13June, 2015

Treat Your Vehicle with Effective Car Wash Service

Car Wash Calgary

Professional auto wash facility can be easily available through which you can get the exterior and interior of our car thoroughly cleaned. There are a lot of categories in the auto detailing service. Self serve facility allows users to wash their vehicles themselves. You can also hire a professional to do this for you.
Mostly, car owners prefer the option of getting their car washed by someone else. And why would your bother doing it yourself when there are a range of advanced of facilities readily available at every car wash bay.

Car Wash Calgary

Self-Service Cleaning

In fact, there are certain self-service car wash facilities where you simply have to insert a coin in the machine and then access their kit and wash your vehicle yourself. So, for vehicle owners who don’t want to go for professional car washing services can simply do it for themselves with such easy to access facility. You no longer need to store the entire auto washing kit in your home now. Again, if you are not interested in doing it yourself, there are a number of full service car wash facilities available at affordable prices.

Hand Wash

If you really want to get your vehicle washed by hand, there are lots of garages where the staff themselves will wash your car. Thus, you can easily fulfil your wish of getting your car washed by hand, rather than by automated machines. Then, there is what we term the In-Bay automatics. In this type of car washing technique, there is an instrument with rollers that move forth and back while spraying foam and water. You just need to drive through it and when your automobile comes out from the other end it not only shines clean, but is also completely dried. This is probably one of the fastest car wash services available in Calgary and elsewhere in the world.

Tunnel Wash

For auto cleaning, there is also a tunnel wash service available. This way vehicle washing is also performed by using automated machines. There is a conveyor belt that slowly moves and the vehicle is placed on it. After that, it is passed through a sequence of steps that are involved in the auto detailing process. By the time the car gets off the conveyor belt it is absolutely clean. In this car wash procedure, water along with a foamy liquid is used. However, there is a notion that using water for car wash can ruin the polish of the vehicle over time.

Chemical Cleaning

There is another category of auto wash facility in which no water is applied at all. It applies some chemicals that make the body of the vehicle dirt free whilst polishing its surface. Hence, once the wash is finished, not only is all grime removed, but also offers a shiny look as the surface of the vehicle gets a wonderful polish.

Steam Cleaning

Finally, we have the steam car wash. In this process, a strong jet of steam is applied for car washing together with special towels made out of microfibre. For those people who are truly concerned about the paint and polish of their car, this car wash technique is ideal. Moreover, no chemicals are used and since the amount of water used in this process is extremely less, it is quite eco-friendly as well.

Now, it’s entirely up to you which facility you want to avail to wash your car and get your ride good as new.