28April, 2017

Spruce Up Your Car By Professional Car Detailers In Calgary

Car Detailers In Calgary

Regular maintenance remains the key in prolonging the life of things that form part of our lives. For otherwise, in the absence of regular maintenance contaminants deposited over a period of time can bring about wear and tear or worse, letting it fall into disuse. The car is an important contrivance in your life that helps a great deal in keeping your personal and professional life on a roll. Be it traveling to the countryside during vacations or weekend trips, or the regular commute to your workplace, the need of a car is inescapable. However, with increased usage your car is subjected to mechanical wear and tear, not to mention occurrences such as peeling off paint from the surface, deposition of contaminants, or the formation of dents.

Car Detailers In Calgary

If taking the car to a mechanic is an absolute must to ensure its mechanical parts such as engine, transmission or other areas are kept up and running, involving car detailers in sprucing up your car cannot be ignored either. Your car can be seen as an extension of your personality, that is, the more stylized and clean it appears more are the brownie points you receive from people around you. Whereas, should you travel in a rundown car that looks untidy with blotches around, chances of you inviting unwelcome glances from onlookers cannot be ruled out. Thus, the importance of cleaning your car by engaging hand car wash Calgary services cannot be understated.

Hand wash vs. Mechanised wash

Car detailers in Calgary employ both hand as well as mechanized washing to restore your car to its original condition. A hand car wash Calgary service would include scrubbing and cleaning the surface of your car with soap, shampoo or cleaning agents followed by wiping the same with a dry cloth. Besides, wax is applied on the surface to not only bring the shine back but prevent contaminants from ruining the spruced up area any further.

Mechanised wash on the other hand does the entire routine of washing, scrubbing and drying by employing the use of robotic arms. This is supposedly better than hand wash as every nook and corner of the surface is cleaned evenly. However, given its automatic process and usage of robotic arms, mechanised washing is costly when compared to hand wash.

Exterior and Interior detailing

The visible surface area of your car on the exterior that includes bonnet, chrome work, tires, fenders, windows, ORVMs, boot, headlamps etc., is treated with alkaline cleansing agents besides applying a coat of paint or wax. Similarly, the interior area comprising of carpet, seats, seatbelts, door knobs, dashboard with accessories, steering, and the rear view mirror is spruced up in great detail.

Thus, it goes without saying that the job of cleaning your car should be left to professional hands in order to enhance its overall looks and life.