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car detailing in Calgary NE

Buying a car is an investment for many people. It not only allows you to travel to work, school, and other activities more easily but also provides a sense of convenience and independence. However, should you want to ensure that your car is running safely and efficiently, regular maintenance and cleaning are very important? Now, if you live in or around Calgary, you can easily keep your car clean and well-maintained by visiting Calgary Car Detailing. From exterior and interior detailing to employing different methods to protect the paint, we provide the best services for car detailing in Calgary NE to help you keep your car in top-class condition.

Speaking of protecting a car’s paint, did you know that oxidation can cause permanent damage to a car’s paintwork, making it difficult to restore the original color and shine? Well, that’s true! It generally occurs due to moisture and causes the paint to blister and peel. To help preserve the polished look of your car; we have narrowed down some of the best ways to protect your car’s paintwork from oxidation. Keep reading the blog until the end.

car detailing in Calgary NE

Top4 Tips to Protect Your Car’s Paintwork From Oxidation

If left untreated, oxidation can cause the paint to lose its color and shine. Here are some effective ways to protect your car’s paintwork from oxidation:

  • Wash Your Car Regularly

Constant exposure to various elements, such as moisture, heat, sunlight, and pollution, can deteriorate the paint on a car’s surface. These impurities can increase the rate of UV light penetration and lead to oxidation if left on the paint for a long time. By washing your car regularly, you can prevent these impurities from damaging the paintwork. However, when washing your car, make sure to use specialized car cleaning products instead of regular dish soap to protect the paint, and try to wash your car at least every two weeks.

  • Repaint the Car’s Surface

The car’s surface is subject to constant exposure to the elements, such as UV rays, pollutants, and other environmental factors. Repainting it can help prevent oxidation and make the car look new again.

You can also install a PPF to reduce the rate of oxidation. The film will protect the paint from scratches and other forms of damage that would otherwise expose the paint to the elements. Should you be looking for a reliable and authorized 3M film installer in Calgary, visit Calgary Car Detailing. We use high-quality paint protection films to protect your car from oxidation, scratches, and other kinds of damage.

  • Wax Your Car

A coat of wax acts as a barrier between the paint and the elements that damage the car’s surface. Waxing the car will help you prevent harmful environmental factors from causing damage to the paintwork, making the car’s surface more resistant to scratches and other forms of physical damage.

In case you are a new car owner and don’t know how to wax a car the right way, you can visit a car detailing facility and let the detailers handle the job for you. Professionals offering car waxing service in Calgary or elsewhere have the experience and tools to get the job done correctly.

  • Apply Ceramic Coating

Another way to protect your car’s paintwork from oxidation is applying ceramic coating to your car. It chemically bonds with the paintwork of a car, creating a layer of protection that’s water-resistant. By applying ceramic coating, you can not only provide a high level of protection to your car’s paint but also reduce the risk of oxidation from UV exposure.

Final Thoughts:

Paint oxidation can cause the car’s paint to develop a dull, rough, or uneven texture, become chalky, and lose its color. However, by following these points, you can easily protect your car’s paint from oxidation. Should you be looking for a company that offers the best services for car detailing in Calgary NE, get in touch with Calgary Car Detailing. With more than 16 years of experience, we provide a wide range of car detailing services at competitive rates. For details, call 403-370-5050.

car interior detailing Calgary

Keeping your car’s interior is just as important as the exterior. After all, if your car’s outer beauty is for the onlookers to admire and appreciate, the interior appeal can only be witnessed by you and your co-passengers. However, due to constant usage, the interior parts of your car get soiled very quickly. Accumulated dust, stains, and filth can damage the interior components and lead to poor air quality. Now, if you live in or around Calgary, you can easily keep your car’s interior clean and spotless. All you have to do is visit Calgary Car Detailing and book our services. We provide a wide range of services for car interior detailing in Calgary that includes thorough vacuuming, window cleaning, conditioning of leather seats, steam cleaning, and more.

You know, interior car detailing is not only about enhancing the beauty of your car’s interior. It not only makes your car’s interior look good but also creates a hygienic environment so that you have a positive driving experience every time. In this blog, we will discuss all the important aspects that you need to know about interior car detailing.

  car interior detailing Calgary

  • What Is Interior Car Detailing?

It is a comprehensive process to spruce up your car interior. It begins with a thorough vacuuming of your seats, floor mats, crevices, trunk, and everywhere else to remove loose dust, food crumbs, and debris. Added to that, the upholstery is also shampooed and freshened up by employing specialized treatments, depending on the condition and material of the leather seats. From the windows and door knobs to the air vents, steering wheel, hand brake, and other car interior surfaces, everything is thoroughly wiped down and polished.

So, should you be located in Calgary and want to want to get your car’s interior detailed by professional detailers, you can get in touch with Calgary Car Detailing. From vacuuming the interior thoroughly to cleaning them using best-in-class products and tools, our expert detailers will provide you with the best services for car detailing in Calgary NE, and make your car’s interior look impeccable.

  • What Does Interior Car Detailing Include?

Interior car detailing involves a meticulously planned process that includes:

Vacuuming: As said earlier, the detailer begins by thoroughly vacuuming the car interior, starting from the floor, underneath the seats to the various surfaces, corners, air vents, and gearbox. This is a preliminary step done to remove dust particles to maximize the effects of the following steps.

Brushing and Cleaning: Floor mats are washed with a detailing soap to remove stubborn stains and grime. The center console, vinyl plastic, trim, and dash are all deep cleaned by wiping down with a top-quality cleaner. Also, stain removal solutions are used to banish rigid stains and marks.

Leather Treatment: Do your leather seats appear dull, lackluster, and full of cracks? Don’t worry! Professionals offering services for car interior detailing in Calgary or elsewhere also include leather seat treatment. For this, the detailer applies a leather cleaning solvent all over to clean the spots and stains. It is left for a few hours to dissolve grime, and stains and soften the material. After wiping it away, a pH-neutral leather conditioner is gently massaged onto the leather. This softens and moisturizes the leather parts, making them smooth and supple.

Window Cleaning: Premium-quality glass cleaners are used to wipe down the glass surfaces and ensure they’re squeaky clean. If there are streaks and spots on the glasses, they are removed effectively. In the end, you have sparkling clean glasses to see the road crystal clear!

Final Thoughts

There you go. Now that we have discussed some of the most important aspects of interior car detailing, you just have to choose a facility that provides optimal services at reasonable rates. However, should you be looking for a company that offers the best services for car interior detailing in Calgary, you can consider getting in touch with Calgary Car Detailing. With vast experience of over 16 years in the auto detailing industry, we employ only the best quality products and tools to keep your car sparkling clean inside out. To know more about our services, call us at 403-370-5050.

Car Detailing Calgary NW

Having a car is so convenient nowadays. You have the freedom to travel anywhere at any time, be it early morning or late at night. Besides, due to the ongoing pandemic, travelling in your private car is a safer option than opting for public transport. So, if you own a car, you’re blessed in not one but many ways! But along with the convenience, let’s not forget the responsibility that comes with owning a car. You want to keep your vehicle well-maintained always, don’t you? And there are two ways to ensure your asset looks fabulous inside and out – wash your car every week and most importantly, opt for a professional car detailing Calgary NW service at least 2-3 times a year.

Availing an expert car detailing service is a sureshot way to enhance the condition of your vehicle. But choosing the right car detailing facility in Calgary isn’t an easy feat. There can be tens and hundreds of detailing companies but you already know that only a few can provide a service that adds to your car’s performance and value.

Want to know which car detailing company is the right one for you? Then don’t stop reading till you reach the end!

Car Detailing Calgary NW

Selecting a Facility for Car Detailing in Calgary NW – Points to Consider

  1. Are they experienced?

The first thing that you should look for is the experience of the car detailing company. Providing top-quality services doesn’t happen with only expertise. Detailing the different types of cars comes with unique challenges and problems. While the detailer needs to have the required skills, experience in handling the challenges of car detailing adds efficiency to the work. Thus, go for an auto detailing company that has emerged as a dominant player in the industry, a company that has vast experience as well as a good record in catering to various clients like you.

  1. Do they use the best products and equipment?

Do you think a company that offers car detailing Calgary NW would be reputable if they didn’t employ the best-in-class products and equipment? No way! Find out the type of detailing products and tools leveraged by the company, if they are specifically meant to address the issues of your car’s exterior and interior. Whether you’re opting for exterior car detailing or headlight restoration, you should be assured knowing that only premium quality detailing products and equipment will be used, providing you with the desired results.

  1. Is the cost reasonable?

A lot of car owners are afraid to avail a car detailing service for its high price. But once you’re aware of the car detailing benefits and the value it holds for your vehicle, price becomes a secondary factor. Nevertheless, beware of detailing companies that charge an attractively low rate. Opting for a cheap auto detailing service can cut corners but if the quality is compromised, it could reap negative impacts for your vehicle, doing more harm than good. Hence, choose a company that offers quality services at competitive rates. Simply put, make sure you’re striking the right chord between quality and affordability.

  1. What are the services offered?

So, have you already chosen a car detailing company and satisfied with their experience, price and the products they use? That’s great! Now, it’s time to check out the services they offer. While the exterior and interior car detailing are the usual services offered in a majority of the detailing facilities, some go beyond the ordinary and provide a comprehensive range of car maintenance solutions.

Let’s take the example of Calgary Car Detailing. The 14-years-old experienced car detailing company in Calgary offers complete car detailing service, which is like the best of both the worlds – exterior as well as interior detailing. You can even book an interior or exterior car detailing service, separately. Headlights looking foggy and discoloured? Their headlight restoration service works wonders! Paint protection and buffing, polishing and hand wax are the other two services designed to keep cars effectively protected and in optimal conditions.

To cut it short, your vehicle needs more than a clean interior and exterior. So, choose a detailing company that offers a wide range of car maintenance services that ensures well-rounded care for your vehicle.

Way Forward: Choosing a car detailing company is indeed a daunting task but by remembering the above discussed points, now, you can easily recognize the right auto detailing facility for you. Should you be looking for a reliable company that offers professional car detailing Calgary NW services, reaching out to Calgary Car Detailing can be a worthwhile decision. The professionals are highly-skilled and trained to detail all types of cars using top-quality products and equipment.

Car detailing Calgary

Cloth seats are present in most of the modern cars which mean at some point of time, you will find them dirty. Dirt and grime get embedded on these cloth seats gradually and after a few weeks, you will notice that your car seats look dull and dirty, calling out for the urgent need for car detailing services. Dirt on cloth seats is easily visible. If you emphasize on keeping your car exterior clean only, think again! Keeping your car fabric/upholstery clean is as important as having a shiny car exterior.

  Car detailing Calgary

The detailing professionals at any auto detailing outlet are trained to clean various types of upholsteries in a modern car. Let us look at the top car fabrics / upholsteries that are best cleaned in an auto detailing centre like Calgary Car Detailing :

Details of Fabrics to Be Cleaned by Car Detailing Services


1. Polyester : Fabric made of polyester is called ‘suede twin’ because it replicates suede material, in terms of appearance. Also called ‘microsuede’, polyester car upholstery gives a luxurious feel and look to the car interior and is also less expensive than real suede material. Although polyester is a fabric known for its softness and comfortability, it is hard to clean for its high absorption power. That is why stains and spills get deeply set in polyester car fabric. The professionals at any auto detailing outlet use special cleaners that make them an expert in giving you clean polyester car fabric.

2. Nylon : Most of the modern car manufacturers use nylon fabrics that are known for being inexpensive and durable. The specialty of nylon lies in enduring the toughest cleaning methods. In other words, you can scrub your nylon upholstery without fearing any damage. The reason why it is best to opt for a professional car interior cleaning is because sometimes pet hair and dirt can get deeply embedded which cannot be self-cleaned effectively. Thus it is better to entrust this task to a detailing professional than struggling at home and wasting your time.

3. Vinyl : Being porous and water resistant, vinyl car upholstery is comparatively easier to clean. With just a damp microfiber towel, you can wipe away a simple spill from the surface. However, if a damp microfiber cloth is no longer effective in removing the stain, you must take your vehicle at any facility for car detailing where the professionals have access to the best quality vinyl cleaner that will instantly remove dirt and stain.

4. Leather : Car interiors look most luxurious when leather upholstery is used. It is commonly admitted that among all the other fabrics, leather is the most difficult and problematic to clean. Without having any knowledge of the right procedures and good quality cleaners, leather cleaning becomes a challenging task. Hence, it is best done in a car detailing outlet where the detailers follow the cleaning steps meticulously and also use the top leather cleaners for effective results. Besides, they also perform leather conditioning to give your leather upholstery the perfect shine and protection.

Conclusion : Keeping your car upholstery clean is important if you aim to enhance your car’s image. However, if you are using any of the above-mentioned fabric, cleaning it in a car detailing outlet twice a month will keep your car upholstery in the best condition all the time. To know more about Car Detailing Calgary, call at 403-370-5050

Secrets of car detailing calgary

It is a known fact that car detailing is the ideal procedure to bestow a dazzling appearance to your car. The interior and exterior portions are thoroughly washed, wiped and cleaned to remove the dust and dirt. Finally, wax, sealant and ceramic pro coating are applied on your car’s exterior to prevent the paint from any further damage. All these steps give your car a brand-new look. But have you wondered how car detailing professionals in Calgary or elsewhere, can keep your car shining and well-maintained for such a long time?


Secrets of car detailing calgary


Caring for your car is necessary to maintain your vehicle’s functions and enhance your investment’s value. But if you are frequently left disappointed with your car caring results, it is time you become aware of some of the best car detailing secrets.


Car detailing in Calgary SW is certainly all about washing, waxing, and polishing but with the car detailing secrets mentioned below, you can make the most of your detailing efforts.


1. Dry glass surfaces in two directions –


Sometimes after cleaning and drying your car’s windows, you may suddenly notice a water streak either on the inside or outside the glass. If you encounter this problem very often after every time you detail your vehicle, practice drying the exterior glass in one direction and the interior glass in the other. For instance: clean the exterior of the window horizontally and the interior glass vertically. By doing this, you will know whether the streak is present on the outside or inside and quickly be able to remove it.


2. Remember to clean the window tops –


Most of the car detailers miss out on cleaning the window tops. So the next time you go for car detailing in Calgary NW, NE, SW or elsewhere, remind the detailers to roll down the windows and clean the topmost portion of the window glass. Sometimes residues from the car cleaning products accumulate in the window jamb that causes the window to have streaks and other stains as soon as you wind up the windows. By doing this, expect your window tops to receive professional cleaning that will remove any kind of dirt, marks or residues.


3. Use a power buffer to apply wax & not to remove it –


A power buffer is a good tool to yield great post-waxing results for your car. However, many car lovers are unaware that a power buffer must not be used to remove wax since it leaves your car exterior with uneven finish and swirls. Instead, use a soft dry cloth to remove the wax; use a power buffer only to apply the wax and nothing more.


4. Use a plastic bag to check the car’s surface –


It is always important to check your vehicle’s surface before finally applying a fresh coat of wax. This is done to ensure the complete removal of dirt and grease from the car’s surface. But to do this, you may have fingerprints all over your gleaming car’s exterior right? Not at all! Just wear a plastic bag in your hand and touch your car’s surface to feel for any bumps of dirt.


Conclusion –


Car detailing, when done in the right way, can give you amazing long-lasting results. If you are unable to achieve satisfying detailing results, it is a sign asking you to change your detailing methods. Hence the next time you visit an outlet for car detailing in Calgary NE, remember to implement these practices. To know more about our car detailing services in Calgary, get in touch with us.

FAQs on Car Detailing

Many people think that car-detailing is just a luxury, but the reality is that it is a necessity. Both old and new cars are in need of this service for getting an enhanced life.


FAQs on Car Detailing


Importance of car-detailing:

  • Car-value can be increased.
  • Car-functionality can be restored.
  • Car-insurance premium can be reduced.
  • Increased rate can be received during car-sale.
  • Car can be protected against different damages, especially UV-rays, cracks, rusts and others.
  • Car-paint can be maintained intact for long.
  • Car-investment will remain secured.


Do new-cars need detailing?
Recently purchased cars are not that much in need of detailing, but after at least six-months the service is surely needed. You can contact your dealer for receiving detailed of your car at scheduled intervals.


Can detailing give a new car-appeal?
Absolute new appeal cannot be maintained, but the deterioration-rate can be definitely reduced to some extent. Exterior oxidation, clear-coat damaging, interior soiling and deterioration of cars can be efficiently prevented with car detailing in Calgary NE. Oxidation or stains can be removed for protecting car’s exterior coat.


Why waxing is needed?
Detailing is not all about waxing rather waxing is just a part. Waxing is a cost-effective solution for making small repairs like covering scratches, wear or tears. The Vehicle-paint stays intact years after years with waxing. Paint can be saved from direct sun-exposure with waxing.

What services are included within car-detailing?

  • Cleaning or washing.
  • Re-painting.
  • Waxing.
  • Repairing.
  • Replacement of damaged car-parts.
  • Inspection of car-parts.
  • Car-polishing.
  • Car-glazing.


What is the need of car-washing?
Though Hand car wash Calgary can clean dirt, stains or dust easily from vehicle-surface, but full service car wash Calgary is the best option. This is because full-car wash includes both exterior and interior cleaning of your vehicle. Washing is just a part of car-detailing.


How to get best car-detailing?
Best car-detailing can be acquired from the dealer from where you have purchased the car. You can also visit your nearest reputed garage for receiving a customized car-detailing service.


Can car-coats be protected with detailing?
Paint-surfaces can be now easily protected for long with special car-coats. Therefore, you should make the coats renewed at every scheduled interval.


Does detailing include glazing?
Surface imperfections, swirl marks, spider webbing and minor scratches can be easily hidden by means of car-detailing.

Paint-sealant vs. waxing:
Car appeal and finishing can be maintained by paint-sealant. Protection and deep shining of the car can be preserved by waxing. Damaged paints can be now easily corrected with paint-sealants. Waxing provides a smooth texture as a result of which paint-coats remain protected.


Polishing vs. waxing:
Waxing is needed for protection while polishing is required for enhancing car-surface gloss.


How to pay for detailing?

  • Online payment.
  • Cash payment.
  • Card payment.


You have to choose the right car detailing package for making the payment done. Mobile auto detailing Calgary is currently gaining the highest popularity, especially due to the implementation of advanced detailing methods.

Car Washing

The delightful festival of Christmas is on its way. So before the festive season starts, keep your car ready for long drive or family picnics. Being a car enthusiast, you love your car and at any cost, it needs to look perfect. Yes, you can try to do it on your own but it’s always suggested to hire the professional for car detailing rather than DIY detailing. These technical people are always there to help you with their advanced techniques.

Car Washing

The professionals of Car Detailing Calgary shares the best tips for car washing. They say to think of your face while cleaning the surface of your car. Based on the requirements of your car, it is important to take care of it to have a healthy glow.

Let’s take a look.

How often should you go for detailing?

Detailing becomes the very first step of protecting your car from different elements. If you skip regular cleaning or treatment of your car, both the interiors and exteriors of your car will lose its actual color. Gradually, it will become prone to cracking, marring, UV damage, debris on the road, and other imaginable contaminants. Basically, the car detailing depends on how long a car is driven, stays under sun or type of driving conditions. A weekly cleaning is all good to keep your car away from the dirt, debris and pollen if car is used regularly. In case your car is kept under cover, a monthly wash is enough to go with.

How to asses the needs of your car:

The good rule of thumb says that your car requires a careful weekly inspection to judge the level of care. While looking at your car, it’s always important to inspect the paint. You can do the same under direct sunlight or with the focus of any bright light. In this way, you can easily analyze the car scratches, swirl marks and imperfections on its surface. It depends on the scratches or marks of your car, how hard it will be to get back its former shine. The car headlights needs to be inspected to find out scratches and hazing, whereas the splash guards requires an inspection for any crack or road grime build-up.

Polishing details:

This delicate part of detailing needs professional assistance. Polishing your car includes using soft polishing discs on a battery-powered tool for heating the coat and distribute it all across the car. In this process, the scratches on your car surface will be repaired. During this stage, you can use the mild rubbing ingredients. Ensure that you are taking proper care of your car since huge amount of pressure will give way to extra swirl marks and end up burning the clear coat of your car.

Effect of systematic car care on its finish:

Undoubtedly, the finish of a car is too valuable. It protects the paint from all risks and if it breaks down, the vibrancy of your car will be lost. Permanent damages on car will take place and such damages are irreplaceable. This is important to be maintained as the finish of your car boosts its trade values. This Christmas you may sell out your old car and welcome a new one to your household!

Merry Christmas!

6 Best Tips

Often, older vehicles keep looking anew and the newer ones look like the defeated army of a battle. Have you ever wondered, why? Since maintenance is one of the most important factors to keep your car look ravishing for years, your good driving habits too have something to do with your car’s appearance.

6 Best Tips

Here comes some of the driving suggestions to keep your car look younger and appealing even after a decade or so. These tips from the Car detailing Calgary will help your car stay in good shape and you can also save on car maintenance services.

1. Elude The potholes

Sounds like no-brainer, right? But this is certainly important. People have a common tendency to drive through the potholes, even when enough space is left to drive around on the road. These potholes will not just damage the tires but also leave some adverse effects upon the steering components. So, naturally your car will be entirely benefited if you avoid the potholes.

2. Keep your eye down the road:

This is another obvious factor indeed. But this is actually essential to look down the road to see your destination and the condition of the road itself. Avoid the weird looking objects on the road as they can affect the tires of your car or simply bounce against. This will help you spot the dips on the road, or you can simply slow down your pace to get rid of the harsh effect.

3. Stop following the trucks up close

It’s true that you have no control over getting trapped behind a truck. However, being the driver of your most favorite vehicle, consider how close you are to a truck. It’s good for your car’s health to maintain a larger distance. This will work as a guard against the flying debris, rocks etc. and the chances of damages will be reduced. The black fumes coming out of old trucks will not only harm your car’s appearance, the ventilation system will get extra loads. In short, you the Saviour of your own car!

4. Drive slow on train tracks

If you are driving towards a crossing or the railroad tracks, it’s better to slow down your speed. The uneven pavements will leave impact upon your car wheels, and the car will get damaged over time.

5. Full stop before you reverse

While in a hurry, you are prone to reverse and the car still remains moving. Did you ever know that it is one of the best ways to inspire a quick transmission failure? Wait, take a deep breathe and just before you shift, reach a full stop. It is applicable to every shifting action and try to steer only when your car is in movement. This will prevent your car from steering rack failure.

6. Go easy:

Yes, your car engine is designed for running your car swiftly. But the temperature is the key factor to consider. Don’t idle the car; Just go easy for few kilometers when your car engine is getting adjusted to the normal operating temperature. This will not only save your fuel but also keeps your engine younger!

Get in touch with the Auto detailing Calgary experts today to enjoy an affordable and highly professional car service!

Car Headlights

One of the most important parts of the cars is the headlight. It must be kept clean and working in order to avoid unwanted incidents while driving. The headlights are the eyes of the driver and it is mandatory to keep them clean so that the clearance can allow the proper amount of light to pass to enlighten the path and the driver can see everything that approaches the car. Car detailing Calgary NE services can handle the problems. The professionals suggest some home tricks to manage the cleaning and care of headlights.

Car Headlights

Tips to clean and ensure detailed cleaning of headlights

Proper wash

The headlights can be washed without any problem and this process can be done with a detergent for car cleaning and a cloth (microfiber is suggested). The cloth must be smooth so that it does not scratch the surface and also capable of removing the dirt from when scrubbed. This first step will get the dirt out as much as possible. Do not use detergents that are used in the home. Dry out the surface with dry microfiber cloth to get rid of the water stains.


Toothpaste can also be used to clean the stubborn spots in the headlights. Here also, you have to use soft and clean microfiber cloth. The hazy yellowish tan is a stubborn one to tackle. Toothpaste can be used to clean them easily. By applying some toothpaste and rubbing it with a microfiber cloth for few minutes will do the trick. Remove the residual toothpaste with a little water and smooth dry cloth.

Baking soda

This is a household salt used for cooking that can be effectively used to clean the headlight aptly as suggested by Car detailing Calgary NE. Baking soda is slightly alkaline in nature that does the cleaning effect. Use a wet smooth cloth and dip its corner into baking soda. Use that dipped corner to rub and remove the yellow tan. The headlights will not be cleaned instantly. It will take few minutes to show the results. Eventually, when the tan fades away due to repeated rubbing the remnant soda must be removed with clean water and a dry cloth.

Vinegar with baking soda

This last tip from Car detailing Calgary SW is for the indelible stains on the headlight. Vinegar is an acetic acid used in cooking purpose. The acid with baking soda works like a charm to remove the most stubborn stain on the glasses. Baking soda and vinegar react to form fizz that eventually eats away the stains. Add a small amount of baking soda in a half a cup of vinegar in a small cup made of Styrofoam. Dip the microfiber cloth in the solution and rub the headlights. The results will be very prompt and you can notice the shine back. This tip is faster than the others.

The above tips to keep the headlights tip-top all the time are very effective and all the ingredients can be easily arranged. For best professional results, contact Calgary Car Detailing today.

Car detailing safeguard

It can’t be denied that in rush of today’s world a car is one of the go-to saviours. Be it for rushing out to work, or travelling with family or going anywhere; we can’t think of stepping out without a car. Many owners treat their cars as basic entity of daily living; a mode of transportation, a comfy zone to work on laptop or even a luggage rack!

It’s important to put end to a few things that we love doing to our car. Each of these actions cause etching, staining or scratching. Refraining from doing these things can save a vehicle from serious damage. A few of these ‘dos and don’ts’ are enlisted below:

Car detailing safeguard

Stop resting luggage on car: Bear in mind that heavy luggage are likely to damage your car quiet badly. Heavy loads, backpacks or grocery bags staked on a car’s roof-rack causes a huge pressure on a car and its tyres. Sometime, this unbearable pressure ruins both the exterior and interior of a vehicle. Remember, your car is not always sturdy enough to deal with hefty loads. Moreover, these bulky items leave scratches with every rough canvas, zippers, leather and other rough objects. For a solution, try to carry light-weight luggage, if possible. Instead of staking them up on a car-rack, set them up on floor. That little effort of bending over to pick them up won’t kill you!

Stop putting coffee cups on its roof: A common mistake we do unconsciously is to keep coffee/ tea cups on a car roof to free our hands. The tiny ring of cup’s cardboard or even of metal mugs can scratch the car paint. Coffee or tea spilled on car-roof even worsens the situation. These stains don’t wait too long to set. So, if not rinsed instantly, these stains tend to sit permanently. These hard-to-remove micro-scratches or stains ruin the beauty of a vehicle’s exterior. From next time, make sure to keep your coffee cup away from your car. And always consider taking professional help to remove such stubborn stains.

Stop eating while driving: Eating inside your car is certainly not a habit to encourage. Your hands get greasy while eating. It is not always possible to wash them off with water. There is always a risk that you transfer the grease to areas which you touch with your unwashed hands. This grease, when passed on to your car’s seat or steering, makes them dirty and damaged quicker. Even the natural oil of your palm or fingers is equally responsible for greasing it up. It is also impossible to wash your hand each time you drive. And don’t make it worse with those oily-crispy snacks! Make sure to get in touch with the professional detailers in Calgary who work hard to remove unwanted grease & stains from your vehicle.

Don’t rub blemish with finger: Remember, it’s your finger; and indeed not a cleaner! Fingers might seem helpful in warding off stains, water spots or coffee spill etc. from a car. But, this is nothing but just a horrible misconception. It’s not your fingers, but the effective cleansers which can really help in this regard. Without proper chemicals or lubricants, any friction of such wrong-efforts can cause damage or scratches to your vehicle. The best idea to turn your car spic-and-span is to rely on professional car detailing services in Calgary. Backed with effective cleansing equipments the detailers bring your car back to its tip-top state.

Consider professional help: There are few professional firms that offer impeccable detailing services in Calgary NE. From cleaning to polishing and waxing; car detailing Calgary NE is always one step ahead in fitting your requirements. The professional services generally include methodical vacuuming, trim and vinyl plastic cleaning, interior deodorizing, cleaning windows and mirrors, leather, carpet and upholstery shampooing and conditioning, application of protectants on leather, knobs, handles, buttons and vents.

Nail down your car-care ritual with these dos & don’ts for a happy ride.

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