25December, 2022

Why Should Every Car Owner Choose Car Waxing Services?

car waxing service in Calgary

We all love the lustrous look of a brand-new car; a squeaky-clean interior and a glossy exterior. However, after being exposed to dirt, dust, pollution, and harsh sunlight every day, don’t be surprised if you find your car dull and unimpressive. Different factors such as weather damage, oxidation, random imperfections, and any minor accidents can spoil the new look. Now, if you live in or around Calgary, you can easily keep your car in top-notch condition by visiting Calgary Car Detailing. We offer the best car waxing service in Calgary to protect the paintwork of your car and keep it in top shape.

It’s no secret that washing your car at regular intervals keeps it clean. But, waxing it at a significant interval has its own beneficial aspects. It not only provides effective resistance to harmful factors that can cause discoloration, paint damage, and rust, but also helps maintain the high-gloss appearance of your car’s surface. In this blog, we will discuss some of the top reasons why every car owner should choose car waxing services.

car waxing service in Calgary

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Car Waxing Services

Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose car waxing services:

  • Makes Your Car Easier to Wash

A proper coat of wax prevents dirt and water drops from sticking to the car’s surface, making your car much easier to wash. Instead of getting embedded into the car’s paint, smooth waxed surfaces repel contaminants and those that stick are easily washed away. Hence, when it comes to washing your car, you can easily clean any stuck-on debris from the surface.

In case you live in or around Calgary and don’t know how to wash your car properly, you can visit Calgary Car Detailing. Our car detailers in Calgary use a step-by-step approach and top-quality products to clean your car.

  • Preserves the Originality of Your Car’s Paint

Protecting the paintwork of a car is one of the biggest challenges that every car owner faces. Because over time, constant exposure to dust, dirt, harmful UV rays, and pollution causes the freshness of the car’s paint to wear off. However, by opting for car waxing services, you can protect your car’s paint against a variety of paint-damaging elements and keep it looking glossy.

  • Keeps Your Car Well-maintained

In addition to elements such as rain, pollutants, UV rays, and snow, regular exposure to moisture and dampness causes corrosion and causes the car’s body to grow dull and lose its luster. A car wax not only acts as a protective layer but also provides a beautiful luster to your car. Hence, by choosing a car waxing service in Calgary or elsewhere, you can improve the shine of your car as well as make it look brand new and clean as you drive down the road.

  • Protects Your Car From Scratches

No matter how hard you try, various factors like minor swirl marks, stones on the road, scuffs, bird droppings, and even an improper car wash can cause scratches. But by waxing your car, you can add a protective layer and safeguard the car’s paint from superficial damage. It acts as a barrier that protects the clear coat of paint and prevents dirt from getting embedded on the paint.

  • Retains Your Car’s Resale Value

Do you want your car to be sold at a high price? Well, then you should definitely wax your car at regular intervals! While selling your used car, every dealer you come across will consider several factors to assess the condition of your car. These factors typically include the condition of the car’s interior & exterior, mileage, and service records, among others. So, if the paint is faded or damaged, it can reduce your car’s resale value. Waxing your car will help you keep it looking pristine and retain its resale value as well.

  • Protects Against UV Fading

The paint on your car can get dull after extended UV exposure. It has been observed that things left in the back yard quickly fade due to the effects of the sun. A quality paste wax will protect your car’s paint from UV rays by creating a thick layer on top.

  • Protects Break Dust & Rail Dust Particles From Sticking

When brakes are applied, the rubbing of brake pads creates small metal particles that get embedded on the paint. Paint can also pick up metal particles from the road. These tiny shards start to rust and look awful. Therefore, before waxing the car, professional car detailer’s clay it to remove these particles. The application of wax can significantly reduce the possibility of these small particles adhering to the car. Break dust can cause the clear coat of the car to corrode and leave the body vulnerable to corrosion.

Final Thoughts:

There you go. Now that we have discussed some of the to persons why booking waxing services should be part of your car maintenance routine, you just have to visit a renowned car detailing company. In case you are looking for a facility that provides the best car waxing service in Calgary, you can contact the team at Calgary Car Detailing. From waxing, polishing, and buffing, we offer a wide range of paint protection services under one roof. To book our services, call 403-370-5050.