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expect from car detailing service

If you are a car owner, you must be knowing the importance of keeping your car clean so that it never fails to dazzle when given a chance. However, whenever you plan to clean your car yourself, some or the other commitment can come in the way. Hence the best way to maintain your car’s condition is by opting for mobile auto detailing in Calgary.


expect from car detailing service


Car cleaning must top your priority list because cars are prone to get dirty easily and if you are fond of travelling in your car every day, car detailing is a must!


So what are the things that you can expect from a standard car detailing service? Here is a list:


1. Cleaning of the leather surfaces-


Your car interiors are mainly composed of leather or vinyl. Such materials attract dust and other materials dispensing a nasty and unkempt look to your car interiors. Besides such awful visual effects, polluted car interiors are also the breeding grounds for allergies,breathing problems, foul smell and many more. If looked carefully, a car that is not detailed for a long time, also has mold and mildews in the nooks and corners inside the vehicle. This is the time when your trusted car detailers at auto detailing in Calgary comes to the rescue. The professionals are trained and so they know the right method to give you back your shiny leather or vinyl car interiors! The best detailing products, specially meant to clean the car interiors, are used to remove dirt, stains, bacteria and disease-causing germs making your car interiors hygienic and pollution-free.


2. Deep cleaning of the carpets-


Cleaning the carpets is a task that is left neglected by most of the car owners. The reason is that the carpets are difficult to clean and is much different from the carpets used at home. Hence you need to get the carpets of your car cleaned by professionals at Car detailing in Calgary since they have all the necessary tools, products and they know the procedure as well. All these make the old-looking dirty carpet in your car look dazzling and clean like brand new!


3. Detailing of the tires and wheels-


If you ask which part is the dirtiest one of a car, it has to be the wheels and tires. These are the parts that are directly exposed to the dirty roads, travelling over mud, grease, oil and everything. Leaving the wheels unclean can result in permanent loss or damage. The dirt are sometimes sticky and stubborn making it difficult to remove. The professional detailers just know the right way and can get your dirty wheels shining like brand new with their superior quality tire cleaning products and equipment.


4. Old but new exteriors-


Car detailing can also be done for your car’s exterior which means if your car has externally become dirty, it can easily be cleaned with such a service. Your car will be washed with mild soap and specialized tools followed by car polishing, application of wax and many more steps. The end result that you will get is gleaming exteriors just like the first time when you purchased the car.




Thus mobile car detailing in Calgary gives you more than an ordinary car wash. As for now, the immediate requirement is to fix up an appointment with your trusted detailer and get your car engaged in a thorough cleaning session.

Car Interior Detailing

A common conception among car owners is that their vehicle must have a first-class appearance but only externally. Often, having a well-maintained car interior is overlooked or ignored. Your car’s image is enhanced not only by its outward show but also how it looks from inside. A car can only be called well-maintained if it has both an impressive exterior and interior.


Hence to get back a sparkling car interior, it is important to go for mobile car detailing in Calgary where the professionals wash the floor mats, vacuums the interior, conditions the leather and performs various other interior detailing activities.


Car Interior Detailing


But the question is, how will you be benefited through interior car detailing in Calgary?


1. Increase in the value of the car-


Nobody will want to buy a car that doesn’t function properly or has an unimpressive appearance. Any buyer will want to purchase a car that is in good condition and the more well-maintained it is, the better price will your car fetch. The easiest way to keep your car’s condition intact is through detailing services. Paying attention to only exterior detailing is not enough; interior detailing is also vital as your buyer will also consider the condition of the interior before paying you the demanded price.


2. Removal and prevention of stains-


Your car interior is made up of various materials, from back to front. Materials like fabric, metal, plastic, vinyl and leather compose your car’s interior portions. All these surfaces can get stained and render a dirty look. So the removal of these stubborn stains are possible by using premium quality cleaning products. Interior car detailing agencies have all kinds of stain removal and prevention products that can make your interiors look sparkling clean.


3. Maintenance of hygiene standards-


A clean car interior is required not because it looks good and presentable but also for health reason. People are getting up in your car and touching everything with their dirty hands. As a result, the various parts of your car interior are laden with germs, bacteria, grease, oil and what not! If your car interiors are left neglected for long, it can become a breeding ground for insects and surely you wouldn’t want anyone travelling in your car, spot insects here and there.


4. Protection of the upholstery-


The upholstery of your car is susceptible to damage from wear and tear, stains and from the UV rays of the sun. To protect your interior, you need to do window tinting from your trusted auto detailing agency in Calgary. With the absence of window tinting, the sun’s rays are directly penetrating inside the car throughout the day and this can destroy your car’s upholstery. With proper interior detailing, your car’s interior fabrics can be professionally treated to prevent damage from UV rays of the sun.


5. Removal of allergens-


Just like in your home, when you don’t clean it for too long, dust piles up everywhere so is the case with your car. The interior of your car can have piles of dust giving an unkempt appearance. Excessive dust is an easy way to invite allergic reactions. So to avoid such complications, get your car interior detailed at any mobile auto detailing agency in calgary.




So if you really want everyone to praise the appearance of your car both inside out, stop neglecting detailing your car interior. Remember! One plus one makes two, similarly exterior plus interior detailing makes your car look glamorous, clean and sparkling!

Car Detailing FAQ

Cars are one of the most beloved automobiles out there. No matter how many we have purchased and discarded in our lifetime, they still hold a special place in our hearts. A slight scratch, chipping of the exterior paint, a light malfunction of the chassis or even the sight of battered headlights is enough to send us into a mourning period.

Cars deserve our absolute attention and care and understandably so as the time spent zooming on them subject them to a lot of harmful elements which if not checked in regular intervals have the potential to cause extreme damage. These damages can be long lasting, depending on its nature and the initial steps taken to counter them.

The maintenance of cars require a lot more than just cleaning its surface and dusting the interiors after removing all the excess junk. Mobile car detailing services in Calgary offer a complete service for automobiles and ensure that the car you get to take home afterward remains in pristine condition without a trace of malfunctioning in sight.

A lot goes into the detailing of the car. Let’s now look at some of the pertinent questions that clients face before enlisting car detailing services:

Car Detailing FAQ

What Exactly Is Car Detailing?

Car detailing services ensure a complete maintenance of your car that does a thorough check of every possible compartment. Detection of a problem is instantly followed by a remedial procedure, making certain that the car runs smoothly on the road. Car detailing services also provide the option to pamper the cars with a cleaning and rinsing treatment that leaves behind an enviable sheen on the outside as well as a spick and span inside. Simply put, car detailing puts everything in your car in order.

What Should The Frequency Of The Detailing Be?

Most of us only think of going for a complete detailing as the time to resell the car draws nearer. This is not advisable. Car detailing and car maintenance should be strictly followed to ensure a long run of your vehicle and to also get a higher resale value. Once every three months is ideal to go for a thorough check up of the car to detect malfunctioning sections at its earliest. The frequency also depends on the way the car is washed, the amount of time it spends on the road and also the manner in which it is parked when not in use.

How Long Does It Take?

There is no definite time that is spent while looking through and fixing the car’s compartments. However, an average of nearly 5 hours must be allotted for the service centres to detail your car. The time span goes up when the vehicles involved are bigger ones like a truck or SUVs. The time that would take to service these could only be determined after the service centres go through a check list.

What About The Service Packages Available?

Service Packages allow you to choose the exact services that you think are ideal for your vehicle and is also a cost effective way to get the work done. Service packages offer unique service combinations at economical rates that involve exterior detailing, interior detailing, head-lights restoration, thorough rinsing, automatic car washes, cleaning of the upholstery and much more. Look through the websites of popular car detailing organisations in your area and enlighten yourself on the various ways you could treat your car.

Treat your car with care, failing to do so would only result in you making huge dents in your pocket trying to fix damages that had escalated. Car detailing services in Calgary is your best bet to attain a complete and thorough check up of the car that alerts and fixes every kind of damage in the most efficient way possible. From suggestions to replace the engine to getting a new paint job for your car, the team of Calgary Car Detailing is always at your service.

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