13June, 2017

Ensure Periodic Car Detailing to Prolong the Life of Your Car

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Owning a car is definitely a matter of pride proclaiming that you have arrived in life. It not only helps you to commute to your workplace on a daily basis but more importantly, gives your family the means to utilize their much needed weekend break. However, your favourite car is in need of a washing routine or in automobile parlance, car detailing, in order to keep it in good shape for a long time. The reason for following a car detailing routine is to prolong its life, keep its looks and lustre intact, and to ensure the interior remains cosy and clean for travel. The owners who do not give adequate attention to their cars due to the paucity of time or simple indifference often end up damaging it in the shortest possible time.

car detailers Calgary

Why Car Detailing in the First Place?

As your car winds its way – in the sweltering sun, pouring rain or freezing temperatures, it gathers contaminants that get embedded into the exterior making it lose its shine and colour. Moreover, since our cities have become polluted there is no escaping from getting your car exposed to pollutants like sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide and hosts of industrial discharges swarming in the air. Besides, not to forget the impact of muddied waters on the undercarriage when your car runs over puddles of water, especially during the rainy season. The cumulative effect of all the above mentioned pollutants in addition to dew, bird droppings, pollens, rust and leaves, can mean bad news for your car.

To get rid of the impact as mentioned above, the only way is to wash your car periodically – either at home or at a professionally run car detailing service such as car detailers in Calgary. Washing your car at home, even though can turn into a fun activity involving every member of your household, may not be enough to get rid of stubborn stains or hidden contaminants. In fact, professionally run car wash services are best suited to keep your car in good shape as they have the mechanism, washing solutions with perfect pH balance, and the requisite technical expertise.

Frequency of Car Wash

Depending on the frequency of your car venturing outside, the terrain of travel, or the prevailing weather, your car should be subjected to wash, preferably from places which offer full service car wash. The more your car travels outside the more it gets exposed to contaminants or weather induced damages vis-a-vis say, if it sits cosily inside the garage.

What Does Washing Involve?

A professionally run washing service would involve the following activities:

  • Scrubbing the surface followed by applying car shampoo or a cleaning solution
  • Washing the residues of shampoo and chemicals by shooting pressurised water
  • Applying a coat of paint where the same has worn off
  • Applying a coat of wax to prevent the impact of elements
  • Vacuum cleaning of the interior and scrubbing of the same

Needless to say, car detailing services are a must should you want to prolong the life of your car.