18May, 2023

What Are the Best Ways to Keep Your Car Squeaky Clean?

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When do people love their cars the most? Of course, when they look and feel excellent! The spotless condition of the upholstery fabric, those squeaky-clean wheels, the fresh smell from the interior, and the glossy exterior evoke a pleasant feeling. Hence, you will try to do everything to ensure that your car looks brand new for as long as possible. However, once your car is exposed to pollution, dirt, and harsh sunlight, the exterior may become dull and unimpressive, and the interior may start looking grimy. Luckily, by opting for car detailing services, like our services for car detailing in Calgary, you can easily keep your car in top-notch condition. The well-trained detailers adopt a meticulous approach and pay attention to every detail when cleaning your car.

As a car owner, you need to understand that owning a car isn’t enough; you need to put in the effort to make sure your ride has a spotless shine. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most effective ways to help you preserve the glamour of your car and keep it squeaky clean.

car detailing in Calgary

Most Effective Ways to Keep Your Car Squeaky Clean


Here are some of the top ways to ensure that your car, regardless of its age, has a spotless shine all the time:


  • Wash Your Car Thoroughly

To keep your car spick and span, give it a bath once a week. Washing it regularly removes dirt and contaminants that it might have picked up on the road. So, to start off, take a good-quality car shampoo,mix it with water, and apply it all over the car. Allow it to sit for five to six minutes, rinse it thoroughly, and finally wipe your car dry with a microfiber cloth. Also, we have seen that a lot of car owners use dishwashing liquid. If you, too, were planning to do that, please don’t.Dishwashing liquidscontain harsh chemicals that can damage the paintwork on yourcar.

If you live in Calgary and do not know the proper ways to wash it, visit Calgary Car Detailing. Our professional detailers use the best tools and products that are ideal for your car model to bestow your vehicle with added shine and glamour. By choosing our Calgary car detailing services, you can rest assured that your car will look slick and shiny all the time.

  • Pay Attention to the Interior

The upholstery, floor mats, and vinyl plastic portions can accumulate dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Should you want to make sure your car’s interior looks spotless, don’t forget to vacuum the corners and wipe the surfaces with a wet microfiber cloth. You can also use an upholstery shampoo and conditioner to removethe stains and moisturize the leather.

Did you know, atCalgary Car Detailing, we offer a comprehensive range of services for car interior detailing in Calgary under one roof? From vacuuming your car’s interior thoroughly to cleaning and conditioning all the components, we employ the best procedures to make your car’s interior look impeccable.

  • Wax Your Car

Car wax not only protects the car’s exterior from harmful UV rays but alsoenhances the car’s shine. So, in addition to cleaning your car, don’t forget to finish it off with good car wax. By waxing your car at regular intervals, you can preserve the polished look of your car and also reduce the need to repaint.

The Bottom Line

Apart from these steps, you can also clean the vents,polish and buff your car at regular intervals, and opt for a clay bar treatment to keep your car squeaky clean. Should you be looking for a facility that offers the bestservices for car detailing in Calgary, visit Calgary Car Detailing. Our team is abreast of the latest detailing procedures and techniques and only uses premium-quality products to make sure your vehicle looks as new as possible. For details, call 403-370-5050.