13January, 2021

What to Expect from an Interior Car Cleaning Calgary Service?

interior car cleaning Calgary

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” – Confucius

That’s true when it comes to your car. If the outer beauty is for the onlooker to appreciate and admire, the vehicle’s interior appeal is only witnessed by the driver and his/her passengers from time to time. Dirt, grime and stains can wreak havoc on the car interior. Most importantly, a dirty car interior is the breeding ground for various pathogens that cause respiratory issues, allergies, diarrhea, skin irritations and the latest COVID-19. Nobody wants to ride a dirty car, especially if the interior has deep-seated stains and smells awful. Want to know how to get back an interior that looks and smells fresh? By engaging an expert interior car cleaning Calgary service. The professionals can clean the car’s interior and make it shine like brand new.

Anyone can clean a car’s interior, even you. But can you remove the stubborn stains, unsightly spills and caked dirt? Or do you have the time? It surely does require expert skills and professional tools to take them off effectively.

So, what should you expect from a professional interior car cleaning service? Let’s find out!

Interior Car Cleaning Calgary

What to Expect from an Interior Car Cleaning Service

  1. Vacuum and clean the surfaces: Loose dirt and grime commonly cover the floors, carpets, upholstery and other areas inside a car. The professionals will vacuum these surfaces using different attachments to trap the dirt and dust. 

Dust from the seat corners, armrests, switches, buttons and air vents is also removed.

Vacuuming is followed by cleaning of the interior surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner. Steam cleaning is also performed to dissolve the stubborn stains from the upholstery, car seats, carpets and more.

  1. Carpet cleaning: Dirty carpets harbour millions of germs, mold and mildew that can lead to harmful diseases and infections as mentioned earlier. A professional interior car cleaning Calgary service involves steam cleaning, the best way to nip the growth of mold, mildew and pathogens in the bud. The carpet is completely dried before putting back inside the car.
  1. Windshield and windows: Can you see clearly if the windows are stained and foggy? No, for sure. Cleaning the windshield and windows is crucial as it enhances your safety while driving. Interior car cleaning professionals use premium-quality window cleaners to give back shiny, streak-free windows.
  1. Dashboard, wheel and console cleaning: The dashboard and console are the most neglected places if you’re cleaning the car interior yourself. But that’s not the case if you’re opting for an expert interior car cleaning service. Dust shrouding the vinyl surfaces is removed with a brush. Finally, these surfaces are wiped with a multi-purpose interior detailer. This not only cleans but also prevents premature cracking. Great!
  1. Door panels and jambs: Did you think we’ll leave out these important interior spaces? A professional car interior cleaning service is detailed cleaning of every nook and corner inside your vehicle. From the handles and door panels to the storage pockets and door frames, your car’s interior won’t be as clean as you would expect it to be without this step!
  1. Deodorize: So, now your car interior looks spic and span but still smells strange. It’s because deodorization is still left, dear friend. Professionals eliminate unpleasant smells from a car interior with the help of various odour removal products and by changing the cabin filter. Now, inhale the pleasant smelling interior and enjoy your daily commute!

Wrapping up: With COVID-19 creating serious health risks, interior car cleaning facilities have also added sanitization to their service. Only removing dirt and grime is not enough; germs and viruses can still lurk in the unreachable areas of your car interior. Steam cleaning or utilizing disinfectant solutions is how professionals equip your car’s interior with the best protection against coronavirus infection. If you’re looking for the best interior car cleaning Calgary service that follows all the above-mentioned steps, you won’t regret choosing Calgary Car Detailing. We also specialize in performing hand car wash in Calgary.