28January, 2017

Ways to Protect Your Classic Four-Wheel During Winter

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As the mercury dips and the city engulfed by the thick blanket of fog, car owners should pay more attention to taking care of their classic four-wheels. The car care industry of the city is mushrooming by leaps and bounds. But the truth is, maximum owners end up remaining absolutely unconcerned when it comes to classic car care. Such indifference causes a host of miseries to the vehicle owners, especially in the cold months. However, taking the right steps now you can prevent untold miseries in the winter. A bunch of effective tips are queued up here in this blog. Abide by the winter lay-up guide to keep your classic automobile in tip-top condition –

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Look what pros’ talking

Leaving a classic vehicle unused can cause more harm than running it through the cold months – even on snowy and salty roads. According to the experts, all machinery can work well when they are used. Even a motorbike suffers in storage and four-wheels can be a nightmare. It is not just the corrosion you need to concern about; the perished rubber and leather, flat-spotted tyres, sticking brakes or clutches and vanished fuel injectors can be equally vexing. Before taking your classic cars away, the pros recommend

Wash it properly

Make sure to clean the coachwork, spray-clean the underside and leave your four-wheel to dry in the open air. The best way to dry it thoroughly is by taking your car for a drive. The subsequent step will be to wax-polish the exterior part and leave the wax on to stop paintwork deterioration. Pump the tyres to 50 psi to keep flat-spotting at bay. Often , washing your car on your own is difficult. You can rely on full-service car wash Calgary to wash your dirty automobile.

Proper care for battery

Squeeze adequate time out of your busy schedule to charge your car’s battery. Coat the terminals with petroleum jelly and leave it attached to a trickle charger. If you are leaving your four-wheel for more than four months, make sure to remove the battery. This way, you can boost your car’s performance to a great extent.

Change filter, oil and coolant

When taking care of your classic automobile, ensure that you change its oil, coolant and filter with time. Test the coolant with a hydrometer. Corrosion inhibitors tend to give out before the rest of the coolant. Use the right products to prevent the sludge build-ups, thus keeping the waterways rust-free.

The best way to leave a four-wheel is dry and airy barn. Brick or wood garages are preferable to pre-cast the concrete units that tend to sweat out in cold months. Using an inflatable plastic tent, with fans to keep air moving inside is the proper way to stay away from damp problems.

You must start the vehicle at least once a month and take it for a short drive to bring its engine to a complete operating temperature. If you don’t pay heed to this step, your car will be stored for a long period of time. Remove the spark plugs and pour a tablespoon into each cylinder. Then turn the engine over to ensure everything is coated and put the plugs back. After doing this, you must turn the engine over occasionally to prevent the friction plate from sticking to the flywheel.

Modern fuel generally tends to go off very quickly. In the past, the owners would have had to drain the fuel and substitute it with paraffin to keep rust in the tank at bay. Now, there is an array of fuel prevention methods to ward off oxidation, corrosion and keep the fuel in grade. Besides a top performance, a great car should also have an impeccable shine. Take it to professional wax and hand car wash services is Calgary to restore its luster.