14August, 2021

The Compelling Reasons to Opt for Auto Detailing Calgary

car auto detailing service

After your house, the next valuable possession that’s on the list is your car. Shiny and spotless, that’s the way your car needs to look when you drive around, turning heads as you pass by. However, keeping your car in perfect condition is not an easy job. This is where auto detailing Calgary comes into play. It incorporates washing and changing seats, cleaning windshields and windows, polishing the wheels, among many other things. Even after providing distinct features, most car owners hesitate to choose the service due to the price factor. In this blog, let’s look at all the car detailing services and the numerous benefits they offer.

car auto detailing service

What Does an Auto Detailing Service Entail? – A Sneak Peek

  • Interior Car Detailing: If the outer beauty is for the onlooker to appreciate and admire, the vehicle’s interior appeal is witnessed by the driver and his/her passengers from time to time. Dirt, grime, and stains can wreak havoc on the car interior. Let’s take a look at the services included in interior car detailing.
  1. Vacuuming- Seats, rear cargo area, carpets and mats, and trunk are properly vacuumed to clean debris.
  2. Leather Reconditioning– A premium-quality leather cleaner is used for removing spots and stains. And after the leather seats get dry, a leather conditioner is applied to recondition the surface.
  3. Windshield & Windows- Professionals use the best-quality window cleaners to give back shiny, streak-free windows.
  4. Deodorize- The unpleasant smells are eliminated with the help of various odor removal products and by changing the cabin filter.
  • Exterior Car Detailing: A car exterior detailing service makes your vehicle shine by eliminating dirt and grime, removing scrapes and incorporating paint protection to the body.
  1. Washing & Drying- The experts offering auto detailing in Calgary, wash the body of the car with specialized products and hand dry the parts including door jambs, car rims, and glass, among others.
  2. Claying- A clay bar is used to get rid of any contaminants and also helps to boost the efficiency of polish and wax.
  3. Polishing- It is used to bring back the shine, treat paint defects, do away with the scratches as well as offer a smooth and glossy look.
  4. Waxing- A layer of wax is applied to the exterior to protect the paint from any kind of damages and provide extra shine.
  • Headlight Restoration: Various factors determine the well-being of your car’s headlights and the weather is one of the most important things. Snow, heat, rain, and road grime affect the headlights and diminish their performance over time. Headlight restoration not only adds to the car’s overall aesthetics but also offers safety, renewing dull and cloudy lenses.
  • Paint Protection: When you avail of a service for car paint protection in Calgary or somewhere else, your vehicle’s paint is protected using a clear film, known as the paint protection film (PPF). It is a thick and clear thermoplastic tint that protects your car’s paintwork from stone chips, scratches and other contaminants.

Final Thoughts:

Auto detailing, on the fore, might seem like an expensive and time-consuming pursuit if you don’t get in touch with a reputable facility for the same. But remember, maintaining your car’s condition is a challenge that can be easily won with proper detailing services.

Engaging a professional auto detailing Calgary service every four to six months in a year will help you keep your vehicle in a better shape and perfect condition. Calgary Car Detailing offers premium auto detailing services in Calgary. All our professionals are qualified and well-trained and use top-quality products in a multi-step procedure to ensure that your car is sparkling clean inside out.