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As a car owner, you try to do everything to ensure your ride stays in top-notch condition. However, regardless of how carefully you drive, it is almost impossible to protect your car from external factors like road dust, dirt, pollution, and harmful UV rays that can wreak havoc on your car. Further, brake dust from rubbing pads against drums can get embedded on alloy wheels. However, if you live in or around Calgary, you can easily keep your car in top-class condition. All you have to do is visit Calgary Car Detailing and book our services for exterior detailing in Calgary. From washing your car thoroughly to polishing, buffing, and waxing the surface, our detailers employ a step-by-step approach to perform exterior car detailing.

Having said that cleaning wheels safely is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the old car look. And since they are continually exposed to elements such as road dirt and corrosive brake dust, wheels are also the dirtiest part of your car. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most sought-after ways to keep your car wheels clean.

exterior detailing in Calgary

Most Effective Ways to Clean the Wheels of Your Car

Keeping the wheels of your car clean provides you with a glitzy look. Read on to know about the best ways to clean your car wheels.

  • Remove Loose Contaminants

As mentioned earlier, wheels are full of numerous dirty compounds and buildups that can get embedded on the wheels and inside wheel wells and interfere with your car’s look. So, begin by cleaning the wheels thoroughly every week. You can remove loose dust and debris from the rim with a pressure washer or hose. However, while using a hose make sure that it has a powerful stream so that it can remove the grime from the outer surface of the wheels.

In case you are a new car owner and need a car detailing facility in Calgary that can get your car wheels cleaned professionally, you can visit Calgary Car Detailing. From exterior and interior car detailing to waxing your car, we offer a wide range of services for car detailing in Calgary NW.

  • Apply a Good-quality Car Wheel Cleaner

Once you have washed the wheels, use a non-abrasive, non-acidic, and safe car wheel cleaning product. Leave the wheel cleaner for a few minutes to soak up the dirt and dust. Then, scrub the grime away with a wheel cleaning brush. You can also spray the cleaner on both the outside and inside of the wheel wells to ensure all hard-to-reach areas are covered.

  • Rinse and Dry the Wheels

Using the hose or pressure washer, clean the wheels to remove any accumulated particles. Make sure no traces of cleaner are left behind, as they can create an unsightly residue and streaks.

To soak up standing water, run a microfiber cloth over the wheels from top to bottom. This will help you prevent any water spots or streaks from forming on the clean wheels. Many car owners often use rags to wipe the wheels. But you know, as ordinary rags are coarser, they can leave tiny scratches on your wheels. This is why our professionals offering services for exterior detailing in Calgary always recommend using a soft microfiber cloth as it is more absorbent and softer than other materials.

  • Apply a High-quality Wheel Sealant

Finally, choose a premium-quality sealant and apply it to the wheels. Once applied, sealants form a protective layer that acts as a barrier against tar, grease, brake dust, dirt, and other materials from getting embedded into the wheels and also help prevent the appearance of your car wheels. However, make sure to apply the sealant thoroughly, including the rim, and wheel wells, until there are no visible streaks. A quality ceramic coating on wheels will keep them protected longer.

The Bottom Line

By following a regular car maintenance routine, you can easily keep the wheels of your car clean and in well-maintained condition. Should you be looking for a reputable car detailing company, get in touch with Calgary Car Detailing. With more than 12 years of experience, we offer one of the best services for exterior detailing in Calgary. For details, call us at 403-370-5050.

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Over the years, your car tends to accumulate dirt, dust, and debris that can degrade its performance and cause scratches, swirl marks, and other permanent damage. While scratches can easily be spotted, swirl marks are very fine scratches on the paintwork that you usually don’t notice until you view your car’s paint in direct sunlight or the light hits the scratched surface at the right angle. However, if you live in Calgary or nearby areas, you can easily prevent swirl marks from getting embedded into your car’s paint. All you have to do is visit Calgary Car Detailing and book our services for car detailing in Calgary NW. Our detailers employ a step-by-step approach like polishing, buffing, and waxing to keep your car’s paint safe from damage.

Swirl marks can be caused due to various reasons. Improper washing, wiping the car with a dry towel, scratches formed due to small pieces of debris, and many other factors can damage the layer of clearcoat and lead to swirl marks. However, to help you out, we will discuss some of the best ways to remove them.

car detailing in Calgary NW

Most Effective Ways to Remove Swirl Marks From Your Car

Depending on the severity and the condition of the swirl marks, there are many ways to get rid of them. Read on to know more.

  • Washing Your Car

Due to constant usage, dirt, dust, and other contaminants get stuck in the surface of your car and can cause swirl marks. Hence, you need to wash your car thoroughly on a regular basis to remove these contaminants. If you are planning to wash the car yourself, make sure that you have good-quality car washing soap, conditioner, and a microfiber towel. Start from the top of your car and work your way down panel by panel. This will help you ensure that your car has been washed properly and all the dirt has been removed. Finally, dry the car with a microfiber towel to avoid scratches.

  • Using a Clay Bar

In order to get rid of all the contaminants, a thorough wash may not be enough. Contaminants such as iron fallout from brake dust can get embedded into your car’s paint surface and lead to swirl marks. By using a clay bar, you can remove stubborn debris and prevent them from scratching the car.

In case you live in or around Calgary and don’t know how to clay your car, you can visit Calgary Car Detailing. From washing, claying, and waxing, we offer the best full-service car wash in Calgary.

  • Polishing & Buffing

Polishing and buffing refers to the process of removing scratches and swirl marks using various compounds. However, both techniques can be tricky, and hence it’s better to let professional detailers handle the job. Experts offering services for car polishing in Calgary or elsewhere use only high-quality polishes to fix the damaged painted portion and refurbish your car’s exterior. After polishing, professionals use a buffer to level out the painted surface, making your car’s paint even smoother than before.

  • Waxing

Waxing reduces the risk of corrosion, swirl marks, and scratches. During the process, a thick layer of wax is applied to the painted surface of your car to protect it from harmful UV rays and other contaminants. Added to that, a proper coat of wax prevents water spots and causes the water and dirt to slide off the car’s body instead of letting them get embedded into your car’s paint.

The Bottom Line

A lot of car owners overlook the swirl marks on their cars just to regret it later. Remember, swirl marks can not only damage the paintwork of your car but lead to costly repairs and lower the resale value of your car as well. Hence, as soon you spot them, make sure to get rid of them. Should you be looking for a company that offers the best services for car detailing in Calgary NW, get in touch with Calgary Car Detailing. With more than 16 years of experience, we provide top-notch car detailing services at competitive rates. For details, call us at 403-370-5050.

Car Detailing Calgary NW

Having a car is so convenient nowadays. You have the freedom to travel anywhere at any time, be it early morning or late at night. Besides, due to the ongoing pandemic, travelling in your private car is a safer option than opting for public transport. So, if you own a car, you’re blessed in not one but many ways! But along with the convenience, let’s not forget the responsibility that comes with owning a car. You want to keep your vehicle well-maintained always, don’t you? And there are two ways to ensure your asset looks fabulous inside and out – wash your car every week and most importantly, opt for a professional car detailing Calgary NW service at least 2-3 times a year.

Availing an expert car detailing service is a sureshot way to enhance the condition of your vehicle. But choosing the right car detailing facility in Calgary isn’t an easy feat. There can be tens and hundreds of detailing companies but you already know that only a few can provide a service that adds to your car’s performance and value.

Want to know which car detailing company is the right one for you? Then don’t stop reading till you reach the end!

Car Detailing Calgary NW

Selecting a Facility for Car Detailing in Calgary NW – Points to Consider

  1. Are they experienced?

The first thing that you should look for is the experience of the car detailing company. Providing top-quality services doesn’t happen with only expertise. Detailing the different types of cars comes with unique challenges and problems. While the detailer needs to have the required skills, experience in handling the challenges of car detailing adds efficiency to the work. Thus, go for an auto detailing company that has emerged as a dominant player in the industry, a company that has vast experience as well as a good record in catering to various clients like you.

  1. Do they use the best products and equipment?

Do you think a company that offers car detailing Calgary NW would be reputable if they didn’t employ the best-in-class products and equipment? No way! Find out the type of detailing products and tools leveraged by the company, if they are specifically meant to address the issues of your car’s exterior and interior. Whether you’re opting for exterior car detailing or headlight restoration, you should be assured knowing that only premium quality detailing products and equipment will be used, providing you with the desired results.

  1. Is the cost reasonable?

A lot of car owners are afraid to avail a car detailing service for its high price. But once you’re aware of the car detailing benefits and the value it holds for your vehicle, price becomes a secondary factor. Nevertheless, beware of detailing companies that charge an attractively low rate. Opting for a cheap auto detailing service can cut corners but if the quality is compromised, it could reap negative impacts for your vehicle, doing more harm than good. Hence, choose a company that offers quality services at competitive rates. Simply put, make sure you’re striking the right chord between quality and affordability.

  1. What are the services offered?

So, have you already chosen a car detailing company and satisfied with their experience, price and the products they use? That’s great! Now, it’s time to check out the services they offer. While the exterior and interior car detailing are the usual services offered in a majority of the detailing facilities, some go beyond the ordinary and provide a comprehensive range of car maintenance solutions.

Let’s take the example of Calgary Car Detailing. The 14-years-old experienced car detailing company in Calgary offers complete car detailing service, which is like the best of both the worlds – exterior as well as interior detailing. You can even book an interior or exterior car detailing service, separately. Headlights looking foggy and discoloured? Their headlight restoration service works wonders! Paint protection and buffing, polishing and hand wax are the other two services designed to keep cars effectively protected and in optimal conditions.

To cut it short, your vehicle needs more than a clean interior and exterior. So, choose a detailing company that offers a wide range of car maintenance services that ensures well-rounded care for your vehicle.

Way Forward: Choosing a car detailing company is indeed a daunting task but by remembering the above discussed points, now, you can easily recognize the right auto detailing facility for you. Should you be looking for a reliable company that offers professional car detailing Calgary NW services, reaching out to Calgary Car Detailing can be a worthwhile decision. The professionals are highly-skilled and trained to detail all types of cars using top-quality products and equipment.

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It’s already been six months (or more) that the COVID-19 outbreak is wreaking havoc in our lives. The number of positive coronavirus cases is increasing everyday and there seems to be no slowing down. In light of the global pandemic, governments across the world are taking all kinds of precautions to check the spread of the deadly virus. Many countries are implementing mass quarantine measures where staying at home and avoiding public gatherings are mandatory. When schools, colleges, offices and public places are closed for the common people and 62% of the population working from home, it is also a ‘lockdown’ for your vehicle, isn’t it? Much like us, your car is also confined to its comfort zone with absolutely no movement. Due to COVID-19, many car owners are constrained to post pone their schedule for full service car wash Calgary and compromise on their car maintenance routine. So, how is your vehicle doing during the pandemic?

Since your car is spending more days in the garage unlike before, it still deserves to be properly looked after so that it is roadworthy when everything normalizes. Here are a few tips for you to keep your car in the best condition during the pandemic. Read on!

Full service car wash Calgary

Steps to Maintain Your Car During COVID-19

  1. Sanitize the interior: Your home has numerous high-touch surfaces that you are regularly disinfecting to remove harmful germs and viruses. Similarly, your car can also be the breeding ground for infection for the various germ ‘hot spots’. These include the steering wheel, gear shift, door handles, console panels, windows and many more. Sanitizing these surfaces is the only way to render your car completely germ-free. However, the disinfectant chemicals used for sanitizing homes cannot be used for your car. Rather than taking the trouble to search for the right car sanitization products, you can walk into a reputable facility for car detailing Calgary NW where the experts will sanitize every nook and crevices of your automobile, inside and out while you wait and watch!
  2. Start the engine regularly: Not driving your car is alright but not running the engine at all could be damaging for your vehicle’s health. By running the engine, we are not encouraging you to take a trip around the city during the pandemic. Instead, make it a point to start the engine twice a week. Leave the engine on for ten minutes and press on the gas pedal simultaneously. This will keep your car’s engine health in a good state and when you actually begin using your car, you won’t have engine troubles to bother you.
  3. Protect the battery: What do you do when you buy a new cell phone but don’t sell the previous one? You open the battery and keep it separately, right? The reason why this is done is to prevent leakage of chemicals that may destroy the device. Likewise, you can disconnect the car’s battery to prevent it from getting discharged. If that is not an option, like the previous tip, run your car for 15 minutes twice a week to keep the battery fully-charged.
    P.S. When buying your essential stuff like groceries or medicines, why not drive to the store? A breath of fresh air for an hour can be rejuvenating for you as well as your car’s well-being.
  4. Keep your car clean ALWAYS: Not using your car doesn’t mean it won’t get dirty. Despite being in the garage for months, loose dust, dirt and other abrasive particles accumulate and if left for long, can be really difficult to clean. More importantly, the exterior can have damages like small scratches, scuffs or defects. In that case, don’t be shocked if you find your car covered in dust and scratches although you didn’t drive it. In addition, dust particles always find a way inside your car. One of the keys to having a well-maintained car during the lockdown and pandemic is to clean the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Many facilities are providing full service car wash Calgary and you can opt for this if self-car cleaning is too hectic or time-consuming. The professionals are performing this service with increased COVID-19 precautions and so, you need not worry about the risk of infection.

Conclusion: Lockdown is meant for you when you should be staying at home to limit contact with the virus. On the flip side, don’t forget that your car is a prized possession and deserves the best care, pandemic or no pandemic. These are some of the little but most effective ways to keep your car in good shape in this pandemic. The best part is that the above-mentioned tips are cost-effective and will require the minimum effort to ensure your car is in ideal condition when you start driving again. Calgary Car Detailing is a leading facility for full service car wash Calgary. We are taking all the necessary precautions while providing a wide range of car detailing services.

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Remember how your car looked bright and shiny the first time you brought it home after purchasing? Unfortunately, that new-look is just temporary; with time and use, the physical condition of your vehicle will get altered. Dirt, dust and grime will stain your car’s exterior and interior, ruining the sparkling clean appearance. And most importantly, this is quite natural. To ensure a fabulous-looking car all the time, you need to follow a good car care routine that entails an auto detailing Calgary service.

Auto Detailing in Calgary

Car detailing, as you must be knowing, is more than just a simple car wash service. It includes a complete cleaning of the exterior and interior and could be coupled with scratch removal, paint protection and headlight restoration. In other words, it is an all-round car care procedure.

The question that rings in most of the car owners’ minds is, how to understand that their car requires an expert auto detailing service? Read on to know the signs that signal green for auto detailing.

Signs that tell your car needs a car detailing Calgary service

  1. Stubborn Stains : So you have tried every possible method to remove that ugly coffee or make-up stain from your car upholstery. You have used the best soap to wash off the horrible stain from cold-drink on your carpet but it just doesn’t seem to go. Putting some effort on your own to remove such stubborn stains is alright but relying on self-effort alone can end up damaging the upholstery of your vehicle. Let the professional auto detailers do this task and you won’t regret it ever. They have all the appropriate tools and stain-removing products that will give you clean and stain-free upholstered surfaces in your car.

  1. Paintwork Looks Dull: When your car is driven almost everyday, it is exposed to the harsh UV rays, rain, pollution and other environmental factors. Prolonged exposure to such elements damages the painted surface of your car’s exterior, making it appear dull. What you need is a service for car detailing Calgary NW or elsewhere; the car exterior will be washed, dried and finally a good-quality car wax/sealant and ceramic pro coating will be applied that will add gloss and protection to your car from further damages.

  1. Foul Odor: Is your car interior giving out a bad smell? Are you finding the car fresheners completely useless? You need an auto detailing service straightaway! If you have thoroughly cleaned every nook and corner of your car’s interior and still find that bad odor is affecting your nostrils, blame it on the hidden spills or your vehicle’s poor hygiene. An auto detailing service will enable you to bid adieu to the bad smell and you can drive your car happily again.

  1. Foggy Headlights: Dirty headlights are very dangerous, especially if you drive at night as it may cause accidents due to poor visibility. You can see it yourself that your headlights have developed a thick film of dirt or cloudiness that is hindering the light. Restorning the headlights on your own is a challenge as you need to know the right procedure and have the correct tools. Without these, you run the risk of damaging your headlights. So visit a reputed center for car cleaning in Calgary NW or elsewhere and you can have back clean and clear headlights again.

Conclusion: Driving a dirty and damaged car is never a good idea at all. Neither should you leave your car in that condition for too long. Keep in mind these signs and visit an expert auto detailing outlet to keep your vehicle well-maintained.

Car detailing Calgary

Cloth seats are present in most of the modern cars which mean at some point of time, you will find them dirty. Dirt and grime get embedded on these cloth seats gradually and after a few weeks, you will notice that your car seats look dull and dirty, calling out for the urgent need for car detailing services. Dirt on cloth seats is easily visible. If you emphasize on keeping your car exterior clean only, think again! Keeping your car fabric/upholstery clean is as important as having a shiny car exterior.

  Car detailing Calgary

The detailing professionals at any auto detailing outlet are trained to clean various types of upholsteries in a modern car. Let us look at the top car fabrics / upholsteries that are best cleaned in an auto detailing centre like Calgary Car Detailing :

Details of Fabrics to Be Cleaned by Car Detailing Services


1. Polyester : Fabric made of polyester is called ‘suede twin’ because it replicates suede material, in terms of appearance. Also called ‘microsuede’, polyester car upholstery gives a luxurious feel and look to the car interior and is also less expensive than real suede material. Although polyester is a fabric known for its softness and comfortability, it is hard to clean for its high absorption power. That is why stains and spills get deeply set in polyester car fabric. The professionals at any auto detailing outlet use special cleaners that make them an expert in giving you clean polyester car fabric.

2. Nylon : Most of the modern car manufacturers use nylon fabrics that are known for being inexpensive and durable. The specialty of nylon lies in enduring the toughest cleaning methods. In other words, you can scrub your nylon upholstery without fearing any damage. The reason why it is best to opt for a professional car interior cleaning is because sometimes pet hair and dirt can get deeply embedded which cannot be self-cleaned effectively. Thus it is better to entrust this task to a detailing professional than struggling at home and wasting your time.

3. Vinyl : Being porous and water resistant, vinyl car upholstery is comparatively easier to clean. With just a damp microfiber towel, you can wipe away a simple spill from the surface. However, if a damp microfiber cloth is no longer effective in removing the stain, you must take your vehicle at any facility for car detailing where the professionals have access to the best quality vinyl cleaner that will instantly remove dirt and stain.

4. Leather : Car interiors look most luxurious when leather upholstery is used. It is commonly admitted that among all the other fabrics, leather is the most difficult and problematic to clean. Without having any knowledge of the right procedures and good quality cleaners, leather cleaning becomes a challenging task. Hence, it is best done in a car detailing outlet where the detailers follow the cleaning steps meticulously and also use the top leather cleaners for effective results. Besides, they also perform leather conditioning to give your leather upholstery the perfect shine and protection.

Conclusion : Keeping your car upholstery clean is important if you aim to enhance your car’s image. However, if you are using any of the above-mentioned fabric, cleaning it in a car detailing outlet twice a month will keep your car upholstery in the best condition all the time. To know more about Car Detailing Calgary, call at 403-370-5050

Secrets of car detailing calgary

It is a known fact that car detailing is the ideal procedure to bestow a dazzling appearance to your car. The interior and exterior portions are thoroughly washed, wiped and cleaned to remove the dust and dirt. Finally, wax, sealant and ceramic pro coating are applied on your car’s exterior to prevent the paint from any further damage. All these steps give your car a brand-new look. But have you wondered how car detailing professionals in Calgary or elsewhere, can keep your car shining and well-maintained for such a long time?


Secrets of car detailing calgary


Caring for your car is necessary to maintain your vehicle’s functions and enhance your investment’s value. But if you are frequently left disappointed with your car caring results, it is time you become aware of some of the best car detailing secrets.


Car detailing in Calgary SW is certainly all about washing, waxing, and polishing but with the car detailing secrets mentioned below, you can make the most of your detailing efforts.


1. Dry glass surfaces in two directions –


Sometimes after cleaning and drying your car’s windows, you may suddenly notice a water streak either on the inside or outside the glass. If you encounter this problem very often after every time you detail your vehicle, practice drying the exterior glass in one direction and the interior glass in the other. For instance: clean the exterior of the window horizontally and the interior glass vertically. By doing this, you will know whether the streak is present on the outside or inside and quickly be able to remove it.


2. Remember to clean the window tops –


Most of the car detailers miss out on cleaning the window tops. So the next time you go for car detailing in Calgary NW, NE, SW or elsewhere, remind the detailers to roll down the windows and clean the topmost portion of the window glass. Sometimes residues from the car cleaning products accumulate in the window jamb that causes the window to have streaks and other stains as soon as you wind up the windows. By doing this, expect your window tops to receive professional cleaning that will remove any kind of dirt, marks or residues.


3. Use a power buffer to apply wax & not to remove it –


A power buffer is a good tool to yield great post-waxing results for your car. However, many car lovers are unaware that a power buffer must not be used to remove wax since it leaves your car exterior with uneven finish and swirls. Instead, use a soft dry cloth to remove the wax; use a power buffer only to apply the wax and nothing more.


4. Use a plastic bag to check the car’s surface –


It is always important to check your vehicle’s surface before finally applying a fresh coat of wax. This is done to ensure the complete removal of dirt and grease from the car’s surface. But to do this, you may have fingerprints all over your gleaming car’s exterior right? Not at all! Just wear a plastic bag in your hand and touch your car’s surface to feel for any bumps of dirt.


Conclusion –


Car detailing, when done in the right way, can give you amazing long-lasting results. If you are unable to achieve satisfying detailing results, it is a sign asking you to change your detailing methods. Hence the next time you visit an outlet for car detailing in Calgary NE, remember to implement these practices. To know more about our car detailing services in Calgary, get in touch with us.

Car Detailers Calgary

For any car owner, having a car that is in a top condition is certainly a fact to be proud of. Having a car in good condition means your car has the perfect physical looks and robust mechanical features. But when it comes to maintaining your car, the real challenge arises. Just opting for a simple car wash is not enough to provide you with the best performance. You should have a proper car maintenance schedule; it must include how often you must get your car detailed by the professional car detailers in Calgary.


Owning a well-maintained car will not only make you a proud car owner but also allow you to have a higher return on your investment when you decide to sell it off. Neglecting to maintain your car in the right way will invite never-ending problems and unnecessary expenditures.


Car Detailers Calgary


Hence in this blog, let us look how car detailers Calgary ensure the best detailing for your car:


1. Clean the air filter-

An air filter inside the car is supposed to purify the air by removing contaminants. In other words, an air filter’s role is to supply clean and fresh air. When you take your car for car cleaning in Calgary NW, the detailers must check the air filter and ensure it is working properly or not. A clean air filter provides with the benefits of low emission, enhanced engine longevity and certainly cleaner air to breathe!


2. Go for regular oil and filter changes-

Your car’s nutrition is based on engine oil and filters; that is why changing these two regularly will help your car to perform functions in a better manner while also keeping the engine lubricants free from dirt. Engine oil helps your car to reduce friction in the engine since excessive friction can damage your engine permanently. On the other hand, oil filter keeps the engine oil clean for a specified time and so needs to be replaced as soon as it loses its ability to keep the oil clean.


3. Take care of the transmission fluid-

Any car uses transmission fluid and it has a certain function- transmission fluid allows the car engine to convert the power which in return helps the wheels to move. If you neglect to pay attention to the transmission fluid every time you go for car detailing in Calgary NW, chances are high for you to encounter expensive repairs. So make sure you get the transmission fluid checked by the car detailers Calgary.


4. Check and replace the coolant-

The main function of the coolant is to keep your car cool and prevent your vehicle from getting excessively heated. If your vehicle gets heated too much, there are chances of severe explosion and damage. Hence, don’t forget to get the coolant levels checked every month if you don’t want your engine to get blown up.



These are only some suggestions for you to acquire a car that looks well-maintained both from the outside and inside. If you aim to own a vehicle with high-performing mechanism, clean interiors and appealing looks, visiting a car detailing Calgary outlet every month is mandatory. To know more about car detailing services, visit

Car Detailing Services

Finding a reliable car detailing company is a dream for every car owner. Buying your favorite car model is not enough; you need to care for it in the right manner. Doing a DIY cleaning is alright once in a while but for long-lasting maintenance, going for mobile car detailing twice a month is essential. The main difference between performing a DIY detailing and taking your car for detailing is that for the former one, it is done by you and you may not be an expert in it but for the latter, auto detailing in Calgary is performed only by qualified professionals who use the right tools and cleaning products.


Mobile Car Detailing Services

For a deeper insight into the world of mobile detailing services, let us look at some questions related to it:


1. What is mobile car detailing?

Mobile car detailing is a cleaning service offered by many car cleaning companies in Calgary. Only qualified and skilled professionals clean your car and make it look like brand new. Three kinds of services are offered to make your car look completely clean both inside out. These are:

Exterior Car Washing Services- one of the greatest way to maintain the sheen and shine of your car’s exterior is by taking your car for exterior car wash in Calgary NW. Your car is cleaned in a step-wise manner, starting with cleaning and washing, then polishing and lastly waxing.

Interior Car Washing Services- Besides the exterior, equal care should also be given to your car’s interior. So Interior car wash in Calgary NW includes cleaning of the dashboard area, windows, seats, carpet, panels and other places inside your car. Having a clean interior is necessary to maintain hygiene and induce a pleasant atmosphere inside your car.

Add-on services- Many detailing companies in Calgary offer other add-on services like head lights restoration, carpet & upholstery shampooing, ceramic PRO paint protection, fabric guard and many more.

2. How can mobile car wash be effective in the best way?

As discussed previously, a mobile car wash keeps your car clean, hygienic and ensures it is in working condition. Besides, it also saves your money and time. Mobile car wash is best effective if you choose from the detailing packages that are offered by the detailing company. You can choose your detailing packages based on your requirements. These are:

Economy detail- Under this, Exterior car wash in Calgary is done by washing and drying the exterior by hand and cleaning the tires and wheels. For your car’s interior, thorough vacuuming is done, windows are cleaned, the interior is deodorized and many more steps are included.

Exclusive detail- For the car’s exterior, the same steps are repeated with few additions like shampooing of the engine bay, carnauba wax paint protection and washing of the undercarriage. For the interior, spot shampooing of the carpets and upholstery, application of conditioner to protect the leather and many more things are done.

Presidential restore- For the exterior, high gloss paint finish is done along with clay and decontaminate painting. For this package, Interior car wash in Calgary includes the other mentioned procedures in the previous two packages along with steam cleaning and shampooing of the seats and upholstery.

3. What are the benefits of mobile car detailing?

There are numerous benefits of mobile car detailing like:

  • It saves both time and money
  • You can ask for customized services
  • You can schedule mobile detailing services from beforehand
  • Personalized service is guaranteed
  • Lastly, a clean car will automatically enhance your image as the car owner.

4. Where we get the best mobile car detailing service in Calgary?

Calgary is a place where there is no dearth of auto detailing companies. For the best detailing services, you must visit:

  • Calgary Car Detailing
  • Super Shine Auto
  • Detail Valet
  • Mobile Car Wash Professionals
  • Street Elite Auto Detailing Services




Thus once you know the right detailing company, you can bid adieu to your weekly worries of getting your car cleaned. You can schedule appointments in advance for quick service and also set your monthly dates with your detailer so that you never miss out on getting your car detailed. Besides, you can ask your detailing company to perform the services at your location if you do not have the time to take your car to their store.

hand car wash Calgary

The rigours of travel can take a toll on your car in terms of exposure to contaminants, peeling of body paint, receiving dents and scratches, or the clouding of headlamps. The way you do housekeeping for your home to keep it in a good shape, your much loved car too needs maintenance from time to time. Here ‘maintenance’ can mean looking after the technical aspects of your car or ensuring its cleanliness. The latter job can either be done at home or by using the Hand car wash Calgary services found dime a dozen in the city.
hand car wash Calgary

Even though cleaning your car at home can be an enriching experience besides not costing you much, it can leave the job half done depending upon your skill or the absence of it. Moreover, a mere scrubbing of your car’s surface with a soap or shampoo might give you a false sense of cleaning. Importantly, the residual cleaning agents can remain on the surface making them look like ugly blotches or worse, as oxidizing agents that accelerate the rusting process. In view of the pitfalls of using hand car wash at home, it is advisable to engage professionals who can uphold quality – in terms of materials and workmanship. And instead of looking at options that may or may not yield results, it would be convenient to use Calgary car Detailing service. The detailing job involves a slew of services such as:

Sprucing Up the Exterior

As the presence of dust and grime yanks the shine off your car, the first step in the sprucing process would involve scrubbing the entire surface with a brush and cleaning agent. The cleaning agent with a correct pH balance would remove dust and grime in no time. Once every nook and corner of the surface are meticulously scrubbed and washed, they are wiped dry by using a soft cloth.

The second step employed by the Car detailing Calgary NW service is mechanical polishing wherein stubborn contaminants, fine nicks, rust, and other imperfections are taken care of. Furthermore, a wax coating is applied to ensure the exterior especially the body paint, is protected from the vagaries of nature.

Taking Care of the Remaining Areas

The state of interior plays an important role in ensuring travel comfort, and thus, Calgary car detailing services would include a thorough cleaning up of areas such as the dashboard, seat upholstery, vents, carpets, doors and windows. Furthermore, clouded headlamps mean lesser availability of light at night – a potentially dangerous situation. Thus, headlamps are meticulously cleaned such that adequate quantum of the light beam illuminates the road at night or during foggy conditions. The tyres and fenders are cleaned as well for they are important in establishing proper gripping on the road.

To maintain your car in perfect condition it is better to avail of professional car detailing services in the city of Calgary a la Car detailing Calgary NW.

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