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Buffing, Polishing & Hand Wax

Buffing, Polishing & Waxing COMBO

This three stage power polishing, buffing and waxing take cares of minor scratches and swirl marks. The treatment done by well trained professionals will reveal a new gloss look of the paint. Only best compounds, waxes and equipment is used to leave a long lasting shine. A final coat of paint protection is then applied to ensure the new surface is effectively protected.

Starting From $ 339
Extra charges for larger vehicles*

The Best Car Polishing in Calgary for a Super Shiny Car

A car with dirt and grime on its exterior doesn’t look well-maintained, right? Neither does a car whose exterior’s painted portion is damaged or is full of scratch marks. At Calgary Car Detailing, our detailing services doesn’t just stick to the removal of dirt and grime from your car. We believe in making your car shine as well. Our service for car polishing in Calgary entails buffing, polishing and hand waxing. For our car waxing service in Calgary, we use only high-quality polishes and waxes to bestow the look to your car that you desire. Moreover, we employ only trained professionals to make your car look as good as new.

Paint correction, Scratch and Swirl Mark Removing with our Car Waxing Service

Scratches, swirl marks and damaged paint often make your car look poorly maintained although there may be no presence of dirt and grime. Our service for car polishing in Calgary aims in scratch and swirl mark removing to keep your vehicle in good condition. Our hand car polishing in Calgary also includes paint correction where the damaged painted portion of your car’s exterior is redressed. We perform car waxing by hand in Calgary as well as with buffer to refurbish your car’s exterior. Moreover, with our car waxing service in Calgary, your car’s paint is protected from further damage due to UV rays, small rocks and stones, moisture and so on.

Benefits of Car Polishing in Calgary Car Detailing

Our car waxing service provides the following benefits:

  • Protection for your vehicle’s appearance
  • Long lasting finish
  • Removal of minor scratches and swirl marks
  • Paint correction
  • A glossy and shiny car exterior

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