28August, 2020

Can Headlight Restoration Calgary Give Back Clear Lights?

headlight restoration Calgary

Have you ever watched a video where household products are used to restore dirty headlights and felt tempted to try it out yourself? Interestingly, such DIY tricks are good enough but only temporarily! If you are having a hard time while driving at night due to visibility issues, blame your foggy or yellowed headlights. Over time, the acrylic material of the headlights gets exposed to the UV radiation from the sun and becomes cloudy. Along with this, pebbles, debris and dirt scuff the plastic coating of the headlights as you drive. The condition is further compounded when water droplets and chemicals impact the quality of the light radiated from the headlights. The good news is, there is only one solution that addresses all these issues at once and renews the condition of the headlights – a headlight restoration Calgary service.

Compared to the expensive headlight replacement, professional headlight restoration is a more popular choice among car owners for its affordability and effective results. But before we discuss why headlight restoration is important, do you know what headlights are composed of?

headlight restoration Calgary

Understanding what Headlights are Made up of

Initially, headlights were made of glass but being fragile, it shattered and cracked more easily than other materials. In due course, auto manufacturers discovered another material appropriate for making headlights that are strong enough to resist shattering – polycarbonate. It is a type of plastic that is strong, porous and can retain dirt and grime effectively. By adding a UV film, the longevity of the lenses doubled with added protection. However, this protective coating remains useful only for a few years before it begins to degenerate due to constant exposure to UV rays, direct heat from the bulb along with the debris and chemicals present on the road. As a consequence, headlights develop cloudy and yellowed look requiring professional restoration techniques at the earliest.

Foggy Headlights: Is it a Serious Issue?

Foggy, yellowed or discoloured headlights is a serious concern and there’s no doubt about that. More than the aesthetic aspect, driving at night becomes increasingly risky, heightening the chances of fatal road accidents. Foggy headlights can reduce the bulb’s road coverage almost by 50% and impact the overall radiation. Due to decreased visibility, you may strike other vehicles or pedestrians and invite unnecessary consequences. In fact, driving in fog, heavy rain or snow becomes most challenging when you can’t see anything properly as a result of reduced light output. Hence, getting your headlights restored by professional car detailers in Calgary at the right time is a feasible idea.

Why a Professional Service for Headlight Restoration in Calgary is Rewarding?

If you are yearning to bring back the brand new shine and sheen into your headlights, there’s nothing better than a professional headlight restoration Calgary service performed by experienced detailers. The DIY kits only contain a wax film that must be applied over the yellowed headlights but the results are not long-lasting. When considering the best option to recondition your headlights, an expert headlight restoration service is a highly effective solution that can rejuvenate your headlights and restore the lost shine, all without requiring expensive lens replacement.  Calgary Car Detailing is a reputable facility providing excellent headlight restoration service in Calgary. Our team of expert auto detailers follow a step by step approach as well as employ the best techniques and products to restore yellowed, foggy or hazy headlights.