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car interior detailing Calgary

We all love to stay in a place that is clean, safe and organized. It looks attractive to our eyes and more importantly, cleanliness also drives mental satisfaction. If the outer beauty is for the onlooker to appreciate and admire, the car’s interior appeal is only witnessed by the driver and his/her passengers. Given the frequent usage of your vehicle, your car’s interior gets soiled very quickly. Stains, dirt, and grime can damage the interior of your vehicle to a great extent. Thankfully, with professional car interior detailing Calgary services, all the consequences are entirely avoidable.


Professional interior car detailing is all about cleaning the interior components of your vehicle. The professionals employ top-class products and equipment to restore the lost gleam and appeal of your car interior.

Professional Car Interior Detailing

 Reasons to Opt for Car Interior Detailing Services

  1. Keeps Your Car Interior Looking New

Who doesn’t want their ride to look gorgeous all the time? Most of us think a gleaming exterior is equal to a well-tended car but that’s not the case. Stains from food and drinks quickly settle on the seat covers and take a great deal of effort to remove them. The removal of these stubborn stains is possible by using premium quality cleaning products. Interior car detailing facilities have all kinds of stain removal and prevention products that can make your interiors look sparkling clean.

2.     Maintenance of Hygiene Standards

Professional services for car interior detailing Calgary are required not because they help your vehicle look good and presentable but also for health reasons. People are getting up in your car and touching everything with their dirty hands. As a result, the various parts of your car interior are laden with germs, bacteria, grease, oil and what not! If your car interiors are left neglected for long, it can become a breeding ground for insects and surely you wouldn’t want anyone travelling in your car, spot insects here and there.

  1. You’ll Maintain the Vehicle’s Value

When you protect your car’s interior from wear and tear, you help the vehicle retain its value. Nothing drives down a resale price like a dirty, stained, and worn-out interior. Keeping the inside clean is the ultimate win-win, since you’ll enhance your own enjoyment of the vehicle while making it easier to sell it in the future.

  1. Promotes Safe Driving

You must be thinking how is interior car cleaning service connected to safe driving, right? Just imagine driving a car with the side mirrors and windows filled with grime, stain and debris that block your visibility. An all-round car interior detailing Calgary service includes window cleaning that gives you back squeaky clean glasses. Did you know, you can also book a headlights restoration service and restore the clarity of your car lights. See, it’s so simple!

  1. Keeps Your Car Odor-Free

No matter how hard you try to keep your car’s interior clean, the occasional accident is inevitable. All these little spills can add up to create a lingering odor in the car. The well-trained experts remove unpleasant smells from a car interior using distinct odour removal products as well as change the cabin filter.

Wrapping Up

Only removing dirt and grime is not enough; germs and viruses can still lurk in the unreachable areas of your car interior. If you’re looking for a facility that provides the best car interior detailing Calgary services, feel free to visit Calgary Car Detailing. All our professionals are qualified and trained to use premium products in a multi-step procedure to ensure that your car is sparkling clean inside out.

car interior detailing Calgary

Between attending the office regularly, running errands and stopping over a friend’s place, you spend considerable time in your car. To tell the truth, it’s like your second home. And similar to your home, your vehicle also needs to be regularly taken for car interior detailing in Calgary. In doing so, you create a comfortable ambience inside your car, extend the lifespan of the components and enhance the value of your investment.

You take all the steps to ensure your car exterior never fails to exude the brightest shine. While a shining car exterior is your priority, don’t forget that the interiors are equally prone to dust, dirt, bacteria and allergens. Cleaning the car interior is a laborious process as every nook and cranny must be inspected and deep cleaned. Not only can that, without the right equipment, product or methods, your car interior can get damaged beyond repair.

At Calgary Car Detailing, we follow a meticulously planned interior car cleaning process and combine advanced equipment and decades of experience to ensure your car is in optimum condition.

Coming straight from the leading interior car cleaning specialists, here are the best tips to keep your car interior fresh, immaculate and spotless.

Interior Car Cleaning in Calgary

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Car Interior Clean & Hygienic


    1. Eliminate the excess: As we said earlier, your car is your home away from home. This means your car is often a collection spot for packets of chips, empty coffee cups, toys and plastic bags on the backseat, floor or underneath the seats. It is natural for all these clutters to get inside your car, especially if you have very young members in your family. However, it is important to make sure they’re not allowed to accumulate unless you want to spot mice infestation or inhale the smell of rotten food!
      1. Vacuum thoroughly: A crucial step we follow for our interior car cleaning Calgary process is vacuuming. This is THE step that sucks up dust particles, pet hair and debris from the door panels, car seats, floor, dashboard, center console and every nook and crevice. Modern handheld vacuum cleaners are particularly convenient and more effective in digesting the dry contaminants compared to the conventional models with extension cords. Their compact size facilitates easier accessibility in hard-to-reach areas, like beneath the seats, to draw out dust, scraps and litter.
      1. Wipe down the hard surfaces: The second step, after vacuuming, is wiping down the plastic and vinyl surfaces with appropriate chemicals. At Calgary Car Detailing, we always use premium quality cleaners and solvents that are specifically designed to spruce up your car’s interior components and leave a lasting shine. Using a soft, clean microfiber cloth, we target a specific area, apply the chemical in circular motions and gradually work out the remaining portions. All the car interior parts are cleaned with specially formulated solutions from the best labels. Consequently, your car interior gets back the glow and fresh look that you’ve been waiting for!
      1. Clean the floor mats: Want to know which is the filthiest spot inside your vehicle? It’s the floor mats. Mud, dirt and grime get accumulated on the floor mats when you step into your car. Cleaning the floor mats is not everyone’s thing and it isn’t an enjoyable activity either. Hence, while you can give the mats a vigorous shake everyday but when it comes to removing the filth, let the specialists for car interior detailing Calgary serve you with excellent results.
      1. Conditioning the car interior: Did you think polishing is only applicable to your car exterior? You’re quite mistaken. A good car interior conditioner and other revitalizers can work wonders like the polishes, in rendering the dashboard with a superior glow or restoring the shine of your leather seats. Those dull, cracked and rough leather seats will become smooth, supple and soft once again.However, please note that car interior polishes must be carefully chosen and it depends on the kind of interior you have. Since navigating the world of car cleaning products is a complicated task, why stress unnecessarily when you can hire the experts for the job and get assured satisfying results? Work smart and not hard, you see.

Hire the Best-in-Class Car Interior Calgary Services from Calgary Car Detailing


Keeping your car interior spic and span doesn’t have to be the most dreadful job on the earth. Your car can sport the cleanest and most glamorous look inside out when brought to Calgary Car Detailing. As the leading provider of car interior detailing in Calgary, we make use of our extensive experience, professional-grade tools and comprehensive planning to clean up your vehicle interior. Our professional car cleaning services guarantee 100% satisfaction or we return your money!

It might be hard to believe but your car is almost like a second home. You drive it alright but inside your car, you also eat, sleep (when somebody else is at the wheels, obviously!), listen to music, play games, speak on the phone, stamp the carpets with your dirty shoes and spill drinks by accident. While you’re likely to vacuum and wipe down the car interior surfaces with soap and water on the weekend, availing a professional car interior detailing Calgary service is worth it if you want your car interior to look spotlessly clean and fresh.

To ensure the good health and safety of both you and your passengers, it’s important to keep your car interior clean in the right way. There’s a reason why you’re advised to book a professional interior car detailing service. It’s because the professionals never miss out on any area while detailing your car interior. On the contrary, if you’re cleaning the interior yourself, you can overlook not one but many places inside your car, leaving them dirty, messy and grimy as they were.

The following are the places inside your car that you might forget to clean but not a professional car detailer.

car interior detailing Calgary

Car Interior Places You Often Forget to Clean But Not a Professional Detailer

  1. Trunk: Alright. Nobody will ever think of sitting there but it’s still a great storehouse of dirt, dust, grime, virus and what not! The trunk is one place in your car that you often use to store all kinds of newly bought purchases, till you reach home. While the carpet inside the trunk is designed to be long-lasting and easy to clean, the area beneath the spare tire is the actual place that’s filled with road salt, moisture and dirt, especially if the spare tire is a used one. A professional interior car detailing service includes the cleaning of the trunk; the detailer will shampoo the carpet, remove the loose dirt particles by vacuuming and clean the entire cargo compartment of the vehicle.

  1. The dash: With the numerous buttons, nooks and levers, it’s no wonder why the dash is one of the trickiest places to clean inside the car. Perhaps that’s the reason why car owners choose to ignore cleaning the dash! When you go for professional car interior detailing in Calgary, you’re assured to have the dash cleaned and dressed professionally. The detailers remove the accumulated dirt and dust from the crevices and the several hard to reach areas with specialized tools very carefully. This is followed by wiping the dash with a stain remover and a high-quality cleaner for the perfect dust-free and clean look.

  1. Vents: The presence of the moving parts and exposed surface area make cleaning of the vents a little more complex than expected. Professional detailers use a soft foam brush sprayed with a cleaning solution to trap all the dust and dirt particles effectively.

  1. Sides and seams of the front seats: Removing dust, dirt, allergen and other harmful pathogens from the sides and seams of the front seats is anything but easy. It takes a professional eye to spot the grime, dirt and dust hiding in these places and that’s why car detailers are such an expert at this job. They remove dirt and crumbs from the seams and sides of the seats using a fine bristled brush and treat the stains with a powerful stain remover. In the end, these places are also disinfected with a sanitizing chemical.

  1. Headliner: Now tell us honestly. Do you clean the headliner of your car every time? Car interior cleaning, to most car owners, is restricted to cleaning the window, carpets, seats and upholstery. Surprisingly, even the roof of your car traps a huge amount of dirt, dust and those awful smells from your food and drinks. We understand that cleaning the headliner means you have to strain your arms and reach up there. But it’s not so difficult for professional detailers since they’re equipped with the best tools and high-quality upholstery cleaner with which they remove stains, eliminate odour and wipe it dry. Your headliner looks fresh and clean again!

Calgary Car Detailing – We Offer the Best Professional Car Interior Detailing Calgary Service


Calgary Car Detailing is distinguished for providing top-notch car interior detailing Calgary service for all car models and brands. We adopt a step by step by approach to clean your car interior so that you experience the joy of riding a healthy and sparkling clean car. Our car interior detailing service is competitively priced and includes several steps like thorough vacuuming, cleaning and dressing the dash, center console, vents, window and upholstery cleaning, leather seats cleaning and conditioning and more.

Calgary car detailing services.

Owning a luxury car is not something everyone is capable of achieving in their lifetime. But when you already own one, it makes sense that you want to do everything to protect your valuable investment and ensure that it stays in a pristine state at all times. Luxury cars follow a set of maintenance requirements that are different from other ordinary cars. While you might agree to send your Hyundai Elantra or any other affordable car through an automatic car wash, when it comes to BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Jaguar, you’re more likely to look for a safer maintenance option and consider availing professional Calgary car detailing services. Detailing your luxury car at regular intervals will help you to retain the showroom glow and keep your valuable possession looking impeccable.

Maintaining a luxury car and an economy class car is very much different. If the former requires regular polishing and waxing, the latter might not rquire the same. Without furtheer ado, let’s take at how to ensure your luxury vehicle always has that authentic expensive look.

Calgary car detailing services.

Important Rules for Maintaining Your Luxury Car

  1. Use a clay bar: Who doesn’t love to travel in their luxury car, out on the open road? No doubt you feel happy but that happiness comes with consequences. Your luxury vehicle might have a well-protected finish but microscopic dirt and dust particles from the road easily get embedded on the exterior of the car. Since the particles are abrasive and coarse, they’ll cause the paintwork to look dull and have plenty of tiny scratches. A professional exterior detailing Calgary service begins with a good wash that removes all the dirt and grime. After the vehicle is properly dried, a clay bar is used to get rid of any lingering contaminants from the surface followed by waxing and polishing.
  1. Polish and wax the exterior: If you’re using your luxury car everyday, sighting minor paint imperfections is not unusual. However, if you don’t want the scratches and lines to permanently adorn the exterior, you should opt for professional waxing, buffing and polishing the car exterior. The appeal is the first and the most important factor that defines the value of your luxury car. Professional detailers employ car cleaning products that are specially designed to cater to the requirements of high-end vehicles. Since you might not know which car polishing and waxing products are best suited for your premium car, it’s better to leave the task in the hands of an experienced auto detailing Calgary
  1. Pay attention to the interior: We’ve already explained the significance of keeping the luxury car exterior clean and glowing but we didn’t completely forget about the interior either. Keeping your car interior looking equally fabulous as the exterior is a crucial aspect of luxury vehicle maintenance. Using cracked, dull leather seats and accents is the last thing you would have on your mind when you’re a proud luxury car owner. Protecting the leather and other upholstery fabrics is essential; similarly, keeping dust particles away from the trim, dashboard and center console is vital. 

A luxury car interior detailing Calgary service is all you need to have an impressive looking car interior. The service is meticulously crafted entailing essential steps like thorough vacuuming, cleaning the vinyl plastic, trim, dash, center console, glass and floor mats, upholstery cleaning and protection, application of leather condition, steam cleaning the carpet, seats and upholstery to name a few.

Choose from a Wide Range Luxury Car Detailing Services at Calgary Car Detailing

Calgary Car Detailing is a leading company providing a wide array of top-notch Calgary car detailing services. Our highly-qualified and skilled team employs the best practices to detail the exterior and interior of luxury cars, paying careful attention throughout the process. Additionally, we use the best-quality products and professional equipment to keep your luxury car looking fabulous for many more years. To know more about our services, call us on 403-370-5050 or visit our website.

Car Interior Detailing Calgary Service

Outsiders will admire a car by looking at the gloss, lustre and overall condition of the exterior. But when you’re at the wheels most of the time, you need a clean interior more than anything else. Dusty vents, buttons and knobs, dirty floor mats along with awfully stained seats not only distract you while driving but also invite a slew of respiratory issues and skin allergies more than you could imagine. To keep your car interior spic and span, mere surface cleaning is never enough. Opting for an expert car interior detailing Calgary service will keep the interior clean, protected and safe from damage throughout the year.

A well-maintained car is not all about a shining exterior. Besides, nothing feels better than driving a car that looks fabulous inside and out! Let’s look at why getting a professional car interior detailing service is worth it.

Car Interior Detailing Service in Calgary

Reasons Why You Should Avail a Car Interior Detailing Calgary Service

  1. It extends the life of the components: Neglecting to care for your car interior leaves the components dirty causing wear and tear. Dirt and grime on the upholstery and car seats also erode the surface, leaving it damaged. As a result, you may require frequent replacement and end up spending more than necessary. Why make a room for unnecessary replacement when you can easily protect your car interior with a professional detailing service?
  1. Enhances safety: You must be thinking how a car interior detailing Calgary service is linked to safety. Imagine you’re driving at night and you turn on the headlights. The road ahead is dark but your car lights don’t illuminate as brightly as they should. Similar is the problem when your visibility is challenged by dirty windows and windscreens. You may doubt your vision for a minute but honestly, it’s the dirt and grime acting upon both the headlights and windows.

Professional interior detailing service includes window cleaning that gives you back squeaky clean glasses. You can also book a headlights restoration service and restore the clarity of your car lights. See, it’s so simple!

  1. Removes and prevents stains and grime: Stains from food and drinks quickly settle on the seat covers and take a great deal of effort to remove them. Professionals employ premium quality chemicals and solutions to eliminate such tough stains and render a cleaner look.

Apart from the seats, there are many other surfaces inside your car like the dashboard, vinyl and plastic areas that require care and attention from time to time. After cleaning, professional detailers apply fabric guard protection compounds to the car seats, upholstery and carpets that offer the necessary protection from dirt, grime and the harmful UV rays of the sun.

  1. Keeps your car hygienic: The coronavirus pandemic has necessitated the importance of sanitization in our lives. At home, we are constantly disinfecting the frequently touched surfaces like door knobs, countertops, handles, furniture surfaces and what not! It’s because germs from our hands easily spread to these surfaces and elsewhere.

Similarly, we are touching numerous things inside the car too – the steering wheel, hand brake, doorknobs and more. These areas are breeding grounds for pathogens, inviting health hazards. As per the advice of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, it is crucial to sanitize your car to avoid the spread of contamination. Professionals thoroughly clean the car interior that removes bacteria, germs and viruses, promoting a healthy environment inside your vehicle.

Way Forward: Like your house, your car is the next most valuable investment, the very reason why it deserves the best in class treatment. You must have heard the saying, ‘a clean car is a healthy car’ and it’s undoubtedly rightly said. A professional car interior detailing service done at regular intervals keeps your car in top-class condition and saves you from unnecessary hassles of maintenance. Should be looking for a reputable car interior detailing Calgary facility, visit Calgary Car Detailing. The experts perform interior detailing in a step by step method by employing top-quality tools and chemicals.

car interior detailing Calgary

Cars are so much like humans. Like us, cars also require regular maintenance. When you are at home or workplace, do you like to don a dirty, messy or shabby look? Of course, not! Neither do you want your car to appear in that way. Hence, following proper maintenance routine that includes cleaning the exterior and interior, checking the tires, changing important fluids, protecting the paintwork, and restoring the headlights is crucial. However, certain circumstances arise without any sign or warning. For example: when you suddenly smell unusual odour inside your car, you would probably first check under the seats for any leftover food scraps but find nothing. Sometimes, the car interior emanates unpleasant odours and the reason can be hard to find. In such a case, opting for car interior detailing in Calgary could be the best course of action on your part and we’ll tell you why.

Unpleasant odours inside your car is a warning sign before any potential hazard. If your car smells weird, head straight to a car detailing facility where the professionals can detect the cause and troubleshoot the problem effectively. But how do you know which car odours require an expert detailer’s intervention? Keep reading!

car interior detailing Calgary

Car Smells that Call for an Interior Car Cleaning

  1. The car smells musty: The formation of mould or mildew inside your air-conditioner or on your car upholstery is the reason why your car is smelling musty. Excess moisture leads to the growth of mould and mildew on the surfaces of your car interior. Either your car upholstery has been damp for too long or moisture has accumulated in your vehicle’s drain lines or air filters. Breathing mouldy air could trigger respiratory problems. Hence, it is always advisable to avail professional interior car cleaning Calgary services to get rid of the musty smell as soon as possible.
  1. Rotten egg smell: If you have been thinking that there must be four days old burger rotting underneath your seat, it is not that simple. The rotten egg smell indicates the presence of a defective component in the fuel system. If the fuel filters, catalytic converter and fuel pressure sensors are damaged or overused, sulphur gas leaks out that smells like a rotten egg inside your car. Leaving the issue unaddressed can bring forth serious consequences. If you don’t want your car to suffer unnecessary damages, bring it to a professional detailer’s attention right away.
  1. Car sickness smells: If you have your car sick children or pets travelling in your car, they may be throwing up on your car upholstery quite too often. You may have immediately wiped the surfaces and sprayed a car freshener but don’t forget, car sickness smells are strong odour that refuse to go away easily and require deep cleaning. Visit a trusted facility for car interior detailing in Calgary and see how the professionals magically drive out the awful smell using the best stain cleaning solutions, thoroughly vacuuming the interior, shampooing and steam cleaning the upholstery, carpets, seats, washing the floor mats and deodorizing the interior.
  1. Exhaust smell: Exhaust odour inside the car is particularly dangerous as it often indicates a leak in the vehicle’s exhaust system or poor seals on the doors or windows. Prolonged exposure to exhaust odour is harmful to both you and your family. If the smell of exhaust hits your nose while driving, immediately seek professional help before the problem assumes a more severe shape.

Conclusion: Along with these smells, don’t turn a blind eye to the odours of burnt oil or paper, maple syrup or gasoline either. These are not pleasant aromas that you can let it linger inside your car so that your vehicle’s interior smells nice and fresh. Cars are a mystery and there’s no doubt about that. However, a sudden whiff, like the ones mentioned above, is a powerful sign that your vehicle is in danger; only a professional car interior detailing service can resolve the issue and ensure a healthy car interior. Calgary Car Detailing is a reputable facility for car interior detailing Calgary. Our top-notch car interior cleaning service addresses offensive odours and gives you back a car interior that smells as good as new.

all about car detailing services

Driving a dirty car is will not really enhance your image as a car owner. You may be an individual with a flair for cleanliness but no sooner than you display your unkempt car, other starts to judge you wrong. Besides, a car that is not maintained properly is sure to have problems bothering you almost every day. As a result, you end up spending thousands of money in repairing and replacing the damaged parts of your car every month.


Car detailing is the secret behind owning a well-maintained car for many years. It is the best car caring method that ensures great looks and greater functions.


all about car detailing services


Related to car detailing services, let us look at some of the important questions:


1. What is a car detailing service?


Car detailing is the service that involves a top-to-bottom cleaning of your vehicle. It is done by professional detailers who use top quality car cleaning equipment and products. By availing car detailing services in Calgary from any agency, you will get a clean and reconditioned car exterior and interior. However, it does not include anybody repairs or additional paintwork. Instead, car detailing gives almost a brand new look by removing the scratches and swirl marks from the car’s body.


2. What do car detailers do?


Professional car detailers Calgary or elsewhere are trained to employ the best detailing practices to clean your car. They begin detailing by washing the exterior with normal water, then applies soap and wipes the surface with a soft cloth. After some time, the exterior is washed and allowed to dry. For interior detailing, they vacuum the seats, beneath the seats and floor mats, removes dust from the vents with a detailing brush, wash the floor mats, cleans the car windows, reconditions the seat and wipes the interior surface areas with an all-purpose cleaner. In the end, they wax, polish and apply ceramic pro coating to prevent your car paint from further damage.


3. What is needed for car detailing?


For the best car detailing results, you will require:


  • Wash mitts
  • Car wash soap
  • Buckets
  • Microfiber towel
  • Clay bar
  • Wax
  • Ceramic coating
  • Leather reconditioner (if you have leather seats)
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Detailing brush


4. What does it cost to detail a car?


The cost of car detailing in Calgary depends on your car model, its size and how dirty it is. The detailing prices vary from one company to the other. However, an average car detailing price starts from $50 and can go up till $249.


5. Will a car detail remove scratches?


Yes, car detailers in Calgary or elsewhere remove scratches from the surface of the car’s exterior. Polishing and waxing are the methods used to eliminate light scratches and swirl marks. It is done at the end after the interior and exterior cleaning. After waxing and polishing, your car will have back the glow that was absent previously. Besides, it also protects your vehicle from having further scratches.


6. What do you need to detail your car interior?


Professionals performing car interior detailing in Calgary, use the following things for a shining car interior:


  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Car cleaning chemicals
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Brushes
  • Multisurface cleaner
  • Vinyl dressing
  • Interior protectant


7. Where can you get your car detailed?


You can get your car detailed at any outlet offering auto detailing services in Calgary. Before you choose any outlet, make sure:


  • Their services meet your requirements
  • They use only top quality cleaning products
  • Detailing prices are reasonable
  • Have good client reviews




Had any doubts about car detailing? This guide explains everything that you wanted to know – the whats, whys, hows, and wheres of car detailing services in Calgary. To know more about our best detailing services, call us at Phone: 403-370-5050.

Steps of Car Interior Detailing

Car detailing is much more than a simple vacuuming and washing; it involves the implementation of various procedures that will clean both the exterior and interior of your car brilliantly. When it comes to keeping your car well-maintained, it does not only focus on cleaning the exterior of the vehicle; an equal emphasis is paid on car interior detailing too.


Some car owners have the greatest misconception that only exterior car detailing is enough to make the vehicle last longer. But one who thinks like that is nothing but a fool! Your car interior is composed of various parts (if not more than your car exterior) that requires maintenance from time to time. Failing to clean your car interior can result in long-term damages and even affect your car’s mechanism quite badly.


Steps of Car Interior Detailing


Hence, it is important to go for interior car cleaning Calgary once a month for a spic and span car interior.


The appropriate method to perform car interior detailing Calgary:


1. Vacuum-

What is your first action before you begin cleaning your room? Certainly, you keep out all your mats and rugs so that it is easier for you to clean the floors. Similarly, remove all the floor mats, upholstery and other things and start vacuuming the floor, seat and other areas inside your car.


2. Remove upholstery stains with a foam cleanser-

Have you ever wondered how professionals performing car interior detailing, get rid of the stubborn stains from the carpets and upholsteries? They simply apply a foam cleanser and use a sponge to rub it over the stained area. You can repeat this step unless you see the stains vanishing.


3. Cleaning the floor mats-

The floor mats inside your car are extremely dirty because everyone is stepping onto them with their dirty shoes. Hence it deserves to be cleaned like the pros performing interior car wash in Calgary NW. To get squeaky clean floor mats, all you need to do is wash it with a good detergent, scrub it and dry it before using it again.


4. Removing the dust from air vents and other narrower places-

The best tool that can remove fine dust particles from the air vents, crevices on the inner part of the doors or from the knobs is a detailing brush. Use a strong detailing brush to wipe off the dust from the air vents, dashboard, parts of the door and other places.


5. Mild all-purpose cleaner for interior car cleaning calgary-

Your car interior has many hard-surfaces that you cannot wash using soap and detergent. Take some mild all-purpose cleaner on a cloth and wipe your car interior’s surfaces hard. This should give your car interior surfaces a bright new shine with no speck of dirt or stain.


6. Cleaning the seats-

Cleaning the seats is also an important part of car interior detailing calgary. First remove the loose dust by vacuuming and then start cleaning the seats. If your car seat is composed of cloth, you can shampoo it using a wet-vac extraction machine. If your car seat is of leather, clean it using a vinyl or leather cleaner. Don’t forget to wipe this cleaner after some minutes using a microfiber cloth.



Besides detailing your car interior, you must also remember to avail headlight restoration in Calgary to clean and restore the condition of your car’s headlights. So follow the above-mentioned steps to detail your car interior and find restoring your car interior’s lost glamour never so easier than before! To know more about car interior detailing services, visit

full service car wash to keep car well

It takes years of hard work to purchase a car and just a few days (or months) to ruin your car’s condition. How? If you neglect to maintain your car for a prolonged number of days, your car will go beyond being just externally dirty, with damaged interior parts and dysfunctional mechanism and overall, your car will be in an inebriated state.

Hence, if you own a car, maintaining your vehicle automatically becomes obligatory. Proper car maintenance primarily involves going for a full service car wash in Calgary where the professional detailers thoroughly clean your car exterior and interior, restoring your car’s lost beauty and glamor. Besides giving your car a professional exterior car wash every month, there are other ways by which you can easily enhance the appearance of your vehicle every week.

Let us look at the most common ways that you can practice to amplify your car’s looks every week.

full service car wash to keep car well

Appropriate Washing Technique : You may think that washing only the car exterior is adequate enough to label your car ‘clean and well-maintained’. Ironically, that is never the case. You need to wash and clean the exterior and interior of your car in a step-wise manner. Make sure you use only quality car washing products if you really love your car. For exterior detailing, wash the exterior with a fresh jet of water to remove loose dirt and soil; then begin applying the soap and cleaning solution using a cloth or a sponge; wash everything off after keeping it for a while and then wipe the car exterior. Cleaning the car interior is a detailed procedure that involves washing the floor mats, cleaning the dashboard, windows and seats, vacuuming and so on. If you are unable to perform all the steps yourself, you can always go for car interior detailing in Calgary and get it done by the professionals.

Polishing : Polishing your car at the end is a necessary step to restore your car’s shine and glow. It is important to always use a reputed car polish brand for the desired effects. Applying car polish requires expertise since a single wrong step can ruin your cleaning efforts. To get your car shining its best, you can always go for professional car polishing in Calgary.

Getting Rid of all The Clutter : Having a super shiny exterior and a cluttered interior will give a wrong impression about your car and yourself to others who get in your car. Any kind of clutter inside the car like food packets, wrappers, leftover food crumbs, plastic cups and others, makes the car interiors look dirty and unattractive. Hence, just like you de-clutter your home every week, it is equally important to keep your car free of junk to promote a clean interior.

Doing The Important Repairs : Maintaining your car also includes performing all the necessary repair jobs. Along with a dirty car interior, any broken parts inside or outside will also contribute to tainting your car’s image. Thus, if you find any cracks in the windshield, broken steering cover or lose hinges, repair it as soon as possible.

Conclusion : Besides the above-mentioned points, don’t forget to keep a few car essential items like battery, jumper cables, coolant and car freshener as these can be required any time. Maintaining your car becomes easy only if you know the right ways. Only taking your car for a hand car wash in Calgary is not enough to have a well-maintained car; you must also know the other big and small ways to keep your car in good condition.

car iinterior detailing

To have a well-maintained car, you need to put some extra effort in the sense that you must take your car for monthly detailing services. Cleaning only the exterior, is not enough; your aim should be to get your car cleaned both inside and out. While exterior detailing takes less time, due to the several steps and procedure, car interior detailing comparatively takes more time.

car iinterior detailing

Many car owners think that interior car detailing takes more time and so will cost more, surprisingly some car detailing agencies charge less! To achieve the best detailing for your car’s interior, you must be aware of interior detailing tips and tricks so that you can have a car that smells fresh and looks clean too.

Here are some useful tips for a perfect car interior detailing:

Removing pet hair-

One of the most difficult cleaning tasks is to get all those pet hair removed completely. It is a time consuming task if there is excessive pet hair clinging to the seats, on the dash board, on the floor and other places. Cleaning with only vacuum and compressed air is not enough when you have abundant pet hair to deal with. You need some improved equipment to remove pet hair effiiently. You can use a device that grabs the pet hair and pulls them out from the carpet. Also, numerous small tools are also available like gloves with a specialized ‘hand’, a brush with rubber bristles or a pumice block that can easily grab and remove the unwanted pet hair.

Carpet cleaning-

 The carpets on the floor of your car are perhaps the dirtiest objects inside your car. They deserve to be cleaned using enough cleaning materials. To deep clean the mats, use a hot water extractor. But first, remove the loose dirt by vacuuming. Then spray the carpets using a non-foaming carpet cleaner that is to be used with a hot water extractor. Scrub the carpet with a brush-equipped polisher and then finally use a hot water extractor.

Cleaning by moving-

When performing car interior detailing in Calgary, everything inside the car needs to be thoroughly cleaned including places that are difficult to reach. Get your seats moved to extreme positions, both up and down and sideways to get the areas underneath and on the sides cleaned. When the seats are moved, clean the seat tracks with a paper towel by wiping. Also, don’t forget to clean the area between the center console and the front seats. Since this is a hard-to-reach area, many detailers skip cleaning this area. You can use a spoke brush wrapped with a towel so that cleaning such areas become easier. Some cars nowadays have movable backseats; so move the backseat and clean the underneath portions, the back portion of the seat and other exposed areas.

Removing tough marks-

While many marks inside your car can be removed easily using only cleaners, a microfiber towel and brushes, there are some stains that are just impossible to remove! If all else fail, use isopropyl alcohol to remove marks of dirty shoes or food stains and other marks. Also, a melamine block or a foam pad cleaner is also effective to get rid of the tough marks.


Interior car detailing may require extra time as complex procedures are involved but once it is done, you will never regret waiting so long! Since you are spending both your time and money, you should look for a detailing agency that has a strong reputation for providing reliable interior detailing services.


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