19April, 2018

Top 7 Trends in the Car Wash Industry

Top Trends Car Wash Industry

Gone are the days when people would consider car washing and detailing services a luxury. There is a significant drop in the number of people washing their cars at home. The competition in the car wash industry is increasing. The car wash and detailing services are making market surveys to find out the issues which are annoying the customers. The latest trends in the industry could solve the issues and here, we are describing the top 7 trends, capable of solving them.


Top Trends Car Wash Industry


1. The Future Looks Bright: Let us focus on the following points:

  • Based on the Canadian car wash industry statistics, during 2010-2011, the annual revenue was $5.8 billion. The figures stand at $48 billion when the cost price of gas was included.
  • Acid rain is not only dangerous to the marble structures but also to the car exterior. When the moisture evaporates, the acid corrodes the paint.
  • With the aid of 1 or 2 car washing sessions per month, the vehicles could keep intact their original sheen.
  • In the period of 2010-2011, there were 9,000 full-service car washes.
  • The number of external conveyor washes was 10,500.
  • The statistics shows that still now, the number of untapped customers is too big.


2. Increased Demand for Car Detailing: The advancement of technology is prompting people to see the significance of an excellent car wash. Hence, people want to be served by the supreme quality services for auto detailing in Calgary and rest of other parts of Canada.


3. The Rise of Small Car Wash Companies: The times have changed since when the bigwig service providers used to rule the industry. Survey reports have put down the facts simple and clear- the big services rapidly grew after acquiring the smaller organizations.
The bigwig services are no longer running a virtual oligopoly. The shift in the trend puts forward the fact that small and mid-level services are standing better chances.


4. The Rise of Competition: The competition of the industry is rapidly increasing. Staying ahead of the competitors is not that easy anymore. People have different reasons to visit a full service car wash in the regions like Calgary. They do have different expectations from the service providers. The things to consider are as follows:

  • optimizing the pricing strategy
  • implementing better training programs
  • preparing your service for a rapid growth
  • the tools and techniques ensuring consistent efficiency, round the year


5. The Price of Oil is Indirectly Proportional to the Industry Growth: When the gas price reduces, more people travel by cars. The long-distance drivers would often find their vehicles dirtier than others. Hence, they would visit the car detailing services more often. Since the increasing price of vehicles, people prefer to possess a car for a longer period. The factors sound impressive for the growth of the small and mid-level car detailing services.


6. Introduction of New Payment Options: The survey reports have concluded the fact that even the services for hand car wash in Calgary have reported a rise in the number of times people are making payment through their credit cards. In addition, the website-based payment service providers like PayPal, Autorize.Net or Apple Pay are encouraging customers to use their services.


7. The Industry of Professional Car Washing is Growing: The car wash industry had witnessed growth after suffering a setback during the period of 2006-2011. Things are looking good after a long time.


The trends help us understand the changing demand of the customers in Canada. The sooner the service providers realize them, the better.