14April, 2015

Opt for a Full Service Car Wash and Witness the Transformation

Full Service Car Wash

Being a car owner, you must be aware that car washes are necessary to keep the vehicle in good running condition. Car washes do not merely clean the exterior surface of a vehicle but also ensures that the engine as well as the interior is cleaned thoroughly. While some people opt for doing the cleaning job all by themselves, some others opt for professional car wash services to get quality result. Professional car wash services are better since experienced professionals take care of this process and use advanced as well as exclusive machinery that renders the vehicle cleaned thoroughly.

Full Service Car Wash

There are certain facilities available in Calgary, where you can head for an automatic machine for getting your car washed in lieu of a coin. This is ideal for those who are short of time or in a hurry. It may not appeal to all people some of whom are of the opinion that automated machines do not produce cent percent satisfactory results.

In such cases, where people are not keen to do the cleaning job themselves or avail automated cleaning services, full service car wash in Calgary acts as the perfect choice.

Ideally Full Service Car Wash facilities combine an automatic system much similar to that of a Tunnel Wash. The automated system is further teamed with employees for providing the owners with a thorough cleaning service comprising the exterior, engine and the interior of a vehicle.

In this system, you need to exit the vehicle before the actual wash. You may wait in the waiting area where you will be assisted by an attendant in selecting the appropriate wash package to initiate the multi-step wash cycle.

Before a car enters the wash system, it is usual for the service provider to get excessive dirt cleaned from the surface of the vehicle by an attendant with either a brush or a spray. The attendant then applies a cleaner to the wheels and rims as well as the vacuum. He then removes the apparent trash from the car’s interior and makes sure that all windows and moon/sun roofs are closed tightly with mirrors turned in.

This makes the vehicle ready for entering the automated wash system. It is driven by an attendant to the system where he places it in neutral mode before exiting the vehicle to assist another customer in the same. The automated tunnel wash system then takes this process forward by moving the vehicle through each of the washing stations.

After tunnel cleaning is over and the vehicle reaches the end of the tunnel wash, another attendant drives it to a cleaning and drying zone. It is here that the attendant provides the vehicle with numerous services depending on the wash package purchased. These services include hand drying the vehicle, washing the windows inside and outside with a quality glass cleaner, cleaning, polishing of the tires hubcaps and, rims, readjustment of the mirrors, application of air freshener, etc.

As an owner you get immense satisfaction by opting for a full service car wash in Calgary. Therefore, you should go for booking a full service car wash the next time you wish to get your vehicle thoroughly cleaned as they use scientific techniques and quality products for cleaning the vehicle.