18August, 2017

A Guide To Waxing Efficiently Following These Simple Steps

car washing service

Car waxing can prove extremely therapeutic. The gentle rubbing of the car’s surface to lend it an exquisite shine is surely worth the hours that need to be put in. Waxing and polishing are processes that need to be carried out meticulously. A rough handling of these products while using them on the exteriors of the car can lead to scratches, an uneven shine and an overall irregular finish.

More so than a thorough cleaning of the car using soap water and car detergent, it is the final step in the cleaning method that complements the entire car washing process. And that is the time spent in waxing. Not only does it make the car look as good as brand new but is an extremely cost-effective method to do so. However, care must be taken to not get carried away and use a lot of the wax at once. Also, waxing products of a high quality must be used to avoid causing unsightly spots and patches on the car.

car washing service

It doesn’t get better than waxing and polishing a car immediately after rinsing it. Once the grime, dust and dirt are scrubbed off, waxing adds the perfect lustre. However, it is not always necessary to wax right after a soap wash. Simply waxing instead of going through the entire washing process is also extremely effective. Following are some of the ways a proper car waxing method must be initiated to get the optimum results.

Get The Finest Quality Of Microfiber Towels

Cleaned microfiber towels must be used post waxing to lock the moisture in. The effectiveness of using these soft and fine quality towels are a plenty. One of them being it does not hinder the wax coatings and let it rest evenly. Full car washing services in Calgary are particular in using these towels to round off a productive waxing session.

Limit The Usage Of Wax

Waxing is extremely relaxing. However, it would not do your car any good if a liberal portion of wax is used to scrub an area over and over again. The trick is to first apply a thin layer of wax and then move along from there. A thin first coat ensures a sheen that is even all around. It should then be followed by another careful coat if the need arises and must be left to dry for a considerable amount of time.

Buff It

Buffing is the final method that ends the waxing process. The wax should never be allowed to turn stiff and to dry before subjecting it to buffing. In case it does turn dry, you can moisten it right back up with a further coating of wax. This allows the buffing or wax removal process to be effective and does not leave behind any stubborn residue.

Prep The Car Paint

The car’s surface is subjected to numerous impurities and contains stiff sealants that are residues of former wax jobs. Strip-off products are available in the market for this exact purpose and effectively remove the grime that has been accumulating for years. A paint cleaning product also pulls out the remaining dirt and makes certain that the recently painted car surface is not subject to further soot and smut.

Car washing, cleaning, polishing are fun to conduct yet they are extremely intricate. Avail the services of professional car detailers to reward yourself of a spruced up car, one that instigates you to keep admiring it from a distance.