31May, 2014

Auto Detailing- Details and Benefits

In auto detailing, both exterior as well as interior of the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and reconditioned. The step-by-step meticulous process restores the vehicle’s beauty and fully protects the investment. Beyond automobiles, such services may be extended to trucks, SUVs, buses, RVs, motorcycles, etc. Professional detailing companies can handle all or at least some of the kinds of vehicles mentioned here.

Basically in such services, each and every detail of a vehicle is assessed as well as cleaned and it includes all crevices and cracks. Another very important aspect of this service is that it helps protect your car from the various elements. A misconception that is commonly inside the minds of people is that the clear coat of car can protect the exterior finish, which negates the need for regular maintenance. In reality, a minimum of two coats of wax should be applied in a year to painted surfaces so that the finish can be protected from oxidation and contaminates. Though an extra protection package is offered by some dealerships for the car during purchase, this is not the permanent solution.


Some of the benefits of car detailing are given here


Protection from rust- Places where snowfall is very common, rust forms a major problem. To melt the snow and ice, salt is put on the roads by snow plows. However, these make the process of rusting and corrosion 10 times more rapid than usual. Whenever the weather becomes dry and roads are cleared the car should be professionally cleaned so that all the salt can be washed off.

Maintaining resale value- Your vehicle should be washed regularly and waxed properly; this will ensure that the clear coat finish and paint of the car is protected. For example if you do not maintain your car properly, your car is bound to lose its sheen and paint will start fading and cracking which will make it look older than it actually is. This will definitely make you lose quite an amount of money when you look to sell it off.

Saving gas- You may have often seen SUVs and big trucks caked all over with mud and dirt. This simply adds to the weight and more gas is used. Even in case of small cars, there may be up to 10 pounds of dust and dirt underneath as well as on it. You can even try removing extra stuff which is not needed from the car and see your gas mileage increase.

The best thing about car detailing is that it reflects your pride in your car. So whether your car is new or it had been previously owned, even the ordinary car may be made extraordinary by professional auto detailing.