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Winter Driving

Winter driving seems to be a stressful ordeal when it comes to a journey through the snowy and icy roads. While some experienced drivers are comfortable with driving in ice and snow, others react to this with stress and panic. However, driving in the winter can be a manageable experience, provided you are well prepared and know how to keep your car under control.

Winter Driving

Steps to Prepare for Winter Driving

  • It is important to make sure that your car is serviced and all maintenance issues are addressed before the winter season arrives.
  • Check whether your windshield wipers, cooling system and battery are in good working order.
  • Buy snow tyres. There is an actual difference between snow and regular tyres for all seasons. Snow tires can dig through the snow allowing better traction.
  • Try packing some kitty litter in your car. Kitty litter offers traction when you are stuck in the ice or snow, thereby preventing your wheels from slipping.
  • Drive looking straight and always keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.
  • Have knowledge of the surroundings and plan which direction you should head in the event of a developing situation.
  • Don’t slam onto your brakes as that may only result in you sliding into the car in front of you.
  • If you are in a slide situation, easing up on the gas is the best idea. Gas only makes things worse when you are trying to manage a slide. If you are trying to speed up from a standstill, light gas application functions the best.
  • If possible, plan prior to stopping. Apply the brakes gently and slowly instead of fast sudden braking. Intersections are sometimes icy and require continuous pressure to the brake pedal.

Young drivers in Canada should be prepared for winter driving with proper lessons on how to tackle the elements. Besides following the above steps, availing quality auto detailing services in Calgary ensures you safety during winter driving.

Tips for Car Exterior

Following some simple car care tips will help you to extend the life of your automobile. Here are a few expert suggestions, surprising auto maintenance tricks for you!
Tips for Car Exterior

Protecting Auto Paint from the Sun

Paint does a lot apart from making your vehicle look great. It is also the primary layer of defense against oxidized body panels. Parking the automobile in a garage is certainly the best means of protecting the paint. Of course, it is not possible all the time, however, you should always park your vehicle in the shade. A car cover prevents the paint from fading by keeping it safe from the sun’s UV rays.

More than sun, some car covers generally protect vehicles from dust, moisture and bird droppings. They have a thin layer of cushioning that also guards against light impact caused by a tipped bicycle or falling of a small tree branch.

Touching up Scratches Before it’s too Late

Touch-up paint doesn’t stick well to rust. It is good to always keep some matching touch-up paint on hand so that you can easily touch up any minor scratches or nicks whenever noticed, before rust has a chance to build up.

Waxing to Protect your Vehicle’s Paint Job

Waxing your vehicle highly contributes to keep your car looking new. Auto wax preserves paint by slowing corrosion and creating a blockade against sap, bird droppings and pollution.

Here are the steps to make sure the maximum protection of your car exterior:

Spray and liquid waxes are good to use as they make the automobile shiny without much effort unlike paste wax. However, there is still no beating paste wax for the most durable and toughest finish. Choose to paste with high carnauba wax substance.

You are recommended to avail professional car detailing Calgary services in NE when it comes to getting a quality car service job at affordable prices for your automobile. Get necessary car detailing jobs done now to enjoy driving a nice shiny car!

car detailers calgary

The transmission is an essential component in your car, however many of us don’t have a clear idea of what it does apart from ‘shifting’ the vehicle. Actually, the transmission takes the energy produced by the engine to give it to the axles and thus the wheels move. It is also an expensive auto part to replace and this means whether you are well aware of its activities or not, you should know how to look after it properly. Apart from getting the transmission fluid checked on a regular basis and changed as needed, there are quite a lot of common mistakes that you must avoid making.


Let’s have a discussion about the things you should not do in order to extend the life of your vehicle’s transmission.

1. Do not shift idle into drive from fast

When you first start the vehicle up the engine remains cold and to prevent stalling it will idle faster than usual. Before it warms up a bit don’t shift right into drive as it may cause excess tear and wear on the transmission components and reduce the life of the mountings, clutch, bands and other parts. Also, stay away from shifting into reverse when the engine is idling fast for the similar reason.

2. Do not use brakes for downshifting

Downshifting to slow the vehicle down in an urgent situation, like if the brakes fail can save your life. However, on the other hand doing it frequently will significantly reduce the life of the bands and clutch, thereby increase the changes of premature transmission problems. Instead of downshifting remember to apply the brakes to slow down at stop lights.

3. Do not change direction without stopping

Another common mistake that many people make is shifting from reverse to drive or vice versa is before the car comes to a complete stop. It can decrease the transmission’s life and damage it.

4. Do not let it get towed the wrong way

Another mistake that many car owners make is not towing properly in order to avoid damaging the transmission. Car owners should be aware of the fact that the ‘drive wheels’ cannot be on the ground when they need to have the vehicle towed.

Follow these simple rules and keep your car at the top of its looks and performance with quality auto detailing services in Calgary.

Car Maintenance Mistakes

Nowadays, it is much easier to take care of automobiles that are much advanced than those driven by previous generations. However, it is somewhat due to this reason many drivers have become ignorant of performing any maintenance at all. Since not having any simple servicing like oil changes may cause catastrophic damage to the vehicle, keeping the maintenance schedule in mind is as important at the present as it was when cars still needed tune-ups.
You can simply get rid of unwanted driving issues through availing professional car detailing services in Calgary NW. Let’s have a discussion on some of the common maintenance mistakes that may get you at the risk of racking up expensive repair bills.

Not following the right oil change schedule
This is an area where taking your advice from others may not be a wise idea. In earlier days, the standard recommendation was changing the oil at 3,000 miles, but now it is important to follow the owner’s manual to get the right schedule for your car.

Maintenance Mistakes
Breaking your brakes
In a vehicle, brakes are one of those stuffs that really need to be taken care of as soon as they start wearing out. Bad brakes are a major safety concern for starters. In spite of the safety risk, many people continue driving on squealing, squeaking, stuttering brakes long after it should be taken to technician or replaced.
Ignoring the tire pressure light
Proper tire inflation is really important from both a safety and efficiency need. Check and keep them inflated properly to save money on gas.
Getting the wrong gas
Putting diesel in a gas engine is a big mistake. Though, some people think that higher octane means better, it is not the case if your car is not designed to use high octane fuel. Using the costlier fuel will not get you any benefit otherwise, instead of costing you more.
Failing to filter
Airflow is a vital factor for a car to run efficiently with good gas mileage. A clogged or dirty air filter keeps the engine from getting the fresh air it requires to run properly.
Not changing wipers
As you do not need windshield wipers all the time, you may forget to check whether they are properly working or not. To drive safely and they should to be replaced immediately if they are worn or damaged.
So, when it comes to your car, try not to be “penny wise and pound foolish”. As if you save a few bucks by skipping an oil change now, you may end up spending thousands in repair costs later.

One of the best ways of maintaining your car and keep the resale value preserved is through car detailing. The detailing helps in keeping it presentable looking and involves engine, exterior and interior detailing. Thorough cleaning of the car takes place so that it looks as good as new. Most people vouch for cleaning their cars themselves but after a certain period of time, professional detailing on a regular basis ensures that its performance and life is increased.

Spring car detailing is often done so that it can be prepared for the summer. Some of the advantages of spring car detailing are:

  • The vinyl or leather upholstery of the car can be protected from sun damage.
  • The car paint is protected better by the car detailing process and this eliminates chances of colour fading under the harsh summer sun.
  • In case salt brine is used for treating of roads during the winter, there are chances that some salt has entered the interior as well as affected the exterior of the car. This can be removed.
  • The bugs and pollen which are present during spring and summer can removed easily from the car’s surface after detailing so that the paint remains protected from any damages.

Professional spring detailing not only saves money on supplies needed but time is saved as the professionals are used to this work and so they perform well on time. It not just helps your car but it also helps the environment. The grime, the soap water washed away, the oil, etc will all go to the sewers which will then end up in the sea or lakes; on top of that is the consideration of the huge amount of water which will be wasted for cleaning at home. However, when the job is being done by professionals, the process involves a lot lesser amount of water. Another thing to note is that when a car is hand washed, the paint may be damaged and its shine reduced. But professionals have the exact tools, equipment and materials to ensure that just the dirt and grime are removed from the surface and the paint is preserved through their work.

So, just like your house and your furniture, cars need to be cleaned regularly as well. The best option is visiting a professional car detailers in Calgary; but it should be made sure that spring detailing is conducted properly so that you can reap long term benefits from your well maintained car.

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