28December, 2016

Rev up Your New Year with a Spick and Span Four-Wheel

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It’s the upcoming event of New Year, and for many, the culmination of a lot of plannings and preparations. But, no matter how hard we try, on the much-awaited New Year week, we find ourselves running around like dumbstruck bunnies who have absolutely no clue about festive car care! While the festive season is synonymous with fun, it also brings along with it loads of woes, car care being the major one. Here are a few New Year vehicle care hacks to tell you how to make it just that little bit less daunting.

hand car wash Calgary

Get the polishing done

It’s always exciting to rev up your garage with a brand-new, swanky four-wheel. But, over the course of time, the luster starts fading, making your car look dull and ragged. And, it’s wacky to drive a colorless and dull car, when the entire city is jazzing up for New Year celebration. So, it’s advisable to get the polishing done from a reliable company. If you want to polish it yourself at home, then you must learn the process properly. The polish should be worked into the paint in straight lines ensuring a complete coverage of the entire area. If you are doing it yourself, leave your car for the instructed time-span before removing and buffing with a clean, microfiber cloth. Using the proper amount also ensures nooks and crannies don’t get clogged up with excess polish which then dries and turns out to be powdery in every area you least want it to. If you find it pretty difficult to do it your own, opt for the professionals.

Wash the dirty four-wheel

A regular wash can help in keeping your car shining and in a good health. If you are planning to save your moolah, you can wash your four-wheel on your own. Make sure to use all high-brand car cleaning products to take the dust off your automobile. Unsure about your car wash skills? Well, today the internet is flooded with tons of tutorial videos, explaining the process of properly washing a vehicle. However, DIY car wash can be a bit daunting, as it may drain your time and energy. The smart and wise step would be to narrow down professional full service car wash to sparkle clean your prized possession. You can also swear by hand car wash for some experimentations.

Check the oil

It is probably the oldest piece of advice in the book, but that does not mean it’s not worth following. If your car’s oil is sludgy, or its level is a bit low, your car’s engine won’t function efficiently. Make sure to top it up and replace it as necessary, and you will definitely reap the benefits all festive season long.

Clear out the interior

With the upcoming New Year Eve around the corner, make sure to rev up the old interior of your car. Delve into the process by clearing out litter, wiping down door sills, cleaning the inside of windows, and polishing the dashboard at least once a week. Replace the old cushions, carpet and seat covers with new ones. With the frequent rides and over the course of time, a car begins to smell odd. If not paid a heed, your car may start stinking terribly. To avoid this, opt for a weekly cleaning of your automobile.

Maintain the exterior

People have a tendency to judge a book by its cover – strange but very true, and it’s applicable for your four-wheel as well. If your car’s exterior fails to stun the passersby, you should vest both your time and money to rev it up. The only way to prevent grit and general wintry muck from infiltrating nooks and crannies is a deep cleaning.

So, stop, slow down, detail your car and make it feel alive this New Year!