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expect from car detailing service

If you are a car owner, you must be knowing the importance of keeping your car clean so that it never fails to dazzle when given a chance. However, whenever you plan to clean your car yourself, some or the other commitment can come in the way. Hence the best way to maintain your car’s condition is by opting for mobile auto detailing in Calgary.


expect from car detailing service


Car cleaning must top your priority list because cars are prone to get dirty easily and if you are fond of travelling in your car every day, car detailing is a must!


So what are the things that you can expect from a standard car detailing service? Here is a list:


1. Cleaning of the leather surfaces-


Your car interiors are mainly composed of leather or vinyl. Such materials attract dust and other materials dispensing a nasty and unkempt look to your car interiors. Besides such awful visual effects, polluted car interiors are also the breeding grounds for allergies,breathing problems, foul smell and many more. If looked carefully, a car that is not detailed for a long time, also has mold and mildews in the nooks and corners inside the vehicle. This is the time when your trusted car detailers at auto detailing in Calgary comes to the rescue. The professionals are trained and so they know the right method to give you back your shiny leather or vinyl car interiors! The best detailing products, specially meant to clean the car interiors, are used to remove dirt, stains, bacteria and disease-causing germs making your car interiors hygienic and pollution-free.


2. Deep cleaning of the carpets-


Cleaning the carpets is a task that is left neglected by most of the car owners. The reason is that the carpets are difficult to clean and is much different from the carpets used at home. Hence you need to get the carpets of your car cleaned by professionals at Car detailing in Calgary since they have all the necessary tools, products and they know the procedure as well. All these make the old-looking dirty carpet in your car look dazzling and clean like brand new!


3. Detailing of the tires and wheels-


If you ask which part is the dirtiest one of a car, it has to be the wheels and tires. These are the parts that are directly exposed to the dirty roads, travelling over mud, grease, oil and everything. Leaving the wheels unclean can result in permanent loss or damage. The dirt are sometimes sticky and stubborn making it difficult to remove. The professional detailers just know the right way and can get your dirty wheels shining like brand new with their superior quality tire cleaning products and equipment.


4. Old but new exteriors-


Car detailing can also be done for your car’s exterior which means if your car has externally become dirty, it can easily be cleaned with such a service. Your car will be washed with mild soap and specialized tools followed by car polishing, application of wax and many more steps. The end result that you will get is gleaming exteriors just like the first time when you purchased the car.




Thus mobile car detailing in Calgary gives you more than an ordinary car wash. As for now, the immediate requirement is to fix up an appointment with your trusted detailer and get your car engaged in a thorough cleaning session.

Car Interior Detailing

A common conception among car owners is that their vehicle must have a first-class appearance but only externally. Often, having a well-maintained car interior is overlooked or ignored. Your car’s image is enhanced not only by its outward show but also how it looks from inside. A car can only be called well-maintained if it has both an impressive exterior and interior.


Hence to get back a sparkling car interior, it is important to go for mobile car detailing in Calgary where the professionals wash the floor mats, vacuums the interior, conditions the leather and performs various other interior detailing activities.


Car Interior Detailing


But the question is, how will you be benefited through interior car detailing in Calgary?


1. Increase in the value of the car-


Nobody will want to buy a car that doesn’t function properly or has an unimpressive appearance. Any buyer will want to purchase a car that is in good condition and the more well-maintained it is, the better price will your car fetch. The easiest way to keep your car’s condition intact is through detailing services. Paying attention to only exterior detailing is not enough; interior detailing is also vital as your buyer will also consider the condition of the interior before paying you the demanded price.


2. Removal and prevention of stains-


Your car interior is made up of various materials, from back to front. Materials like fabric, metal, plastic, vinyl and leather compose your car’s interior portions. All these surfaces can get stained and render a dirty look. So the removal of these stubborn stains are possible by using premium quality cleaning products. Interior car detailing agencies have all kinds of stain removal and prevention products that can make your interiors look sparkling clean.


3. Maintenance of hygiene standards-


A clean car interior is required not because it looks good and presentable but also for health reason. People are getting up in your car and touching everything with their dirty hands. As a result, the various parts of your car interior are laden with germs, bacteria, grease, oil and what not! If your car interiors are left neglected for long, it can become a breeding ground for insects and surely you wouldn’t want anyone travelling in your car, spot insects here and there.


4. Protection of the upholstery-


The upholstery of your car is susceptible to damage from wear and tear, stains and from the UV rays of the sun. To protect your interior, you need to do window tinting from your trusted auto detailing agency in Calgary. With the absence of window tinting, the sun’s rays are directly penetrating inside the car throughout the day and this can destroy your car’s upholstery. With proper interior detailing, your car’s interior fabrics can be professionally treated to prevent damage from UV rays of the sun.


5. Removal of allergens-


Just like in your home, when you don’t clean it for too long, dust piles up everywhere so is the case with your car. The interior of your car can have piles of dust giving an unkempt appearance. Excessive dust is an easy way to invite allergic reactions. So to avoid such complications, get your car interior detailed at any mobile auto detailing agency in calgary.




So if you really want everyone to praise the appearance of your car both inside out, stop neglecting detailing your car interior. Remember! One plus one makes two, similarly exterior plus interior detailing makes your car look glamorous, clean and sparkling!

car detailing in Calgary

Anyone who owns a car knows the importance of car detailing. It is like taking your car for a medical check-up every month! After all, your car is just like your family member and avoiding going for car detailing in Calgary, is similar to committing an offense.

car detailing in Calgary

While taking your car for car detailing, you may have come across numerous car detailing tips. Do you know? Some of these tips(although it may be good to hear) can be wrong and misleading? It can also be a myth. To ensure a long-lasting life for your beloved car, it is important to bust some of the most common myths related to car detailing.

So let us look at some of the common car detailing myths that you must stop paying unnecessary attention to.

  1. Waxing your car too much is alright- This is not always true. According to most of the car detailers in Calgary, waxing is used primarily to enhance the paint of the car as well as to protect the paint. Car waxes usually contain various forms of abrasives and chemical cleaners and so using it in excess, can induce reverse results. So if you do not want that, use a car wax as much as required only and not in excess.

  1. Too much waxing can cause wax build-up– This is again a myth because in truth, there no such thing called ‘wax build-up’. What you hear wax build-up is actually just the accumulation of wax inside the seams and crevices. There is no such new accumulation of wax but it is just when you are applying the wax, some of it starts gathering in the crevices and seams and it needs to be cleaned.

  1. Waxing is not for new cars- There is no such reasoning that says only old cars need waxing and not new cars. Remember! New cars lack any kind of paint protection at the time of manufacturing. Waxing is actually done to protect the paint and it can be done again when it starts to wear off. So a new car needs car waxing as much as old cars.

  1. You need to buy specialized products for clear coats– In an effort to increase the sale of their products, many car care companies have used this as the catch-line and made money! The truth is that there is no such specialized products in the market that cater to only clear coats separately. Instead, when going for auto detailing in Calgary, emphasize more on the use of right tools, pressure, products and so on.

  1. Carnauba wax is the best– This is absolutely wrong; there no such thing called the best wax. It completely depends on the condition of your car as well as your expectations. Simply saying the ‘best’ is meaningless as it doesn’t mention whether it is best in terms of ‘protection’ or ‘visual performance’.

  1. Car caring once a year is fine- This is a very much wrong idea. Although the modern car paint lasts for three years without no maintenance, going for mobile auto detailing in Calgary at least once a month is important if you want your car to look shining and glamorous everyday as well as want to keep car problems at bay!

Conclusion- The next time you go for Calgary car detailing, make sure you keep these myths in mind and easily enjoy owning a car that looks brand new almost every day. Remember! The key to owning a well-maintained car is not paying heed to the commonly followed myths. The sooner you bust such myths, the happier you will be as a car owner.


auto detailing

If you want to save time & money, taking your car for mobile auto detailing is the best option. You also have the option of requesting mobile auto detailing Calgary to come to your residential area. Moreover, car detailers Calgary will wash your car & clean it while you can attend an important meeting in your office. Mobile auto detailing is very beneficial for those who gruel under a tight schedule every day & thereby have no time to take their car to any auto detailing center.  Mobile auto detailing is definitely beneficial for your car, especially if your car hasn’t been cleaned for a long time. Let us look at some of the benefits of mobile auto detailing:


Top 6 Benefits of Mobile Auto Detailing That You Must Know

1. Time-saving- What could be more advantageous if the professionals of mobile car detailing Calgary, visit your home or workplace at your convenient time? Yes, you will no longer require to take out time from your packed schedule to take your car to the auto detailing shop. Moreover, you don’t even have to wait while it is being serviced because the professional will arrive at the scheduled time & complete the job. In this way, you will get more time for other important works.

2. Economical- A reputed mobile auto detailing company will provide premium service at a competitive price. Selecting a renowned service provider at a reasonable price, can only be beneficial to you & your car. You can get all types of auto detailing services at a fair price that won’t allow you to regret later.

3.  Customized service- Some mobile auto detailing agencies provide customized services. A variety of car detailing packages are offered & you can also get special services that are tailored to your needs. You can ask for washing & polishing the exterior of your car, vacuuming & cleaning of the interiors, full interior detailing & many more. For instance, auto detailing in Calgary also offers you the option to choose from several detailing packages according to your need & budget; these packages cater to both internal & external detailing.

4. Obtain personalized service- Professional detailers also provides personalized services to their customers that are bound to provide ultimate satisfaction. It is always best to approach a professional detailer because he will know the right technique, have the right equipment & appropriate cleaning materials to do the job. A simple car wash is not enough if you want a thorough maintenance of your car.

5. Advance scheduling of detailing service- Once you find a professional detailer who provides premium detailing service at a fair price, you can fix up detailing schedules at regular intervals. There is no need to keep a track of the next schedule as the detailer will remind you before the next date approaches & take the necessary steps.

6. Trust is ensured- Finding a professional car detailer is a matter of great fortune. It is better to trust a licensed & accredited car detailer with a proven track record so that you can be tension-free while your car is being serviced. Such professionals will treat your car as their own & will do what is best for you. Also, you don’t have to worry about your car being damaged in the process.

Conclusion-  Going for a mobile auto detailing will make your car look clean & fresh. After all, who wants to ride a dirty & shabby looking car? A clean & shiny car will also improve your image in front of others.

car detailing packages

It is an undeniable fact that your car is like a member of your family. Thus it is advisable to go for car detailing at least twice a year because your car deserves to get the best treatments that include protection from dust, chemical residues, rust & other harmful elements. Mobile auto detailing in Calgary involves deep cleaning & reconditioning of a car & for this purpose, only quality products are used.

Calgary car detailing services offer both exterior & interior detailing services that are perfect if you want to have an impressive outer appearance of your car as well as conduct a thorough checkup of the components to ensure smooth functioning.

Find The Right Car Detailing PACKAGES

Let us look into some of the detailing packages that can be beneficial for your car:

1. Complete packages There are 3 types of packages under this category & these are economy detail, executive detail & presidential restore. Under economy detail, the car detailing includes hand wash & hand dry, carnauba hot waxing, tires & wheels cleaning & shining, thorough vacuuming, vinyl plastic & trim cleaned & dressed, cleaning & dressing the dash & centre console, interior deodorized, crystal clear windows & many more. The executive detailing includes carnauba wax paint protection, engine bay shampooed, undercarriage washed, spot shampooing of carpets & upholstery, button knobs gages & vents cleaning. Finally the last category, presidential restore includes high gloss paint finish, clay & decontaminate paint, complete cleaning of carpets, seats & upholstery, steam cleaning & many other such functions. The cost of the complete package varies according to the 3 catagories, that is, the cost is $149, $249 & $349 for economy, executive & presidential restore detailings, respectively.

2. Exterior package This is the car detailing service that caters to the exterior needs of the car. This package again has 3 types- Exterior lite, exterior plus & exterior comprehensive. For exterior lite category, the detailers will perform hand wash & hand dry, carnauba hot waxing & cleaning & shining of the tires & wheels. Under exterior plus, the detailers will do carnauba wax paint protection, shampooing of the engine bay & washing of the undercarriage & also the services that are included in exterior lite. If you go for exterior comprehensive, you will get high gloss paint finish, clay & decontaminate paint, power polishing, finishing coat of butter wax & also the services included under exterior plus. The cost for this complete package is very economical for each kind- $49, $99 & $195 for exterior lite, plus & comprehensive, respectively.

3. Interior package Under the interior car detailing package, you can choose from interior lite, plus & comprehensive. The car detailers will perform thorough vacuuming, vinyl plastic Trim cleaned & Dressed, Clean & Dress Dash & Center Console, Interior Deodorized, Crystal clear windows, Leather Seats Cleaned & Conditioned, Floor Mats washed all under interior lite. For interior plus, you will get freshening up of carpets & Upholstery, second application of conditioner to rejuvenate and protect leather, buttons knobs gages & vents cleaned along with the interior lite services. Interior comprehensive is the best suggested package for interior detailing if you haven’t sone detailing of your car for a very long time. This includes all the interior plus services & additionally shampooing of carpet, seats & Upholstery & steam cleaning. No need to worry about the cost because the interior detailing package has an affordable rate that is $99, $149 & $249 for interior lite, plus & comprehensive, respectively.

4. Other Services- Your trusted car detailing agency will also provide for effective headlight restoration in Calgary to clean up your car’s headlight so that you can have a better vision at night, carpet & upholstery shampooing & ceramic pro paint protection that acts as a protective coating for your vehicle’s body. All these services are very cost-effective that ranges between $45-$900 & above.

Conclusion- Selecting the right car detailing package will help you to achieve a well-maintained car in an easy & affordable manner.

car washing service

Car waxing can prove extremely therapeutic. The gentle rubbing of the car’s surface to lend it an exquisite shine is surely worth the hours that need to be put in. Waxing and polishing are processes that need to be carried out meticulously. A rough handling of these products while using them on the exteriors of the car can lead to scratches, an uneven shine and an overall irregular finish.

More so than a thorough cleaning of the car using soap water and car detergent, it is the final step in the cleaning method that complements the entire car washing process. And that is the time spent in waxing. Not only does it make the car look as good as brand new but is an extremely cost-effective method to do so. However, care must be taken to not get carried away and use a lot of the wax at once. Also, waxing products of a high quality must be used to avoid causing unsightly spots and patches on the car.

car washing service

It doesn’t get better than waxing and polishing a car immediately after rinsing it. Once the grime, dust and dirt are scrubbed off, waxing adds the perfect lustre. However, it is not always necessary to wax right after a soap wash. Simply waxing instead of going through the entire washing process is also extremely effective. Following are some of the ways a proper car waxing method must be initiated to get the optimum results.

Get The Finest Quality Of Microfiber Towels

Cleaned microfiber towels must be used post waxing to lock the moisture in. The effectiveness of using these soft and fine quality towels are a plenty. One of them being it does not hinder the wax coatings and let it rest evenly. Full car washing services in Calgary are particular in using these towels to round off a productive waxing session.

Limit The Usage Of Wax

Waxing is extremely relaxing. However, it would not do your car any good if a liberal portion of wax is used to scrub an area over and over again. The trick is to first apply a thin layer of wax and then move along from there. A thin first coat ensures a sheen that is even all around. It should then be followed by another careful coat if the need arises and must be left to dry for a considerable amount of time.

Buff It

Buffing is the final method that ends the waxing process. The wax should never be allowed to turn stiff and to dry before subjecting it to buffing. In case it does turn dry, you can moisten it right back up with a further coating of wax. This allows the buffing or wax removal process to be effective and does not leave behind any stubborn residue.

Prep The Car Paint

The car’s surface is subjected to numerous impurities and contains stiff sealants that are residues of former wax jobs. Strip-off products are available in the market for this exact purpose and effectively remove the grime that has been accumulating for years. A paint cleaning product also pulls out the remaining dirt and makes certain that the recently painted car surface is not subject to further soot and smut.

Car washing, cleaning, polishing are fun to conduct yet they are extremely intricate. Avail the services of professional car detailers to reward yourself of a spruced up car, one that instigates you to keep admiring it from a distance.

mobile auto detailing Calgary

If you happen to spend a significant amount of time travelling in your much loved car, it is time that you ensure its upkeep in terms of keeping the interior clean. The reason being that with time colonies of germs are formed inside not to mention the impact of other types of pollutants. The combined effect of these can take a toll on you and your family’s health, for everyone is forced to breathe the stale air that is laced with germs. Also, excessive travelling can make the exterior vulnerable to deposition of contaminants, peeling of the coat of paint, not to speak of smudges caused due to bird droppings and pollution, or dents received while reversing your car in the narrow confines of the parking lot.

mobile auto detailing Calgary


The above issues with your car can make it look dull and devoid of lustre. Importantly, as the contaminants make their way into the mechanical section such as engine and transmission, the car can develop a snag. Such an eventuality can leave you high and dry in the middle of nowhere when out of the blue your car stutters to a halt. Thus, not only would you get delayed from carrying out an urgent chore or attending an important meeting / event, calling a mechanic could be troublesome as well.

What Needs to be Done?

To get around the problem or to pre-empt such a thing from happening, you need to follow the dictum of ‘prevention is better than cure.’ In other words, keep your car squeaky clean either by calling mobile auto detailing Calgary service or taking it to car detailers from time to time. This would ensure you car undergoes a thorough wash followed by polishing and waxing to make it look like new. Moreover, as the interior is cleaned of grime, dust and germs, travelling in it would be a real treat. Just imagine your level of satisfaction and feel of pride when your near and dear ones or office colleagues travel in utmost comfort.

How to Choose Car Detailing Services?

Getting your car done up at the hands of professionals is fine but given the presence of so many such services, how to get the best one for your car is the moot point. You can follow the tips given below to avail of car detailers – be it located at a particular place or belong to the mobile auto detailing Calgary service.

  • Visit the websites of such car detailers and go through their services, types of products used, timelines, and most importantly, customer feedback
  • The centre should have automatic washing facilities as these would ensure the cleaning is uniform, which is often missed when done manually
  • The products used should be of branded quality, for otherwise the cleaned areas can get scarred
  • Ensure the service includes polishing and waxing, for these would prevent the exterior from damage due to sun’s UV rays
  • Visit the facility in person beforehand and see for yourself the various services on offer

Thus, periodic detailing of our car can prolong its longevity and keep its lustre intact.

Holiday Road Trips

Are you all set to hit the road for a holiday away from home? You can double your fun by ensuring that your vehicle is in tip top shape. So, it’s time to take a break from your holiday shopping and get your car properly detailed by the professional service provider. Nobody likes getting stuck on the roadside, in a snowstorm with a trunk full of luggage as this can ruin your whole holiday plan and even put your safety in danger.

Holiday Road Trips

If you want to make sure that your memorable trip has nothing to do with your vehicle, here are some helpful tips for you.

Carry Out an Immediate Inspection

When you need to drive long distances, minor things like inappropriate wiper blades can make a huge difference. Hence, it is important to verify whether the wiper blades are in good functional condition and ensure you have a full reservoir of washer fluid which is specifically made for winter weather conditions. Test whether the headlights, brake lights, fog lights and turn signals are performing well. Also check that the tire pressure in all four tires is optimal and that none of the tires show any kind of uneven wear.

Get Ready For the Worst

Try to be as prepared as possible for whatever troubles you might come across. Verify that you have an entirely inflated and ready to be used spare tire. Think of investing in a portable battery charger which will enable you to jump start a dead battery with no other car. Take an extra quart of oil and keep it in the trunk if your oil light comes on all of a sudden.

Keep an Emergency Kit All the Time

Every vehicle must always have an on-board emergency kit, but it is extremely crucial if you are heading out for a lengthy road trip in new territory. The most vital items to keep in your vehicle’s emergency kit include bottled radiator coolant and extra quart of oil, hand sanitizer, Swiss army knife and tire pressure gauge.

The tool kit should contain pliers, screwdrivers, a pry bar and wrench, duct tape, a rubber mallet, wire cutters, a can of WD-40, bailing wire and electrical tape, flashlight and extra batteries, First Aid Kit, Road flares, Jumper Cables, Blankets, Water and high nutrient, high-calorie portable food and 50 to 100 dollar in cash.

Finally, opt for a quick servicing of your vehicle with supreme car detailing services in Calgary.

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