6October, 2014

Some Essential Facts about Teen Driving

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Unfortunately, teen drivers have proven themselves to be among the most unsafe drivers on the road. Hence, it is essential to make teenagers aware of the necessity of safe driving. They can also take tips from the experienced drivers who have been driving for a few years.

Here are we offering top teen driving facts that all of us need to know:

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1. Every day there are 15 auto crashes involving drivers aged between 15-20 years.

2. It is a shocking but true fact that teen drivers are involved in fatal car accidents four times more often than grown up drivers. Many of these crashes are caused by novice drivers making rookie mistakes such as shifting lanes without looking, not scanning for oncoming traffic or driving excessively fast for the road conditions. They might have a slower reaction time to a circumstance where another driver stopping hastily in front of them. Experienced drivers can slam on the brakes while a new driver may warm the car in front of them prior to stopping.

3. For teens the least safe time is the first 6-12 months of driving by themselves. They may have pals in the car giving distractions when the driver needs to be focused on the road. During this time new drivers are on a learning curve as they learn to drive in different weather conditions and traffic flow.

4. All motor training schools are not the same and parents should select the right school for their teens. The appropriate school will provide experience and training suitable for the youngsters. This will also increase the parents’ confidence and trust in their new driver. With perfect driving skills, the new driver will also gain faith in their own driving skills.

5. For responsible teenagers driving is a privilege given and not a right. Hence, it is important for parents to consider if the teenagers are able or ready to take on the accountability of driving.

6. Alcohol, drugs and speeding are the major causes of accidents for young drivers.

7. As with a teen driver the number of passengers in a vehicle increases, so does the chance for a mishap.

Proper care and maintenance of the vehicle with quality car detailing services is also a crucial factor when it comes to safe driving. A well maintained and thoroughly detailed car will help new drivers set a good driving example. Learn the driving facts and tips and drive safely!