27July, 2015

Keep Your Car Vibrant with Full Service Car Wash

Full Service Car Wash

Your car helps you for performing various tasks on time and supports your leisure drives as well. It is obvious that constant usage of the vehicle results in wear and tear. However, as a car owner, you are unable to figure out those minute damages that have been incurred till date. You think that by performing a traditional cleaning treatment with water and soap, will keep the vehicle in good conditions. This kind of treatment may not keep away the grit that has accumulated on the surface. What about the dirt that has accumulated in the interior? Can you experience bad odor that emits due to mold growth? Keeping the car in unhygienic condition will not provide you comfortable drive. In order to keep your car in well-maintained condition, you need to hire full service car wash in Calgary. However, you should know how the system works, so that you can make decisions for getting best outcomes.

Full Service Car Wash

Learn About the Procedure in Detail

A full service car wash in Calgary deploys an automatic wash system, which is coupled with other procedures to attain the detailing goals. This comprehensive service takes care of both interior and exterior detailings.

When a customer visits a service station, he or she exits from the car and waits in the guest area. The servicing in-charge will receive the customer and listen to the issues. After listening to the case history, such professional will suggest a suitable car wash package and will instruct the staff to initiate the car wash procedure.

Thorough Inspection

Before the staff sends the car to the car wash system, he inspects the vehicle thoroughly to spot dirt and grits. Then those grits are removed with spraying and brushing techniques. During this process, the car wash professional applies cleaner to rims and wheels to eliminate excessive dirt. Then, the staff uses vacuum cleaning system for removing trash from the interior of the vehicle. During the initial stage, the windows and sunroofs are closed tightly to prevent water seepage.

Automatic Wash Cycle

After the initial cleaning of exterior and interior is over, the car becomes ready for automatic wash treatment. The detailing staff will drive the vehicle into the system and park it in neutral position. The automatic car wash system will move the car through series of washing stations.

Drying Treatment

When the vehicle makes exit from the tunnel car wash system, an attendant will drive the car to the drying station. In this area, the car wash staff provides number of services, which depends on the package chosen by the customer. Services include cleaning and polishing of rims, tires and hubcaps, mirror adjustment, hand drying, washing windows with glass cleaner and applying air freshener into the interior.

A complete car wash service ensures that customers do not feel bored while waiting. While customers are waiting for the process to be completed, during that period, they are served with snacks, drinks and other leisure gears.

This is how a full service car wash company in Calgary works to keep the car in well-maintained condition. Therefore, do not make late decisions and prevent your car from incurring further damages.