21September, 2018

Let Your Car Engine Rejoice With a Detailing Service

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If you are the owner of a car, you must know the right way to maintain it. After all the car has become a member of your family & so has every right to get a proper checkup if it falls sick. Among the various kinds of problems that your car can have, some of them really gives you headache; like after travelling for a certain distance, your car engine can have small fluid leaks like engine oil or brake fluid. Such leaks are really bad because it spreads gradually & sticks to the fatty parts of the engine. Another leak that is harmful for the painted portions of your car is battery leaks since it has acids that are corrosive.

In order to prevent such leaks, you should clean your car engine in the right way, periodically. This type of cleaning involves delicate & difficult operation & also requires special supplies & tools. You can perform an expert car detailing through the professional car detailers in Calgary.


Let us look into the methods of performing full car engine detailing:

1. Use of Engine Grease Remover- As the name suggests, the grease remover removes all the grease that has accumulated on the engine for so long. You will have to begin with cleaning the engine by applying degreaser everywhere with even distribution. Then spray the inner wall that is behind the engine compartment, internal wings, radiator & all around the engine. Then with a long wooden stiff brush rub the various engine parts so that the degreaser can seep inside well. Note that you should cover the wings & windshield before using the powerful degreaser or you can wash these surfaces after cleaning or else the leaked grease remover & dirt can damage the paint of your car.

2. Engine Cleaning Pressure Washer- A simple car detailing can be done by using only soap & water. But what dirt & grime sticks to the engine & is resistant to such cleaning? In that case, a more comprehensive cleaning method must be assumed. To do this, first wear plastic gloves & eye protection before performing car engine detailing. Then degrease the various engine parts with chemical engine degreasers. If you have an extremely dirty engine, using a pressure washer is of a great help because the deposits of grime & dirt easily get removed with this tool. It is always advisable to take help of professional car detailing in Calgary since they would know the correct method & have all the necessary tools. However, some detailers also use waterless products but that is less efficient to remove such stubborn dirt & grime.

3. Steam Engine Cleaning- The methods to clean your car engine is endless. Among so many methods, the most effective one can be to use a cleaning spray with pressurized hot water & solvent. You can also opt for steam. Using such cleaning agents is regarded as highly efficient as it perfectly removes dirt & grease deposits on charred engines & gearboxes. The steam cleaning deeply cleanses your car engine & also prevents the car paint from being damaged by fluid leaks. But doing only steam cleaning can damage your car’s paint or painted engine components; thus many professional car detailers also provide a full car wax & clay bar treatment if the steam cleaning process is performed. Also use clean rags & microfibre towels to keep the engine parts dry & to protect the coil, carburetor & vehicle alarm module because steam cleaning & pressure washing involves moisture & moisture can cause ignition issues after penetrating the parts of the engine.

Conclusion- Performing a full car engine detailing can only make your car healthy & happy. Having a car that is also good from inside & not just outside should be the goal of every car owner.