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Exterior Detailing Calgary

Cold winds blowing throughout the day, the pleasure of sneaking underneath the blanket or sitting by the fireside, and the snow amassing all around, winter has made its entry indeed! With the temperature remaining 1 degree Celsius in Calgary, you need to prepare in the best possible way to endure the cold. Not to forget, your car too demands maintenance and is not something that you would want to leave it dirty and damaged for too long. Your vehicle is exposed to the harsh conditions almost everyday and is likely to pick up more dirt that can damage your car in various ways. What your car really needs this winter is a professionalcar cleaning in Calgary NW  or elsewhere, to bestow the perfect winter glamor to your vehicle.

Exterior Detailing Calgary

A clean car never fails to look good and also makes you proud in front of others who are indifferent about how their car looks. We know how difficult it is to keep your car clean and shining all the time throughout winter. But don’t worry! In this blog, we shall tell you some great ways to keep your car clean during the winter months.

Tips to Give The Perfect Winter – Care for Your Car

1. Use Preventive Waxing : Using wax on your car’s exterior is necessary to protect your vehicle from elements that can damage the paintwork. Even in winter, this rule remains unchanged! So don’t be surprised when you go for car polishing in Calgary and see the professionals using high-quality wax on your car’s exterior. It gives your car a protective barrier against corrosion and damage.

2. Are There Any Stone Chips? : This is one of the things that you have to be constantly mindful of your car this winter. Stone chips may look small but have the power to invite corrosion and degradation. Even a small amount of stone chips can damage the entire appeal of your car. In case you find them entrenched on your car’s exterior, be quick enough to visit a professional car detailing centre where the car’s paintwork will be corrected using a buffer and premium car wax.

3. Protecting Your Wheels and Tyres : More than the other parts of your car, it is the wheels and tyres that will receive more damaged. The reason is simple: the wheels and tyres are constantly in contact with abrasive agents like rocks, stones and salt that deteriorates the state of the tyres. For this reason, visit a car wash facility where the professionals performing exterior car detailing will first clean the wheels and tyres and then apply a protective coating that will enable the tyres to endure the toughest conditions.

4. Have Rubber Mats Instead of Carpets : Rubber mats are easier to maintain and have lesser chances of getting spoiled. On the other hand, a little bit of dirt or slushy water can create a permanent stain on your expensive carpet. As for the rubber mats, only a simple wash with soap and foam is enough to leave them clean.

Conclusion: Winter can be the most difficult time of the year but that shouldn’t reflect on your vehicle. You can clean the car yourself or visit a facility providing car washes in Calgary NW and give the best winter-look to your car.  A little bit of planning coupled and careful consideration goes a long way in retaining your car’s appeal and not allowing winter to leave its trail.

auto detailing Calgary

Remember how your car looked bright and shiny the first time you brought it home after purchasing? Unfortunately, that new-look is just temporary; with time and use, the physical condition of your vehicle will get altered. Dirt, dust and grime will stain your car’s exterior and interior, ruining the sparkling clean appearance. And most importantly, this is quite natural. To ensure a fabulous-looking car all the time, you need to follow a good car care routine that entails an auto detailing Calgary service.

Auto Detailing in Calgary

Car detailing, as you must be knowing, is more than just a simple car wash service. It includes a complete cleaning of the exterior and interior and could be coupled with scratch removal, paint protection and headlight restoration. In other words, it is an all-round car care procedure.

The question that rings in most of the car owners’ minds is, how to understand that their car requires an expert auto detailing service? Read on to know the signs that signal green for auto detailing.

Signs that tell your car needs a car detailing Calgary service

  1. Stubborn Stains : So you have tried every possible method to remove that ugly coffee or make-up stain from your car upholstery. You have used the best soap to wash off the horrible stain from cold-drink on your carpet but it just doesn’t seem to go. Putting some effort on your own to remove such stubborn stains is alright but relying on self-effort alone can end up damaging the upholstery of your vehicle. Let the professional auto detailers do this task and you won’t regret it ever. They have all the appropriate tools and stain-removing products that will give you clean and stain-free upholstered surfaces in your car.

  1. Paintwork Looks Dull: When your car is driven almost everyday, it is exposed to the harsh UV rays, rain, pollution and other environmental factors. Prolonged exposure to such elements damages the painted surface of your car’s exterior, making it appear dull. What you need is a service for car detailing Calgary NW or elsewhere; the car exterior will be washed, dried and finally a good-quality car wax/sealant and ceramic pro coating will be applied that will add gloss and protection to your car from further damages.

  1. Foul Odor: Is your car interior giving out a bad smell? Are you finding the car fresheners completely useless? You need an auto detailing service straightaway! If you have thoroughly cleaned every nook and corner of your car’s interior and still find that bad odor is affecting your nostrils, blame it on the hidden spills or your vehicle’s poor hygiene. An auto detailing service will enable you to bid adieu to the bad smell and you can drive your car happily again.

  1. Foggy Headlights: Dirty headlights are very dangerous, especially if you drive at night as it may cause accidents due to poor visibility. You can see it yourself that your headlights have developed a thick film of dirt or cloudiness that is hindering the light. Restorning the headlights on your own is a challenge as you need to know the right procedure and have the correct tools. Without these, you run the risk of damaging your headlights. So visit a reputed center for car cleaning in Calgary NW or elsewhere and you can have back clean and clear headlights again.

Conclusion: Driving a dirty and damaged car is never a good idea at all. Neither should you leave your car in that condition for too long. Keep in mind these signs and visit an expert auto detailing outlet to keep your vehicle well-maintained.

Car Detailers Calgary

For any car owner, having a car that is in a top condition is certainly a fact to be proud of. Having a car in good condition means your car has the perfect physical looks and robust mechanical features. But when it comes to maintaining your car, the real challenge arises. Just opting for a simple car wash is not enough to provide you with the best performance. You should have a proper car maintenance schedule; it must include how often you must get your car detailed by the professional car detailers in Calgary.


Owning a well-maintained car will not only make you a proud car owner but also allow you to have a higher return on your investment when you decide to sell it off. Neglecting to maintain your car in the right way will invite never-ending problems and unnecessary expenditures.


Car Detailers Calgary


Hence in this blog, let us look how car detailers Calgary ensure the best detailing for your car:


1. Clean the air filter-

An air filter inside the car is supposed to purify the air by removing contaminants. In other words, an air filter’s role is to supply clean and fresh air. When you take your car for car cleaning in Calgary NW, the detailers must check the air filter and ensure it is working properly or not. A clean air filter provides with the benefits of low emission, enhanced engine longevity and certainly cleaner air to breathe!


2. Go for regular oil and filter changes-

Your car’s nutrition is based on engine oil and filters; that is why changing these two regularly will help your car to perform functions in a better manner while also keeping the engine lubricants free from dirt. Engine oil helps your car to reduce friction in the engine since excessive friction can damage your engine permanently. On the other hand, oil filter keeps the engine oil clean for a specified time and so needs to be replaced as soon as it loses its ability to keep the oil clean.


3. Take care of the transmission fluid-

Any car uses transmission fluid and it has a certain function- transmission fluid allows the car engine to convert the power which in return helps the wheels to move. If you neglect to pay attention to the transmission fluid every time you go for car detailing in Calgary NW, chances are high for you to encounter expensive repairs. So make sure you get the transmission fluid checked by the car detailers Calgary.


4. Check and replace the coolant-

The main function of the coolant is to keep your car cool and prevent your vehicle from getting excessively heated. If your vehicle gets heated too much, there are chances of severe explosion and damage. Hence, don’t forget to get the coolant levels checked every month if you don’t want your engine to get blown up.



These are only some suggestions for you to acquire a car that looks well-maintained both from the outside and inside. If you aim to own a vehicle with high-performing mechanism, clean interiors and appealing looks, visiting a car detailing Calgary outlet every month is mandatory. To know more about car detailing services, visit

Automatic or hand car wash

With each passing day, new and innovative car models are coming into existence and fueling the desire of every car lover to own such vehicles. If you are passionate about cars and already own the latest car model, you must be knowing the importance of going for a hand car wash calgary. An expert detailing service includes an intense cleaning of the exterior as well as the interior. Ideally, you should endeavor for full car detailing session twice a month to retain your car’s glamor and state of newness.

Automatic or hand car wash

There are two kinds of car cleaning services available in calgary nw:

♦ Hand car wash

♦ Automatic car wash

In The Battle of Automatic and Hand Car Wash at Calgary, Let us Look at How Each Can Benefit You:

1. Automatic Car Wash : Machine and technology have occupied almost all the spheres of our lives; and so now, even cleaning your car using automatic tools and techniques has been made possible. Automatic car wash is the reverse of the hand car wash. A number of car owners opt for this car cleaning service type because:

No damage to your car’s body paint – The first thing that everyone will notice about your car is its color. Surely, you wouldn’t want your car’s body to have scratches and stains or discolored areas. Using hard brushes manually can cause scratches but automatic car wash cleans your car exterior in a more gentle way.

Comprehensive and accurate – Automatic car wash is performed with the help of machines, tools and in a step-wise manner. Hence, it is 100% accurate and also dismisses the chance of skipping any step.

Saves time & customizable- If you are looking for a quick car wash type, automatic car washing is your ideal choice as it is done with the help of machine and technology (instead of humans cleaning your car). This car wash type requires a minimum time of 15-40 minutes to make your car shine. Besides, you can also customize the steps that you require to get your car completely clean.

2. Hand Car Wash : This is considered to be a traditional method and before the machines came in, the only method used for a full service car wash at Calgary is car wash with hand. Many people think that hand car wash is very time-consuming. No doubt this is true but there are several pros of going for a hand car wash at Calgary.
The reasons are:

▶  Impeccable – It is said that ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and this is absolutely true if you opt for a hand car wash. Since this detailing service is performed by the experts, there is no chance of disappointment with the outcome. All the steps are performed with care and steadiness.

▶  Affordable – Hand car wash does not include the use of expensive machines. Only a bucket, sponge, cloth, brushes and the cleaning products are required. Thus overall, the cost of a hand car wash in Calgary automatically becomes affordable.

Cleaning of hard-to-reach areas – Washing your car by hand makes it possible to reach the hard-to-reach-areas where a machine cannot reach, cleaning your car more effectively.

Conclusion :  Whichever be your choice of car cleaning type, what remains constant is that you must take your car for a full service car wash, twice a month. If you are looking for an expert interior car wash in Calgary NW, either of these two car cleaning services shall suffice your requirement.

Car cleaning Calgary

A classic car is like an eternal beauty; if you want to preserve it for a lifetime, you have got to put that extra effort for it. The extra effort comes in the form of visiting a facility providing car wash and car detailing services on a weekly basis. With the regular exposure to dirt, dust and pollution, your much loved car can end up with deposits sticking to its surface and lending it an unattractive look. Surely, you don’t want to flaunt a classic beauty that has a shabby appearance, right?

Hence, you should take your car for a mechanical or hand car wash in Calgary and leave it under the care of experts. A classic car requires special care and attention since the usage of wrong tools and materials can have an adverse impact. It is vital to entrust the responsibility of washing your classic car to trained car cleaners only who are aware of the right cleaning method. Let us look at the right way to wash a classic car:

The Right Cleaning Method for Every Classic Car Owners-min

1. Begin from the top- When it comes to cleaning, it must be done from the top; be it in the case of cleaning your room or car. Starting from the top avoids the chances of making the already cleaned portions of the car dirty. On the other hand, if you begin from the lower portion, the dirt and oil can get scattered all over the body of the car. A big advantage of starting the cleaning process from the top is that majority of the dirt content is washed away and there is no possibility of scattering the grime here and there that may cause the paint to come off.

2. Working with the correct soap- Many classic car owners follow the wrong practice of cleaning their car with a dish soap that is suitable for scrubbing off grease from the utensils in the kitchen. Remember, the dish soap is a harsh cleaning agent for your car due to its chemical composition. It can cause your car paint to come off thus giving it a dull appearance. Going for a professional car cleaning in Calgary NW will allow your car to be cleaned with the right car wash soap. This will help to retain the lustre of your car as well as preserve its paint.

3. Leave the wheels for the last- When it comes to cleaning the wheels and tires, it should be done at the end when you have finished cleaning the painted surfaces. Needless to say, these are the dirtiest and the most begrimed areas of your car as most of the depositions containing grease, thick mud and soil occur here.

4. The finishing stroke- After washing the entire car, don’t forget to wash it with clean and free-flowing water. This will lead to the ultimate clean up of your car ensuring all the areas are soap-free thus rendering it squeaky clean!

Conclusion- For the perfect clean up of your classic car, opting for a full service car wash in Calgary is the best deal that you can get. Not only will you get an expert cleaning of the exterior but the interiors will also breathe a new life again.

Car Washing vs. Auto Detailing

There are multiple benefits of a professional car detailing service in Calgary, Canada. A car is just not a medium of transport for us. It is a signature statement that depicts our personal taste just like our home decoration says a lot about our personality. Hence, people want their cars to look brand new. Keeping a car in a good shape also help enhance its value that might fetch a good resale value in future.


Car Washing vs. Auto Detailing
Often we get confused between the services offering car washing and car detailing in Calgary. There are whole lots of differences between the two.


How do car washing and detailing services differ?
Cleaning comprises of a major portion of both washing and detailing processes. However, so many differences are there in the approach and method.


Defining Car Washing
Car washing involves getting rid of the settled down dust, dirt, salt or other sorts of debris collected over time and the focus is limited to the external body only. On insistence, there might be a cursory cleaning of the interior or washing of the undercarriage.


Defining Car Detailing
What the detailing services aim at is restoring your car to its original form like it has emerged from the showroom just a month before when you might have been using it for past several years.


Detailing procedures are overseen by professionals who are certified restorationists of cars. The detailing system is proven through a series of industrial experiments. The services even take care of selecting the cleaning agents meant for a particular model of a car and takes care of the finishing of the materials used to cover the car seats etc.


Some custom products used by car detailing services are as follows:

  • Floor carpet shampoo
  • Mat shampoo
  • Seat shampoo
  • Upholstery shampoo
  • Leather treatment
  • Fabric protection
  • Interior vacuuming
  • Trunk vacuuming
  • Custom wheel cleaning
  • Tire dressing
  • Headlight restoration
  • Glass treatment
  • Engine cleaning
  • Exterior polish
  • Wax protection


State the Benefits of Car Detailing
Those opting for a professional detailing of their vehicles have a deep concern and care for their current condition. They know the benefits like:

  • Value restoration
  • Attention for details
  • Improved safety
  • Better fuel economy


Value Restoration
Here the focus is on enhancing the resale value of a vehicle. It is a great way to protect your lump sum investment.


Attention for Details
Expert services tend to be different. Proficient car restorationists will clean the nooks and crannies that even you do not have a knowledge of. In a fraction of time, the restorationists could offer detailing services.


Improved Safety
Safety hazards of a car can include additional points except those arising from a worn out part. For example, when you go to a detailing service, a clean exterior would help improve the visibility while the quality of air will get better when you keep a neat and clean interior.


Better Fuel Economy
A clean engine and the car as a whole helps to improve the gas mileage. There is less wind resistance resulting in a less consumption of power. The engine would be better enabled for a peak-level performance.


The Auto detailing services in Calgary NW also include car cleaning. Hence, when
you opt for a detailing service, car washing service automatically gets included.
There is no necessity to hire an independent car washing service.

car cleaning in Calgary

Cleaning your car is an elaborate affair much like cleaning your house. The job needs to be carried out periodically in order to keep your much vaunted car in working condition, not to speak of ensuring it looks shiny and new. As your car goes through the rigours of being driven in summer, rain, autumn and winter, it is exposed to the impact of elements and contaminants of different types. These contaminants can do serious damage to the car in the following ways:

  • Peel off the outer paint coating causing rust to set in
  • The rust can eat into the vitals including the engine, transmission and suspension rendering them vulnerable
  • Acidic substances present in contaminants can corrode the metal frame surrounding the chassis, not to speak of their ability to damage the chassis as well
  • Leave stains on the exterior making it look drab and worn out
  • Oxidized portions of the car’s engine and transmission can bring down its power, torque and fuel efficiency
  • When settled on the interior parts, the contaminants can give an unsightly view
  • Touching them can make you vulnerable to contract illness
  • Reduce the overall life of your car

car cleaning in CalgaryEven if you take care of the exterior by scrubbing it clean followed by applying a polish and wax finish, it is the interior that needs added attention. This is due to the fact that you, your family, colleagues or friends travel in the cabin, which should remain clean and smell fresh all the time. A foul smelling cabin due to the presence of contaminants can turn the journey into a nightmare for everyone, leaving your reputation in tatters.

To prevent such an eventuality, taking care of the car interior should figure high on your priorities. As the interior consists of a number of materials such as plastic, fibre, leather, wood, and metal, it’s cleaning too requires different approaches instead of the ‘one size fits all’ fare.

Area built with plastic: This consists of area such as the steering wheel, levers, door handles, window sills, and the rear view mirror where grime, dust and sweat can settle. Here, the initial scrubbing can be done with a moist cloth followed by rubbing & subsequently washing the entire area with a mild detergent and warm water.

Area built with wood and metal: For wood finished area like the dashboard, it is advisable to use a mild detergent and wood polish. However, wood polish should be used sparingly as it can reflect off the surface while driving. Metal surfaces should be treated with commonly available kitchen solvents to remove stubborn stains and to prevent corrosion.

Area with the use of leather, mat or cloth: These include the seats and floor mat, which should be cleaned with a moist cloth, besides using the vacuum cleaner for a good measure.

It is advisable that instead of attempting car interior detailing at home you can utilize the services of a professionally run agency such as the car cleaning in Calgary NW.

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