22August, 2016

Why Full Service Car Detailing is Better than Washing at Home?

Hand car wash Calgary

Washing the car at every weekend is a ‘Do it yourself’ task for every car owner. The activity might seem hectic after a long week of work and responsibilities and you feel to chill out rather than turning your hands all soapy and wet. In fact, another psychology works that taking a car to the full detailing services for washing and cleaning is a whole day job. There are a lot of myths to be busted regarding car washes. Some things that full washing service of cars can be harmful to the vehicle in the long run. To unravel all the myths of DIY car washing and benefits of Hand car wash Calgary service, let us discuss the pros and cons.

Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Car

Better wash better finish

If you prefer to wash the cars with hands rather than passing it through revolving brushes and wipers, then it can be a great weekend activity for you. But, sadly washing the vehicles at home requires many tools and equipment in order to bring the perfect finish. The car must shine after the washing process is over. This can only be done to a perfect degree by the professional hand washer who knows how to tackle the tricky edges and corners and use the right material for the purpose.

Extra attention

It is a belief that the owner understands the value of his possession and hence can provide proper care. The extra attention to the fine details of the vehicle is best provided by the person who knows the model better and has experience. Washing the cars at home can be very thorough but intelligent handling is necessary to maintain the value of the car. Professional washing equipments are far precise and better than the home ones.

Conservation of water

People tend to think that when the car is washed at home, less water is wasted than the full detailing services but they are wrong. The hoses that are used in household car washing gush out a huge amount of water in very less time. Moreover, the water is passed through the sewage with a high amount of detergent and dirt that creates pollution in the rivers. The professional technicians use a proper hose and maintain the amount of water usage per car to stop wastage. Moreover, the waste is properly disposed to keep the rivers pollution free.

Drying the car

It might seem that drying the car in the open air is better as it is natural. The process is slow and can be harmful to the car. The quick drying does not leave water or detergent stains. The wet surface when properly wiped using precise means the possibility of stains reduces to zero and the car becomes spotless. The presence of water on the surface for long is also not good for the paint and framework.

Professional Hand car wash in Calgary is far better than home washing in the aspects of environment and resources. It is better to avail the service of an expert like Calgary Car Detailing to ensure proper result and enjoy the leisure time in the weekend.