1November, 2016

Know Why You Should Opt for Manual Hand Car Wash

Hand Car Wash

Cars are more than just an essential part of your busy life. It reflects your personality and interests. It’s one of your valuable possessions; so you choose the best car care products, sunshades and costly fuel to extend the lifespan of their car engine. But the confusion takes place when it comes to car washing methods. Whether it’s good to choose an automatic car wash or a manual hand wash, every car owner needs to decide it on their own to keep their car spic and span. Below, the major benefits of hand car wash are acquainted.

Hand Car Wash

1. Better cleaning with professional assistance

When you opt for manual hand wash, it can clean your car more thoroughly. Unlike automatic car wash, experienced professionals will devote personal attention, time and energy to make your car look sparkling. They will remove dirt from nooks and crannies. You won’t have to turn on a switch and wait for the result. The expert hands will bring out the actual polish or shine of your car after an excellent manual hand wash. And if you are dealing with some vintage or expensive cars, a professional car wash is worthy enough.

2. Fewer chances of damage

Though the cleaning brushes are designed to protect your car, an auto detailing might leave your car damaged unless the equipment is advanced. But manual hand car wash is less risky. The professionals will clean every corner of your car with delicate car care products. Once it’s done, they will use microfiber clothes to dry the entire vehicle reducing the chances of scratching on the car exterior.

3. Moderate products for car wash

The technicians will always choose the mild car washing products for complete cleanliness whereas the chemical products used in auto car wash might affect the paint. They will work with their hands rather than choosing machinery brushes to keep the paint of your car scratch free and shining.

4. Professionals are highly trained

The manual car wash is done by the highly trained professionals. That is why most of the car owners believe in manual car wash instead of an automatic wash. They prefer the ace professionals more than a machine to clean their cars.

5. Choose an affordable package

The car detailing services come with various affordable packages so that the customers can choose a suitable one based on their requirements. Different options are available there for the manual car wash. For instance, with a manual hand wash you can also avail some other vehicle servicing options without spending again for the same.

So, if you are looking for a safe car wash, manual hand car wash is always better. When you know that you car looks as clean as on outside as it is on inside, this will definitely make you feel positive.