1August, 2014

Steps of A Professional Full Service Car Detailing

Calgary Car Detailing

The best way to ensure that your dirt-ridden car is left sparkling clean and as good as new is to entrust them in the hands of a professional full service car wash service. They follow a complete cycle of some essential steps that result in a brand new-looking car. These professionals not only ensure that all the steps are followed, but they also use professional grade products. Each step uses different products and knowing about them will assure you that full care and attention is given to your car.

Calgary Car Detailing

1st Step- Washing

A vehicle is washed by using particular cleansers, warm water and soft sponges that can rinse out the contaminants and surface debris that are deposited on it daily. If these develop a bond with the paint’s surface, then oxidation and scratches may be caused that will lead to the paint being discoloured. To ensure that this does not happen, your vehicle should be washed regularly. You can also ask the detailer if microfiber cloth is used or not; flaky residue is not left when these are used.

2nd step- Cleaning

There is a difference between washing and cleaning. In this stage the contaminants are more deliberately removed. This is offered by most professional detailing services and it goes beyond washing. Stubborn stains, blemishes and debris are removed in this stage. Commonly clay is used in this process which adheres to the debris; this is followed by a spray which removes everything gently.

3rd step- Polishing

This step results in a beautiful shine which is why the term polishing is absolutely perfect. Two kinds of polishes are offered by most brands. The thing here is to decide which one of them you want for your car; this is important as the particular kind of polish will ensure that great benefit is reaped from it. The cleaner polish is one kind which helps repair fine, light and minute defects. It also results in extra smooth surface and high gloss shine. This is perfect for cars with imperfections in finish or those which are used or second hand. The other polish is pure polish which is perfect for cars that have radiant, vivid finishes so that gleaming gloss can be created.

4th step- Protecting

The finish of paint can be best protected by the use of waxes and sealants. This will ensure that the appearance of the car is protected actively and the resale value is kept at the peak. The waxes and sealants act as defensive barriers against debris and pollutants. This also provides adequate protection against inevitable and unpredictable elements that include UV rays, insects, bird dropping, sprinkler systems, rain, fog, mists, etc.

Just cleaning and protecting does not ensure that your car will look good for a long period of time. However, to prolong the new-like effect for as long as possible, it helps if you can follow some tips which are often given out by the professionals. Ask for their opinion on how to carry on the car detailing so that your vehicle can get the maximum day-to-day care as possible.