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Advance Car Detailing in Calgary

Every car owner’s source of pride is their much-prized car. It has been also seen that for some car owners, their car is more valuable than life! While you may be skeptical in believing how insane car owners can be for their vehicle, their love for their car is clearly evident in one thing: the amount of time they devote behind maintaining their cars.


In fact, owning your dream car is not the end of the story; you have taken pains to earn and purchase your favorite car model and so maintaining it in the proper way is also your inescapable duty. Thus in order to maintain your car’s pristine condition, it is very important to go for car detailing in calgary on a weekly or monthly basis. This is the only professional treatment that you can provide to your car and in return, it will enable you to enjoy driving (and flaunting) a well-maintained glossy car on the road.


5 Best Advices from Calgary Car Detailing


Performing a self car wash at home is sometimes acceptable but if you have been planning to make it a permanent duty, think again! Below mentioned are some topics that can be best handled by a professional car detailing company in Calgary. Some of the most common car detailing concerns are:


1. Getting your car prepared for detailing-


Preparation is required in anything if you want to achieve perfection and car detailing is not an exception. First, assemble all the products for:


Car Exterior Cleaning


  • Car wash soap
  • Sponges
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Squeegee
  • Clay bar
  • Car wax

Car Interior Cleaning


  • Vacuum cleaner, carpet shampoo
  • Brush
  • Fabric shampoo
  • Leather cleaner & brush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Interior protectant

Before you really start with your detailing procedure, it is recommended to wash your car first to get rid of loose dirt and dust from the panel and other surfaces. Also, wash the tires first before cleaning it.


When it comes to washing your car, have two buckets of water- one that you will use for washing with the sponge and the other for a final wash.
Do not keep your car exposed in the sun for too long as it can damage the paint.


When you dry your car, use two microfiber cloths.


If there are water marks on the surface of your car as soap water gets dried, wash the soap water again with fresh water and then begin drying.


Avoid mixing excessive soap in the water as it will leave stains after drying.

2. Restoring the lost sheen in your headlights-


having a clean headlight is important not only to enhance the appearance of your car but also for safety issues. Hence when you get your car detailed by the professionals, don’t forget to also opt for a headlight restoration in Calgary as well. Cleaning the headlights is also a step-by-step process that begins with first sanding where first 320 grit sandpapers and later 600 and 800 grit sandpapers are used in one direction across the headlight. Then the headlights are smeared with a generous amount of cleaning solution and cleaning is continued. The surface is then wiped with a wet microfiber cloth. The procedure comes to nearly an end with the polishing step in which you must take a good-quality headlight polishing chemical on a foam pad and wipe it across the headlights; leave it for a while and then clean it so that no residue is left. Finish your headlight cleaning by applying a lens protector or sealant.


3. Water less way of car cleaning-


Water less method of cleaning your car means the use of no water but only products that contain water. While going waterless may sound great for your car (as it leaves no water spots behind), only a few know the precautions to take before using waterless products.


Some of the preparation tips are:


  • Use only clean and soft microfiber cloths.
  • Use water less wash products that are suitable for your car model. For example: use only matte waterless wash products if you have a matte-finished car exterior.


Some benefits of going water less are:


  • Water less car cleaning is good for the environment as it saves water.
  • It is best suitable in areas with strict water consumption rules.
  • Water less cleaning is ideal for people with no place to clean their cars in an elaborate way as this method doesn’t require much space and isn’t messy either.


4. The perfect way to clean car leather-


Leather seats are common in many cars nowadays. Many car owners think cleaning the car leather seat is difficult but actually, it is not! You just need to have the leather seat cleaning equipment like a scrub brush, interior shampoo gel, leather cleaner and leather conditioner along with the right set of tips! Some useful and quick tips for cleaning your leather car seat are:

Always read the amount/ratio of cleaning chemicals that you must mix.

Before using a leather cleaning product, apply it in a small portion of the leather seat and see if there are any effects.

You can also use an All-Purpose-Cleaner and dilute it with other leather cleaning chemicals.

Do not clean the leather seat at one go; take up a small portion at a time.

Scrub an area more than once if required, in case the seats are extremely dirty.


5. Getting rid of pet hair from your car interior-


Compared to removing dirt and grease, removing pet hair might be a more exhausting task because hair is more prone to getting embedded in the carpet if the car or in the fabric of the upholstery. Along with the mess that it creates, pet hair also produces foul odor inside your car. If you are doing a DIY to remove pet hair, make sure you have enough patience! Because pet hair is super-clingy and will not want to leave. Always use a wet cloth to wipe the places filled with your pet’s hair. Then use tools like hard wire brush or lint roller to remove the majority of your pet’s hair. If there are still pet hair left around, just vacuum clean it. For the most effective removal of pet hair from your car, it is wise to opt for a full service car wash in Calgary that will not only remove pet hair but also get your interior and exterior super-shining!


To know more about car detailing and car maintenance, visit


It has been commonly seen that these are the five main worries for the majority of car owners worldwide. Maintaining a car is admittedly not as easy as purchasing a car. And with the tips mentioned above, it can be assumed that car owners can now breathe a sigh of relief in their regular course of car maintenance and keep flaunting their well-maintained car!

remove water spots from car

It is a known fact that to maintain the glamour of your car, you need to put in extra effort, that is, you need to take your car for monthly mobile car detailing in Calgary. If you use your car daily, chances are there that your car will have stains and spots. But what if it rains and your car is parked in the open? There is no doubt that there will be hard water spots on all over on your car’s body-including the glass windows and screen. Such spots not only render a dirty look to your car but also blocks clear view while driving. And if not removed soon, it can leave a lasting impression on your car’s painted surface.

remove water spots from car

So what should you do to remove those ugly hard water spots from your car’s body? Follow these 5 easy ways:

1. Low pH cleaner- Use a low pH cleaner(degreaser, vinegar ir APC) and wash your car. Since hard water has high pH contents, using a low ph cleaner will effectively act and remove such spots. Also make a note that all your car’s sealants or waxes will also be removed on using a low pH cleaner. So you need to again apply wax and sealants after getting your car washed and cleaned at any car detailing outlet in Calgary.

2. Clay lubricant and bar- You must have seen that professionals at Calgary Car Detailing claying your car’s paint. Do you know why it is done? Claying your  car’s paint is necessary to remove the contaminants that are prone to get embedded like tree sap, tar, iron and so on. But claying is not sufficient sometimes to remove the hard water stains from your car’s body, especially if those stains are left for too long. All you need to do is get normal exterior car detailing done on your car by professional detailers. But that is not all! Before drying, use a clay lubricant as well as a clay bar to get rid of the hard water stains.

3. Water spot removal products- There are abundant commercial water spot removal products that are available in the stores. Nowadays you can also purchase such products from any online store. To know which water spot cleaner is suitable for your car model, it is best to consult a professional car detailer.

4. Paint polish- Majority of the qualified car detailers at mobile auto detailing in Calgary agree that polishing your car’s paint is the best way to get rid of  water spots. Car paint polish not only removes all the hard water spots but also removes mild scratches from the surface of your car’s body. Remember! Performing a car paint polish needs expert guidance and to achieve positive results, it is best to hire a qualified car detailer to do the job. Doing a DIY paint polish on your car could be risky and bring about adverse results.

Conclusion- Water spots can definitely impart a dirty look to your car that surely you wouldn’t want it to happen. Using the above-mentioned techniques and procedures, you can easily remove hard water spots staining your car’s surface. To prevent hard water spots from destroying the glam of your car, avoid parking your car out in the open when it is raining and also where there are water sprinklers. Also, use a mineral filter while washing your car and regularly apply water to your car’s paint. To maintain the sparkling appearance of your vehicle, it is best to take your car for a full service car wash in Calgary once or twice a month.

Ultimate Car Detailing Washing Guide

How health and safety can be maintained by auto-detailing?
Car-detailing can add a great spark and charm to your vehicle-body. But before going for the same you should know why car-detailing is in need of. Potential or probable car-threats can be now easily rectified by detailing. Car can gain enough of strength with valuable car detailing services. On-time Auto detailing Calgary can now improve the health of your car.


Ultimate Car Detailing Washing Guide


Fuel-charge and maintenance-charge of your vehicle can be reduced along with the reduction of auto-insurance premium. Professional car detailers are currently using unique products for cleaning cars thoroughly. Advanced car washing system can only pull out hidden dirt from both exterior and interior part of your vehicle.


Mobile auto detailing Calgary is the most convenient procedure as in this case you do not require taking your car anywhere rather the professional will come down to your place for providing the detailing job. If you are too much busy in your daily-life stuffs then you can choose this option as the ideal solution. Interior car cleaning needs to be carefully done so that dirt from hidden corners can be easily taken out.


How car-safety can be ensured by car washing and detailing?
Cars will never last for long if they are not detailed or serviced properly from time to time. One-time detailing will not do rather the servicing needs to be performed at scheduled intervals throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. Car-cleaning is quite a daunting and hectic task and thus DIY-washing methods cannot fetch you satisfactory results.


Accumulated dusts or wastes not only invite an unhygienic situation, but can also make the car-parts damaged severely. Safety-features of cars can be now easily boosted-up with frequent detailing services. The car’s functionality can be restored and on the other hand, a car-appeal can be maintained intact.


Damaged car-parts will bring accidents and these accidents will harm your family-members. This is why smart car-owners always go for vehicle-detailing so that their family-members can stay protected on one hand and on the other hand the car-parts can last for long. Car detailing Calgary by trained and licensed detailers can gift you with a healthy and protected car.

How heath can be protected with car-detailing?
Apart from car’s health, Passengers’ health is a great concern as well. Toxicants and microscopic-bacteria can create a completely unhygienic environment inside your car. This kind of ambience will make the passengers fall severely ill. Your family-members will feel suffocated while travelling in an unhygienic car.


Different kinds of chronic health-hazards might occur to passengers within any unkempt car. Pollution might cause breathing-issue, bacteria might affect immunity and skin infections and eye irritations might occur due to allergens, mites, mold, mildew and must. If car is being detailed regularly, then your car-interior will remain absolutely fresh and hygienic.


In this respect, different effective washing or cleaning solutions need to be used for killing off infectious bacteria or allergens. You should be concentrated towards car detailing, especially if you take your kids regularly to school via that vehicle. Car wash in Calgary is conducted as per the established health-and-safety standards.

Benefits of a Regular Car Wash

To keep your car in its best condition, regular maintenance is a prerequisite. There are some people who spend a good deal of money on keeping their vehicles neat and clean. While there are others who do not pay much importance to clean and preservation. You may change the oil on a frequent basis and restore tires when required but that is not sufficient. Make regular car wash a habit of taking care of your vehicle.


Benefits of a Regular Car Wash


Here are the reasons which make a daily car wash an essential thing for the sustenance of your vehicle:


Making your car look new:
Whenever we buy our dream car, we want them to look exactly like that until the day we drive them. This can always be possible if you wash it frequently. It will not take out much time from your busy schedule. All you need to is clean, vacuum and drive. Apart from the looks, your car will also smell and glow like a brand-new car once again.


Removing dirt totally:
Stain on cars can be very harmful, making daily washing a requirement. By cleansing, you can remove dirt from each of every corner of your vehicle. When dirt is left unswept from the exterior, it can scratch the tinted covering, gradually transforming into a chip and then rust. The impurities on surface wear out the layer of coat, losing the sheen of your car. So, if you want to retain the original color of your vehicle, car detailing is imperative.


Promotes safe driving:
Once you start laying focus on car detailing, your windows are ought to be fully devoid of dirt, germs, and bacterias. When the window glasses get covered with snow, frost or trash, you will not get a clear view of the roads while driving. This may sometimes lead to severe accidents, which can even take your life. Everyday washing keep the glasses free of any sort of dust, letting you see everything clearly on the road when you drive your car. Thus, if you want to enjoy a safe and secure drive every time, do cleanse your car every day.


Better fuel efficiency:
The more you clean your car, the more is the fuel efficiency. The accumulation of dust and impurities in your vehicle is a big burden as it can burn additional fuel. As per reports, a clean car is an approximately 10% more fuel efficient than the same car when it is greasy. Frequent car detailing is any day a turnkey solution for lowering the consumption of fuel. Daily car wash, restoration, and finishing are the things that can always sustain the authentic charm of your wheeler by keeping it far away from the damages caused by dust.


The way dirt hampers the appearance of favorite clothes, it can also worsen the looks of your splendid car. Do you want your vehicle to look and function like a new car forever? Car detailing is the best solution. Besides maintenance, it will also combat the development of allergens and germs, keeping your car hygienic anytime.

Top Trends Car Wash Industry

Gone are the days when people would consider car washing and detailing services a luxury. There is a significant drop in the number of people washing their cars at home. The competition in the car wash industry is increasing. The car wash and detailing services are making market surveys to find out the issues which are annoying the customers. The latest trends in the industry could solve the issues and here, we are describing the top 7 trends, capable of solving them.


Top Trends Car Wash Industry


1. The Future Looks Bright: Let us focus on the following points:

  • Based on the Canadian car wash industry statistics, during 2010-2011, the annual revenue was $5.8 billion. The figures stand at $48 billion when the cost price of gas was included.
  • Acid rain is not only dangerous to the marble structures but also to the car exterior. When the moisture evaporates, the acid corrodes the paint.
  • With the aid of 1 or 2 car washing sessions per month, the vehicles could keep intact their original sheen.
  • In the period of 2010-2011, there were 9,000 full-service car washes.
  • The number of external conveyor washes was 10,500.
  • The statistics shows that still now, the number of untapped customers is too big.


2. Increased Demand for Car Detailing: The advancement of technology is prompting people to see the significance of an excellent car wash. Hence, people want to be served by the supreme quality services for auto detailing in Calgary and rest of other parts of Canada.


3. The Rise of Small Car Wash Companies: The times have changed since when the bigwig service providers used to rule the industry. Survey reports have put down the facts simple and clear- the big services rapidly grew after acquiring the smaller organizations.
The bigwig services are no longer running a virtual oligopoly. The shift in the trend puts forward the fact that small and mid-level services are standing better chances.


4. The Rise of Competition: The competition of the industry is rapidly increasing. Staying ahead of the competitors is not that easy anymore. People have different reasons to visit a full service car wash in the regions like Calgary. They do have different expectations from the service providers. The things to consider are as follows:

  • optimizing the pricing strategy
  • implementing better training programs
  • preparing your service for a rapid growth
  • the tools and techniques ensuring consistent efficiency, round the year


5. The Price of Oil is Indirectly Proportional to the Industry Growth: When the gas price reduces, more people travel by cars. The long-distance drivers would often find their vehicles dirtier than others. Hence, they would visit the car detailing services more often. Since the increasing price of vehicles, people prefer to possess a car for a longer period. The factors sound impressive for the growth of the small and mid-level car detailing services.


6. Introduction of New Payment Options: The survey reports have concluded the fact that even the services for hand car wash in Calgary have reported a rise in the number of times people are making payment through their credit cards. In addition, the website-based payment service providers like PayPal, Autorize.Net or Apple Pay are encouraging customers to use their services.


7. The Industry of Professional Car Washing is Growing: The car wash industry had witnessed growth after suffering a setback during the period of 2006-2011. Things are looking good after a long time.


The trends help us understand the changing demand of the customers in Canada. The sooner the service providers realize them, the better.

Full Service Car Wash

Your car helps you for performing various tasks on time and supports your leisure drives as well. It is obvious that constant usage of the vehicle results in wear and tear. However, as a car owner, you are unable to figure out those minute damages that have been incurred till date. You think that by performing a traditional cleaning treatment with water and soap, will keep the vehicle in good conditions. This kind of treatment may not keep away the grit that has accumulated on the surface. What about the dirt that has accumulated in the interior? Can you experience bad odor that emits due to mold growth? Keeping the car in unhygienic condition will not provide you comfortable drive. In order to keep your car in well-maintained condition, you need to hire full service car wash in Calgary. However, you should know how the system works, so that you can make decisions for getting best outcomes.

Full Service Car Wash

Learn About the Procedure in Detail

A full service car wash in Calgary deploys an automatic wash system, which is coupled with other procedures to attain the detailing goals. This comprehensive service takes care of both interior and exterior detailings.

When a customer visits a service station, he or she exits from the car and waits in the guest area. The servicing in-charge will receive the customer and listen to the issues. After listening to the case history, such professional will suggest a suitable car wash package and will instruct the staff to initiate the car wash procedure.

Thorough Inspection

Before the staff sends the car to the car wash system, he inspects the vehicle thoroughly to spot dirt and grits. Then those grits are removed with spraying and brushing techniques. During this process, the car wash professional applies cleaner to rims and wheels to eliminate excessive dirt. Then, the staff uses vacuum cleaning system for removing trash from the interior of the vehicle. During the initial stage, the windows and sunroofs are closed tightly to prevent water seepage.

Automatic Wash Cycle

After the initial cleaning of exterior and interior is over, the car becomes ready for automatic wash treatment. The detailing staff will drive the vehicle into the system and park it in neutral position. The automatic car wash system will move the car through series of washing stations.

Drying Treatment

When the vehicle makes exit from the tunnel car wash system, an attendant will drive the car to the drying station. In this area, the car wash staff provides number of services, which depends on the package chosen by the customer. Services include cleaning and polishing of rims, tires and hubcaps, mirror adjustment, hand drying, washing windows with glass cleaner and applying air freshener into the interior.

A complete car wash service ensures that customers do not feel bored while waiting. While customers are waiting for the process to be completed, during that period, they are served with snacks, drinks and other leisure gears.

This is how a full service car wash company in Calgary works to keep the car in well-maintained condition. Therefore, do not make late decisions and prevent your car from incurring further damages.

full service car wash in Calgary

When it comes to severe weather damage protection, it is essential to know how to help prevent damage to one of your assets, i.e. your vehicle. Here are some tips to keep yourself, your family and your vehicle car safe when severe weather threatens.

full service car wash in Calgary
You must take proper precautions to ensure your family and you are safe. The following suggestions will help you protect your vehicles:

  • Know about your vehicle’s surroundings and if possible move your car away from trees or other objects which can damage it in a storm.
  • Move your vehicle into a garage or other shaded area to protect it from falling objects.
  • You are recommended to keep your car away from low-lying areas that are prone to flooding to avoid water damage.
  • Plan your route carefully in case you are using your vehicle for evacuation. Also, don’t forget to have emergency supplies ready and keep a full tank of gas.

Hail can cause extensive damage to your vehicle in a while, so it’s vital to be prepared.

  • Get familiar with the weather patterns that may produce hail so that you can be prepared.
  • Move your car under a covered structure if there is any forecast for hail.
  • Don’t go outside once a hail storm starts to keep safe.
  • If it begins to hail when you are driving and there is a shaded area nearby, pull your car safely to the side of the road and wait till the storm ends.
  • If the hail caused a broken window, cover the window with plastic or other material to keep any further damage away from your car.

Heavy Rain or Flood
After a heavy rain storm flash floods can take place for 12 hours. Knowing what to do when it comes to handling dangerous situations potentially is important to damaging your vehicle from damages.

  • If you see standing water or a large puddle, choose a different route or go around it to avoid a deep hole it could be hiding. Even a few inches of water can splash into the engine to causing countless damages.
  • Drive slowly and carefully keeping the headlights on as heavy rain can make it hard for other drivers to see you.
  • If you live in a flood prone area, don’t forget to have plenty of fuel and remember the local evacuation routes.
  • Brake gently to avoid hydroplaning and familiarize yourself with terms like Flood Watch, Flood Warning, Flash Flood Watch, Flash Flood Warning and others that are used to describe weather patterns and warnings.

Keeping your car well maintained with full service car wash in Calgary by professional experts is also essential to your car away from damages caused by extreme weather.

Auto Detailing Calgary

Unfortunately, teen drivers have proven themselves to be among the most unsafe drivers on the road. Hence, it is essential to make teenagers aware of the necessity of safe driving. They can also take tips from the experienced drivers who have been driving for a few years.

Here are we offering top teen driving facts that all of us need to know:

Auto Detailing Calgary

1. Every day there are 15 auto crashes involving drivers aged between 15-20 years.

2. It is a shocking but true fact that teen drivers are involved in fatal car accidents four times more often than grown up drivers. Many of these crashes are caused by novice drivers making rookie mistakes such as shifting lanes without looking, not scanning for oncoming traffic or driving excessively fast for the road conditions. They might have a slower reaction time to a circumstance where another driver stopping hastily in front of them. Experienced drivers can slam on the brakes while a new driver may warm the car in front of them prior to stopping.

3. For teens the least safe time is the first 6-12 months of driving by themselves. They may have pals in the car giving distractions when the driver needs to be focused on the road. During this time new drivers are on a learning curve as they learn to drive in different weather conditions and traffic flow.

4. All motor training schools are not the same and parents should select the right school for their teens. The appropriate school will provide experience and training suitable for the youngsters. This will also increase the parents’ confidence and trust in their new driver. With perfect driving skills, the new driver will also gain faith in their own driving skills.

5. For responsible teenagers driving is a privilege given and not a right. Hence, it is important for parents to consider if the teenagers are able or ready to take on the accountability of driving.

6. Alcohol, drugs and speeding are the major causes of accidents for young drivers.

7. As with a teen driver the number of passengers in a vehicle increases, so does the chance for a mishap.

Proper care and maintenance of the vehicle with quality car detailing services is also a crucial factor when it comes to safe driving. A well maintained and thoroughly detailed car will help new drivers set a good driving example. Learn the driving facts and tips and drive safely!

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