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Your car’s paintwork is not just about aesthetics; it serves as the first line of defence against various environmental elements and potential damage. However, over time, it can get damaged by various factors, such as UV rays from the sun, rain, snow, salt, bird droppings, tree sap, and pollution, among others. Luckily, with proper care and maintenance, you can ensure that your car’s paint remains vibrant, glossy, and well-protected for years to come. And one of the most effective ways to safeguard the paint work of your car is auto detailing. Auto detailing in Calgary or elsewhere includes various steps, such as a thorough wash, waxing, polishing, and more, to ensure a well-maintained and glossy paint finish.

Among all the factors that damage your car’s paint, UV rays, in particular, can lead to oxidation and fading of the paint over time. To help you preserve the appearance, value, and overall condition of your car, we have narrowed down the top ways to prevent the paint from fading.

auto detailing in Calgary

Top 5 Tips for Preventing Your Car’s Paint From Fading

Some of the best ways to prevent your car’s paint from fading have been mentioned below.

1. Wash Your Car Regularly

Regularly washing your car is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the paint. It helps remove various contaminants, reducing the chances of paint degradation. While washing your car, make sure to use mild car wash soap, a soft sponge or microfiber cloth, and plenty of water to avoid scratching the paint. You also need to avoid washing your car in direct sunlight, as it can cause water spots and detergents to dry too quickly, potentially damaging the paint.

Should you bea resident of Calgary or nearby areas, you can easily take care of your car by visiting Calgary Car Detailing. We provide the best services for car detailing in Calgary to help you keep your car in top-notch condition.

2. Wax Your Car

Wax creates a protective barrier between the paint and external elements, such as UV rays, dirt, and pollutants. It not only helps prevent oxidation, which is a common cause of paint fading but also keeps your car looking shiny and ensures the paint remains well-protected. So, choose a high-quality car wax that contains carnauba or synthetic polymers and apply it using a soft foam applicator pad, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

In case you don’t know how to wax your car properly or which products to use, we would recommend you visit a car detailing facility. The detailers will apply premium-quality wax on your car to restore its lost shine.

3. Avoid Using Abrasive Products

When it comes to maintaining your car’s paint, it’s essential to avoid using abrasive products or materials. These can scratch the paint, leading to accelerated fading over time. So, make sure to opt for soft microfiber cloths, non-abrasive sponges, and car-specific cleaning products. Also, be cautious with automated car washes that use harsh brushes, as they can cause swirl marks and damage the paint.

4. Keep Your Car Covered

Whenever possible, park your car in a garage or under a carport to shield it from direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions. Sunlight, especially UV rays, can gradually break down the paint’s protective layers and cause fading. By keeping your car covered, you can provide an extra layer of protection, preserving the paint’s quality and extending its lifespan.

5. Dry Your Car Properly

When you wash your car, you use water and car wash soap to remove dirt and contaminants from the surface, which can leave behind water spots. Drying your car properly after washing helps prevent these water spots from forming and also reduces the chances of rust formation, preserving the paint’s integrity.

Final Thoughts:

Apart from these, there are many other ways to prevent your car’s paint from fading. Some of these include parking your car in a sheltered location, using a car cover, and opting for clearcoat protectors. Should you be looking for a company that offers the best services for auto detailing in Calgary, get in touch with Calgary Car Detailing. With more than 16 years of experience, we provide a wide range of car detailing services at competitive rates. For details, call at 403-370-5050.

Paint Protection Film Calgary

People all over the world may own cars of different models, brands, colors, and sizes, but do you know what’s the most common thread that unites every car owner? It is their fascination with a glistening and clean car exterior. Unfortunately, after being exposed to pollution, harsh sunlight, and dirtevery day, do not be surprised if you find the exterior unimpressive and dull. This is where auto detailing proves to be the most beneficial approach. By hiring services for auto detailing in Calgary or elsewhere, you can not only prevent the occurrence of dust and pollen allergies but also keep your car looking brand new.

Speaking of auto detailing, did you know that it also includes paint protection services? Well, that’s true! Paint protection services incorporate various processes, such as waxing, polishing, buffing, the installation of PPFs, etc., to prevent stains, dirt, and grime from getting embedded on the painted surface of a car. In this blog, we will discuss some of the top reasons why every car owner should opt for paint protection services.

Paint Protection Film Calgary

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Paint Protection Services

Opting for paint protection services can help you protect the paintwork of your car from damage and keep it in the best possible condition. Read on to learn more.

1.  Protects the Originality of Your Car’s Paint

Remember when you purchased your car from the showroom the first day and how the paintwork appeared to be dazzling? However, over time, constant exposure to pollution, dirt, and dust causes the freshness of your car’s paint to wear off. When you choose paint protection services, a paint protection film is installed on the car’s exterior that acts as a shell against a variety of paint-damaging sources and keeps the paint looking glossy.

Should you be a resident of Calgary or nearby areas and want to get a PPF installed on your car, visit Calgary Car Detailing. Our paint protection film in Calgary has self-healing properties and is highly resistant to UV radiation.

2.  Keeps Your Car Well-maintained

One of the biggest challenges that every car owner faces is protecting the paintwork of a car. By opting for paint protection services, you can easily preserve the freshness of the paintwork and keep it well-maintained. So, whether your car’s exterior has scuffs, bird droppings, or scratches, you can easily get them removed with paint protection services.

3. Prevents the Car’s Paint From UV Rays

Exposure to direct UV rays from the sun causes oxidisation due to which the paint looks dull and faded. However, when you opt for paint protection services, PPFs, such as an XPEL paint protection film, are installed, which can help you prevent this from happening and preserve the freshness of the paintwork.

4. Prevents the Car From Scratches

No matter how carefully you drive your car, chances are that it’ll get scratches, whether from stones on the road or just sand causing tiny scratches. Also, environmental elements and car cleaning products sometimes contain chemicals that cause discoloration. However, when you opt for paint protection services, the detailers apply the ceramic coating and even wax and polish the car to protect the exterior from scratches and chemical damage.

5. Retains Your Car’s Resale Value:

Nowadays, it’s a fashion to buy the latest car models and sell off the old ones. So, if you, too, are also planning the same, you must start maintaining your car in the best way possible. Availing of paint protection serviceswill help you prevent the paint from fading and wearing a dull look,keeping it looking pristine and retaining its resale value.


Final Thoughts

As a car owner, you try to keep your car’s paintwork in the best condition possible. And with paint protection services, you can make sure that your car’s paint stays in top-notch condition. If you are searching for a company that provide stop-notch paint protection services as well as services for auto detailing in Calgary, visit Calgary Car Detailing. We offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your car stays in top shape. To know more about our services, call 403-370-5050.

Car detailing Calgary

Keeping a car’s body pristine and lustrous is every car owner’s wish. However, keeping your car in perfect condition is not an easy job. Over time, your car loses the crisp new look. Dust, dirt, dings, and scratches can damage your car’s appearance and lead to various issues, such as oxidation and rusting. Luckily, withcar detailing, you can give your car a glossy exterior, restore its headlights, and protect the paint work. By choosing services for car detailing in Calgary or elsewhere, you can not only restore the shine of your car but also protect it from scratches and other harmful elements.


If you are a car owner, you might have heard of the word “car detailing”. However, in case you can’t pin down exactly what it means and what it entails, then this blog is just for you. Keep reading until the end.

Car detailing Calgary


What is car detailing?

Car detailing is a more thorough, in-depth version of a regular car wash. It not only deep cleans your car but also helps you protect the paintwork and restore the headlights. Added to that, the professional detailers provide top-quality auto detailing services to extend your car’s life and keep it well-maintained.


  What’s the difference between a car wash and car detailing?

As the name suggests, “car wash” refers to the process of washing your car’s exterior to remove dirt, grime, and other elements. Also, it doesn’t include waxing, polishing, or buffing. Car detailing, on the other hand, involves cleaning and protecting the components of your car using different techniques and best-in-class tools.


Having said that, should you be looking for a car detailing facility that offers both a car wash and car detailing, you can visit Calgary Car Detailing. From a full-service car wash to interior and exterior detailing, we provide a wide range of services for auto detailing in Calgary under one roof.


  • ∎  What does car detailing include?

Car detailing consists of a comprehensive cleaning of your car, whether it is the exterior or interior components. Some of the top services it includes are:


  • ⋇ Exterior Car Detailing

It’s a more complex and intensive detailing of the exterior components of a car. It includes hand washing, tire and wheel cleaning, buffing, polishing, waxing, and more.

  • ⋇ Interior Car Detailing

  • It is a comprehensive process to spruce up your car’s interior. Car interior detailing in Calgary or elsewhere typically includes vacuuming, cleaning floor mats, windows, the center console, and conditioning leather seats, among other things.
  • Paint Protection

All the minor scratches and paint imperfections are treated using various techniques, and a high-quality paint protection film is also installed to preserve the freshness of the paintwork.

Headlight Restoration

High-quality products are used to remove dirt and debris from the car’s headlights, giving them a new and revamped look.


  • How long does it take to detail a car?

The total time needed to detail your car depends on many things. For instance, if your car is medium-sized and not excessively dirty, then the detailing will take anywhere between 3 and 5 hours. It also depends on the number of services you wish to undertake. If you want to add a ceramic coating to your car, it will take at least 2-3 days, whereas if you just want your leather car seats cleaned, it’ll be done in a short span of time. Hence, once you have decided which car detailing services you want to avail of, it’ll be easy to determine how long the process will take.


  • What is the average cost of getting your car detailed?

The costs for car detailing depend on a lot of factors, such as the size of your car, the services you choose, your geographic location, and the condition of your car. However, a basic auto detailing service typically starts at $149 and can go up to $349.


  • How often should I get my car detailed?

As the leading auto detailing company, we would recommend detailing your car at least two or three times a year. However, the frequency of car detailing can vary depending on your personal preferences as well as the condition of your car.


Wrapping Up

There you go. Now that we have discussed some of the most important aspects of car detailing, you just need to visit a company that understands your requirements and can provide you with optimal results. Should you be looking for a company that offers the best services for car detailing in Calgary, get in touch with Calgary Car Detailing. With more than 16 years of experience, we provide a comprehensive range of car detailing services at competitive rates. For details, call us at 403-370-5050.

Car Detailing Services

Love for your car is endless and there’s no doubt about that. Driving a car that looks excellent both inside and outside gives a pleasant feeling. After all, for car owners, there can’t be a greater source of satisfaction than this, right? Of course not! Understandably, you try to do everything to make sure your car has this new look for as long as possible. However, once your car gets exposed to pollution, dirt, and harsh sunlight every day, don’t be surprised if you find the interior grimy and the exterior dull and unimpressive. This is where car detailing services prove to be immensely helpful. Getting your car detailed not only pulls out hidden dirt from both the exterior and interior parts of your vehicle but also adds a great spark and charm to it.

You know, if you really want to keep the beauty of your car intact, you need to follow a proper maintenance routine diligently, which should include regular cleaning and washing. But what if you are too busy to clean your car on your own? That’s the reason why car detailing services is one of the biggest priorities for vehicle owners across the world. Want to know why every car owner should choose car detailing services? Well, keep reading the blog until the end.

Car Detailing Services

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Car Detailing Services

By hiring car detailing services, you can keep your vehicle in top-notch condition and also increase its resale value. Read on to learn more.

  • Amps Up Your Car’s Interior

As you already know, car detailing goes beyond a regular wash. It is meticulously crafted entailing important steps such as upholstery cleaning and conditioning, thorough vacuuming, cleaning the vinyl plastic, glass, floor mats, and center console, and steam cleaning the carpet, to name a few. This helps remove stubborn stains from the interior components and restore their lost appeal.

In case you are looking for a company that provides the best services for auto detailing in Calgary, visit Calgary Car Detailing. From vacuuming the car’s interior thoroughly to cleaning them using best-in-class products and tools, our professional detailers will provide you with the best services to ensure your car’s interior look impeccable.

  • Protects the Exterior From Various Environmental Factors

Elements, such as extreme heat, road salt, debris, and other harmful chemicals, can cause long-term damage to your car’s exterior components, especially the paint. Although regular car washing helps keep your car clean, it can’t save your car from car unnecessary rusting and corrosion. But when you book car detailing services, the detailers use microfiber towels on the car exterior to eliminate the chances of forming any scratches and of course, absorb moisture too. Added to that, they also install PPFs and apply ceramic coating and wax to protect the paintwork from superficial damage.

  • Helps Maintain Your Car

One of the biggest challenges that most car owners face is maintaining their car’s brand-new appearance. Various factors, such as pollution, dirt, and dust, can make your car look untidy. However, by getting it detailed, you can restore its showroom shine, making your car more attractive to potential buyers.

During professional car detailing, experts only employ pH-balanced products and premium-quality tools like microfiber cloth, brush, and sponge to scrub away the stubborn dirt without damaging your car. Moreover, these products don’t contain harmful substances and help you prevent the paintwork of the car as well.

  • Saves You Money in the Long Run

In addition to damaging the car’s interior and exterior components, regular exposure to weather elements like rain, UV rays, pollutants, and snow causes the car paint to grow dull and lose its luster. Car detailing is best known for protecting the various parts of your car, making it look as good as new. Hence, by choosing car detailing services, you can keep your car in top-notch condition and avoid spending money on repairs.


The Bottom Line:

Professional car detailing involves a thorough cleaning of both the exterior and interior of your car. Hence, by getting your car detailed at regular intervals, you can restore the original luster of your car. At Calgary Car Detailing, we offer a wide range of car maintenance services at reasonable rates. We are well-trained and highly experienced professionals who can detail any car model and provide you with assured satisfaction. For booking, call us at 403-370-5050.

ceramic coating Calgary

Nowadays, cars aren’t a luxury but a necessity. They not only help you avoid the hassle of using public transport but also provide you with the freedom to travel anytime and anywhere you like. Hence, it’s extremely important to take good care of them. Although there are various ways, such as exterior detailing, regular washing, waxing, and polishing, to protect your car, especially the paintwork, ceramic coating proves to be one of the best ways to preserve the car’s paint. It creates an additional hydrophobic layer on the surface of the car’s exterior and prevents acidic contaminants from getting affixed to the paint. So, in case you live in or around Calgary and are looking for a car detailing company that provides the best services for ceramic coating in Calgary, you can visit Calgary Car Detailing. We apply premium-quality ceramic coating compounds to the entire car’s exterior, covering the hood, doors, bumper, and other parts.

Having said that, just applying the ceramic coating to your car isn’t enough; you have to take proper steps to maintain it. To help you keep your ceramic-coated car sparkling clean, we have narrowed down some useful tips.

ceramic coating Calgary

Most Effective Ways to Keep a Ceramic-coated Car Sparkling Clean

By following some specific guidelines, you can make sure your ceramic-coated car stays clean and in top-notch condition. Read on to learn more.

  • Wash Your Car Regularly

Constant exposure to various factors, such as sunlight, moisture, heat, and pollution, can damage the ceramic coating and deteriorate the paint. By washing your car on a regular basis, you can prevent these elements from damaging the ceramic coating.

When washing your car, take two buckets; fill one with clean water and the other with soap solution. Then, use good-quality car soap and wash the car’s exterior components thoroughly. In case you are a resident of Calgary and don’t know how to wash a car properly, visit Calgary Car Detailing. With more than 10 years of experience in the field, we take pride in providing the best services for auto detailing in Calgary.

  • Use a Micro-fiber Cloth for Cleaning

Once you have washed your car, dry it using a microfiber cloth. While cotton towels leave strands of lint, microfiber towels have a soft texture and, most importantly, are highly resistant to lint shedding. Added to that, they are highly absorbent, which means they can hold a lot of water and cleaning solutions. This helps to prevent scratches and swirl mark son the car’s surface.

  • Choose Good-quality Maintenance Products

Our professional detailers providing services for ceramic coating in Calgary always recommend using premium-quality maintenance products for cars. Harsh or poor-quality products contain abrasive compounds, degreasers, and alkaline cleaners, which can damage the ceramic coating on your car. Good-quality products, such as maintenance sprays, create another layer of protection and prevent the chemical components from getting embedded into the ceramic coating.

  • Park Your Car in a Covered Area

Did you know that by parking your car in a covered area, such as a carport or garage, you can keep your ceramic-coated car well-maintained for a long time? Over time, UV rays and other harmful elements can cause the coating to degrade, leading to a dull and faded appearance. By keeping your car in a covered area, you can not only prevent the degradation of the coating but also enhance its lifespan.

  • Remove Contaminants from the Paint Immediately

Should you want to maintain the shiny appearance of the ceramic coating and prevent it from being damaged, make sure to remove contaminants from your car’s paintwork as soon as possible? Contaminants such as tree sap and bird dropping scan be corrosive and acidic, and if left on the paintwork for too long, they can cause irreversible damage. By removing these contaminants, you can prevent them from damaging the paint and ensure your car stays in top-notch condition.


The Bottom Line:

There you go. Now that we have discussed some of the best ways to keep your ceramic-coated car sparkling clean, you just have to keep these points in mind. Should you be looking for a car detailing company that provides the best services for ceramic coating in Calgary, visit Calgary Car Detailing. We employ best-in-class tools and products to keep your car’s paint looking sparkling clean. For more details, call us at 403-370-5050.

Full service car wash Calgary

For every car owner, preserving the top-class condition of their car is a priority. After all, you worked so hard to buy your dream car, didn’t you? However, caring for your car is not an easy task. From cleaning and washing it on a regular basis to waxing and polishing your car, there are numerous things that you need to do to keep your ride well-maintained. Now, in case you live in or around Calgary, you can easily restore your car’s shine and keep it in top shape by visiting Calgary Car Detailing and booking our services for auto detailing in Calgary. Our professional detailers will clean both the exterior and interior of your car by employing the best tools and products and take all the measures to provide you with pleasing results.

Having said that, with so many auto detailing companies claiming to be the best, finding the right facility can be challenging. So, before you take your car to a facility, make sure it possesses the right qualities. In this blog, we have narrowed down some of the top ways that will help you choose a reliable car detailing company.

Full service car wash Calgary

Top 4 Tips for Choosing a Reliable Car Detailing Company

Finding the right car detailing company doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what to look for. Here are some useful tips for you.

  • Check the Total Experience

If you are a new car owner and looking for a reputable company, the first thing you need to look for is the experience of the company. Remember, a car detailing facility with extensive experience proves that it has catered to various clients and also worked on different car brands. Added to that, the team will not only be well aware of the challenges of detailing all types of cars but also come up with the perfect solutions.

In case you are planning to book a full-service car wash in Calgary, you can consider getting in touch with us. At Calgary Car Detailing, we use PH-balanced and high-quality chemicals and products to clean and wash your car.

  • Make Sure the Professionals Are Certified

Before taking your car to a facility, you need to make sure the professionals are well-qualified to perform tasks like cleaning the interior components and applying wax and ceramic coating, etc. Remember, a professional car detailing company only employs qualified and well-trained detailers. So, when you take your car for detailing, you can have the peace of mind that your car is in the right hands. The experts from such a company can handle every aspect of car detailing with great ease.

  • Go Through the Range of Services

Whether your car needs complete detailing or headlight restoration, the facility should be able to address the issue and provide you with optimal results. For instance, let’s say you want to install an XPEL ultimate plus self-healing film to protect your car from minor scratches and damage. In this case, the professionals should be well-trained to ensure a smooth and successful installation process.

Similarly, the facility should be able to provide other car detailing services like interior and exterior detailing, buffing, polishing and waxing, headlight restoration, paint protection, and much more.

  • Take a Look at Their Rates

A lot of car owners prefer DIY rather than taking their cars to a car detailing company because they believe that car detailing services are costly. But once you are aware of the benefits of availing of car detailing services and the value it holds for your car, price becomes a secondary factor. However, when choosing a car detailing company, make sure they offer cost-effective services, without compromising on their quality of service.


Wrapping Up

There you go. Now that you know how to choose the right auto detailing facility, you just have to keep these points in mind before taking your car for detailing. Should you be looking for a facility that offers the best services for auto detailing in Calgary, you may reach out to Calgary Car Detailing. We are well-equipped with state-of-the-art technology and only use premium-quality tools and products to make sure your vehicle looks as new as possible. For details, call @ 403-370-5050.

Car Detailing Calgary

For every car owner, preserving their car’s top-notch condition is a top priority. And to keep the car well-maintained and ensure that its beauty remains intact, giving it a thorough cleaning is certainly the best way. But what most car owners don’t understand is that polishing a car is as important as washing it. When you drive around, road dirt, bird droppings, and other contaminants get embedded into the car’s paint. They not only spoil the new look of the car but also cause the paint to fade. So, if you live in or around Calgary and want to protect your car’s paint, availing of services for car polishing in Calgary might be the right choice.

Polishing your car removes contaminants from the surfaces, helps get rid of scratches on the windshield, and most importantly, prepares your car’s surface for waxing and sealing. Want to know more about the beneficial aspects of polishing your car? Well, keep reading the blog till the end!

car polishing in Calgary

Top 5 Benefits of Getting Your Car Polished

Polishing your car at regular intervals should be an important part of your car maintenance routine. Here are the top five benefits of polishing your car.

  • Eliminates Accumulated Contaminants

Over time, contaminants such as road dirt, metal filings, corrosive particles, and bird droppings form layers on your car. They not only ruin the beauty of your ride but also lead to paint imperfections. By polishing your car, you can remove these harmful contaminants and bring back your car’s shine.

Having said that, eliminating all the layers of contaminants from a car’s surface requires professional skills and training. Hence, it’s important to take your car to a renowned facility and have it polished by experienced detailers. In case you live in Calgary or nearby areas and are looking for a reputable car detailing company, you can consider getting in touch with us. At Calgary Car Detailing, we offer the best services for auto detailing in Calgary. From exterior and interior detailing to polishing and waxing, we provide a wide range of services under one roof.

  • Removes Scratches

No matter how minor they appear, paint scratches are difficult to get rid of once they get embedded into your car’s surface. And if neglected, they can lead to costly repairs. Car polish can remove minor scratches by safely grinding the surface layers of the car’s paint, and provide it with a beautiful luster that’s certainly going to last for a long time.

  • Protects Your Car’s Paintwork

Over time, constant exposure to various environmental factors such as direct exposure to sunlight and acid rain causes the freshness of your car’s paint to ride off. Car polishing, however, adds a layer of protection to the car’s paint and prevents discoloration.

Did you know that, at Calgary Car Detailing, cars are thoroughly polished before installing paint protection films? This helps restore the car’s paint which has lost its shine due to oxidation. So, if you are planning to install paint protection film on your car and are looking for an authorized 3M film installer in Calgary, you can visit our facility.

  • Adds Shine to Your Car

Another benefit of polishing your car is that it can provide your car with a glossy look and improve its overall appearance. Professional detailers use top-quality polishing compounds to remove watermarks as they may lead to corrosion and also ruin a car’s paint job, ensuring a spotless and sparkling clean car.

  • Improves the Car’s Resale Value

Are you planning to sell your old car? If so, you have to make sure it’s well-maintained and looks sparkling clean. Scratches, swirl marks, and other paint imperfections are often visible and may reduce the value of your car. By polishing your car, you can keep it looking glossy and make it look more appealing to the customers.


The Bottom Line:

The exterior of your car is the first thing that’ll be noticed by anyone and if it’s dirty, has scratch marks and stubborn stains, it will look unimpressive and dull. Hence, whenever you take your car for detailing, make sure to polish your car as well. Should you be looking for a company that provides the best services for car polishing in Calgary, visit Calgary Car Detailing. Our professional detailers use top-quality products to offer a revamped look to your precious possession. To know more about our services, call 403-370-5050.

Auto Detailing Calgary Company

After your house, the next valuable possession that’s on the list is your car. It gives you the freedom to travel anywhere at any time, be it late at night or early morning. Besides, due to the ongoing pandemic, travelling in your private car is a safer option than opting for public transport. However, with all the dirt, dust, and grime on both the exterior and interior portions of your car, you might as well get ready to catch people staring at your car and commenting about its poor condition. So, to keep your car in the best condition, you must opt for a professional auto detailing Calgary company that offers you a wide variety of detailing services, different types of detailing packages at all kinds of prices.

With so many options and every company claiming to be the best in the industry, selecting the right one can be a daunting task. Don’t worry! In this blog, we will share the best ways to find an ideal facility near you.

Auto Detailing Calgary Company

Points to Consider When Selecting the Right Auto Detailing Calgary Company

  1. Do Research and Check the Reviews

Proper research is the first step when it comes to selecting the right auto detailing facility. From finding out about their location to the various services offered by them, almost everything is hidden in your research potentials. Almost every car detailing Calgary facility has an official website that gives all the details about their services, timings and prices. You may also find a separate section named ‘client testimonials’ where clients post their reviews about the facility.

  1. Experience & Reputation

A car detailing Calgary company with significant experience implies that it has worked on different vehicle brands. Thus, go for an auto detailing Calgary company that has emerged as a dominant player in the industry, a company that has vast experience as well as a good record in catering to various clients like you.

  1. Range of Services

In order to keep your vehicle in the best condition, you must opt for a full service car wash in Calgary. Choosing a company that provides a wide range of auto detailing services can save you time and trouble in the long run. You will be provided with services ranging from paint protection and complete detailing to interior and exterior car detailing.

  1. Is the Cost Reasonable?

Remember not to be lured to car detailing companies that offer low-priced services as they may be compromising on their quality of service. On the other hand, choosing a car detailing service that costs more than your means is out of the question. Hence, choose a company that offers quality services at competitive rates. Simply put, make sure you’re striking the right chord between quality and affordability.

Calgary Car Detailing- The Trusted Professionals for Auto Detailing in Calgary

Finding a trustworthy auto detailing Calgary facility is undoubtedly a daunting task but by remembering the above-mentioned points, you can easily recognize the right auto detailing facility for you. Should you be looking for a professional auto detailing facility, visit Calgary Car Detailing. We are well-equipped with state of the art technology, tools and top-quality products to perform interior and exterior detailing, vehicle buffing, headlights restoration, waxing and polishing, paint protection and much more. To know more about our services, call 403-370-5050.

Biohazard detailing is relatively more effective in eliminating stubborn stains and foul smells resulting from vomit, milk spill, coffee spill, sods, mice infestation, liquids, fish smell and the likes. Compared to most car detailing companies, Calgary Car Detailing is notable for performing more biohazard jobs. This is possible as we have streamlined a protocol that yields the best results. The tools are thoroughly sanitized after detailing split-up sections of the vehicle and microfiber cloths and pads are disposed of to avoid cross-contamination.

In this article, we will cover what steps must be followed to conduct a biohazard cleaning and why it is important to hire an expert biohazard detailing company. The sooner the issue is dealt with, the lesser it may end up costing and ensure a better result.

Calgary Car Detailing

What is biohazard detailing?

A vehicle that has been exposed to biological materials such as fluids containing dairy, alcohol, sugars, or pest can become a breeding ground for bacteria and foul smells.  A detailing job that is focused on using special chemicals, techniques, and equipment to get rid of these contaminants is vital for properly cleaning the vehicle so you can inhale fresh air. If you’re wondering how to get rid of vomit, drink spills, fish smell or mice infestation, availing an expert biohazard detailing service from a professional car detailing Calgary company is a worthwhile decision.

The Biohazard Detailing Process at Calgary Car Detailing

  • Removing Seats : A major difference between a regular detail and a biohazard cleaning is the removal of the car seats. Since the contaminants move freely underneath carpets, without removing the seats, properly cleaning is difficult. A reputable car detailing Calgary company must ensure that every inch of the floor is cleaned. Hence, removing parts that prevent a proper clean is vital.
  • Removing Carpets : Usually, this is not required for most spills as they can be extracted out with a powerful commercial-grade extractor. Removing the carpets becomes essential when the padding underneath the carpet has developed mold or there are compartments underneath the carpet which cannot be cleaned with an extractor.
  • At Calgary Car Detailing, we can change the carpet underpad so that you don’t inhale mold while driving.  If you develop mold exposure-related respiratory symptoms after getting inside your car, you must take the vehicle to a professional detailing unit to remedy the situation.
  • Shampooing & Steam Cleaning :  A good shampoo in our experience remedies 85% of the biohazard problems arising from vomit, milk or coffee spills, sods, mice infestation, liquids and fish smell, among others. Most auto detailing Calgary facilities only apply shampoo that hardly covers the entire area. It is especially important to pass the hot water extractor with powerful chemicals numerous times. (Often 10 to 15 times at any one area)

The area should then be sanitized using a commercial steamer. Steam can also be blown into the ventilation system to kill germs. Other surfaces like plastic trims and leather should be cleaned with an anti-bacterial all-purpose cleaner, followed by a steamer, and lastly an application of a good quality conditioner to rejuvenate the loss of moisture. This helps to avoid cracking of the interior trims.

  • Odor Eliminating Microbial Treatment : In the majority of the biohazard detailing jobs, this treatment is not required, since a good cleaning will almost always get rid of the contaminants and smell. Seldom when the car smells bad even after the biohazard clean and if the customer doesn’t wish to pay for an underpad change, we spray patented microbes from a very reputable supplier. The microbes consume the odour which resolves the problem quickly.
  • Changing Cabin Filter : A cabin filter cleans the air that runs into your ventilation system. Often, manufacturers recommend changing it every year. (Consult your user manual). Once the car has been thoroughly cleaned for biohazard material, the last source of odour can be the cabin filter. It does not break the bank and provide clean air. It is important to know that the cabin filter and engine filter are two different things. The cabin filter is often located in the glove box of the vehicle and can be changed at your dealership or the mechanic shop.
  • Ozone Treatment : Ozone is a pure oxygen molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. Because the gas in this state is toxic, it effectively kills bacteria, mold, fungi, and other parasites. In this treatment ozone generator is placed into the car for a specific period. Once the timer stops, all doors are left open with ventilation running to clear the gas before the client’s pick-up.

At Calgary Car Detailing, we have successfully used ozone treatment for bio-hazard cleaning. This treatment should be accompanied by appropriate cleaning. It does not yield the best results as a stand-alone treatment.

  • Our Guarantee : Unlike other detailing units, Calgary Car Detailing provides a full guarantee of our biohazard cleaning which means if the smell coming from vomit, coffee and milk spills, sods, mice infestation, liquids, or fish does not go away or returns when the upholstery is dried, we will happily clean it again and ensure that the odour is eliminated. 
  • Fabric Guard : Fabric guard or scotch guard treatment after your freshly cleaned seats can protect your upholstery from future spills. It creates a barrier so the spills do not seep into the upholstery and can be wiped out with a cleaner and microfiber cloth.

Book Professional Biohazard Detailing Services at Calgary Car Detailing

As revealed above, the process of bio-hazard detailing is very tedious and requires expertise beyond the ordinary detailing method. Many auto detailing Calgary companies claim that they can handle biohazard cleaning even when the staff is not appropriately trained. Often, vehicles are brought to us when other facilities have either turned them down or failed to appropriately clean the vehicle. Calgarians and people from other urbanites in Alberta trust Calgary Car Detailing for biohazard detailing because of our processes which entail carefully analyzing each situation and fabricating a remedy. So, now, you know where to go if your car interior has vomit, milk spill, coffee spill, sods, mice infestation, liquids, fish smell, dog pee, don’t you? Calgary Car Detailing is where we make sure your car interior is 100% clean, fresh and hygienic. To book our service  call 403-370-5050.

auto detailing Calgary

Are you considering buying a new car soon? Do you wish your prospective buyer to pay a well-deserved price for your old car? If yes, then opting for a pre-sale auto detailing Calgary service is the right move. Detailing your vehicle is THE pivotal step that could persuade your purchaser to pay the demanded price without a bargain.

Don’t believe us?

Well, a study published by Car wise reveals that a professional car detailing service can augment your vehicle’s value by up to 15%. Let’s take an in-depth look and find out how an expert car detailing service can boost your vehicle’s resale value.

auto detailing Calgary

Top Reasons Why Detailing Your Car Before Selling Is Worth It

  1. Reduces wear and tear on the exterior: A car detailing service is best known for restoring and protecting the various parts of your vehicle, making it look as good as new. Regular exposure to weather elements like UV rays, rain, snow and pollutants causes the car paint to lose lustre and grow dull.Moreover, the exterior of your car could be having scratches, swirl marks or oxidation. Along with these, if the wheels are left dirty, your car’s value will be automatically reduced.To improve the overall condition, professional detailers follow a series of steps to restore the car exterior and render maximum protection.The steps included in exterior car detailing are:
  • Hand wash and dry
  • Hot waxing
  • Cleaning tires and wheels
  • Carnauba wax paint protection
  • Shampooing engine bay and undercarriage
  • High gloss paint finish
  • Claying and decontaminating paint
  • Power polishing and rejuvenating paint finish

Professional detailers employ high-quality products containing various chemicals like phosphates, mineral oils, UV inhibitors, surfactants and so on, which extends paint life and offers the necessary protection against damages.

  1. A spic and span interior: Like the exterior, availing of a reputable auto detailing Calgary service can also revamp your car interior. It’s a misconception that interior car detailing is a simple wet wipe and vacuum. Actually, it’s more than that!Interior car detailing includes the following steps:
  • Vacuuming thoroughly
  • Steam cleaning the interior
  • Cleaning and dressing vinyl plastic, trim, dash and center console
  • Cleaning, condition and protecting leather seats
  • Washing and freshening up carpets, upholstery
  • Cleaning windows

Professional car detailers are well-trained and pay close attention to every car interior components while detailing. Consequently, whether there were stubborn food stains on the leather seats or water spots on the window glass, any kind of noticeable marks, blotches or smudges are effectively treated. 

  1. Restores headlights: It doesn’t matter if your car exterior and interior look well-groomed. If the headlights are dull and cloudy, it can be the reason why you may fetch a lesser price.An expert headlight restoration Calgary service can do wonders for those pair of cloudy headlights. The professionals employ the best products and tools to remove scratches by sanding, polishing and waxing. The process is completed by applying a UV sealant that protects the headlights from the harsh effects of the sun. This not only gives you crystal clear headlights but also offers protection from further damages.
  2. Enhances the gloss and shine of your car paint: Would you purchase a car if it looked dull and lacklustre at the first sight? If it’s a no for you, so is the same for your buyer.Professional car detailing services involve polishing and waxing, the two essentials steps responsible for maintaining the shine of your car paint. In tandem with that, the paint surface also becomes as smooth as glass, eliminating any kind of imperfections. Besides, combining polishing and waxing is the best way to rejuvenate car paint and keep it protected from environmental damages for a longer time.

Overhaul Your Car’s Appeal With the Best Auto Detailing Calgary Services

Detailing your car before selling is a worthwhile decision and now, you know the reasons. However, detailing your car at regular intervals is the surefire formula for keeping your investment protected and sale-ready throughout the year. Car detailing isn’t just necessary for cosmetic reasons; it is an essential step to extending the longevity of your vehicle and boosting its resale value in immeasurable ways. For the most reliable auto detailing Calgary services, get in touch with Calgary Car Detailing. The company has over 16 years of experience in providing top-notch complete car detailing services.

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