8March, 2019

Useful Tips & Tricks for Successful Car Interior Detailing

car iinterior detailing

To have a well-maintained car, you need to put some extra effort in the sense that you must take your car for monthly detailing services. Cleaning only the exterior, is not enough; your aim should be to get your car cleaned both inside and out. While exterior detailing takes less time, due to the several steps and procedure, car interior detailing comparatively takes more time.

car iinterior detailing

Many car owners think that interior car detailing takes more time and so will cost more, surprisingly some car detailing agencies charge less! To achieve the best detailing for your car’s interior, you must be aware of interior detailing tips and tricks so that you can have a car that smells fresh and looks clean too.

Here are some useful tips for a perfect car interior detailing:

Removing pet hair-

One of the most difficult cleaning tasks is to get all those pet hair removed completely. It is a time consuming task if there is excessive pet hair clinging to the seats, on the dash board, on the floor and other places. Cleaning with only vacuum and compressed air is not enough when you have abundant pet hair to deal with. You need some improved equipment to remove pet hair effiiently. You can use a device that grabs the pet hair and pulls them out from the carpet. Also, numerous small tools are also available like gloves with a specialized ‘hand’, a brush with rubber bristles or a pumice block that can easily grab and remove the unwanted pet hair.

Carpet cleaning-

 The carpets on the floor of your car are perhaps the dirtiest objects inside your car. They deserve to be cleaned using enough cleaning materials. To deep clean the mats, use a hot water extractor. But first, remove the loose dirt by vacuuming. Then spray the carpets using a non-foaming carpet cleaner that is to be used with a hot water extractor. Scrub the carpet with a brush-equipped polisher and then finally use a hot water extractor.

Cleaning by moving-

When performing car interior detailing in Calgary, everything inside the car needs to be thoroughly cleaned including places that are difficult to reach. Get your seats moved to extreme positions, both up and down and sideways to get the areas underneath and on the sides cleaned. When the seats are moved, clean the seat tracks with a paper towel by wiping. Also, don’t forget to clean the area between the center console and the front seats. Since this is a hard-to-reach area, many detailers skip cleaning this area. You can use a spoke brush wrapped with a towel so that cleaning such areas become easier. Some cars nowadays have movable backseats; so move the backseat and clean the underneath portions, the back portion of the seat and other exposed areas.

Removing tough marks-

While many marks inside your car can be removed easily using only cleaners, a microfiber towel and brushes, there are some stains that are just impossible to remove! If all else fail, use isopropyl alcohol to remove marks of dirty shoes or food stains and other marks. Also, a melamine block or a foam pad cleaner is also effective to get rid of the tough marks.


Interior car detailing may require extra time as complex procedures are involved but once it is done, you will never regret waiting so long! Since you are spending both your time and money, you should look for a detailing agency that has a strong reputation for providing reliable interior detailing services.