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Prolong the Longevity of Car

A car is not a mere mode of transport. For many, it is a realization of their lifetime dream and for others, it is no less than a passion. Hence, one should implement best maintenance mechanisms to extend the longevity of the car.

Prolong the Longevity of your Car

The Tips

1. Regular diagnosis of your car: The manual of the manufacturer makes your regular diagnosis process easier. ‘How’ and ‘when’ to perform these sorts of inspection, everything is mentioned here. These tips would help you in normal times. In emergency situations like in case of a broken headlight, one must visit a reputed and proficient service for headlight restoration in Calgary.

Headlight Restoration Calgary
2. Learn the meaning of warning light indicators: You may be passionate about your cars and take every possible care. However, something might be left out of your notice. The in-built warning systems and sensors make things simpler. Try learning the meaning of the warning light indicators.

3. Check the tire pressure: A poor tire pressure negatively impacts the fuel economy, the comfort level and the simple handling of the vehicle. Hence, smart people make a daily or weekly routine to check the tire pressure.

Tire Pressure
4. Check the tire’s alignment: One of the basic tenets of car maintenance is to have a near-to-perfect alignment of your car tires. Check the manufacturer’s manual and compare the mileage with the rotation, balance and alignment of the tire.

5. Check the tread depth: The modern tires can withstand any weather conditions. Better to add a new set of tread wear indicators to negate any guess play.

6. Replace the cabin air filter: You need to replace a cabin air filter if you want to save your family members from allergic reactions from the dust particles.

7. Do not let the brake dust accumulate: As we said earlier, keeping a brand new car is not a problem anymore. When you clean the brake dust, you can easily maintain prim and proper looking car tires.

8. Check the drive belts: If your car engine is the source of energy, the drive belt is the medium to transfer it from the source to the rest of the parts. You should inspect whether the rubber made drive belt has not gone through any wear or tear.

Car Drive Belts

9. Check the oil levels: Probably the reason for loud noises and knocking coming out of the car engine is because of a lower level of oil. Please ensure to check the oil levels on a regular basis.

10. Check the level of the engine coolant: An overheated car engine is something absolutely undesirable. Hence, make it a point to check the level of the coolant inside the radiator.

11. Visit the car detailing services: Do not wait for a complete was-hover of the car paint. Avail the benefits of car polishing in Calgary. If you pay a regular visit to the car detailing services in Calgary, it would help you keep a just-out-of-the-showroom vehicle.
Car Polishing Calgary

Enhance the longevity of your car. Try out the above-mentioned maintenance tips. Let your car make your neighbors green (with envy).

Invest In Car Wax And Polish

Desiring an enviable shine on cars is natural? But do you really put in the required amount of efforts needed to ensure that the shine is retained? Even a short drive can result in the surface of the car attracting dust particles and dirt. Snow covered roads, muddy tracks, bird droppings, scratches and dents lend an unkempt look to the car which if not checked frequently can lead to untoward consequences in the future.


Invest In Car Wax And Polish
The sight of a well maintained car not only enhances the look of the car amongst onlookers but also rewards the owner with a feeling of satisfaction. Car polishing services in Calgary can be enlisted to help detail the car frequently. The organisations employ careful detailing methods which ensure that the paint job remains intact and that scratches and dents are kept at bay. A proper maintenance also leads to the owners saving on a lot of money that would otherwise have gone in repairs and repainting. The surface of our cars are subjected to a whole lot of grime during its time on the road. Rinse and scrub the surface every other day and subject it to adequate pampering to indulge in its longevity.

Not convinced? Here are the top four reasons on why you must indulge in both waxing and polishing your car:

Resale Value
The more you indulge in waxing and polishing, the higher the resale value of your car will be. Buffing the exteriors with the right wax and then applying a coat of polish to seal the moisture in, keep repairing jobs out of your cost ledger adding on to the value that can be demanded when you decide to sell it off. A damaged automobile obviously won’t fetch you the amount that you would ideally have wished for and hence employing the afore mentioned methods are necessary.

Protect The Paint
The look of a newly minted car does not really last if proper maintenance is not meted out. Repainting the entire car also costs buckets and is indeed not the right solution to indulge in every six months. Wax and polish your miseries away and have your car swathed in paint that remains as good as new for months on end.

Enhances Cleanliness
Organisations that offer hand car washing services in Calgary can be opted if you would like to have your beloved cars cleaned by none other than your own able hands. Get the right equipments that are needed to improve on the shine and magnify the clean surface of the car.

Reduces Roughness
Dents and scratches make the surface of the car uneven. Lack of care at the right time will reduce the possibility of such abnormalities and would reward you with a surface both smooth to touch and soothing to the eyes. A thorough coating of polish will restore the abnormalities if any and prevent further such occurrences from happening.

Calgary Car Detailing, one of the premier organisations in the city offers all the services that is needed for an effective car detailing session. Enlist their assistance at the earliest and notice an enviable shine on the your precious vehicle.

Car Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Car cleaning methods need not always be followed through using expensive products, hard-to-get equipments and services that make a dent in the wallet. Cleaning cars require a certain level of perseverance and one must ensure that the vehicles are subjected to frequent cleaning routines for them to retain the shine. The resale value too gets increased with the proper detailing and ensures a longevity for the cars. Rain soaked exteriors to mud and snow streaks, food stains and other debris that constantly get stuck in the crevices of the car need to be frequently cleaned to have the cars smell and look good. However, time restraints and the sheer lack of motivation to actually get down and dirty during the cleaning ritual can be a severe deterrent when it comes to looking after your car.


Car Cleaning Tips And Tricks


Following are a few tips and hacks for you to incorporate in the cleaning schedule and reward your car with the treatment it deserves:


Running out of cleaning liquid? All you need to do is fill your windshield washing liquid tank with water, vodka and a few drops of dishwashing soap to get yourself a homemade cleaning solution. This aids in keeping the glass spotless, enhancing visibility.

Baking Soda

Foul smells and odour can lead to uncomfortable situations, bordering on embarrassment if they persist. These too can be easily curbed using baking soda. Sprinkling baking soda over the floor mats and the upholstery, letting it stay overnight can get rid of the stench. Make sure you vacuum the insides to clean the residue and have your car smelling fresh and clean.


Conditioners can work wonders on the exteriors of the car unlike the harsh dish washing detergents that are often corrosive. Hair conditioners act as a wax on the body of the car leaving behind a smooth shine after every rinse. Try using this DIY wax instead of investing in the expensive tubs. Conditioners in no way should be a permanent alternative to the actual wax but can definitely do the job if you need to fix the look of the car at a short notice.
Soft Drinks/Soda

Fizzy drinks can be used as an alternative to clean both the exteriors and the interiors. These are extremely effective while getting rid of those stubborn patches and stains that lend the body of the car an unkempt and unclean look. The fizz from the drinks act as an effective cleaner but care must be taken to ensure that the liquid does not seep into the hood or the crevices. The sticky residue would result in further complications and that must be avoided at all cost.

Full car wash services in Calgary make sure that your cars are optimally treated and that the exteriors and interiors look as good as new. Calgary Car Detailing is one such service centre whose help can be enlisted if you are looking for an effective car cleaning treatment, one that caters to the needs of the vehicle as well as provide a cost-effective solution. Look them up NOW!

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