of rubber. You can check for any wear and tear or cracks in the belt and replace it at car detailing in calgary.


car serpentine belt



Thus a comprehensive car checklist is mandatory to ensure your car runs smoothly for a long period of time. You can also go for car interior detailing in calgary to have a super-clean car interior.

Festive Look of Car

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, it is time to indulge in things that you love. Your car is a prized possession for you and your family; it is one of the biggest investments after your house. Surely, you will do all that it takes to maintain the lustre and shine of your precious property. After all, who wants to take out a car in its dirtiest condition during Christmas?


Festive Look of Car
That is why it is important to take your car for a good detailing service done by expert car detailers in Calgary. Finding out a reliable car detailing agency is the prerequisite when restoring your car’s first-rate condition is concerned. But how will you pick out a trustworthy detailing service? Here are the ways that will help you to choose a good detailer for your car:


  1. Check for the location- Before going for any kind of detailing services, make sure you check for the location of the detailing agency. Some of the agencies that perform detailing in the garage of your house, often use wrong techniques, tools or products. And wrong detailing can do harm to your vehicle than good. There are many agencies who perform mobile auto detailing in Calgary where the detailers come to your convenient place. These kind of services are convenient and trustworthy also as they maintain strict professionalism. If time permits, you can also take your car for a thorough detailing service in the agency’s location for the best results.
  2. Gives the required time- A full detailing service will take a minimum of 3 hours if the car is undergoing detailing by one professional. Beware of the agencies that promise to complete both exterior and interior car cleaning in Calgary within 1 hour; you may not get the quality service that you are paying for and return disappointed. A proper car detailing will take minimum 2 hours if it is done by more than 1 professional. It can also exceed more than 2 hours, depending on the condition of your car.
  3. Use of the right tools- A reputed car detailing agency will use quality tools and products. They will treat your car as their own property and will use products and tools that will only give the results that you have been waiting for. Moreover, a reliable detailing agency will also be willing enough to show the products that they will be using. If you have any other brand to suggest for detailing, they should comply with your request.
  4. Get what you pay for- Car detailing usually starts at a low price, offering only the basic steps. The prices should be moderate enough so that everyone can afford it. Moreover, the ideal situation should be- ‘you get what you pay for’. Be wary of the agencies that offer detailing services at a very low price but swears to perform all the detailing techniques, from cleaning to polishing. Remember! At such a low price, using quality products is beyond question and they might lure you to believe them with all kinds of tricks. Often money can’t buy happiness, but money will surely give you happiness if you see the provided services worth your money!


Conclusion- So let this Christmas and New Year bring joy not only to you but also to your car as well. Remember these points before going for car detailing in Calgary to restore your car’s condition to its former state.

Auto Detailing Services in Calgary

Have you been thinking of hitting the road with your group of closest buds? Well, the new year provides the perfect opportunity to do so. Plan a getaway this holiday weekend but do give a thought or two to the vehicle you would be travelling in. Chalking up an elaborate trip, keeping in mind the essentials required to make it smooth ride is fun, however, knowing the ins and outs of the vehicle should make it to the top of the priority list to ensure a smooth ride.


Auto Detailing Services in Calgary

Be it a huge RV van or your trusty four wheeler, a complete detailing of the automobile is mandatory before heading out into the wild. You don’t want your fun filled adventures to be marred by untoward instances now, do you? Have your vehicles be subjected to a thorough check-up by car detailers in Calgary and be assured of the condition of the vehicles at the onset of the journey. Following is a check-list of things that must be considered while you are planning to have the time of your lives:

Check Those Headlights
Car headlights have a tendency to malfunction right when you need them the most. The brake lights, rear lights, fog lights, blinkers should undergo a complete check up. Replace the  bulbs immediately if they flicker. Carrying spare bulbs is also advised. You never know when you will be in need of those once you are on the high road.

Wiper Check
Wipers are not just meant for those rainy days when they are made to enhance vision. Your windshield might also be subjected to dust and dirt and might be in need of a quick clean-up. Check and recheck the wipers by spraying water and also by moving the wipers manually  to ensure that they work in an optimum condition. Replace the ones that are faulty and have  a fully functional set of wipers. The need might arise when you least expect it.

Have The Car Cleaned
It is very easy to dump a crisp packet at the back seats when you are on the road. Not only does this make the interiors look uninviting but also gives rise to a foul odour when the waste products keep accumulating. The muddy puddles, rain, dust, snow can also lead to an unattractive exterior for your car. Enlist auto detailing services in Calgary to have the cars look spick and span, not only to make for a pretty sight but to also increase the longevity of the cars.

Give The Tyres A Once-Over
Working tyres are indeed one of the most important essentials to have in possession once you are headed for a long journey. Apart from checking flat tyres, do have a look inside the ridges of the tyres and to see if pebbles or stone chips are embedded there. These instances cause severe hindrance while travelling and care must be taken to avoid such uncalled for circumstances at the earliest to have a smooth and uneventful ride.

Auto detailing requires you to always take into account a lot of factors. Have your beloved automobiles detailed in a thorough fashion by the expert professionals at Calgary Cardetailing and make all your worries a thing of the past.

mobile auto detailing Calgary

If you happen to spend a significant amount of time travelling in your much loved car, it is time that you ensure its upkeep in terms of keeping the interior clean. The reason being that with time colonies of germs are formed inside not to mention the impact of other types of pollutants. The combined effect of these can take a toll on you and your family’s health, for everyone is forced to breathe the stale air that is laced with germs. Also, excessive travelling can make the exterior vulnerable to deposition of contaminants, peeling of the coat of paint, not to speak of smudges caused due to bird droppings and pollution, or dents received while reversing your car in the narrow confines of the parking lot.

mobile auto detailing Calgary


The above issues with your car can make it look dull and devoid of lustre. Importantly, as the contaminants make their way into the mechanical section such as engine and transmission, the car can develop a snag. Such an eventuality can leave you high and dry in the middle of nowhere when out of the blue your car stutters to a halt. Thus, not only would you get delayed from carrying out an urgent chore or attending an important meeting / event, calling a mechanic could be troublesome as well.

What Needs to be Done?

To get around the problem or to pre-empt such a thing from happening, you need to follow the dictum of ‘prevention is better than cure.’ In other words, keep your car squeaky clean either by calling mobile auto detailing Calgary service or taking it to car detailers from time to time. This would ensure you car undergoes a thorough wash followed by polishing and waxing to make it look like new. Moreover, as the interior is cleaned of grime, dust and germs, travelling in it would be a real treat. Just imagine your level of satisfaction and feel of pride when your near and dear ones or office colleagues travel in utmost comfort.

How to Choose Car Detailing Services?

Getting your car done up at the hands of professionals is fine but given the presence of so many such services, how to get the best one for your car is the moot point. You can follow the tips given below to avail of car detailers – be it located at a particular place or belong to the mobile auto detailing Calgary service.

  • Visit the websites of such car detailers and go through their services, types of products used, timelines, and most importantly, customer feedback
  • The centre should have automatic washing facilities as these would ensure the cleaning is uniform, which is often missed when done manually
  • The products used should be of branded quality, for otherwise the cleaned areas can get scarred
  • Ensure the service includes polishing and waxing, for these would prevent the exterior from damage due to sun’s UV rays
  • Visit the facility in person beforehand and see for yourself the various services on offer

Thus, periodic detailing of our car can prolong its longevity and keep its lustre intact.

Car Detailers In Calgary

Regular maintenance remains the key in prolonging the life of things that form part of our lives. For otherwise, in the absence of regular maintenance contaminants deposited over a period of time can bring about wear and tear or worse, letting it fall into disuse. The car is an important contrivance in your life that helps a great deal in keeping your personal and professional life on a roll. Be it traveling to the countryside during vacations or weekend trips, or the regular commute to your workplace, the need of a car is inescapable. However, with increased usage your car is subjected to mechanical wear and tear, not to mention occurrences such as peeling off paint from the surface, deposition of contaminants, or the formation of dents.

Car Detailers In Calgary

If taking the car to a mechanic is an absolute must to ensure its mechanical parts such as engine, transmission or other areas are kept up and running, involving car detailers in sprucing up your car cannot be ignored either. Your car can be seen as an extension of your personality, that is, the more stylized and clean it appears more are the brownie points you receive from people around you. Whereas, should you travel in a rundown car that looks untidy with blotches around, chances of you inviting unwelcome glances from onlookers cannot be ruled out. Thus, the importance of cleaning your car by engaging hand car wash Calgary services cannot be understated.

Hand wash vs. Mechanised wash

Car detailers in Calgary employ both hand as well as mechanized washing to restore your car to its original condition. A hand car wash Calgary service would include scrubbing and cleaning the surface of your car with soap, shampoo or cleaning agents followed by wiping the same with a dry cloth. Besides, wax is applied on the surface to not only bring the shine back but prevent contaminants from ruining the spruced up area any further.

Mechanised wash on the other hand does the entire routine of washing, scrubbing and drying by employing the use of robotic arms. This is supposedly better than hand wash as every nook and corner of the surface is cleaned evenly. However, given its automatic process and usage of robotic arms, mechanised washing is costly when compared to hand wash.

Exterior and Interior detailing

The visible surface area of your car on the exterior that includes bonnet, chrome work, tires, fenders, windows, ORVMs, boot, headlamps etc., is treated with alkaline cleansing agents besides applying a coat of paint or wax. Similarly, the interior area comprising of carpet, seats, seatbelts, door knobs, dashboard with accessories, steering, and the rear view mirror is spruced up in great detail.

Thus, it goes without saying that the job of cleaning your car should be left to professional hands in order to enhance its overall looks and life.

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