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5 Best Advices from Calgary Car Detailing

Every car owner’s source of pride is their much-prized car. It has been also seen that for some car owners, their car is more valuable than life! While you may be skeptical in believing how insane car owners can be for their vehicle, their love for their car is clearly evident in one thing: the amount of time they devote behind maintaining their cars.


In fact, owning your dream car is not the end of the story; you have taken pains to earn and purchase your favorite car model and so maintaining it in the proper way is also your inescapable duty. Thus in order to maintain your car’s pristine condition, it is very important to go for car detailing in calgary on a weekly or monthly basis. This is the only professional treatment that you can provide to your car and in return, it will enable you to enjoy driving (and flaunting) a well-maintained glossy car on the road.


5 Best Advices from Calgary Car Detailing


Performing a self car wash at home is sometimes acceptable but if you have been planning to make it a permanent duty, think again! Below mentioned are some topics that can be best handled by a professional car detailing company in Calgary. Some of the most common car detailing concerns are:


1. Getting your car prepared for detailing-


Preparation is required in anything if you want to achieve perfection and car detailing is not an exception. First, assemble all the products for:


Car Exterior Cleaning


  • Car wash soap
  • Sponges
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Squeegee
  • Clay bar
  • Car wax

Car Interior Cleaning


  • Vacuum cleaner, carpet shampoo
  • Brush
  • Fabric shampoo
  • Leather cleaner & brush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Interior protectant

Before you really start with your detailing procedure, it is recommended to wash your car first to get rid of loose dirt and dust from the panel and other surfaces. Also, wash the tires first before cleaning it.


When it comes to washing your car, have two buckets of water- one that you will use for washing with the sponge and the other for a final wash.
Do not keep your car exposed in the sun for too long as it can damage the paint.


When you dry your car, use two microfiber cloths.


If there are water marks on the surface of your car as soap water gets dried, wash the soap water again with fresh water and then begin drying.


Avoid mixing excessive soap in the water as it will leave stains after drying.

2. Restoring the lost sheen in your headlights-


having a clean headlight is important not only to enhance the appearance of your car but also for safety issues. Hence when you get your car detailed by the professionals, don’t forget to also opt for a headlight restoration in Calgary as well. Cleaning the headlights is also a step-by-step process that begins with first sanding where first 320 grit sandpapers and later 600 and 800 grit sandpapers are used in one direction across the headlight. Then the headlights are smeared with a generous amount of cleaning solution and cleaning is continued. The surface is then wiped with a wet microfiber cloth. The procedure comes to nearly an end with the polishing step in which you must take a good-quality headlight polishing chemical on a foam pad and wipe it across the headlights; leave it for a while and then clean it so that no residue is left. Finish your headlight cleaning by applying a lens protector or sealant.


3. Water less way of car cleaning-


Water less method of cleaning your car means the use of no water but only products that contain water. While going waterless may sound great for your car (as it leaves no water spots behind), only a few know the precautions to take before using waterless products.


Some of the preparation tips are:


  • Use only clean and soft microfiber cloths.
  • Use water less wash products that are suitable for your car model. For example: use only matte waterless wash products if you have a matte-finished car exterior.


Some benefits of going water less are:


  • Water less car cleaning is good for the environment as it saves water.
  • It is best suitable in areas with strict water consumption rules.
  • Water less cleaning is ideal for people with no place to clean their cars in an elaborate way as this method doesn’t require much space and isn’t messy either.


4. The perfect way to clean car leather-


Leather seats are common in many cars nowadays. Many car owners think cleaning the car leather seat is difficult but actually, it is not! You just need to have the leather seat cleaning equipment like a scrub brush, interior shampoo gel, leather cleaner and leather conditioner along with the right set of tips! Some useful and quick tips for cleaning your leather car seat are:

Always read the amount/ratio of cleaning chemicals that you must mix.

Before using a leather cleaning product, apply it in a small portion of the leather seat and see if there are any effects.

You can also use an All-Purpose-Cleaner and dilute it with other leather cleaning chemicals.

Do not clean the leather seat at one go; take up a small portion at a time.

Scrub an area more than once if required, in case the seats are extremely dirty.


5. Getting rid of pet hair from your car interior-


Compared to removing dirt and grease, removing pet hair might be a more exhausting task because hair is more prone to getting embedded in the carpet if the car or in the fabric of the upholstery. Along with the mess that it creates, pet hair also produces foul odor inside your car. If you are doing a DIY to remove pet hair, make sure you have enough patience! Because pet hair is super-clingy and will not want to leave. Always use a wet cloth to wipe the places filled with your pet’s hair. Then use tools like hard wire brush or lint roller to remove the majority of your pet’s hair. If there are still pet hair left around, just vacuum clean it. For the most effective removal of pet hair from your car, it is wise to opt for a full service car wash in Calgary that will not only remove pet hair but also get your interior and exterior super-shining!


To know more about car detailing and car maintenance, visit https://www.calgarycardetailing.ca/


It has been commonly seen that these are the five main worries for the majority of car owners worldwide. Maintaining a car is admittedly not as easy as purchasing a car. And with the tips mentioned above, it can be assumed that car owners can now breathe a sigh of relief in their regular course of car maintenance and keep flaunting their well-maintained car!

car detailing in Calgary

Anyone who owns a car knows the importance of car detailing. It is like taking your car for a medical check-up every month! After all, your car is just like your family member and avoiding going for car detailing in Calgary, is similar to committing an offense.

car detailing in Calgary

While taking your car for car detailing, you may have come across numerous car detailing tips. Do you know? Some of these tips(although it may be good to hear) can be wrong and misleading? It can also be a myth. To ensure a long-lasting life for your beloved car, it is important to bust some of the most common myths related to car detailing.

So let us look at some of the common car detailing myths that you must stop paying unnecessary attention to.

  1. Waxing your car too much is alright- This is not always true. According to most of the car detailers in Calgary, waxing is used primarily to enhance the paint of the car as well as to protect the paint. Car waxes usually contain various forms of abrasives and chemical cleaners and so using it in excess, can induce reverse results. So if you do not want that, use a car wax as much as required only and not in excess.

  1. Too much waxing can cause wax build-up- This is again a myth because in truth, there no such thing called ‘wax build-up’. What you hear wax build-up is actually just the accumulation of wax inside the seams and crevices. There is no such new accumulation of wax but it is just when you are applying the wax, some of it starts gathering in the crevices and seams and it needs to be cleaned.

  1. Waxing is not for new cars- There is no such reasoning that says only old cars need waxing and not new cars. Remember! New cars lack any kind of paint protection at the time of manufacturing. Waxing is actually done to protect the paint and it can be done again when it starts to wear off. So a new car needs car waxing as much as old cars.

  1. You need to buy specialized products for clear coats- In an effort to increase the sale of their products, many car care companies have used this as the catch-line and made money! The truth is that there is no such specialized products in the market that cater to only clear coats separately. Instead, when going for auto detailing in Calgary, emphasize more on the use of right tools, pressure, products and so on.

  1. Carnauba wax is the best- This is absolutely wrong; there no such thing called the best wax. It completely depends on the condition of your car as well as your expectations. Simply saying the ‘best’ is meaningless as it doesn’t mention whether it is best in terms of ‘protection’ or ‘visual performance’.

  1. Car caring once a year is fine- This is a very much wrong idea. Although the modern car paint lasts for three years without no maintenance, going for mobile auto detailing in Calgary at least once a month is important if you want your car to look shining and glamorous everyday as well as want to keep car problems at bay!

Conclusion- The next time you go for Calgary car detailing, make sure you keep these myths in mind and easily enjoy owning a car that looks brand new almost every day. Remember! The key to owning a well-maintained car is not paying heed to the commonly followed myths. The sooner you bust such myths, the happier you will be as a car owner.


best Car Detailing Agency in calgary

“To go to this detailer or not, that is the question”. Finding a trustworthy detailing service in Calgary is an overwhelming task. Every car owner dreams of boasting off his/her car that shines and looks the most glamorous on road. There is an instant wish of having a reliable agency that provides mobile car detailing in Calgary as soon as you see first-class conditioned cars on the road whereas they may be many years old! But not every detailer provides a satisfying service and not every service is worth your money. In this respect, let us look at the potentials of one such detailer – Calgary Car Detailing.


best Car Detailing Agency in calgary


Calgary Car Detailing -


In Calgary, they are the most reputed ones to provide premium auto detailing facility. The professionals offer expert car wash and detailing services for all types of car models. Moreover, the company is reputed for using only high-quality chemicals that are pH balanced, with zero negative impacts for your car. The services are done methodically by only trained professionals. You can also get other car jobs done here like headlights restoration, carpet & upholstery shampooing and ceramic PRO paint protection.


Now the question is why should you bring your car at Calgary Car Detailing?


1. They offer multiple service packages-


A reputed company offering auto detailing in Calgary will offer more than one basic detailing package. The package must be able to serve your needs within your affordability. Calgary Car Detailing offers various detailing packages to choose from. They offer you convenient detailing packages to choose from- Under exterior, you have Lite, Plus and Comprehensive that starts from $49, $99 and $195, respectively and under interior, you have the same three categories that starts from $99, $149 and $249, respectively.

2. They detail by hand-


A car hand wash is more effective than a machine wash. The former one takes time and makes sure your car is really clean while the latter gives a quick wash and sometimes the dirt and grime may not be effectively removed. And Calgary Car Detailing offers both!


3. They use detailer clay-


Detailing clay is a ncessary tool to clean the car effectively and have a shining and protected exterior. Calgary Car Detailing makes sure the professionals use detailing clay every time a car is detailed. The specialty of this tool is that it pulls up all the contaminants, leaving behind an ultra smooth and polished exterior. Note that all detailing agencies, do not use this tool.


4. They use hot water extractor for the interiors-


If your car’s interiors are laden with carpet and fabrics, using the hot water extractor is a must. It effectively removes dirt and grime that has settled deep inside the fabrics. This tool shoots cleaning fluid deep inside the fabric at high temperatures and removes dirt with high-powered vacuum. Besides, interior cleaning in Calgary is best done using the right tools and procedures. And when Calgary Car Detailers are here, getting your car interiors spic and span is not an unrealistic dream!




As the saying goes, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. So when in Calgary, do what the people in Calgary do! Select a detailer who follows the above-mentioned principles and do their best to transform your unkempt car into a brand new model.

Reduce Your Car’s Wastage of Gas

Conserving natural resources is a good practice to be adopted by everyone. With the scarcity of natural resources already giving a signal, you surely don’t want to go back to the primitive times when there was no electricity or fuel! It is better late than never and so it is wise to take the right steps to conserve energy and natural resources. Besides switching off electricity, there is more to do on your part.

With the continuous rise in the price of fuel and gasoline, you must be looking for ways to save up on the gas used to run your car. Less gas use means less expenditure of finances and more conservation of natural resources.

Reduce Your Car’s Wastage of Gas

To help you reduce the amount of gas used in your car, some of the reputed professionals from Calgary Car Detailing is here with some easy and quick tips:

1. Drive slowly and gently-

Did you know? Fast driving means more consumption of fuel by your car. So it is advisable to drive your car smoothly and also maintain the speed limit. This will also reduce the necessity to refill your car’s fuel tank frequently.

2. Brake carefully-

One of the main reasons why you run out of fuel often is when you use your brakes unnecessarily; this causes rapid wear and tear of the brake pads. To conserve fuel, maintain a distance between you and the car in front of you as this will not allow you to use brake frequently. You can also brake earlier before reaching the traffic light. In this way you will not only save gas but also improve the efficiency of your car.

3. Turn off the engine when not in use-

You may have often heard your retailers say, when you take your car for mobile car detailing in Calgary, to turn off the engine when not in use. It is a true fact that if you keep your engine turned on needlessly, you are not only responsible for harming your car but also the environment as well. You waste the fuel and also release a large amount of pollutants in the atmosphere when you keep your engine turned on. Turn off your engine when stuck in traffic for longer times or if you are waiting for someone.

4. Get your tires checked-

If your tires are under-inflated, visit an agency performing auto detailing in Calgary immediately. Such tires harm you more than they do any good- it wastes the gas and also wears out faster. Inflate your tires properly to get better gas mileage and also reduce friction. If you use snow tires during the winter season, remember to get them replaced during the Spring time as snow tires waste gas and also cause excessive friction on dry surfaces.

5. Using correct motor oil is a must-

When purchasing motor oil for your car, be sure it is suitable for your vehicle. Using wrong motor oil will make your engine work harder unnecessarily and this will lead to wastage of gas.

6. Remember to have the engine tuned-

It is important to know that tuning your car’s engine is a mandatory activity; you should do it regularly so that there is minimum gas usage. If it is long since you have tuned your engine, visit a detailing company immediately.


Apart from following these tips, do not forget to go for car detailing and washing. Proper interior car cleaning in Calgary will be welcoming for you as well as your travelers. For overall maintenance of your car, complete detailing and washing are highly recommended.

Find The Right Car Detailing PACKAGES

It is an undeniable fact that your car is like a member of your family. Thus it is advisable to go for car detailing at least twice a year because your car deserves to get the best treatments that include protection from dust, chemical residues, rust & other harmful elements. Mobile auto detailing in Calgary involves deep cleaning & reconditioning of a car & for this purpose, only quality products are used.

Calgary car detailing services offer both exterior & interior detailing services that are perfect if you want to have an impressive outer appearance of your car as well as conduct a thorough checkup of the components to ensure smooth functioning.

Find The Right Car Detailing PACKAGES

Let us look into some of the detailing packages that can be beneficial for your car:

1. Complete packages- There are 3 types of packages under this category & these are economy detail, executive detail & presidential restore. Under economy detail, the car detailing includes hand wash & hand dry, carnauba hot waxing, tires & wheels cleaning & shining, thorough vacuuming, vinyl plastic & trim cleaned & dressed, cleaning & dressing the dash & centre console, interior deodorized, crystal clear windows & many more. The executive detailing includes carnauba wax paint protection, engine bay shampooed, undercarriage washed, spot shampooing of carpets & upholstery, button knobs gages & vents cleaning. Finally the last category, presidential restore includes high gloss paint finish, clay & decontaminate paint, complete cleaning of carpets, seats & upholstery, steam cleaning & many other such functions. The cost of the complete package varies according to the 3 catagories, that is, the cost is $149, $249 & $349 for economy, executive & presidential restore detailings, respectively.

2. Exterior package- This is the car detailing service that caters to the exterior needs of the car. This package again has 3 types- Exterior lite, exterior plus & exterior comprehensive. For exterior lite category, the detailers will perform hand wash & hand dry, carnauba hot waxing & cleaning & shining of the tires & wheels. Under exterior plus, the detailers will do carnauba wax paint protection, shampooing of the engine bay & washing of the undercarriage & also the services that are included in exterior lite. If you go for exterior comprehensive, you will get high gloss paint finish, clay & decontaminate paint, power polishing, finishing coat of butter wax & also the services included under exterior plus. The cost for this complete package is very economical for each kind- $49, $99 & $195 for exterior lite, plus & comprehensive, respectively.

3. Interior package- Under the interior car detailing package, you can choose from interior lite, plus & comprehensive. The car detailers will perform thorough vacuuming, vinyl plastic Trim cleaned & Dressed, Clean & Dress Dash & Center Console, Interior Deodorized, Crystal clear windows, Leather Seats Cleaned & Conditioned, Floor Mats washed all under interior lite. For interior plus, you will get freshening up of carpets & Upholstery, second application of conditioner to rejuvenate and protect leather, buttons knobs gages & vents cleaned along with the interior lite services. Interior comprehensive is the best suggested package for interior detailing if you haven’t sone detailing of your car for a very long time. This includes all the interior plus services & additionally shampooing of carpet, seats & Upholstery & steam cleaning. No need to worry about the cost because the interior detailing package has an affordable rate that is $99, $149 & $249 for interior lite, plus & comprehensive, respectively.

4. Other Services- Your trusted car detailing agency will also provide for effective headlight restoration in Calgary to clean up your car’s headlight so that you can have a better vision at night, carpet & upholstery shampooing & ceramic pro paint protection that acts as a protective coating for your vehicle’s body. All these services are very cost-effective that ranges between $45-$900 & above.

Conclusion- Selecting the right car detailing package will help you to achieve a well-maintained car in an easy & affordable manner.

Benefits of a Regular Car Wash

To keep your car in its best condition, regular maintenance is a prerequisite. There are some people who spend a good deal of money on keeping their vehicles neat and clean. While there are others who do not pay much importance to clean and preservation. You may change the oil on a frequent basis and restore tires when required but that is not sufficient. Make regular car wash a habit of taking care of your vehicle.


Benefits of a Regular Car Wash


Here are the reasons which make a daily car wash an essential thing for the sustenance of your vehicle:


Making your car look new:
Whenever we buy our dream car, we want them to look exactly like that until the day we drive them. This can always be possible if you wash it frequently. It will not take out much time from your busy schedule. All you need to is clean, vacuum and drive. Apart from the looks, your car will also smell and glow like a brand-new car once again.


Removing dirt totally:
Stain on cars can be very harmful, making daily washing a requirement. By cleansing, you can remove dirt from each of every corner of your vehicle. When dirt is left unswept from the exterior, it can scratch the tinted covering, gradually transforming into a chip and then rust. The impurities on surface wear out the layer of coat, losing the sheen of your car. So, if you want to retain the original color of your vehicle, car detailing is imperative.


Promotes safe driving:
Once you start laying focus on car detailing, your windows are ought to be fully devoid of dirt, germs, and bacterias. When the window glasses get covered with snow, frost or trash, you will not get a clear view of the roads while driving. This may sometimes lead to severe accidents, which can even take your life. Everyday washing keep the glasses free of any sort of dust, letting you see everything clearly on the road when you drive your car. Thus, if you want to enjoy a safe and secure drive every time, do cleanse your car every day.


Better fuel efficiency:
The more you clean your car, the more is the fuel efficiency. The accumulation of dust and impurities in your vehicle is a big burden as it can burn additional fuel. As per reports, a clean car is an approximately 10% more fuel efficient than the same car when it is greasy. Frequent car detailing is any day a turnkey solution for lowering the consumption of fuel. Daily car wash, restoration, and finishing are the things that can always sustain the authentic charm of your wheeler by keeping it far away from the damages caused by dust.


The way dirt hampers the appearance of favorite clothes, it can also worsen the looks of your splendid car. Do you want your vehicle to look and function like a new car forever? Car detailing is the best solution. Besides maintenance, it will also combat the development of allergens and germs, keeping your car hygienic anytime.

calgary car detailing

Every pleasure seeker must have dreamt of wheeling around in a swanky, stylish car. Are you fond of luxury cars and planning to bring home one? You will surely get plenty of options. But, before buying your prized possession, make sure to read out these following tips for detailing high-end four wheels.

calgary car detailing

Heavy cleaning

While drive-through vehicle wash is the most obvious sin, there are many other pitfalls which can leave harmful effects on your vehicle if you are not careful. It is always better to pull your vehicle out of the sun before washing it. It ensures that the surface of your car has completely cooled down. Specialized synthetic wash, which helps in pulling the dirt away is ideal for scrubbing. It is advisable to avoid sponge or cloths when following the process. It is a good idea to use a two-bucket system. One bucket should be filled with car wash soap and water, while the other one with clean water. Drying must be done with an air tool, not with cloths or towels.

Paint correction

This is unfortunate that most of the exotics don’t leave the factory with the standard of polish or detailing service that a high-end car deserves. Most of them have what are refered to as buffer trails that are micro scratches caused by the wool buffers used in the factories for detailing or polishing. These scratches eventually distort the beauty and luster of your vehicle. As a result, it makes your vehicle to look lesser than a stellar. To fix the issue, it’s better to visit a professional paint correction specialist in town.

Interior detailing

Nobody would ever like to zip around a car that is dirty inside! Hygiene plays a crucial role in maintaining the aesthetics and luster of your prized possession. So, it’s advisable to consider detailing the interior of your car as frequently as possible. Interior detailing includes everything from polishing and dusting to removing spots and beyond. An air compasser is used to pull the dust out from every nook and cranny of a car. Rely on the appropriate cleaner for the material on which you are working, be it leather, plastic or fabric. The harmful effects of UV rays can damage the interior. Hence, make sure to use the right conditioners on the seats, dashboards and other sensitive materials.


Waxing cannot afford a skip or a miss if you want your car to look like a brand-new for an extended time. Waxing ensures that your car paint is protected from the dust and dirt. It’s advisable to use a microfiber cloth to apply the wax coat with small circular overlapping strokes. Synthetic polymer waxes usually provide longer-lasting protection than the classic carnauba-based waxes. Waxes must be applied at least once every two months.

Before you think of treating yourself to the comforts of a luxury car make sure to follow all these steps. Skeptical about your detailing skills? Don’t fret! With the citizens warming up the concept of vehicle detailing, plenty of Calgary car detailing service providers have sprung up everywhere. You can rely on these auto detailing services in Calgary to fetch the best result.

Car Headlights

One of the most important parts of the cars is the headlight. It must be kept clean and working in order to avoid unwanted incidents while driving. The headlights are the eyes of the driver and it is mandatory to keep them clean so that the clearance can allow the proper amount of light to pass to enlighten the path and the driver can see everything that approaches the car. Car detailing Calgary NE services can handle the problems. The professionals suggest some home tricks to manage the cleaning and care of headlights.

Car Headlights

Tips to clean and ensure detailed cleaning of headlights

Proper wash

The headlights can be washed without any problem and this process can be done with a detergent for car cleaning and a cloth (microfiber is suggested). The cloth must be smooth so that it does not scratch the surface and also capable of removing the dirt from when scrubbed. This first step will get the dirt out as much as possible. Do not use detergents that are used in the home. Dry out the surface with dry microfiber cloth to get rid of the water stains.


Toothpaste can also be used to clean the stubborn spots in the headlights. Here also, you have to use soft and clean microfiber cloth. The hazy yellowish tan is a stubborn one to tackle. Toothpaste can be used to clean them easily. By applying some toothpaste and rubbing it with a microfiber cloth for few minutes will do the trick. Remove the residual toothpaste with a little water and smooth dry cloth.

Baking soda

This is a household salt used for cooking that can be effectively used to clean the headlight aptly as suggested by Car detailing Calgary NE. Baking soda is slightly alkaline in nature that does the cleaning effect. Use a wet smooth cloth and dip its corner into baking soda. Use that dipped corner to rub and remove the yellow tan. The headlights will not be cleaned instantly. It will take few minutes to show the results. Eventually, when the tan fades away due to repeated rubbing the remnant soda must be removed with clean water and a dry cloth.

Vinegar with baking soda

This last tip from Car detailing Calgary SW is for the indelible stains on the headlight. Vinegar is an acetic acid used in cooking purpose. The acid with baking soda works like a charm to remove the most stubborn stain on the glasses. Baking soda and vinegar react to form fizz that eventually eats away the stains. Add a small amount of baking soda in a half a cup of vinegar in a small cup made of Styrofoam. Dip the microfiber cloth in the solution and rub the headlights. The results will be very prompt and you can notice the shine back. This tip is faster than the others.

The above tips to keep the headlights tip-top all the time are very effective and all the ingredients can be easily arranged. For best professional results, contact Calgary Car Detailing today.

Calgary Car Detailing

At a certain point of time, you may feel that you should buy a new car as you are losing interest on your existing one. Buying a new vehicle means you will have to invest a good amount of money, but if you want then you can get help from your existing car in the process.

Generally, people in Calgary, prefer to sell their old car before buying a new one. Before doing that, they always try to ensure that their existing car is in good condition so that it can fetch a good price. Therefore, applying proper car detailing methods is useful. In this article, we will describe how the process of car detailing can help you in selling your used car.

Calgary Car Detailing

Contact Efficient Car Detailing Service Provider

The process of car detailing needs the hand of experts. You can think about doing it on your own, but if you are looking for a complete car detailing that can provide your car a new look then you should get in touch a reputed car detailing agency in Calgary.

Reputed agencies always prefer experienced professionals who are accustomed to the process of making cars as much new as possible. The touch of professional hands will definitely help you in making your car looked beautiful, which is important to get a good price while selling.

Take Care of Your Engine

Before you think about selling your used car, you should know that your potential buyers will come with a mechanic or an automobile engineer to make sure that your car is in the good condition. The engine is definitely the heart of any vehicle and that is why your potential buyers will check the condition of your car’s engine first.

Before inviting buyers, you should take your car to a professional detailer that provides full service car wash, so that you can make sure that every part of your car looks good.

Clean Windows and Dress Tires

Windows definitely play a big role in making a car look beautiful and that is why you will have to pay much attention to the window glasses. Before you start cleaning the windows of your vehicle, make sure that you are cleaning them from both sides so that no dirt or sticky moisture is left on them. Windows and the windshield are important parts of your car and you should make them clean and shiny so that they can attract your potential buyers on the first appearance.

Likewise, you should also make the tires of your vehicle cleaned and looked fine. In order to do so, you can apply tire dressing on them. It will make them look glossy and attractive.

You can save a lot of money by conducting the car detailing process on your own, but if you want 100% satisfactory service, you should contact with an efficient car detailing agency that will help in making your vehicle as much new as possible by applying appropriate detailing methods.

Calgary Car Detailing

There are certain facts that conventional perception may not keep straight so far as taking care of your car is concerned. Some common myths and misconceptions associated with auto care and maintenance measures often cost average people quite a few bucks every month. Car owners need to ensure that they are doing just what the car requires and not heading overboard.

Calgary Car Detailing

Here are some facts about looking after your car that might astonish you!

Protect Your Warranty

Consider the right service provider to get your car repaired, serviced and detailed. People sometimes think that in order to keep the warranty valid on a brand new vehicle, all work has to be performed by the dealership. However, this is actually not true. As a buyer, you have the right to get your automobile serviced where you prefer.

Going to the dealer obviously makes record keeping easier, but the same is true for any shop that you take your vehicle to every time. Follow the schedule recommended by the manufacturer for maintenance and service and keep your receipts to protect your warranty.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Many car owners believe that all cars need an oil change every three months or 3,000 miles. This is simply not the standard rule for all vehicles. A lot of cars manufactured these days can go much longer between oil changes than those of earlier models.

Look at the owner’s manual as this would be the best way to determine the appropriate schedule for your car. Try to adopt the frequency of the manufacturer’s suggested months figure or mileage. You should also remember which type of oil is recommended as the nature all oil is not the same. Using the right oil in your vehicle is important.

Warm-ups Not Required

There might have been a time when used to do better in the wintry weather if they had an option to warm-up first, but that is not necessarily true anymore. Modern day cars are designed to warm-up while they are driving. This means letting your vehicle run in the driveway for a few minutes is nothing but just wasting fuel.

Finally, you can never deny the contribution of professional car and auto detailing from the standpoint of the preventive measures for your car care and maintenance.