27June, 2017

Give the Car Interior Thorough Cleaning to Ensure a Smooth Ride

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Cleaning your car is an elaborate affair much like cleaning your house. The job needs to be carried out periodically in order to keep your much vaunted car in working condition, not to speak of ensuring it looks shiny and new. As your car goes through the rigours of being driven in summer, rain, autumn and winter, it is exposed to the impact of elements and contaminants of different types. These contaminants can do serious damage to the car in the following ways:

  • Peel off the outer paint coating causing rust to set in
  • The rust can eat into the vitals including the engine, transmission and suspension rendering them vulnerable
  • Acidic substances present in contaminants can corrode the metal frame surrounding the chassis, not to speak of their ability to damage the chassis as well
  • Leave stains on the exterior making it look drab and worn out
  • Oxidized portions of the car’s engine and transmission can bring down its power, torque and fuel efficiency
  • When settled on the interior parts, the contaminants can give an unsightly view
  • Touching them can make you vulnerable to contract illness
  • Reduce the overall life of your car

car cleaning in CalgaryEven if you take care of the exterior by scrubbing it clean followed by applying a polish and wax finish, it is the interior that needs added attention. This is due to the fact that you, your family, colleagues or friends travel in the cabin, which should remain clean and smell fresh all the time. A foul smelling cabin due to the presence of contaminants can turn the journey into a nightmare for everyone, leaving your reputation in tatters.

To prevent such an eventuality, taking care of the car interior should figure high on your priorities. As the interior consists of a number of materials such as plastic, fibre, leather, wood, and metal, it’s cleaning too requires different approaches instead of the ‘one size fits all’ fare.

Area built with plastic: This consists of area such as the steering wheel, levers, door handles, window sills, and the rear view mirror where grime, dust and sweat can settle. Here, the initial scrubbing can be done with a moist cloth followed by rubbing & subsequently washing the entire area with a mild detergent and warm water.

Area built with wood and metal: For wood finished area like the dashboard, it is advisable to use a mild detergent and wood polish. However, wood polish should be used sparingly as it can reflect off the surface while driving. Metal surfaces should be treated with commonly available kitchen solvents to remove stubborn stains and to prevent corrosion.

Area with the use of leather, mat or cloth: These include the seats and floor mat, which should be cleaned with a moist cloth, besides using the vacuum cleaner for a good measure.

It is advisable that instead of attempting car interior detailing at home you can utilize the services of a professionally run agency such as the car cleaning in Calgary NW.