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Hand car wash Calgary

As the mercury dips and the city engulfed by the thick blanket of fog, car owners should pay more attention to taking care of their classic four-wheels. The car care industry of the city is mushrooming by leaps and bounds. But the truth is, maximum owners end up remaining absolutely unconcerned when it comes to classic car care. Such indifference causes a host of miseries to the vehicle owners, especially in the cold months. However, taking the right steps now you can prevent untold miseries in the winter. A bunch of effective tips are queued up here in this blog. Abide by the winter lay-up guide to keep your classic automobile in tip-top condition –

Hand car wash Calgary

Look what pros’ talking

Leaving a classic vehicle unused can cause more harm than running it through the cold months – even on snowy and salty roads. According to the experts, all machinery can work well when they are used. Even a motorbike suffers in storage and four-wheels can be a nightmare. It is not just the corrosion you need to concern about; the perished rubber and leather, flat-spotted tyres, sticking brakes or clutches and vanished fuel injectors can be equally vexing. Before taking your classic cars away, the pros recommend

Wash it properly

Make sure to clean the coachwork, spray-clean the underside and leave your four-wheel to dry in the open air. The best way to dry it thoroughly is by taking your car for a drive. The subsequent step will be to wax-polish the exterior part and leave the wax on to stop paintwork deterioration. Pump the tyres to 50 psi to keep flat-spotting at bay. Often , washing your car on your own is difficult. You can rely on full-service car wash Calgary to wash your dirty automobile.

Proper care for battery

Squeeze adequate time out of your busy schedule to charge your car’s battery. Coat the terminals with petroleum jelly and leave it attached to a trickle charger. If you are leaving your four-wheel for more than four months, make sure to remove the battery. This way, you can boost your car’s performance to a great extent.

Change filter, oil and coolant

When taking care of your classic automobile, ensure that you change its oil, coolant and filter with time. Test the coolant with a hydrometer. Corrosion inhibitors tend to give out before the rest of the coolant. Use the right products to prevent the sludge build-ups, thus keeping the waterways rust-free.

The best way to leave a four-wheel is dry and airy barn. Brick or wood garages are preferable to pre-cast the concrete units that tend to sweat out in cold months. Using an inflatable plastic tent, with fans to keep air moving inside is the proper way to stay away from damp problems.

You must start the vehicle at least once a month and take it for a short drive to bring its engine to a complete operating temperature. If you don’t pay heed to this step, your car will be stored for a long period of time. Remove the spark plugs and pour a tablespoon into each cylinder. Then turn the engine over to ensure everything is coated and put the plugs back. After doing this, you must turn the engine over occasionally to prevent the friction plate from sticking to the flywheel.

Modern fuel generally tends to go off very quickly. In the past, the owners would have had to drain the fuel and substitute it with paraffin to keep rust in the tank at bay. Now, there is an array of fuel prevention methods to ward off oxidation, corrosion and keep the fuel in grade. Besides a top performance, a great car should also have an impeccable shine. Take it to professional wax and hand car wash services is Calgary to restore its luster.

hand car wash Calgary

It’s the upcoming event of New Year, and for many, the culmination of a lot of plannings and preparations. But, no matter how hard we try, on the much-awaited New Year week, we find ourselves running around like dumbstruck bunnies who have absolutely no clue about festive car care! While the festive season is synonymous with fun, it also brings along with it loads of woes, car care being the major one. Here are a few New Year vehicle care hacks to tell you how to make it just that little bit less daunting.

hand car wash Calgary

Get the polishing done

It’s always exciting to rev up your garage with a brand-new, swanky four-wheel. But, over the course of time, the luster starts fading, making your car look dull and ragged. And, it’s wacky to drive a colorless and dull car, when the entire city is jazzing up for New Year celebration. So, it’s advisable to get the polishing done from a reliable company. If you want to polish it yourself at home, then you must learn the process properly. The polish should be worked into the paint in straight lines ensuring a complete coverage of the entire area. If you are doing it yourself, leave your car for the instructed time-span before removing and buffing with a clean, microfiber cloth. Using the proper amount also ensures nooks and crannies don’t get clogged up with excess polish which then dries and turns out to be powdery in every area you least want it to. If you find it pretty difficult to do it your own, opt for the professionals.

Wash the dirty four-wheel

A regular wash can help in keeping your car shining and in a good health. If you are planning to save your moolah, you can wash your four-wheel on your own. Make sure to use all high-brand car cleaning products to take the dust off your automobile. Unsure about your car wash skills? Well, today the internet is flooded with tons of tutorial videos, explaining the process of properly washing a vehicle. However, DIY car wash can be a bit daunting, as it may drain your time and energy. The smart and wise step would be to narrow down professional full service car wash to sparkle clean your prized possession. You can also swear by hand car wash for some experimentations.

Check the oil

It is probably the oldest piece of advice in the book, but that does not mean it’s not worth following. If your car’s oil is sludgy, or its level is a bit low, your car’s engine won’t function efficiently. Make sure to top it up and replace it as necessary, and you will definitely reap the benefits all festive season long.

Clear out the interior

With the upcoming New Year Eve around the corner, make sure to rev up the old interior of your car. Delve into the process by clearing out litter, wiping down door sills, cleaning the inside of windows, and polishing the dashboard at least once a week. Replace the old cushions, carpet and seat covers with new ones. With the frequent rides and over the course of time, a car begins to smell odd. If not paid a heed, your car may start stinking terribly. To avoid this, opt for a weekly cleaning of your automobile.

Maintain the exterior

People have a tendency to judge a book by its cover – strange but very true, and it’s applicable for your four-wheel as well. If your car’s exterior fails to stun the passersby, you should vest both your time and money to rev it up. The only way to prevent grit and general wintry muck from infiltrating nooks and crannies is a deep cleaning.

So, stop, slow down, detail your car and make it feel alive this New Year!

Full service car wash Calgary

Plenty of high-end cars may be rolling on to the roads, but not many owners would like to shell out big bucks on maintaining their four wheels. You can own “a brand new car” even without costing a fortune. All you need to do is give your vehicle the much-needed makeover with a few steps. Following these easy steps you can make your car look brand new.

Full service car wash Calgary

Clean and organize your vehicle

Every time you step out of your car, make sure to empty it of trash. A deep cleaning or complete detailing is an ideal way to keep the trashes at bay. So, you can splurge on the professional vehicle detailing services. A simple dusting once a month can make your dashboard look absolutely spiffy. There is no need to invest on expensive organization tools ; you can keep the glove compartment organized using the Ziplock bags. From car manuals to car maintainance paper works, everything can be stacked in just one bag. The more organized things will be, the easier it will be for you to find important stuffs during emergency.

As for the exterior part you don’t need to wax your car every month. Instead, make sure to put it through a professional vehicle wash once or twice in a month. It’s difficult to remove the stubborn gunks from car wheels and even the professional detailers often fail to ace the test. You can use a toilet brush to clean the wheels once a week.

Replace the floor mats

Floor mats are probably the first things to get ruined in a car. Rubber floor mats will not just cover up the worn out spots on your car’s floor, but will also give it a cleaner look. Everyday sand ,slush, mud, debris are tracked into your vehicle and mats protect the car carpet from these. Easier to maintain, a dirty floor mat can be washed regularly with clean water. You can also customize the floor mats to perfectly fit the model of your car. A tattered, worn-out and ragged floor mat is a huge turn off! Consider replacing a ragged mat with a new one whenever required.

Clean windows inside and out

Clean the insides and outsides of your windows to enhance the visibility and appearance of your vehicle. Use a good cleaner to remove the dust on your windows. Some car owners rely on wet newspaper (as opposed to paper towels or towels) and soapy water as a windshield cleaner.

Place sun films

The installation of sun films on the front windshield, back windshield or side windows can help combat the harmful UV rays. It cuts the annoying glare on your windshield by reducing intense bright spots on sunny days and blinding headlights during night. With help of these films your air conditioner can function better.

Adorn your car with colorful seat cushions

Jazz up your car interior with quirky and colorful seat cushions. Not only can this add to the accessories, if you buy a heated cushion or massage car cushion, you can have a very comfortable ride to home from work.

You can rely on full service car wash Calgary to detail your vehicle. Car detailing Calgary can make your car look and perform better.

Car Care Resolutions

Sticking to any sort of New Year Resolution is easier when have a motto in mind and keeping your car spin and span throughout a year is one, which is an appropriate motivator for most. By taking care of your car, you not only become a proud owner, but also turn into a responsible citizen to avoid fatal road accidents.

Car Care Resolutions

You need to be particular about taking care of your automobile, if you happen to reside in a region, which is ruled by a harsh climate throughout a year. Who does not know that such regions overruled by an unpleasant climatic condition are prone to major road accidents. However, by taking proper care of your car, you can enhance its performance and also mitigate the risks of deadly mishaps. Stumble upon these following facts and get some useful car care tips for this upcoming New Year –

Make your automobile monsoon ready:

It feels amazing when the sky opens up and brings relief from the scorching heat of summer. But, rains not just mean lazing in balcony and sipping smoky-hot coffee. Rather, they also mean waterlogged streets, heavy traffic and increasing risk of accidents. Taking care of your dream automobile is important for driving safe during monsoon.

It’s advisable to check the pressure in all the tyres. With the roads submerged in water, there are good chances that you might overlook the potholes and the lower tyre pressure would lead to frequent punctures. Also, make sure to check the brake oil and whether the handbrakes are functioning properly. Even the fog lights and brake lights must be checked throughly. Get an anti-corrosion treatment, interior & exterior detailing, waxing, vacuuming done on your car during the season of rain.

Keep the interior sparkle clean:

An uncleaned car is a big no! Food crumbs, spilled sodas, dust from the shoe, gunks from around make the car interior look ghastly and smells filthy. Cleaning the interior on a regular basis of your automobile is of paramount importance. If eyeing on car cleaning department seems difficult, go for a professional company, which offers interior car wash in budget-friendly prices.

The interior car cleaning packages usually include thorough deodorizing, vacuuming, window cleaning, floor mat washing, upholstery & carpet shampooing and steam cleaning, buttons knobs, vinyl plastic cleaning, hand car wash Calgary, etc. Make sure to rely on a cost-effective interior detailing packages, if you don’t want to empty your pocket during this festive season.

Music to soothe your ears while driving:

For a many, driving is a highly daunting task. To make driving a bit less daunting, you can listen to your favorite tracks while driving. Replace the old audio cassette music system in your car with a high teach MP3 music. This will not only allow you to increase your choice of music, but will also eliminate the tedious work of changing cassettes. And for all the tech-savvy people, get a USB slot installed in your car to plug in your I-pod to it. To experience better sound, you could get woofers and amplifiers installed too.

A regular car check-up is a must:

Regular maintainance and seasonal check-ups can maximize the fuel efficiency of your car and also enhance its performance. Bring it to a professional car detailing service provider in Calgary as the trained experts can detect potential defects, nipping expensive repairs in the sprout.

Keep these New Year resolutions in mind all year round to ensure a safe driving and better performance of your car.

Hand car wash Calgary

Washing the car at every weekend is a ‘Do it yourself’ task for every car owner. The activity might seem hectic after a long week of work and responsibilities and you feel to chill out rather than turning your hands all soapy and wet. In fact, another psychology works that taking a car to the full detailing services for washing and cleaning is a whole day job. There are a lot of myths to be busted regarding car washes. Some things that full washing service of cars can be harmful to the vehicle in the long run. To unravel all the myths of DIY car washing and benefits of Hand car wash Calgary service, let us discuss the pros and cons.

Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Car

Better wash better finish

If you prefer to wash the cars with hands rather than passing it through revolving brushes and wipers, then it can be a great weekend activity for you. But, sadly washing the vehicles at home requires many tools and equipment in order to bring the perfect finish. The car must shine after the washing process is over. This can only be done to a perfect degree by the professional hand washer who knows how to tackle the tricky edges and corners and use the right material for the purpose.

Extra attention

It is a belief that the owner understands the value of his possession and hence can provide proper care. The extra attention to the fine details of the vehicle is best provided by the person who knows the model better and has experience. Washing the cars at home can be very thorough but intelligent handling is necessary to maintain the value of the car. Professional washing equipments are far precise and better than the home ones.

Conservation of water

People tend to think that when the car is washed at home, less water is wasted than the full detailing services but they are wrong. The hoses that are used in household car washing gush out a huge amount of water in very less time. Moreover, the water is passed through the sewage with a high amount of detergent and dirt that creates pollution in the rivers. The professional technicians use a proper hose and maintain the amount of water usage per car to stop wastage. Moreover, the waste is properly disposed to keep the rivers pollution free.

Drying the car

It might seem that drying the car in the open air is better as it is natural. The process is slow and can be harmful to the car. The quick drying does not leave water or detergent stains. The wet surface when properly wiped using precise means the possibility of stains reduces to zero and the car becomes spotless. The presence of water on the surface for long is also not good for the paint and framework.

Professional Hand car wash in Calgary is far better than home washing in the aspects of environment and resources. It is better to avail the service of an expert like Calgary Car Detailing to ensure proper result and enjoy the leisure time in the weekend.

Car Wash Calgary

Four wheelers come in various shapes and sizes as per use. Cars these days are very important to bring balance between personal life and professional part of the day. It is a far more convenient mode of transportation rather than the public means. But in order to maintain the asset as it is and keep it running you need to take care of it on a regular basis. This is why car washing every month once is mandatory to maintain the shine and the outlook of the machine.

Car Wash Calgary

Necessity of car cleaning

When unwashed, the cars look like they have gone through a lot due to the presence of dirt, bird droppings, bugs, etc. Proper maintenance enables you to keep the value of the asset and appearance at the top. The dirt and splotches can be very persistent and needs professional help to clean them properly. This is where car cleaning services in Calgary NW come into action.

Benefits of professional car cleaning

Cleaning with care

The cars are not rocks that can be cleaned and polished by any vigorous means. The paint needs proper care and the washing and polishing techniques must comply with the paint. A full service car wash in Calgary is the answer to the trick of keeping the cars neat and clean all year long. Every spot will be removed with the help of this express wash without hampering the integrity of the paint.

Dealing with the stubborn ones

The roads when surrounded by trees and shrubs it is sure that there will be bugs too. When the bugs get squashed and die on the periphery of the car, they decay and destroy the paint job easily as the process leaves acidic remnants behind. The spots seem to be very stubborn to clean and when any harsh technique is used the paint gets damaged in particular positions. The same thing happens due to bird droppings and resistant tree saps. Professional car cleaning services in Calgary NW are capable to remove all kinds of stains without any hassle and make the car spotless in no time.

Shielding the windshield

The windshield is made of tough glass and the clarity is great for sure, but the slow deposition of dust, dirt and other external factors that ruin the look can prove to be very harmful. When the wipers are used then the presence of the dust particles can scratch the surface or might chip to produce cracks. The expensive part of the car needs proper cleaning so that it does not get ruined very quickly. It is important to maintain proper visibility on the road too. A visit to the full service car wash in Calgary on a regular basis can protect the pride of the windshields from the outside attacks and keep it scratch proof.

The professional service of Calgary Car Detailing is apt for the cars as the technicians are experienced and can handle the process quite accurately. The result will be very satisfactory without consuming too much time. Avail the service every month and keep the vehicle spotless clean.

Engine Detailing

The engine is definitely the most important part of a car, as the machine provides power to the entire vehicle and helps it to run thousands of miles without any interruption. You are aware of the importance of the car’s engine, but when it comes to its cleaning, you often consider it less important.

Every car owner should know that occasional cleaning can enhance the life span of the machine and its work efficiency. If you are one of them who hesitate to put their hand on the engine to make it clean and fresh, then you should learn the short and simple process of cleaning your car’s engine. In this article, we will discuss the ways to clean car engine.

Engine Detailing

Make the Process Simple

If you are doing the task for the first time, then you may hesitate to start it. But once you have learned the actual process of cleaning the engine, which is an integral part of car detailing, you will find it as much easier as cleaning the interior. However, it is not that you can apply your own methods to clean the engine of your vehicle. You will have to follow a particular way to execute the process.

Go Ahead With the Process

In order to start the process, you will have to arrange engine degreaser and use it effectively. You will have to apply the product to all the areas of your car engine. After that, you will have to spray water on the engine, as you can use a leaf blower to blow excessive water on the machine. In order to dry up all the water and moisture over the engine, you can start the engine and keep it on till it touches the normal operating temperature.

Apply Dressing over the Engine

You can find people who do not like the idea of dressing up the engine because they believe that any kind of dressing would attract more dust and dirt towards the engine. However, it is true that detailed and dressed up engine offered by an auto detailing service provider can be the den of dirt and dust, but at the same time it creates a layer between the engine and dirt. Most of the automobile experts recommend a topping of dressing over the surface of the engine that allows the cleaner to wash away all the dirt from the engine easily.

The Advantage of Engine Dressing

Many people can call it as the magnet of dust and dirt, but the engine dressing develops a sacrificial layer between the engine surface and new dirt. The solvent-based dressing is preferable than water based silicone free dressing, as the solvent dressing offers more long lasting capability and cannot be washed away unless the cleaner apply new applications of dressing.

If you find the process of engine dressing tedious and time-consuming, then you can hire a full service car wash, which will take care of both the interior and exterior parts of your vehicle.

Full service car wash

Your car is a major investment. You become disappointed when a scratch develops on the paint’s surface or the paint getting dull due to accumulation, corrosive action of acid rain, etc. Washing your car regularly is a wise idea to protect your investment. You may perform the wash yourself. However, there are some detailing tasks that require technical expertise. That is why you should hire a branded auto detailing service in Calgary.

Full service car wash

Keeping Car Clean Matters

When you use your car, it may be subjected to various weathering actions or wear and tear. There are specific hazards, which you should become aware of.

If your residence is near a coast or in an area where roads get salted during winter, the salt can accumulate and cause damage to the undercarriage of the car. Dead bug splats and bird droppings make the appearance of the car nasty and corrode the paint as well.

If you are residing in the wooded areas, tree saps can fall on the car and may result in long term corrosion. Your car is subjected to hazards most of the time. Those hazards can lower the value of your car. That is why choosing full service car wash service in Calgary is essential.

What Happens During Full Service Car Wash?

Taking your car for full service wash keeps the vehicle in sound condition. During the procedure, the professionals of the detailing center check the condition of tires and accordingly they make the replacement decision.

During the servicing, viscosity of transmission fluid is tested and subjected to change accordingly. Brakes and other accessories are checked thoroughly. These procedures are performed to shield your investment.

Raises Aesthetic Appeal and Value

Washing vehicle regularly is an effective and simple way to maintain the value of your car. The appearance of the vehicle matters as it is among the first things that people notice. If onlookers find that the car is covered in rust, it shows that you have not taken care of the vehicle for a long time. Overall, the value of your car drops.

Regular car wash offers brilliant way to raise the value of your vehicle. Regular servicing can also prevent you from undertaking costly replacements.

Frequency of Full Service Car Wash

Many car owners are concerned about how often they need to take their vehicles to the detailing center. In general, a car should be washed at an interval of two weeks.

There are certain circumstances, which might decrease or increase the frequency. If you reside in an area where roads get salted during winter, bird droppings occur often, you need to service your vehicle regularly. If you drive your car once or twice in a month and keep it in garage most of the time, frequent washing is not required.

A car looks appealing when it is cleaned on regular basis. However, performing the maintenance works requires special expertise, which the professionals of a car detailing service center possess. You should definitely consult such detailing center to know about the frequency of full service car wash.

Evolution of car washing industry

Purchasing a car is not a challenging task. You perform Google search, collect details of your preferred brands, conduct comparative analysis and finally choose one that fulfills most of your requirements. The process of purchasing a car can be done in an hour. After you make a purchase, you always want that your car should look fresh and healthy. For that reason, you take your vehicle to car wash service. Nowadays, you can enjoy the benefits of the automatic car wash. Before the inception of the automatic car wash, cleaning tasks were done manually. Read further about the evolution of car wash industry.

Evolution of car washing industry

Evolution of Manual Car Wash

The first car wash service evolved in Detroit in 1914. All cleaning tasks were performed manually. In the facility, a vehicle underwent cleaning at multiple cleaning stations.

Automatic Car Washes

The concept of automatic car wash was brought in Detroit during 1928. A design was developed for a system that pulled the vehicles through each washing stage.

During 1946, the automatic car wash assembly began to be produced on a commercial level. The first mechanized car wash was semi-automatic in nature. In that mechanism, hook conveyers were replaced with conveyors with moving tracks. Vehicles were moved with the help of machines and cars were washed manually at each cleaning stations.

Self Serve Car Wash Service

Improvements were made in car wash process during the 1960s. When the concept of car wash was introduced, during that time brushes made of plastic bristles were used. Those brushes were replaced with sponges gradually.

The sponges cleaned the surface of the car perfectly. During the 1960s, the concept of the self-serve car was evolved. In case of self-serve car wash, car owners can hire brushes and sprays to clean their cars. The car owners use deodorizers, shampooers, spot removers and tire cleaners for washing their vehicles.

Express Car Wash

For the past a few decades, the concept of car washing has made a transition. Car owners prefer for a car wash service, which is cost efficient. A survey was conducted in the past where it was found that car owners began losing interest in conveyor car washing system.

The express car wash was introduced to serve more car owners. This system cleans the car in short time. Customers can also enjoy the benefits of moderate pricing.

In case of express car wash, labor costs are reduced because extra services are provided before and after the vehicle is made to pass through tunnel wash.

After some time, car owners were offered benefits of flex serve option, which is a combination of express car wash and full-serve wash. The flex-serve produces quick, satisfactory results.

High Tech Car Wash

Nowadays, car wash service has improved a lot. The used water is recycled in the facility for future use. The water is preserved with the usage of computer controls. Various regulators are used that speed up the drying process.

This is how car wash industry evolved. Nowadays, car owners prefer express wash as it produces results in short time.

Full service car wash

Today, people find it very difficult to manage time for washing their car after a long use, which makes their vehicle dusty and dirty. However, in order to save time, many people prefer to have automatic car washing process that makes their car clean in a short period of time, but the fact is that automatic cleaning machines cannot reach every area and corner of your vehicle, which leaves some dirt and mud unclean. While on the other hand the process of full service car wash will provide you more detailed service an affordable price. Take a detailed look at the benefits of full service car wash.

Full service car wash

Reach Every Area Missed by Automatic Wash:

You may prefer the automatic car washing process if you want fast cleaning. However, it is true that automatic car washing tends to miss many important areas of your car where mud and dust can pile up, but you hardly notice.
Professionals associated with the process of full service car wash are well aware of the flaws made by automatic washing process and in order to provide a complete car cleaning service, they reach every possible area where mud, dust, grease and oil can hide out.

Complete Detailing at Affordable Price:

If you want to clean both interior and exterior parts of your car, then you should not rely on automatic car washing system, because the automatic car washing cannot provide you detained interior cleaning. It mainly focuses on cleaning the exterior.

Good full service car wash experts in Calgary ensure complete cleaning including cleaning and dressing the dash and the center console. Deodorizing the interior and making windows crystal clear is also a part of their job. In addition, they clean and condition leather seats and always wash the floor mats with suitable products.

Likewise, while cleaning the exterior, they always prefer hand wash and hand dry. Applying hot waxing and making tires and wheels cleaned and shined are also parts of their service.

Change the Overall Image of Your Vehicle:

Professionals associated with full service car wash services are committed to make your vehicle shiny by fixing all the damages caused by weather or any other reasons. This is one of the most noteworthy advantages of the complete car wash, because trained professionals note every detail of your vehicle’s color, design and texture and apply the best solution for its better appearance.

100% Satisfactory Service:

Agencies providing full car wash service always provide a complete cleaning of the vehicles. Reputed agencies always work with trained professionals, who will assure you that the job will be done completely and correctly. There will be various pricing option for various car brands and models. You can choose a package that suits your car and budget.

Make Your Vehicle’s Life Longer:

Unchecked dirt and mud left after automatic washing can reduce the lifespan of your car by hiding corrosion on the metal and other parts of the vehicle that are vulnerable to these unwanted elements.

Thus, if you clean your vehicle on time with full washing process, you can prevent it from getting damaged by weather or any other causes.

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