23March, 2019

Remove water spots from your car’s surface with these 5 ways

remove water spots from car

It is a known fact that to maintain the glamour of your car, you need to put in extra effort, that is, you need to take your car for monthly mobile car detailing in Calgary. If you use your car daily, chances are there that your car will have stains and spots. But what if it rains and your car is parked in the open? There is no doubt that there will be hard water spots on all over on your car’s body-including the glass windows and screen. Such spots not only render a dirty look to your car but also blocks clear view while driving. And if not removed soon, it can leave a lasting impression on your car’s painted surface.

remove water spots from car

So what should you do to remove those ugly hard water spots from your car’s body? Follow these 5 easy ways:

1. Low pH cleaner- Use a low pH cleaner(degreaser, vinegar ir APC) and wash your car. Since hard water has high pH contents, using a low ph cleaner will effectively act and remove such spots. Also make a note that all your car’s sealants or waxes will also be removed on using a low pH cleaner. So you need to again apply wax and sealants after getting your car washed and cleaned at any car detailing outlet in Calgary.

2. Clay lubricant and bar- You must have seen that professionals at Calgary Car Detailing claying your car’s paint. Do you know why it is done? Claying your  car’s paint is necessary to remove the contaminants that are prone to get embedded like tree sap, tar, iron and so on. But claying is not sufficient sometimes to remove the hard water stains from your car’s body, especially if those stains are left for too long. All you need to do is get normal exterior car detailing done on your car by professional detailers. But that is not all! Before drying, use a clay lubricant as well as a clay bar to get rid of the hard water stains.

3. Water spot removal products- There are abundant commercial water spot removal products that are available in the stores. Nowadays you can also purchase such products from any online store. To know which water spot cleaner is suitable for your car model, it is best to consult a professional car detailer.

4. Paint polish- Majority of the qualified car detailers at mobile auto detailing in Calgary agree that polishing your car’s paint is the best way to get rid of  water spots. Car paint polish not only removes all the hard water spots but also removes mild scratches from the surface of your car’s body. Remember! Performing a car paint polish needs expert guidance and to achieve positive results, it is best to hire a qualified car detailer to do the job. Doing a DIY paint polish on your car could be risky and bring about adverse results.

Conclusion- Water spots can definitely impart a dirty look to your car that surely you wouldn’t want it to happen. Using the above-mentioned techniques and procedures, you can easily remove hard water spots staining your car’s surface. To prevent hard water spots from destroying the glam of your car, avoid parking your car out in the open when it is raining and also where there are water sprinklers. Also, use a mineral filter while washing your car and regularly apply water to your car’s paint. To maintain the sparkling appearance of your vehicle, it is best to take your car for a full service car wash in Calgary once or twice a month.