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Headlight Restoration

Head Lights Restoration

We can restore your clouded, discolored or yellowed headlights, fog and directional lights . Plastic headlights haze, yellow with sun weather and grime limiting visibility and diminishing the appearance of the vehicle. Nothing beats the clarity and shine of new looking headlights on a car. Beside vehicle’s appearance clear headlight are a necessity in order to preserve road safety.

$ 45 / Each
Includes UV coating & polishing*

Headlights Cloudy? Try Our Headlight Restoration in Calgary

Calgary Car Detailing is reputed for providing efficient headlight restoration service. If your car’s headlights are blurred, foggy, damaged or scratched, bring it to us. We repair, restore and refurbish such headlights and bring back clearness to your headlamps. With our service for headlight restoration in Calgary, we aim to provide the most effective hazy headlights rejuvenation treatment and we profess our expertise in doing so. We take pride in engaging only trained professionals who are equipped with the best headlight restoration knowledge. We use only top-quality chemicals and tools to restore your headlight’s condition.

Headlight Restoration in Calgary – A Smart and Affordable Solution

Not always do you need to replace your headlights until they have become dull or discolored due to exposure to UV rays, age or dirt. Headlight restoration service is also an affordable solution for your dirty/damaged headlights. Poorly maintained headlights are often a reason for terrible road accidents. Dirty or cloudy headlights make it difficult to see at night. For this reason, we provide one of the best services for headlight restoration in Calgary where your formerly dirty headlights get a new revamped look.

When do you need a headlight restoration service?

  • Reduced visibility on the road
  • Clouded and discolored headlights
  • Yellowed lenses
  • Scratches on the lenses
  • Oxidized headlight glass

Benefits of our headlight restoration service

  • Scratch-free lenses
  • Clean and bright headlamps
  • Enhance performance and functionality
  • Maximum visibility ensuring safety
  • Affordable solution for replacement

So get brand new headlights without replacing. Contact us today to avail the best headlight restoration service in Calgary.