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Have you ever watched a video where household products are used to restore dirty headlights and felt tempted to try it out yourself? Interestingly, such DIY tricks are good enough but only temporarily! If you are having a hard time while driving at night due to visibility issues, blame your foggy or yellowed headlights. Over time, the acrylic material of the headlights gets exposed to the UV radiation from the sun and becomes cloudy. Along with this, pebbles, debris and dirt scuff the plastic coating of the headlights as you drive. The condition is further compounded when water droplets and chemicals impact the quality of the light radiated from the headlights. The good news is, there is only one solution that addresses all these issues at once and renews the condition of the headlights – a headlight restoration Calgary service.

Compared to the expensive headlight replacement, professional headlight restoration is a more popular choice among car owners for its affordability and effective results. But before we discuss why headlight restoration is important, do you know what headlights are composed of?

headlight restoration Calgary

Understanding what Headlights are Made up of

Initially, headlights were made of glass but being fragile, it shattered and cracked more easily than other materials. In due course, auto manufacturers discovered another material appropriate for making headlights that are strong enough to resist shattering – polycarbonate. It is a type of plastic that is strong, porous and can retain dirt and grime effectively. By adding a UV film, the longevity of the lenses doubled with added protection. However, this protective coating remains useful only for a few years before it begins to degenerate due to constant exposure to UV rays, direct heat from the bulb along with the debris and chemicals present on the road. As a consequence, headlights develop cloudy and yellowed look requiring professional restoration techniques at the earliest.

Foggy Headlights: Is it a Serious Issue?

Foggy, yellowed or discoloured headlights is a serious concern and there’s no doubt about that. More than the aesthetic aspect, driving at night becomes increasingly risky, heightening the chances of fatal road accidents. Foggy headlights can reduce the bulb’s road coverage almost by 50% and impact the overall radiation. Due to decreased visibility, you may strike other vehicles or pedestrians and invite unnecessary consequences. In fact, driving in fog, heavy rain or snow becomes most challenging when you can’t see anything properly as a result of reduced light output. Hence, getting your headlights restored by professional car detailers in Calgary at the right time is a feasible idea.

Why a Professional Service for Headlight Restoration in Calgary is Rewarding?

If you are yearning to bring back the brand new shine and sheen into your headlights, there’s nothing better than a professional headlight restoration Calgary service performed by experienced detailers. The DIY kits only contain a wax film that must be applied over the yellowed headlights but the results are not long-lasting. When considering the best option to recondition your headlights, an expert headlight restoration service is a highly effective solution that can rejuvenate your headlights and restore the lost shine, all without requiring expensive lens replacement.  Calgary Car Detailing is a reputable facility providing excellent headlight restoration service in Calgary. Our team of expert auto detailers follow a step by step approach as well as employ the best techniques and products to restore yellowed, foggy or hazy headlights.

Car detailing Calgary

Cloth seats are present in most of the modern cars which mean at some point of time, you will find them dirty. Dirt and grime get embedded on these cloth seats gradually and after a few weeks, you will notice that your car seats look dull and dirty, calling out for the urgent need for car detailing services. Dirt on cloth seats is easily visible. If you emphasize on keeping your car exterior clean only, think again! Keeping your car fabric/upholstery clean is as important as having a shiny car exterior.

  Car detailing Calgary

The detailing professionals at any auto detailing outlet are trained to clean various types of upholsteries in a modern car. Let us look at the top car fabrics / upholsteries that are best cleaned in an auto detailing centre like Calgary Car Detailing :

Details of Fabrics to Be Cleaned by Car Detailing Services


1. Polyester : Fabric made of polyester is called ‘suede twin’ because it replicates suede material, in terms of appearance. Also called ‘microsuede’, polyester car upholstery gives a luxurious feel and look to the car interior and is also less expensive than real suede material. Although polyester is a fabric known for its softness and comfortability, it is hard to clean for its high absorption power. That is why stains and spills get deeply set in polyester car fabric. The professionals at any auto detailing outlet use special cleaners that make them an expert in giving you clean polyester car fabric.

2. Nylon : Most of the modern car manufacturers use nylon fabrics that are known for being inexpensive and durable. The specialty of nylon lies in enduring the toughest cleaning methods. In other words, you can scrub your nylon upholstery without fearing any damage. The reason why it is best to opt for a professional car interior cleaning is because sometimes pet hair and dirt can get deeply embedded which cannot be self-cleaned effectively. Thus it is better to entrust this task to a detailing professional than struggling at home and wasting your time.

3. Vinyl : Being porous and water resistant, vinyl car upholstery is comparatively easier to clean. With just a damp microfiber towel, you can wipe away a simple spill from the surface. However, if a damp microfiber cloth is no longer effective in removing the stain, you must take your vehicle at any facility for car detailing where the professionals have access to the best quality vinyl cleaner that will instantly remove dirt and stain.

4. Leather : Car interiors look most luxurious when leather upholstery is used. It is commonly admitted that among all the other fabrics, leather is the most difficult and problematic to clean. Without having any knowledge of the right procedures and good quality cleaners, leather cleaning becomes a challenging task. Hence, it is best done in a car detailing outlet where the detailers follow the cleaning steps meticulously and also use the top leather cleaners for effective results. Besides, they also perform leather conditioning to give your leather upholstery the perfect shine and protection.

Conclusion : Keeping your car upholstery clean is important if you aim to enhance your car’s image. However, if you are using any of the above-mentioned fabric, cleaning it in a car detailing outlet twice a month will keep your car upholstery in the best condition all the time. To know more about Car Detailing Calgary, call at 403-370-5050

all about car detailing services

Driving a dirty car is will not really enhance your image as a car owner. You may be an individual with a flair for cleanliness but no sooner than you display your unkempt car, other starts to judge you wrong. Besides, a car that is not maintained properly is sure to have problems bothering you almost every day. As a result, you end up spending thousands of money in repairing and replacing the damaged parts of your car every month.


Car detailing is the secret behind owning a well-maintained car for many years. It is the best car caring method that ensures great looks and greater functions.


all about car detailing services


Related to car detailing services, let us look at some of the important questions:


1. What is a car detailing service?


Car detailing is the service that involves a top-to-bottom cleaning of your vehicle. It is done by professional detailers who use top quality car cleaning equipment and products. By availing car detailing services in Calgary from any agency, you will get a clean and reconditioned car exterior and interior. However, it does not include anybody repairs or additional paintwork. Instead, car detailing gives almost a brand new look by removing the scratches and swirl marks from the car’s body.


2. What do car detailers do?


Professional car detailers Calgary or elsewhere are trained to employ the best detailing practices to clean your car. They begin detailing by washing the exterior with normal water, then applies soap and wipes the surface with a soft cloth. After some time, the exterior is washed and allowed to dry. For interior detailing, they vacuum the seats, beneath the seats and floor mats, removes dust from the vents with a detailing brush, wash the floor mats, cleans the car windows, reconditions the seat and wipes the interior surface areas with an all-purpose cleaner. In the end, they wax, polish and apply ceramic pro coating to prevent your car paint from further damage.


3. What is needed for car detailing?


For the best car detailing results, you will require:


  • Wash mitts
  • Car wash soap
  • Buckets
  • Microfiber towel
  • Clay bar
  • Wax
  • Ceramic coating
  • Leather reconditioner (if you have leather seats)
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Detailing brush


4. What does it cost to detail a car?


The cost of car detailing in Calgary depends on your car model, its size and how dirty it is. The detailing prices vary from one company to the other. However, an average car detailing price starts from $50 and can go up till $249.


5. Will a car detail remove scratches?


Yes, car detailers in Calgary or elsewhere remove scratches from the surface of the car’s exterior. Polishing and waxing are the methods used to eliminate light scratches and swirl marks. It is done at the end after the interior and exterior cleaning. After waxing and polishing, your car will have back the glow that was absent previously. Besides, it also protects your vehicle from having further scratches.


6. What do you need to detail your car interior?


Professionals performing car interior detailing in Calgary, use the following things for a shining car interior:


  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Car cleaning chemicals
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Brushes
  • Multisurface cleaner
  • Vinyl dressing
  • Interior protectant


7. Where can you get your car detailed?


You can get your car detailed at any outlet offering auto detailing services in Calgary. Before you choose any outlet, make sure:


  • Their services meet your requirements
  • They use only top quality cleaning products
  • Detailing prices are reasonable
  • Have good client reviews




Had any doubts about car detailing? This guide explains everything that you wanted to know – the whats, whys, hows, and wheres of car detailing services in Calgary. To know more about our best detailing services, call us at Phone: 403-370-5050.

car detailing in Calgary

Anyone who owns a car knows the importance of car detailing. It is like taking your car for a medical check-up every month! After all, your car is just like your family member and avoiding going for car detailing in Calgary, is similar to committing an offense.

car detailing in Calgary

While taking your car for car detailing, you may have come across numerous car detailing tips. Do you know? Some of these tips(although it may be good to hear) can be wrong and misleading? It can also be a myth. To ensure a long-lasting life for your beloved car, it is important to bust some of the most common myths related to car detailing.

So let us look at some of the common car detailing myths that you must stop paying unnecessary attention to.

  1. Waxing your car too much is alright- This is not always true. According to most of the car detailers in Calgary, waxing is used primarily to enhance the paint of the car as well as to protect the paint. Car waxes usually contain various forms of abrasives and chemical cleaners and so using it in excess, can induce reverse results. So if you do not want that, use a car wax as much as required only and not in excess.

  1. Too much waxing can cause wax build-up– This is again a myth because in truth, there no such thing called ‘wax build-up’. What you hear wax build-up is actually just the accumulation of wax inside the seams and crevices. There is no such new accumulation of wax but it is just when you are applying the wax, some of it starts gathering in the crevices and seams and it needs to be cleaned.

  1. Waxing is not for new cars- There is no such reasoning that says only old cars need waxing and not new cars. Remember! New cars lack any kind of paint protection at the time of manufacturing. Waxing is actually done to protect the paint and it can be done again when it starts to wear off. So a new car needs car waxing as much as old cars.

  1. You need to buy specialized products for clear coats– In an effort to increase the sale of their products, many car care companies have used this as the catch-line and made money! The truth is that there is no such specialized products in the market that cater to only clear coats separately. Instead, when going for auto detailing in Calgary, emphasize more on the use of right tools, pressure, products and so on.

  1. Carnauba wax is the best– This is absolutely wrong; there no such thing called the best wax. It completely depends on the condition of your car as well as your expectations. Simply saying the ‘best’ is meaningless as it doesn’t mention whether it is best in terms of ‘protection’ or ‘visual performance’.

  1. Car caring once a year is fine- This is a very much wrong idea. Although the modern car paint lasts for three years without no maintenance, going for mobile auto detailing in Calgary at least once a month is important if you want your car to look shining and glamorous everyday as well as want to keep car problems at bay!

Conclusion- The next time you go for Calgary car detailing, make sure you keep these myths in mind and easily enjoy owning a car that looks brand new almost every day. Remember! The key to owning a well-maintained car is not paying heed to the commonly followed myths. The sooner you bust such myths, the happier you will be as a car owner.


auto detailing

If you want to save time & money, taking your car for mobile auto detailing is the best option. You also have the option of requesting mobile auto detailing Calgary to come to your residential area. Moreover, car detailers Calgary will wash your car & clean it while you can attend an important meeting in your office. Mobile auto detailing is very beneficial for those who gruel under a tight schedule every day & thereby have no time to take their car to any auto detailing center.  Mobile auto detailing is definitely beneficial for your car, especially if your car hasn’t been cleaned for a long time. Let us look at some of the benefits of mobile auto detailing:


Top 6 Benefits of Mobile Auto Detailing That You Must Know

1. Time-saving- What could be more advantageous if the professionals of mobile car detailing Calgary, visit your home or workplace at your convenient time? Yes, you will no longer require to take out time from your packed schedule to take your car to the auto detailing shop. Moreover, you don’t even have to wait while it is being serviced because the professional will arrive at the scheduled time & complete the job. In this way, you will get more time for other important works.

2. Economical- A reputed mobile auto detailing company will provide premium service at a competitive price. Selecting a renowned service provider at a reasonable price, can only be beneficial to you & your car. You can get all types of auto detailing services at a fair price that won’t allow you to regret later.

3.  Customized service- Some mobile auto detailing agencies provide customized services. A variety of car detailing packages are offered & you can also get special services that are tailored to your needs. You can ask for washing & polishing the exterior of your car, vacuuming & cleaning of the interiors, full interior detailing & many more. For instance, auto detailing in Calgary also offers you the option to choose from several detailing packages according to your need & budget; these packages cater to both internal & external detailing.

4. Obtain personalized service- Professional detailers also provides personalized services to their customers that are bound to provide ultimate satisfaction. It is always best to approach a professional detailer because he will know the right technique, have the right equipment & appropriate cleaning materials to do the job. A simple car wash is not enough if you want a thorough maintenance of your car.

5. Advance scheduling of detailing service- Once you find a professional detailer who provides premium detailing service at a fair price, you can fix up detailing schedules at regular intervals. There is no need to keep a track of the next schedule as the detailer will remind you before the next date approaches & take the necessary steps.

6. Trust is ensured- Finding a professional car detailer is a matter of great fortune. It is better to trust a licensed & accredited car detailer with a proven track record so that you can be tension-free while your car is being serviced. Such professionals will treat your car as their own & will do what is best for you. Also, you don’t have to worry about your car being damaged in the process.

Conclusion-  Going for a mobile auto detailing will make your car look clean & fresh. After all, who wants to ride a dirty & shabby looking car? A clean & shiny car will also improve your image in front of others.

car detailer Calgary

If you are the owner of a car, you must know the right way to maintain it. After all the car has become a member of your family & so has every right to get a proper checkup if it falls sick. Among the various kinds of problems that your car can have, some of them really gives you headache; like after travelling for a certain distance, your car engine can have small fluid leaks like engine oil or brake fluid. Such leaks are really bad because it spreads gradually & sticks to the fatty parts of the engine. Another leak that is harmful for the painted portions of your car is battery leaks since it has acids that are corrosive.

In order to prevent such leaks, you should clean your car engine in the right way, periodically. This type of cleaning involves delicate & difficult operation & also requires special supplies & tools. You can perform an expert car detailing through the professional car detailers in Calgary.


Let us look into the methods of performing full car engine detailing:

1. Use of Engine Grease Remover- As the name suggests, the grease remover removes all the grease that has accumulated on the engine for so long. You will have to begin with cleaning the engine by applying degreaser everywhere with even distribution. Then spray the inner wall that is behind the engine compartment, internal wings, radiator & all around the engine. Then with a long wooden stiff brush rub the various engine parts so that the degreaser can seep inside well. Note that you should cover the wings & windshield before using the powerful degreaser or you can wash these surfaces after cleaning or else the leaked grease remover & dirt can damage the paint of your car.

2. Engine Cleaning Pressure Washer- A simple car detailing can be done by using only soap & water. But what dirt & grime sticks to the engine & is resistant to such cleaning? In that case, a more comprehensive cleaning method must be assumed. To do this, first wear plastic gloves & eye protection before performing car engine detailing. Then degrease the various engine parts with chemical engine degreasers. If you have an extremely dirty engine, using a pressure washer is of a great help because the deposits of grime & dirt easily get removed with this tool. It is always advisable to take help of professional car detailing in Calgary since they would know the correct method & have all the necessary tools. However, some detailers also use waterless products but that is less efficient to remove such stubborn dirt & grime.

3. Steam Engine Cleaning- The methods to clean your car engine is endless. Among so many methods, the most effective one can be to use a cleaning spray with pressurized hot water & solvent. You can also opt for steam. Using such cleaning agents is regarded as highly efficient as it perfectly removes dirt & grease deposits on charred engines & gearboxes. The steam cleaning deeply cleanses your car engine & also prevents the car paint from being damaged by fluid leaks. But doing only steam cleaning can damage your car’s paint or painted engine components; thus many professional car detailers also provide a full car wax & clay bar treatment if the steam cleaning process is performed. Also use clean rags & microfibre towels to keep the engine parts dry & to protect the coil, carburetor & vehicle alarm module because steam cleaning & pressure washing involves moisture & moisture can cause ignition issues after penetrating the parts of the engine.

Conclusion- Performing a full car engine detailing can only make your car healthy & happy. Having a car that is also good from inside & not just outside should be the goal of every car owner.

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Let’s face it, our cars often find a place on the list of our most prized possessions. But no matter how cautious we are while handling our cars, damage is inevitable. Commuting to places and having to drive through mud and snow and grime, we subject the exterior of our cars to unparalleled misuse, albeit, unconsciously. A simple car wash using shampoo and a hosepipe just don’t cut it at times. Think beyond the traditional ways of cleaning and go for a deeper cleansing for the car that ensures that your car retains its shine and does not succumb to contaminants.

Waxing ticks all the right boxes when it comes to shielding your car from the harmful ultra violet rays, rainwater and even water that gets sprayed when you drive through a particularly muddy terrain. Waxing acts as a barrier between the coating of paint and the pollutants found in muddy water resulting in the water to slide off the exteriors quickly without damaging the paint. Wax essentially makes the body of the car a great repellent of water.

car detailers calgary


When Can You Wax The Car?

Car Detailers and experts are always asked about the frequency of waxing and how it should be applied. It is important to wax only after washing the car with shampoo and coating it with polish. Waxing it before applying a coat of polish can strip the wax off.
Ideally, the car should be given a waxing treatment three or four times a year or more depending on the manner your car is used. Waxing seals the polish and protects the outer coating and the quality of the wax used must be of a high quality for longer lasting results.

Benefits of Wax

  • Easier To Wash

Waxing makes sure that your car is washed easily. The external elements that harm the exterior of the car can be prevented or removed simply with a car wash when a liberal coating of wax has been applied. Wax protects the car paint and leaves it as good as new after every wash.

  • Protection From Pollution

Your car can run the risk of potential damage if it is left exposed to the sun. Even more so when a coat of sealant or wax is missing. Pollutants and other corrosive materials tend to cause damage when it comes in direct contact with the paint. With a protective layer of wax, however, these contaminants that get stuck onto the wax is removed easily and do not require additional repairs.

  • Retains The Shine

A wax coating enhances the shine of the car and also elevates the effects of the polish lending the car a glossy sheen. It also greatly reduces the possibilities of scratches and chips that are difficult to avoid. The wax thus acts as a barrier which results in lesser incidences of scratches and keeps your car from losing its shine.

If you are stationed anywhere near Calgary, you can always make use of the various hand car wash services in Calgary that guarantee extensive cleaning and polishing of the entire car.

Pamper your car every now and then and get rewarded with a satisfyingly prolonged experience that is economical yet gives a sense of royalty.

car detailers Calgary

Owning a car is definitely a matter of pride proclaiming that you have arrived in life. It not only helps you to commute to your workplace on a daily basis but more importantly, gives your family the means to utilize their much needed weekend break. However, your favourite car is in need of a washing routine or in automobile parlance, car detailing, in order to keep it in good shape for a long time. The reason for following a car detailing routine is to prolong its life, keep its looks and lustre intact, and to ensure the interior remains cosy and clean for travel. The owners who do not give adequate attention to their cars due to the paucity of time or simple indifference often end up damaging it in the shortest possible time.

car detailers Calgary

Why Car Detailing in the First Place?

As your car winds its way – in the sweltering sun, pouring rain or freezing temperatures, it gathers contaminants that get embedded into the exterior making it lose its shine and colour. Moreover, since our cities have become polluted there is no escaping from getting your car exposed to pollutants like sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide and hosts of industrial discharges swarming in the air. Besides, not to forget the impact of muddied waters on the undercarriage when your car runs over puddles of water, especially during the rainy season. The cumulative effect of all the above mentioned pollutants in addition to dew, bird droppings, pollens, rust and leaves, can mean bad news for your car.

To get rid of the impact as mentioned above, the only way is to wash your car periodically – either at home or at a professionally run car detailing service such as car detailers in Calgary. Washing your car at home, even though can turn into a fun activity involving every member of your household, may not be enough to get rid of stubborn stains or hidden contaminants. In fact, professionally run car wash services are best suited to keep your car in good shape as they have the mechanism, washing solutions with perfect pH balance, and the requisite technical expertise.

Frequency of Car Wash

Depending on the frequency of your car venturing outside, the terrain of travel, or the prevailing weather, your car should be subjected to wash, preferably from places which offer full service car wash. The more your car travels outside the more it gets exposed to contaminants or weather induced damages vis-a-vis say, if it sits cosily inside the garage.

What Does Washing Involve?

A professionally run washing service would involve the following activities:

  • Scrubbing the surface followed by applying car shampoo or a cleaning solution
  • Washing the residues of shampoo and chemicals by shooting pressurised water
  • Applying a coat of paint where the same has worn off
  • Applying a coat of wax to prevent the impact of elements
  • Vacuum cleaning of the interior and scrubbing of the same

Needless to say, car detailing services are a must should you want to prolong the life of your car.

Winter Driving

Winter driving seems to be a stressful ordeal when it comes to a journey through the snowy and icy roads. While some experienced drivers are comfortable with driving in ice and snow, others react to this with stress and panic. However, driving in the winter can be a manageable experience, provided you are well prepared and know how to keep your car under control.

Winter Driving

Steps to Prepare for Winter Driving

  • It is important to make sure that your car is serviced and all maintenance issues are addressed before the winter season arrives.
  • Check whether your windshield wipers, cooling system and battery are in good working order.
  • Buy snow tyres. There is an actual difference between snow and regular tyres for all seasons. Snow tires can dig through the snow allowing better traction.
  • Try packing some kitty litter in your car. Kitty litter offers traction when you are stuck in the ice or snow, thereby preventing your wheels from slipping.
  • Drive looking straight and always keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.
  • Have knowledge of the surroundings and plan which direction you should head in the event of a developing situation.
  • Don’t slam onto your brakes as that may only result in you sliding into the car in front of you.
  • If you are in a slide situation, easing up on the gas is the best idea. Gas only makes things worse when you are trying to manage a slide. If you are trying to speed up from a standstill, light gas application functions the best.
  • If possible, plan prior to stopping. Apply the brakes gently and slowly instead of fast sudden braking. Intersections are sometimes icy and require continuous pressure to the brake pedal.

Young drivers in Canada should be prepared for winter driving with proper lessons on how to tackle the elements. Besides following the above steps, availing quality auto detailing services in Calgary ensures you safety during winter driving.

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