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Car Headlights

One of the most important parts of the cars is the headlight. It must be kept clean and working in order to avoid unwanted incidents while driving. The headlights are the eyes of the driver and it is mandatory to keep them clean so that the clearance can allow the proper amount of light to pass to enlighten the path and the driver can see everything that approaches the car. Car detailing Calgary NE services can handle the problems. The professionals suggest some home tricks to manage the cleaning and care of headlights.

Car Headlights

Tips to clean and ensure detailed cleaning of headlights

Proper wash

The headlights can be washed without any problem and this process can be done with a detergent for car cleaning and a cloth (microfiber is suggested). The cloth must be smooth so that it does not scratch the surface and also capable of removing the dirt from when scrubbed. This first step will get the dirt out as much as possible. Do not use detergents that are used in the home. Dry out the surface with dry microfiber cloth to get rid of the water stains.


Toothpaste can also be used to clean the stubborn spots in the headlights. Here also, you have to use soft and clean microfiber cloth. The hazy yellowish tan is a stubborn one to tackle. Toothpaste can be used to clean them easily. By applying some toothpaste and rubbing it with a microfiber cloth for few minutes will do the trick. Remove the residual toothpaste with a little water and smooth dry cloth.

Baking soda

This is a household salt used for cooking that can be effectively used to clean the headlight aptly as suggested by Car detailing Calgary NE. Baking soda is slightly alkaline in nature that does the cleaning effect. Use a wet smooth cloth and dip its corner into baking soda. Use that dipped corner to rub and remove the yellow tan. The headlights will not be cleaned instantly. It will take few minutes to show the results. Eventually, when the tan fades away due to repeated rubbing the remnant soda must be removed with clean water and a dry cloth.

Vinegar with baking soda

This last tip from Car detailing Calgary SW is for the indelible stains on the headlight. Vinegar is an acetic acid used in cooking purpose. The acid with baking soda works like a charm to remove the most stubborn stain on the glasses. Baking soda and vinegar react to form fizz that eventually eats away the stains. Add a small amount of baking soda in a half a cup of vinegar in a small cup made of Styrofoam. Dip the microfiber cloth in the solution and rub the headlights. The results will be very prompt and you can notice the shine back. This tip is faster than the others.

The above tips to keep the headlights tip-top all the time are very effective and all the ingredients can be easily arranged. For best professional results, contact Calgary Car Detailing today.

Hand car wash Calgary

Washing the car at every weekend is a ‘Do it yourself’ task for every car owner. The activity might seem hectic after a long week of work and responsibilities and you feel to chill out rather than turning your hands all soapy and wet. In fact, another psychology works that taking a car to the full detailing services for washing and cleaning is a whole day job. There are a lot of myths to be busted regarding car washes. Some things that full washing service of cars can be harmful to the vehicle in the long run. To unravel all the myths of DIY car washing and benefits of Hand car wash Calgary service, let us discuss the pros and cons.

Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Car

Better wash better finish

If you prefer to wash the cars with hands rather than passing it through revolving brushes and wipers, then it can be a great weekend activity for you. But, sadly washing the vehicles at home requires many tools and equipment in order to bring the perfect finish. The car must shine after the washing process is over. This can only be done to a perfect degree by the professional hand washer who knows how to tackle the tricky edges and corners and use the right material for the purpose.

Extra attention

It is a belief that the owner understands the value of his possession and hence can provide proper care. The extra attention to the fine details of the vehicle is best provided by the person who knows the model better and has experience. Washing the cars at home can be very thorough but intelligent handling is necessary to maintain the value of the car. Professional washing equipments are far precise and better than the home ones.

Conservation of water

People tend to think that when the car is washed at home, less water is wasted than the full detailing services but they are wrong. The hoses that are used in household car washing gush out a huge amount of water in very less time. Moreover, the water is passed through the sewage with a high amount of detergent and dirt that creates pollution in the rivers. The professional technicians use a proper hose and maintain the amount of water usage per car to stop wastage. Moreover, the waste is properly disposed to keep the rivers pollution free.

Drying the car

It might seem that drying the car in the open air is better as it is natural. The process is slow and can be harmful to the car. The quick drying does not leave water or detergent stains. The wet surface when properly wiped using precise means the possibility of stains reduces to zero and the car becomes spotless. The presence of water on the surface for long is also not good for the paint and framework.

Professional Hand car wash in Calgary is far better than home washing in the aspects of environment and resources. It is better to avail the service of an expert like Calgary Car Detailing to ensure proper result and enjoy the leisure time in the weekend.

Auto Maintenance Schedule

Time and money are the two vital reasons why many people don’t stay on top of the schedule of routine car care, repairs and maintenance recommended our car manufacturer. Here are a few reasons why car owners should follow the proper maintenance routine.

Auto Maintenance Schedule

Ensures Your Safety

The primary purpose of all the routine maintenance recommendations is to help prevent problems with the various auto parts before they occur. They are meant to protect you and your family members. Your chances of encountering an accident are much higher if you drive with worn out brakes, cracked windshield wiper blades or improperly inflated tires.

Enhances the Resale Value

Taking care of the vehicle can also make a big difference in its resale value. A proper maintenance schedule contributes to enhancing the worth of your vehicle when you are all set to sell it. Purchasers see maintenance records before investing in your car in order to make sure that you spent the time and money to follow the manufacturer’s advice because. This practice keeps away buyers of used cars from long term issues. A well maintained vehicle is also probably worth more just because it has been maintained.

Prevents Small Issues from Becoming Big Afterward

Having your auto repair professional investigate, identify, and repair problems as soon as they arise helps prevent those small issues from becoming major problems later on. Ignoring to rotate the tires delaying an oil change or can cause more expensive and much bigger problems down the road. Moreover, for regular cleaning or comprehensive detailing you should avail quality car detailing services in Calgary NW.

Lessens Your General Ownership Cost

Whenever we think of the cost required to own a car, the factors that usually come across our mind are the tools, insurance, parking etc. You need to analyze the amount it costs to have the convenience and luxury of owning a vehicle and how careful you are about maintaining it. Performing preservative measures on the schedule suggested by the manufacturer helps keep the value of owning your vehicle as low as possible.

Hence, it is always wise to squeeze out time from your busy schedule and keep these parts of the vehicle maintained.

Engine Replacement

Many people often see buying a new car as the only way out, but there is another means that will help you avoid a huge car payment. Most of the people are still unaware of the fact that there are supreme remanufactured engines available which carry a ten thousand mile warranty. These engines are as reliable as brand new engines and they have all new parts.

Engine Replacement

Differences between Remanufactured and Rebuilt Engines

If you are not a vehicle buff, you may think that remanufactured and rebuilt are the similar thing. However, there are some vital differences.

  • Firstly, a remanufactured auto engine has tolerance levels that meet or even surpass the standard tolerances from the original product manufacturer. Rebuilt engines may or may not have the appropriate tolerance levels and it is based on which parts are replaced and what types of replacement parts are applied.
  • With remanufactured engines, most wearable components are replaced irrespective of the condition. In case of a rebuilt engine, wearable parts which are still within the wear limits of manufacturers are not generally replaced depending on the immediate limits of how long the rebuilt engine is going to last.
  • Remanufactured car engines are inspected to make sure that all parts still meet the specifications of the original manufacturer. If they are not the same; they are replaced with components that are made using the same standards and process as the original. In rebuilt engines, only parts that are considerably worn or damaged are replaced.
  • A remanufactured engine carries the warranty that is usually longer and more inclusive than that of a rebuilt car engine.

However, before you decide on investing in a new engine, get your existing vehicle washed by quality car detailing Calgary services in NW. Auto detailing professionals can also give you advice on whether your should opt for an engine replacement.

Calgary Car Detailing

The best way to ensure that your dirt-ridden car is left sparkling clean and as good as new is to entrust them in the hands of a professional full service car wash service. They follow a complete cycle of some essential steps that result in a brand new-looking car. These professionals not only ensure that all the steps are followed, but they also use professional grade products. Each step uses different products and knowing about them will assure you that full care and attention is given to your car.

Calgary Car Detailing

1st Step- Washing

A vehicle is washed by using particular cleansers, warm water and soft sponges that can rinse out the contaminants and surface debris that are deposited on it daily. If these develop a bond with the paint’s surface, then oxidation and scratches may be caused that will lead to the paint being discoloured. To ensure that this does not happen, your vehicle should be washed regularly. You can also ask the detailer if microfiber cloth is used or not; flaky residue is not left when these are used.

2nd step- Cleaning

There is a difference between washing and cleaning. In this stage the contaminants are more deliberately removed. This is offered by most professional detailing services and it goes beyond washing. Stubborn stains, blemishes and debris are removed in this stage. Commonly clay is used in this process which adheres to the debris; this is followed by a spray which removes everything gently.

3rd step- Polishing

This step results in a beautiful shine which is why the term polishing is absolutely perfect. Two kinds of polishes are offered by most brands. The thing here is to decide which one of them you want for your car; this is important as the particular kind of polish will ensure that great benefit is reaped from it. The cleaner polish is one kind which helps repair fine, light and minute defects. It also results in extra smooth surface and high gloss shine. This is perfect for cars with imperfections in finish or those which are used or second hand. The other polish is pure polish which is perfect for cars that have radiant, vivid finishes so that gleaming gloss can be created.

4th step- Protecting

The finish of paint can be best protected by the use of waxes and sealants. This will ensure that the appearance of the car is protected actively and the resale value is kept at the peak. The waxes and sealants act as defensive barriers against debris and pollutants. This also provides adequate protection against inevitable and unpredictable elements that include UV rays, insects, bird dropping, sprinkler systems, rain, fog, mists, etc.

Just cleaning and protecting does not ensure that your car will look good for a long period of time. However, to prolong the new-like effect for as long as possible, it helps if you can follow some tips which are often given out by the professionals. Ask for their opinion on how to carry on the car detailing so that your vehicle can get the maximum day-to-day care as possible.

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