10May, 2018

Essential Tips for Removal and Repair of Car Scratch Marks

7 Secrets of Car Scratch Repair

Lots of investment and lots of emotion are associated with a car. Once bought, you cannot keep it in your garage, wrapped in a body cover all because you are afraid of car scratch marks. Cars are meant to be sped on the roads and not kept motionless. Expert care methods like car waxing can help you regain the branded look for your car. However, there are so many ways for the removal and repair of scratch marks.


7 Secrets of Car Scratch Repair


Here we share the top 7 secrets of car scratch repair:


1. Inspection of Car Scratch Marks: Do not wait for the moment your car would hit something filing you with apprehension that all is not well with it and that you must inspect it at once. It is nevertheless to say that you would automatically do it. What we are talking about is to grow the habit of regular inspection. Any signs of scratch marks noticed should be immediately brought under the consideration of expert car detailing services.


2. DIY rules to prepare the area for repair: The first thing is to clean the debris. A water spray and sanding operations would take care of the matter. Got enough time in hand and the right sets of equipment might lead you think in favour of applying DIY methods. But, if you do not have the expertise, sorry to say, you should think of visiting a cost-effective car detailing service in Calgary.


3. Rinse the affected part: The affected part should be properly rinsed and dried up. The car detailing services perform the action using supreme quality microfiber clothes in order to negate the chances of the formation of any further scratch marks. Wow! Such a detailed attention is given in order to hold the beauty of your car.


4. Fix the scratches: You need a buffer pad and industry best rubbing compound (that is used by the prominent car detailing services) ensuring its application on the affected part. It not only smoothen the surface but also repair the scratch marks.


5. Polishing of the scratched part: Probably this is the most difficult job among rest of the steps. On surface, polishing involves the application of rubbing compound on the scratched areas. In reality, it involves the accurate setting of the buffer and its application till the right time. The appropriate determination of time is extremely important. Otherwise, the compound would dry down before it being smoothed out. You need to make a call to the right services for car polishing in Calgary.


6. Waxing affair: The certified technicians of full-service car wash services in Calgary apply industry best carnauba wax on the scratched part and apply an orbital buffer.


7. Final washing: This step is performed to keep intact the shiny look of the repaired area(s).
Those who love their cars cannot ignore their regular upkeep. If not sure, better to approach a proficient service provider rather than applying DIY methods for removal and repair of car scratch marks.